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Where's My Teddy? By Jez Alborough,

  • Title: Where's My Teddy?
  • Author: Jez Alborough
  • ISBN: 9780744536201
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Paperback
  • Little Eddy has lost his toy bear and goes looking for him in the dark, horrible woods but he doesn t know he s in for a big surprise
    Where s My Teddy Little Eddy has lost his toy bear and goes looking for him in the dark horrible woods but he doesn t know he s in for a big surprise

    One thought on “Where's My Teddy?”

    1. i read this while i was waiting in line to use the bathroom at the best childrens library ever yesterday this book is a delight im probably going to spoil it, but its like an 8 page book theres really no room for dramatic plot twists imagine somehow losing your teddy bear in a forest yeah i dont know it could happen , and then you turn a corner turn a tree and there is your teddy only he is enormous imagine that moment of confusion and terror have you shrunk has the teddy grown it is terrifying [...]

    2. Very simple book Fun artwork and easy to read story Shows that everyone needs their own special Teddy Great for children under the age of 4 What I do not get though, is why is the book so big It is a large book that might be awkward for a child to hold or carry.

    3. This is about a young boy called Eddy who goes off to search for his teddy called Freddy in the woods To his surprise, he meets a gigantic bear in the woods He sits there wondering how the teddy became so big to cuddle and how he will never fit in his bed Suddenly he hears a sound of sobbing coming nearer and nearer Eddy hides behind the big teddy when he is faced by a real gigantic bear who is also looking for his big teddy He has Eddy s small teddy Eventually they each grab their own teddies a [...]

    4. This story tells the tale of a boy named Eddy who has lost his teddy named Freddy Eddy wonders through the woods to find Freddy and stumbles across a teddy who looks like his teddy, but is a huge sized one Eddy feels sad as he realises that he cant take this big teddy home now as he is too big to fit into his bed Then, Eddy hears a voice sobbing and talking about their teddy being too small and that the small teddy wont be able to fit into their giant sized bed Eddy becomes scared and hides behi [...]

    5. Book Review 7 Where s My Teddy Jez AlboroughThis book is fantastic It is about a young boy called Eddy who goes off to search for his teddy called Freddy in the woods While in the woods, Eddy finds a huge bear and wonders how his small teddy became so big and suddenly hears someone crying not too far away The crying comes from a gigantic bear that is clutching a small teddy and is also desperate to find his teddy bear Children will have fun finding out what happens next in the story, which is bo [...]

    6. Poor Eddy loses his teddy, Freddy and he goes into the woods to search for him A dark and horrible wood, where Eddy gets scared He would rather be in bed with his teddy, Freddy Eddy tiptoes through the wood until he sees something It is a GIANT TEDDY BEAR Surprised at the size, Eddy thinks that teddy is now too big to cuddle or fit in this bed and he looks glum.Then Eddy hears sobbing and a loud voice, How did you get to be tiddly and small A gigantic bear was stomping towards Eddy carrying a ti [...]

    7. Where s My Teddy is a really great story that teaches children about sizes and which size is appropriate for which character I like how Jez Alborough used the concept of bears to convey his story I thought that was interesting and I the illustrations were very big and bold and fitting for the story that was being told I liked how both characters both needed their bears, so that they could sleep at night Overall its a nice story for parents to read to their children before going to bed with their [...]

    8. This story is about a boy and a bear who lose their teddies.The book is very funny with its content and combined with the heavy rhyming pattern of the book makes for a very enjoyable read with children as a large group The pictures are very descriptive and add to the humour of the book Due to the nature of the story, it also gives the children to predict the outcome of the book.This book would be very suitable in the Early Years.

    9. This is the most adorable book ever A case of mistaken teddy identity leaves a bear and a boy very confused.The story is hilarious, and the pictures are so adorable I wanted to cuddle everything on the page.

    10. This fun rhyming story would be a fun book for students to read on their own while they are learning to read The pictures help us understand the words The words are mostly short and rhyme so children would be able to read on their own.

    11. This is a very easy read I love that there are many rhyming words I think this is a great read aloud because the rhyming helps the children be apart of the story They can guess what word will come next.

    12. I liked how it shows the idea of different needs between different beings to children what can be just perfect for one could be someone else s worst nightmare.

    13. This was such a cute story A little boy and a bear lose their teddy bears in the woods Doesn t sound like much of a story, but the mix up and humor is based on the teddys that get mixed up Kids loved the story and the illustrations were priceless

    14. Eddie has lost his teddy in the big woods The big bear lost HIS teddy in the big woods Who has whose teddy

    15. A little boy loses his teddy and a great big bear loses his teddy They find each other s teddy and scare each other as they discover the mix up.

    16. Rhyming text and visual contrasts of the huge bears and the little boy and his small teddy make this a fun storytime read.

    17. Summary Eddie lost his teddy bear He must go and find it.Why I Read This It was on a list of books that your child should listen to.Review This was super cute with a surprise middle ending.

    18. Genre Modern FantasyRecommended Grade Level Early Primary Where s My Teddy is a cute little book, but didn t have much substance or a moral with it I did like that this book had large text with fewer words on a page, many of the words being sight words, so I would definitely recommend it to students learning to read.

    19. Our version of this book is small and fairly fragile, so little sticky fingers can t handle it yet.It s a very cute story I m sure we ll read it often as he gets older.

    20. This book will be loved by children who are in Early Years or Key Stage One I read this book to be used as part of literacy for my topic web with the topic of Toys.The book is relatively short with great illustrations The plot is humorous and will be very appealing for children The boy in the book, Eddy, loses his bear called Freddy in the woods On his adventure finding his bear he has found that his bear has grown extremely large, so much so he can no longer pick him up or take him to bed with [...]

    21. Where s My Teddy is a creative approach to a children s mystery, tying the animal world to the human world A boy named Eddie seems to have lost his teddy bear in the woods He is in a state of despair, just wanting to cuddle his teddy bear, when he stumbles upon a bear just like his The only thing is that it s way too big He then hears a voice in the forest, who seems to be in the same predicament as him His teddy bear has become much too small When Eddie discovers the source of the voice he find [...]

    22. This short story is a little far fetched, why would a child lose his teddy in the dark horrible woods But, it is funny The illustrations are decent the words are big and simple to read The summary is that a little boy named Eddie has lost his teddy bear, named Freddie in the woods When he goes to find his teddy he stumbles upon a teddy bear that looks like his Freddie, but is much too large while trying to figure out what has happened, a giant real bear shows up, who has a problem that is very s [...]

    23. WHERE S MY TEDDYThis children s literature is very illustrative, imaginative and captivating It s about a boy Eddy, who lost his teddy, Freddy He went all out to look for it and during his search,He found a bigger teddy and thought it was his He began to wonder aloud how big it had gone and just at the nick of time, a gigantic bear came out of the woods, holding Eddy s teddy bear, Freddy They both looked surprised and quickly exchanged the teddy bear and walked quickly to their homes.This book i [...]

    24. This is a great story that can challenge stereotypes as the big bear is also afraid and is looking for his teddy This is a great story where children can talk about their favourite teddy or how they comfort themselves It s an opportunity for the children to understand that everyone can have something to comfort themselves, whether big or small, and that something bigger may also be scared of something smaller This is a great story to encourage speaking and listening as it s easy to follow and di [...]

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