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The Light at Tern Rock (Newbery Library, Puffin) By Julia L. Sauer Georges Schreiber,

  • Title: The Light at Tern Rock (Newbery Library, Puffin)
  • Author: Julia L. Sauer Georges Schreiber
  • ISBN: 9780140368574
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ronnie and his aunt are tending the Tern Rock lighthouse while the keeper takes a vacation Ronnie loves living in the lighthouse, and looks forward to telling his family about it at Christmas But will lighthouse keeper Byron Flagg return in time for Ronnie and Aunt Martha to make it home for Christmas A Newbery Honor Book.
    The Light at Tern Rock Newbery Library Puffin Ronnie and his aunt are tending the Tern Rock lighthouse while the keeper takes a vacation Ronnie loves living in the lighthouse and looks forward to telling his family about it at Christmas But will

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    1. While reading a Newbery Award winner or Honor book, there is always a tendency to judge it and decide if it is worthy of the award This is a quick read and a sweet Christmas story, but I couldn t see why it would win a Newbery honor until towards the end The lamp chamber always gave Ronnie a strange feeling You reached it breathless from the long climb, but at the top step something else took over The sea piling up to the horizon, the expanse of sky, the bold swooping and circling of the gulls l [...]

    2. Julia L Sauer s The Light at Tern Rock which won her a 1952 Newbery Honour designation really does manage to remind me exceedingly sweetly and much pleasurably of some of L.M Montgomery s sea and lighthouse themed short stories featuring not only an engaging and inspiring narrative, but also and for me most essentially, importantly, a delightfully esoteric but still wonderfully realistic evocation of the ocean, a tenderly caressing sense of geographic place, which shows itself as both an homage [...]

    3. My mother took care of Mrs Sauer before her death and as a gift she gave her the three books she wrote, autographed After my mother moved she passed these books onto me because she knew I enjoyed reading them growing up It was a treat to re read them now as an adult.

    4. This was a nice short read about a boy and his aunt who stay at a lighthouse We enjoyed the descriptions of the sea, sounds and feelings of being in and responsible for a lighthouse We would have liked this to be a lot longer, we wanted details of day to day lighthouse life, we thought this was a great idea for a story that could have been taken much further We really didn t like the illustrations This book was very different in style and content to Fog Magic, although it does have the common t [...]

    5. I honeymooned on Prince Edward Island and Novia Scotia this summer, and when I ran across this little book in my wife s classroom set and noticed the Canadian coastal setting, I read it just just for the connection to the place I m glad that I did.The story concerns Ronnie and his aunt, who have been convinced by the regular keeper of Tern Lighthouse to tend it for several weeks The keeper promises to return several days early so that Ronnie and his aunt can spend Christmas at home But, of cours [...]

    6. Wow They really don t write them this well any If you want your children especially if you re buying for boys or grandchildren and your adult children to learn to be kind, considerate, thoughtful, loving, tolerant, empathetic, forgiving, obedient, respectful, truthful, and see the true meaning of Christmas illustrated as opposed to Hollywood s version of it this is your book You know you re in heaven when the main adult character, Mrs Martha Morse, says d children shouldn t be uprooted just to s [...]

    7. Great, old fashioned book with strong values This would be a great read aloud for grades 1 3, assuming that Christian content is appropriate for your audience.They don t make them like this any a large format, illustrated book made up of five short chapters It s a bit like a Holling Clancy Holling format, except the chapters are accessible.The main character works a lighthouse with his aunt That s the main plot He learns the values of humility and a life of service At the end, they celebrate Ch [...]

    8. Since this book had a very prominent award, I always have the tendency to have very high standards before I read the first page I really am expecting the book to absolutely blow me away which this book does There are many lessons that have the opportunity to be taught to young children and adults I don t think this book really has an age group because any reader could benefit from reading this book I love how this book is a Christmas story and throughout the book, the true meaning of Christmas i [...]

    9. I thought the descriptions of the sights and sounds on the lighthouse especially toward the end , were especially magical But I don t really care for the plot devices that brought them to that point I guess my sense of justice is still a lot like Ronnie s.

    10. It was like a Hallmark Christmas movie sans the romance unless you count the romance of the sea Short, sweet, and filled with the Christmas spirit.

    11. This review also appears on my blog, Read at Home Mom.The Light at Tern Rock is a very short novel by Julia L Sauer which received the Newbery Honor in 1952 The story follows a young man and his aunt, who are asked to look after the lighthouse at Tern Rock while the lighthouse keeper takes a few days of leave The keeper promises he will return by December 15, but when this date comes and goes, and and days pass, Ronnie realizes he will miss the Christmas festivities with his schoolmates and be [...]

    12. Newbery Honor from 1951 good, solid book boy and aunt go out to the lighthouse she had worked at to relieve the current lighthouse keeper Promises to be back by dec.15, 18 at the latest so boy can be back to sing in the school Christmas play and hang out w friends on Christmas light house keeper breaks his word boy learns lesson that adults are liars but his aunt still loves him think of Llama, Llama, Mad at Mamma on a light house w humans instead of a shoparama w critters.

    13. The Light at Turn Rock is about a young boy and his grandmother who take over a light house for the original keeper at Christmas A little slow for my 6 and 7 year oldbut in the end provided a valuable Christmas lesson.

    14. Quick, emotional, and sensory I can almost feel the rumble of the crashing waves Really satisfying to an introvert like me who has always dreamed of living in a light house It s really, really short 62 pages

    15. This is an excellent book for the Christmas season It is about a boy and his aunt who take care of a lighthouse during December The story is a little predictable, but of course will give you the warm Christmas fuzzies anyway.Even though it s a chapter book with a fairly difficult vocabulary heliotrope, aghast, doldrums, etc , it is quite short I read it aloud to my son in less than a day.

    16. I read the book called The Light at Tern Rock written by Julia L Sauer It is about a boy spending his Christmas night at the Light House The Light House keeper Mr Flagg planed the whole thing My favorite part was when Ronnie the boy is watching at the nice meal his aunt made on the table I like the description of the food, just like I was looking at the food too I think the author wrote this book is because she wanted to tell people that patient is very important to people People need patient to [...]

    17. This book has been on my bookshelf ever since I was a little girl and I never even read it until couple of weeks ago I finally decided to read all of my books that I owned before I can start borrowing the books from the library I came across this book and started to read it It took me about less than an half an hour to complete this book I ve rated it 2 stars because it does not really interest me at all due to several reasons, but I still finished it This book is pretty educational for parents [...]

    18. The Light at Tern Rock by Julia L Sauer, 1951 Newbery Honor Book I was cataloging a classroom library when I came across this book There s a lighthouse on the cover, plus the silver Newbery Honor seal, so of course I just had to read the back.A boy and his aunt tending a lighthouse on an otherwise deserted rock outcropping just before Christmas Sounds perfect So I set it aside one boon I get from doing this library project is that the books come to me It s a short book only 50 or so pages long a [...]

    19. Although Ronnie s Aunt Martha was a lighthouse keeper for fourteen years, Ronnie has never spent the night in a lighthouse But now, he s going to spend a whole fortnight in a lighthouse Here s how it works.The lighthouse keeper, Mr Flagg wants to take a quick vacation just before Christmas, but he can t just abandon the light at Tern Rock if there s a storm, the light could save someone s life Somebody has to take care of it, and who better than Aunt Martha And since Ronnie now lives with his Au [...]

    20. The Light of Tern Rock is a fiction book for children 3rd grade and above The book received the John Newberry Medal in 1973 The story unfolds as a boy and his aunt decide to go to the lighthouse to cover for a friend of the family while he takes time off to visit his family He promises to return before Christmas but he does not come back in time The boy realizes that tending to the lighthouse requires work than he assumed He becomes upset when the no one shows up at the lighthouse to get him an [...]

    21. The Light at Turn Rock is about a young boy and his grandmother who take over a light house for the original keeper The keeper is visiting his relatives while the young boy realizes the hard work and commitment going into the light house The boy becomes angry when the keeper does not come back for Christmas The boy wanted to spend Christmas in the village with all of his friends In the end the boy realizes that Christmas can be experienced anywhere This book is specific to lighthouses and childr [...]

    22. My home teachers gave this early reader book to us for a gift last night It has four chapters with drawings and I finished reading it out loud to Ellie in less than an hour before bed They said it was one of their favorite books to reread with their family every year and I can see how it is a great family Christmas tradition Ronnie and his aunt are asked to be substitute lighthouse keepers out at Tern Rock so the current lightkeeper could take a vacation view spoiler The lightkeeper doesn t retu [...]

    23. This book was originally published in 1951 and was titled, The Light at Christmas For some reason, when the book was re published, it was renamed Personally, I like the old name, because this is a nice, short 60 pages Christmas story If reading with children, be sure to finish it on Christmas Eve.It is rather interesting to realize that most children won t know what a lighthouse is or does, unless they live near or have traveled to a coastal city or town And, certainly, lighthouses that require [...]

    24. This book is part of our Core A curriculum through Sonlight This book was nice and short but held a powerful message It is a good look at forgiveness and seeing the best in situations, especially ones that are inconvenient and we were not expecting I really enjoyed the relationship between Ronnie and Aunt Marthy It was also good to see how important hard work is and how what we do can help or hurt others As a whole I enjoyed this book I can t say I loved it, but I m not dreading reading it to my [...]

    25. This book is about an aunt and her nephew who are asked to to take care of a lighthouse near the Xmas holidays The lighthouse attendant who is an older man promises to be back before Xmas The boy in the story is devestated as well as mad when the man does not return and the boy and aunt are left at the lighthouse The aunt makes it a special Xmas and the boy learns the real meaning of Xmas A touching story however it was written several decades ago so some of the language is a bit dated.

    26. Both my 3 yr old and 10 yr old likes this story I liked it because it brings home the idea of how deception and lies can hurt others, but we can still learn to forgive despite the pain caused I like the old classic ideas and morals It does take some explaining for our modern day children as to how things really were but it is a good lesson in life history and good ole fashioned values.Update review Read it again to my youngest and he LOVES the book It is a sweet story perfect for Christmas time

    27. On New Years Eve I finished a book and wanted a short read before I headed back to Eugene I picked this one off the shelf and was happy to find it is a Newbery Honor book and a Christmas book Oh, how I was disappointed after reading it Very easy read but a pathetic attempt at a Christmas story Even pathetic was the author s attempt in the last couple of pages to relate the true meaning of Christmas to the story.

    28. This very short Newbery award winner encourages the reader to step into Ronnie s shoes as he begins to experience the disappointment of not celebrating Christmas at home but instead stuck at Tern Rock where he and his aunt are taking care of the light house.The author does a good job of teaching the idea of patience and concern for others.

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