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High Marks for Murder By Rebecca Kent Kate Kingsbury,

  • Title: High Marks for Murder
  • Author: Rebecca Kent Kate Kingsbury
  • ISBN: 9780425222041
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Meet Headmistress and sometime sleuth Meredith Llewellyn of Bellehaven House, a finishing school for girls.It s the height of elegance, the seat of sophistication, the scene ofmurder Teacher Kathleen Duncan was killed in the school garden at night Judging by a bloody branch, Miss Meredith Llewellyn assumes it was an accident, until she learns that the limb didn t breakMeet Headmistress and sometime sleuth Meredith Llewellyn of Bellehaven House, a finishing school for girls.It s the height of elegance, the seat of sophistication, the scene of murder Teacher Kathleen Duncan was killed in the school garden at night Judging by a bloody branch, Miss Meredith Llewellyn assumes it was an accident, until she learns that the limb didn t break off it was neatly sawn But as she searches for a killer, Meredith wonders if her eyes are playing tricks on her How else can she explain her foggy images of Kathleen pointing to the flowerbeds Without the help of the lazy constable or her petrified teachers, Meredith will have to find a link between flowers and the killing, take heed of her own safety, and get an education in murder.
    High Marks for Murder Meet Headmistress and sometime sleuth Meredith Llewellyn of Bellehaven House a finishing school for girls It s the height of elegance the seat of sophistication the scene ofmurder Teacher Kathleen

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    1. This book reminds me of a meringue cookie In concept it sounds good It looks appealing, but there really isn t much there but sugar and air It s a good book if you have time to spare and don t need anything taxing It takes place in England during the suffrage movement, so that is part of the back drop There s a murder at a school for young women and the insufferable men are so dismissive about the death of a female teacher who was asking for it since she was out walking in the garden at night, t [...]

    2. Save your time and money and pass on this one This story was merely fluff and lightness and had nothing solid for the reader to grasp onto The characters were one dimensional The head mistress was quite dense at times, one of her co workers squeaked at everything that happened which got old really fast and the author introduced situations which had nothing to do with the mystery and were used merely as filler I also found the ending anti climatic What a let down after slogging through this story [...]

    3. This is a new series by Rebecca Kent who also writes as Kate Kingsbury I like the Pennyfoot mysteries, so I thought I d give this a try However, while her other series has some flair and interesting characters, this one is very dry and boring It doesn t even read like the same author.I was very disappointed.

    4. Stock characters the old and slightly dotty gardener, the round cook who mothers the rebellious maids, the snotty aristocratic daughters, the standoffish yet troublingly handsome property owner, the misogynist village bobby all wandering confusedly in a tired plot with a flat denouement Cozy mysteries are meant to be light and entertaining, but this was a slog.

    5. Couldn t get into this mystery, although I have read almost all of Kate Kingsbury mysteries This series I probably will skip.

    6. This is a nice light read for those days when you want to drift back in time and spend a few days with interesting characters As a historical novel it intrigued me As a mystery it was fairly simplistic For roughly half the book I thought I d like to try in the series, but I feel it might be heading towards a relationship between the head mistress and another character I dislike I ve had that problem with another series by this author That said I think many may appreciate this lighted look at a [...]

    7. It s 1905 at the Bellehave House school and the headmistress Mrs Meredith Llewellyn wakes up one morning to discover that one of her teachers is dead.A light quick read that involves the ghost of the dead teacher pointing Meredith to the guilty party.

    8. In this first book in the Bellehaven House mystery series, we are introduced to Meredith Llewellyn, headmistress of Bellehaven House, a finishing school set in Edwardian England Tom, the head gardener, has just led Meredith out to the garden to show her his grisly discovery the body of Kathleen Duncan, one of Bellehaven s tutors As Meredith immediately thinks some accident has befallen Kathleen, Tom disabuses her of that notion It s murder, plain and simple Kathleen was bashed in the head with a [...]

    9. When the gardener at Bellehaven Finishing School finds the body of Home Management teacher Kathleen Duncan, the police and headmistress Meredith Llewellyn initially think it was a tragic accident But Meredith soon discovers that the tree limb that hit Kathleen on the head did not accidentally fall off the tree it was sawed off and Meredith thinks it may have been used as a murder weapon The police still say it was an accident so Meredith decides to investigate Kathleen s death without their help [...]

    10. Kate Kingsbury, writing as Rebecca Kent, starts a new series the Bellehaven House Mysteries High Marks for Murder takes place in the Cotswalds in a time not long before women s suffrage in England Meredith Llewellyn is the headmistress of a school for young ladies One of the tutors at the school is brutally murdered and the local constabulary is quick to write it off as having been committed by a passing stranger The ghost of the murdered teacher confronts Mrs Llewellyn, who then decides that sh [...]

    11. Different setting than what I usually read but enjoyable This takes place at a finishing school in England during the Edwardian period of which I know next to nothing.I did actually enjoy reading this though and found the different period in time refreshing Read quite quickly but didn t find anything missing in the story line or characters I was surprised by the choice of the culprit but satisfied with the ending Quite a few back stories for the author to develop in future books though so that s [...]

    12. Bellehaven Finishing School is located in the Costswolds and is run by Meredith Llewellyn whose job, as Headmistress, is to train upper class ladies These future wives and mothers of the well to do are taught the arts and how to run a household Meredith, despite her suffragette sympathies is committed to keeping well run school Murder shows it s ugly face when Meredith discovers the body of her friend and fellow teacher dead in the gardens Unable to convince the local constabulary it s murder an [...]

    13. I ain t afraid of no ghost When Kathleen Duncan is killed, Bellehaven s headmistress Meredith Llewellyn decides to solve the crime since the local constable does not seem interested She starts to see Kathleen s ghost who guides her along the path of discovery What ensues in an interesting story Headmistress Llewelyn is aided by the other two tutors in the school Felecity who hates men and Essie who is afraid of her own shadow or is she Comic relief is provided by housemaids Olivia and Grace who [...]

    14. A ghostly er, ghastly murderMeredith Llewellyn is headmistress at a girl s finishing school Another instructor is found dead on the grounds beside a large limb At first they believe that the limb fell from the tree and struck her After the doctor examines the body, he informs them that she has been murdered.The local constable has no intention of investigating, so Meredith and her fellow teachers will have to do so if they want it done.I really like this author She creates an interesting myster [...]

    15. I very much enjoyed this story I liked the period, I liked the characters, and though I didn t really need the interjections of the maids, I was interested and wanted to know what was going to happen I also enjoyed the supernatural aspect, even though that s something that usually puts me off I found the writing to be enjoyable, and I think I finished it in two hours I ll definitely be looking for in this series.

    16. I really wanted to love this book and I did really like some parts of it Overall though I have to say I struggled with some parts I really liked most of the characters strong and very easily likeable or dislikable as we were supposed to think One or two were just irritating including the maids Their part in the tale seemed a little too stilted A good mystery with nice dropping of clues but the story overall required a bit too much work in some places and so dragged in others.

    17. I m having a hard time writing about this book because it was 200 pages of meh I looked around the Internet to see what was going on with this book and the series and found that there are only 3 books The author gives an update on the characters past the third and final book, so I think I can be swayed to read the remaining two books This book was quick and light Great for an uninterrupted afternoon on the couch.

    18. I read this book after one of my learners had given it to us at work to lend out I read the book, as I do with our other books so I can recommend our books to our learners based on interest and reading level This book is a good start to murder mystery, although it is set back in the day before women had the right to vote It has a ghost in it and a not very exciting ending However, I know of a few learners who would read and enjoy this book I must prefer my Scottish author for mysteries.

    19. I loved the setting and very British elements the walks through the garden, the tea with dainty cups and saucers, and conversations while sitting by a warm fire Now take all of that and add a murder mystery with a ghostly twist and you ve got a pretty entertaining story I do feel like the characters personalities could have been developed a bit as they often came across as rather flat.

    20. Eh Not meant to be the great American novel or sacrilege Agatha Christie Mediocre writing, scratch the surface character development, the barest sense of place Ghostly encounters could have been expanded upon made eerie Seems like this one was cranked out Guess the next one in the series is, too.

    21. This book has me on the fence as far as a review goes The overall mystery is good, but the characters feel lacking depth to me I ll give the next book in the series a try, but I m not holding out hope.

    22. Ugh This was awful Characters were silly and unrealistic Situations happened for no apparent reason A terrible book I can t believe this hot published Still, it was better than Fifty shades of gray.

    23. This is a cozy series of mysteries by Kate Kingsbury writing as Rebecca Kent Quick mystery you can read sitting outside under a tree in the summer so the ghosts won t get you I thought it was a fun book.

    24. Read for 03.2015 Cozy Mysteries BotM.My Rating System couldn t finish, wouldn t recommend, would recommend, would read again, have read again.

    25. Boring mystery with lackluster characters Even when the mystery is solved, the conclusion is very flat yawn

    26. Good introduction to a new series Enjoy the characters, though they need developing Will look forward to seeing how they blossom in the next book.

    27. CharmingEnjoyed the new setting and characters especially Meredith The ghost aspect was good but a little vague in spots I will read .

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