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The Crumb By Jean Slaughter Doty,

  • Title: The Crumb
  • Author: Jean Slaughter Doty
  • ISBN: 9780590118378
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Paperback
  • Facts about different kinds of dinosaurs accompany a story about a boy who brings various prehistoric animals to school for show and tell.
    The Crumb Facts about different kinds of dinosaurs accompany a story about a boy who brings various prehistoric animals to school for show and tell

    One thought on “The Crumb”

    1. This is one of the rare children s books about animals that is even better seen through the eyes of an adult re reader The details about horse showing are so spot on the footing after a rainstorm, the trainer s bone tiredness, the shady trainers with armies of fancy ponies, the fact that even some mediocre riders get clients because they get lucky with a talented horse The personality of the honest Crumb is perfectly realistic and yet is every child s ideal pony, down to his sturdiness and beaut [...]

    2. I read this as a young girl maybe 10 12 and was mildly traumatized by it I appreciate it a lot as an adult This short book is deceptively dark It starts out sweet, a girl hacking her talented but past his prime pony around the countryside, but then she stumbles onto something disturbing a horse being stealthily placed in an out of the way barn and locked in Later she comes back to find empty syringes where the horse had been.It turns out that this story is really about a horse loving girl and a [...]

    3. This book kills me every time I ve reread it frequently since discovering it in my elementary school library, and it never gets easier to read it s so lovely, so true, and so heart wrenching.

    4. Reading The Crumb takes me instantly back to my childhood riding show jumpers Like Cindy, I mostly rode in local shows, but I had brushes with great horses and ponies and a few thrilling big shows under my belt This book has a big nostalgia factor for me, but beyond that it is a solid offering and a very honest look at the world of show jumping Doty writes with her usual ease about all things horse related, the words rolling off the page, the dialog smooth, and her descriptions of horses and hor [...]

    5. not sure heart rending moments but the end wrapped up too soon and the baddie was known quite early on Also never felt invested in the main character Caroline and have LITERALLY just finished it.

    6. Unexpected bit of heartbreak in otherwise predictable mystery plot, but a good story of the juvenile showjumping world all the same.

    7. LOVED this book His name was Buttercrumb Cake so naturally I called him The Crumb Terrific story about a girl and her pony that ends poorly.

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