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The Lives of Tudor Women By Elizabeth Norton,

  • Title: The Lives of Tudor Women
  • Author: Elizabeth Norton
  • ISBN: 9781784081751
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Tudor period conjures up images of queens and noblewomen in elaborate court dress of palace intrigue and dramatic politics But if you were a woman, it was also a time when death during childbirth was rife when marriage was usually a legal contract, not a matter for love, and the education you could hope to receive was minimal at best.Yet the Tudor century was also dThe Tudor period conjures up images of queens and noblewomen in elaborate court dress of palace intrigue and dramatic politics But if you were a woman, it was also a time when death during childbirth was rife when marriage was usually a legal contract, not a matter for love, and the education you could hope to receive was minimal at best.Yet the Tudor century was also dominated by powerful and dynamic women in a way that no era had been before Historian Elizabeth Norton explores the life cycle of the Tudor woman, from childhood to old age, through the diverging examples of women such as Elizabeth Tudor, Henry VIII s sister Cecily Burbage, Elizabeth s wet nurse Mary Howard, widowed but influential at court Elizabeth Boleyn, mother of a controversial queen and Elizabeth Barton, a peasant girl who would be lauded as a prophetess Their stories are interwoven with studies of topics ranging from Tudor toys to contraception to witchcraft, painting a portrait of the lives of queens and serving maids, nuns and harlots, widows and chaperones Norton brings this vibrant period to colorful life in an evocative and insightful social history.
    The Lives of Tudor Women The Tudor period conjures up images of queens and noblewomen in elaborate court dress of palace intrigue and dramatic politics But if you were a woman it was also a time when death during childbirth

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    1. The average woman had a pretty miserable existence Every day, six days a week was the same Domestic work without any appliances, very low level paid toil, childcare, make all the clothes and cook the often meagre rations which lacked variety and then have sex with your Lord and Master Should offspring result before marriage you were a slut and and he s a great guy who gets the girls some things never change Illegitimate child on the way Too many babies Kill them, problem solved For entertainment [...]

    2. This is an extraordinary work Once again I have to repeat, the tighter the focus in most any sort of non fiction, be it history like this, or science any form and study , or tech, memoir of place and time whatever it is, even the politico the tightly focused in definition and in subject matter, the better it usually becomes as a publication Because the opinion and semi related fields or intersecting important matters that unhinge the original focus topic and do they seem to do this within 90% [...]

    3. A woman s worth Take a step into the lives of Tudor women From Elizabeth of York to Elizabeth I, this book dives into the lives of not only the nobility, but some of the notable names of the day Most women were seen as quiet and homemakers some women in the Tudor ages made a name for themselves Nuns, queens, and members of the working class, all of them had one thing in common they were women trying to survive in a male dominated world They were not written into history of their own accord, but [...]

    4. An interesting look at the lives of women in Tudor England from the poorest to the richest.Divided, rather creatively, into a female version of Shakespeare s Seven Ages of Man, the book delves into all aspects of a woman s life in the span from Henry VII to Elizabeth I.A must read for anyone interested in history from a female perspective, English history, or the Tudor period.Highly recommended.

    5. The Lives of Tudor Women could have the subtitle the seven ages of Tudor life as it explores the many diverse facets of their times by contrasting women at different stages in their lives I ve recently read many books about Elizabeth of York, so was glad to find a fresh perspective on what she went through providing Henry VII with an heir Luckily she had privileged access to pain relief a sacred relic reputed to be the girdle of the Virgin Mary Equally harrowing are accounts of what women such a [...]

    6. The sidebars and anecdotes are interesting, but the meat potatoes of the thing are a bit wanting There are far better histories of the Tudor period and its eponymous family this book relies on the conceit that it is about Tudor women generally, yet the revelations on this score are passing thin Still, it is charming in a stodgy kind of way.

    7. The lives of notable Tudor women Queens, princesses, duchesses, mistresses, etc are no secret and line multiple book shelves However, what about the women of lesser prestige Regular women or less gentler born court ladies What was life like for these members of the fairer sex Elizabeth Norton explores this topic in, The Hidden Lives of Tudor Women A Social History Norton takes a detour from the usual Tudor history coverage with The Hidden Live of Tudor Women by penning a combination What life wa [...]

    8. The author takes us on a fascinating journey into the lives of everyday women during the turbulent years of the Tudor dynasty.An engrossing read I found hard to put down.A must read book for lovers of Tudor women s history.

    9. While many books study the women of the Tudor age, few delve under the surface to explore what day to day life was really like for these women Elizabeth Norton s latest book does just this, examining what life was like for women of all ages in the Tudor period, from the very rich to the very poor and all women in between The structure of Norton s book is captivating and is set out exploring the Seven Ages of life through the eyes of women during the Tudor period Norton s book starts with the bir [...]

    10. I liked this book on the history of women during the Tudor era There is great basic information on how dangerous life was for a female during this time, from childbirth to abuse, to daily work both in the house and outside of it She also explains the good parts of a woman s life, though that only seemed to come after her childbearing years were finished or she became a widow The author, also, doesn t pull any punches when discussing the abortionists, the women who killed their illegitimate child [...]

    11. I went to Faire and immediately got on a Tudor kick quick, act shocked Anyway, I had a previously existing hold on this book, so it was a pleasant surprise to get it the day after I went The Hidden Lives of Tudor Women is a kind of fascinatingly structured history of women in Tudor England, starting with the birth of the first Elizabeth Tudor a sister of Henry VIII s who died young and ending with the death of Elizabeth I and the end of the Tudor dynasty Norton takes Shakespeare s Seven Ages of [...]

    12. A really interesting examination of the lives of Tudor women It looks at the experiences of women at different ages from the very poor to to the Queen of England I found it easy to read and very insightful into life in Tudor times.if you enjoy historical novels I think you would really like this non fiction book.

    13. The English Tudor period lasted a little over 130 years, lasting from the taking of the crown by Henry VII in 1485 to the death of Elizabeth I in 1603 Despite that fairly narrow range of the 16th century it became one of the most consequential periods in English history.Elizabeth Norton s book looks at the lives of both poor and rich women during that century and divides her topics along the lines of Shakespeare s seven ages of man from As You Like It with some small refinements She covers the s [...]

    14. I was a little disappointed in this book I liked the separation into the 7 phases in life, but I would have liked to know about the daily lives of non royal women There was a great deal on Elizabeth, and, for that matter, her father Henry VIII I understand why he was included his policies affected the women of his day a great deal but it felt a little out of place.

    15. Elizabeth Norton has chosen Shakespeare s seven ages of man as the organizational plan for this book on the lives of English women during the sixteenth century She combines her own research with narratives taken from primary sources and other researchers, which breaks each age down into smaller sections Even better, she doesn t just look at the lives of royal Tudor women, who would expect the best care and education the period could offer, but women from different classes, both rural and urban W [...]

    16. History is so interesting because it tells the stories of how people used to live and this book, which details the lives of a cross section of English women living in the 16th century, does exactly that Using a framing device of the Seven Ages of Man, which Shakespeare used in As You Like It changed slightly since of course Shakespeare was referring to men instead of women , Elizabeth Norton uses the documentation she finds to give us a picture of how women lived when the English throne was rule [...]

    17. As someone who is always enthralled by anything to do with the Tudor period of history, this book held my attention If you watch a program like The Tudors one of my all time favorite series , you know you are getting a cleaned up version of what life must have been like Everyone is dressed beautifully, the women appear to have on mascara, and they all look clean We all know that the era was also home to sewage in the streets, flea and lice infestation, and horrific medical treatments Infant mort [...]

    18. Author Elizabeth Norton combines impeccable scholarship with a real gift for bringing alive individual women of the Tudor period from all walks of life, from Elizabeth I to Rose Fisher, longtime matron of St Bartholomew s one of the first English hospitals created specifically to care for the elderly She whisks us through the 118 year Tudor dynasty with fascinating, tiny details and broad strokes outlining the major trends of the age.Norton notes that, despite the massive religious and social up [...]

    19. Entertaining and informative It does sheer away from the social history of its subtitle several times, especially during the discussion of the reign of Henry VIII While the details of his reign informed much of what was happening in England at the time, this is a well traveled path and I much preferred the rest of the book.Elizabeth Norton s clear writing style is refreshing, but is done some disservice by the publisher The formatting of the book sometimes leads to a disjointed reading experienc [...]

    20. I was looking for information on the lives of regular woman in the Tudor era This book focuses primarily on the lives of queens and very high ranked women, especially the king s mistresses There are a few bits taken from legal records about women merchants or apprentices, but there is much about palace intrigue Clearly the written records that survive from this era are going to be heavily weighted toward the actions of the royal family so Ms Norton probably did the best she good with what was a [...]

    21. Absolutely loved everything about this book, it was so interesting I d only ever read historical fiction about the Tudor period before, so this was something different to what I m used to reading, thoroughly enjoyed it though I liked how the author went through each of the seven stages of life, as created by Shakespeare, and how she chose to write about lesser known women as well as the well known ones of the time, also the little history bits that she included in each chapter I enjoyed a lot t [...]

    22. I loved all of the insights into the daily loves of women who lived in the Tudor era I would have loved about their daily lives But the stories about specific women were interesting, just not what I had anticipated I could have done without the stories of royalty and heard about the average woman This book made me really sad for people who lived during this time period From the terrible conditions that children lived to the way women were treated by society to the way elderly were treated must [...]

    23. A bit dense, but admittedly I don t read much adult nonfiction The tales of the Tudor women felt real and reminded me how bad some lives truly were The title is correct the women are a main focus and men seem to be portrayed quite negatively at times I am not sure if that is bias or actual representations of the male dominated society I enjoyed learning about the lives of commoners and peasants as so many books about the Tudor time period only explore the royalty and nobility Worth a read for th [...]

    24. I liked this approach to history Norton draws examples from across classes and regions in England, and compares the challenges women had to face in their lives in the social positions they occupied She does not shy away from pointing out the horrifying realities, but she also draws attention to the surprising ways women could influence the societies around them, through business, or religious prophecy, or other means Taken together, Norton presents a rounded picture of life for all sorts of Tudo [...]

    25. Really wonderful contemplation on the lives of Tudor women I enjoyed the thoughtful presentation, following the seven ages of man conceit I enjoyed the overarching feel, which tackled both the most famous Tudor women and the most obscure in an intellectually sound way While it lacked the practical household hints of Ruth Goodman s How to Be a Tudor, it presents a many faceted and complex historical context for women in a another time Accessible, interesting, and a delight to read advanced reader [...]

    26. I found the book quite good to read and fairly informative regarding the lives of notable Tudor women, but I was hoping for information regarding the daily lives of the women in the working class of the Tudor period I understand that these are some of the hardest people to write about but it would have been interesting Other than this I found the book interesting and easily readable I would recommend it for anybody interested in Tudor history.

    27. It s okay, some interesting moments Overall it felt a bit thin and if the information isn t there to be had, that s utterly understandable, but it felt awfully long for that As creative as the division by age was, I feel like the bouncing back and forth between people and classes lost something It was still hard to compare and there were times I had a waitwhat and had to go read back to see where we swapped stories mid flow.

    28. First, the title of the book I read is the Hidden Lives of Tudor Women by Elizabeth Norton I think it s the same book.The text is a long series of short and long stories of Tudor women taken from diaries, historical tracts and public records and organized loosely by subject and time period I found the stories interesting though a bit dry If you enjoyed Wolf Hall series you may appreciate this retelling of the period through the eyes of women from many life rolls.

    29. As a fan of all things Tudor I couldn t wait to read this Advance Reading Copy from It was informative like a text book but read like a story The information flowed from one year to another easily and to be honest I could actually understand everything, Unlike in some text books where my mind starts wandering while reading Overall I totally enjoyed this

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