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Big Bad City By Ed McBain,

  • Title: Big Bad City
  • Author: Ed McBain
  • ISBN: 9783570068359
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Im 87 Polizeirevier herrscht Verwirrung Im Park wird die Leiche einer Nonne gefunden Als ihre Obduktion ergibt, dass der Frau vor kurzem Brustimplantate eingesetzt wurden, erscheint die Tat in ganz neuem Licht.
    Big Bad City Im Polizeirevier herrscht Verwirrung Im Park wird die Leiche einer Nonne gefunden Als ihre Obduktion ergibt dass der Frau vor kurzem Brustimplantate eingesetzt wurden erscheint die Tat in ganz ne

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    1. Of the first forty nine entries in Ed McBain s 87th Precinct series, this the forty ninth is, I think, the best so far By now, the cast of characters has been thoroughly established and the members have changed very little through the years When the first book in the series, Cop Hater, appeared, the detectives of the 87th were all in their middle thirties and they still are The lead detective, Steve Carella, is dreading the approach of his fortieth birthday, but he s taken forty three years to a [...]

    2. Well, I finished out the year on a good note with another 87th precinct novel from McBain, He is a master of police dialogue and procedural mystery, and knows how to keep it all moving while making the reader laugh out loud along the way This book had all the ingredients and while not a deep or dark tale unlike the Nordic Noirs , was entertaining throughout A bit of lighthearted reading on which to end 2015 Happy New Year to all.

    3. A few pages into this book I realized that I d listened to it on tape a couple of years ago I started to close the covers, then realized I was enjoying the read, and proceeded to finish it So I can encapsulate my review of the book by stating, with authority, that it is good enough to read twice Being one of the 87th Precinct novels, if you love one, you ll love the all, and vice versa, but the vice versa would be hard for me to imagine.

    4. My very first McBain novel Totally dug it I can see why people who love Parker s books would love this series Good atmosphere, interesting characters, quick dialogue Great summer read

    5. As usual this book was as good as the rest of the 87th pct series, I read this book many years ago and forgot, but it was a good reread.

    6. The forty ninth entry in the 87th Precinct series as I close in on the final entries, 55 in all and to me a slight disappointment But even mediocre Hunter McBain is still pretty derned good stuff This one involves the mysterious murder of a nun with breast implants yet Don t ask, go read the darned thing There is also the Cookie Boy, a burglar who leaves chocolate chip cookies on the pillow of the homes he robs I started to get the feeling that McBain was tiring of his usual characters, the boys [...]

    7. Unmistakeable McBain a murdered nun, a quirky burglar who leaves cookies for his victims and the man who killed Carella s father is egged on to get Carella before Carella gets him The stories are masterfully orchestrated with dark sly wit written in a voice that is by turns mordant, comic and grim, evoking the sprawl of seedy, homey, squalid humanity in the Big Bad City Like, say, Lansdale, McBain is the closest approximation to an experience of skilled oral storytelling on the printed page.

    8. First Ed McBain book that I have read and I enjoyed his humor and the way the story unfolded I didn t feel too lost, having not read any of the previous books in the series, but there was some things that I was missing from the story Not the greatest mystery, but the characters were well rounded and McBain made me want to know all of them better Would read in the series.

    9. Sunday evening turned a rosy pink and then a deeper blush and then a reddish lavender blue and then purple and black, the golden day succumbing at last to night.It was time to go buy a gun.Synopsis Three inter locking cases in the 87th Precinct a dead nun, an unhinged stalker and a burglar who bakes chocolate chip cookies Go.In the course of one very long, hot August in the city, the 87th Precinct has to contend with a dead nun with breast implants and a baking burglar whose career gets away fro [...]

    10. After tearing through a young adult alien invasion series, a very down to earth cops and crime book seemed a good change of pace, and McBain hit the spot This was a very straightforward set of semi intertwining stories around one group of homicide detectives You get a good feel for the cops personal lives without it being overbearing on the meat of the matter, which are the crimes and the policework involved Everything was pretty normal in the grand scheme of things a burglary gone sideways, a k [...]

    11. The Big Bad City GEd McBainIn the opening pages, Steve Carella and Artie Brown return to the department with 9 basketball players the 10th player was murdered only to discover a knife fight erupting in a holding cell It s a steamy August night, and Carella and Detective Parker end up having to shoot one of the fighters to cool things down Then Meyer and Kling enter the scene they re hot in pursuit of the Cookie Boy, a thief who leaves chocolate chip cookies at every crime sight Before the interm [...]

    12. The story focuses on two cases The first to appear is a woman found dead in a park blocks away from the precinct The detectives assigned were Carella and Brown as they go deeper, they uncover secrets the victim kept unusual secrets The second is a string of burglary and robbery perpetrated by The Cookie Boy, who leaves cookies on every crime scene Besides from these cases, a stalker is closing in on one of the men of the 87th Precinct This is has been one of the best police procedural I have rea [...]

    13. THE BIG BAD CITYI am always amazed at how much detail is in these books They are correct in information about what was happening in the world and guess what It fits today perfect Nothing is new

    14. McBain is popcorn for the brain This is one of the better ones I read them to find out how his characters lives progress.

    15. It s always a good police procedural read when I check in with Steve Carella and the guys of the 87th Precinct and ride along as they solve a couple of cases.

    16. I ve never read a McCain I didn t like, and The Big Bad City is no exception He s a master of dialogue and moving the story forward.

    17. The 87th Precinct tries to solve the cases of the dead nun, the Cookie Boy Burglaries, a multiple homicide that may involve the Cookie Boy all while the guy who killed one of the cop s fathers now sets his sights on the son because he fear the son may take matters into his own hands At times the story was repetitive without cause Almost as if the author wrote it, then copied it and moved it because it was practically verbatim Characters were clearly defined I felt like I knew the nun, the cookie [...]

    18. All these years and this is the first Ed McBain I have ever read It was not bad and if I came across a free Kindle offering I would read another.

    19. This one totally worked I was rivoted and didn t skip a word I liked both the nun story and the vendetta story I liked the step by step process integrated with family dynamics.

    20. A cabin read with a cabin pace when what I brought wasn t sufficient for cabin time I m intrigued by McBain s use of narrative summary, and his style for dialogue Inspired me to write.

    21. I decided that I wanted to read a mystery from a writer of the past so I chose Ed McBain s the Big Bad City It was truly a police procedural Different cases and occurances happening at the same time It is about how the 87th precinct works, how they interrogate suspects, the jokes, the attitudes , the flub ups, their personal lives, etc I guess one could get hooked on this sort of thing, but this is not my sort of mystery.

    22. Another day in the city A young woman is found dead in a public park A serial burglar strikes again and leaves his calling card some chocolate chip cookies Then things get interesting The dead woman turns out to be a nun with breast implants The cookie burglar, not a violent criminal at the beginning, gets caught up in a dual killing What s , Steve Carella, one of the detectives of the 87th Precinct who is investigating the dead woman s death is being stalked by the man who shot and killed his f [...]

    23. This is my second 87th Precinct story It starts out almost as McBain s anti fluff mystery opinion piece but ends up with a strange twist of justice The dialogue is superb The action is great The characters are believable I m not a big fan of police procedural but I think, if I wanted to emulate and learn a bit about writing those I d start with Ed McBain In a different view of the genre is Michael Donnelly Both write procedurals but they tell the stories very differently What I kind of like abou [...]

    24. Like most McBains, a well written story That said, with this series in it s 42nd year at this book s publication , he is starting to run into problems with scene and character development And there are inconsistencies with settings He moves scene placement into the current decade, but doesn t age the characters quite as fast I m not saying Carella should be in his 60s, but just to have him turning 40 isn t enough of a progression Also, he mentions the movie Men in Black, which came out the year [...]

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