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Wicked (The Nexus Series Book 4) By Lainie Suzanne,

  • Title: Wicked (The Nexus Series Book 4)
  • Author: Lainie Suzanne
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • CHARLOTTE and EDWARD You know them You envy them You secretly crave to be WITH them They are WICKED Discover the lascivious and tantalizing journey of Charlotte and Edward and how they became the Dynamic Duo of Nexus.This book is intended for 18 Menage, BDSM, Lascivious play
    Wicked The Nexus Series Book CHARLOTTE and EDWARD You know them You envy them You secretly crave to be WITH them They are WICKED Discover the lascivious and tantalizing journey of Charlotte and Edward and how they became the Dyna

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    1. Charlotte and Edward s story is finally here YES I have been waiting for this book for two years and it was worth the wait We are first introduced to the couple in Nexus book 1 of the series but it isn t until now that we really get to know them My interest was immediately piqued when Charlotte meets Katherine whilst she is leading Edward around Club Nexus on a leash The idea of a Domme or female Alpha excited and titillated me In Wicked we get to see the real people behind the leather and colla [...]

    2. Lainie Susanne s Nexus Series is by far my favorite series of the hundreds I have read And Wicked does not disappoint This series, while incredibly sexy, funny and suspenseful, incorporates all the issues of the day that are clearly important to this author Themes of inclusion, religion, diversity, tolerance, self esteem and acceptance are omnipresent in this amazing series and brought to light in such a way that the reader is left thinking if only Nexus was real Each book has a main focus, but [...]

    3. I guess I am going to be the brave one and go ahead and post the 1st review First off it seems like I have waited forever for Wicked to come out Wicked is a Novella so it is a pretty fast book to read Which I love because sometimes you just want a book to squeeze in before another book that you want to read comes out Lainie Suzanne I love this series that you have created Wicked The Nexus Series Book 4 may be my favorite book so far But, then I might have said that with each of the books in this [...]

    4. I met Charlotte and Edward briefly in Nexus I had no idea how dynamic and sexy this duo was You will both want to be Charlotte and fear Charlotte when you get to know her in Wicked Edward sure has his hands, and other parts, full with Mistress Charlotte But wait, it s not that simple He keeps her on her toes As switches, this amazing couple demands a lot from each other and gives so much to each other Every chapter of this white hot read is sexier than the last A little humor, a lot of family, a [...]

    5. After finishing book 3 in this series I jumped right into this book and I am so glad I did This book is all about Charlotte and Edward We have seen them in the first 3 books but just briefly here and there so it was great to read about their past, how they became the couple that they are now and all the twists and issues they faced to get to this point We also get of Master Isaac and Kathy, Master Patrick, Master Derek and Deb as well There are some interesting turns in this book and a couple w [...]

    6. Edward and Charlotte s story is amazing and beautiful Two Dominants that are also submissives.switches Edward must break through all the protective, defensive layers Charlie has built up in her life Slowly she blossoms under his care as does he when she fulfills his needs Interspersed in the book are the continuing stories of Katherine and Isaac and Derek, Debra and Patrick We get to celebrate the joyous events in all their lives.

    7. I ve been anticipating this book seemingly forever, and let me tell you it was worth the wait I just started typing everything that went through my head when writing my review of Wicked Then, I had to go back and take out all the spoilers there were quite a few, so you can enjoy this story as much as I did.Charlotte has had some deviant desires as she calls them She s had these urges and inclinations that she was sometimes ashamed of A friend suggests she try Nexus, so she could see for herself [...]

    8. Charlotte feels guilty about being a submissive with Dominant desires I ve been waiting for a bdsm romance novel to deal with what I think is an interesting dichotomy She gets the opportunity of a lifetime when her Dom gets Master Isaac to introduce her to a male Switch And so this story takes its own unique journey to something not often mentioned or acknowledged in bdsm.I liked her having to overcome guilt and face her longing She was well matched Edward allowed her to experience the full rang [...]

    9. I have been waiting for this story from Charlotte and Edward s first scene in the first book Nexus The wait Completely worth it With Wicked we get the backstory of how Charlotte and Edward met and became the dynamic duo Alongside that we get to see and meet the younger versions of the Doms we ve come to know and love Reading about events that have been talked about in the three previous book, but now getting details and seeing them persee in real time Lainie also brings us updates on our favorit [...]

    10. I enjoyed the series up until this book.I ve really enjoyed the Nexus series, but this book was a miss I ll tell you where I gave up, Spoiler Alert I understand that in the BDSM community everyone accepts each other for their own kinks and taboos I get it, it doesn t bother me I ve read things in books that some people would say makes them sick It s never bothered me Until now Edward inviting Charlotte s FATHER to the club to watch them scene and have sex was just nasty There are lines that go w [...]

    11. ARC for honest review Another good book in this Nexus series This is the story about Charlotte, the domme in the club Having desires that many others in the lifestyle do not agree with, Charlotte felt like she couldn t be herself Working as a RN in the emergency room, she met Edward and was instantly attracted to him Still not secure in who she was, Charlotte was still in training when Edward showed up to the club Seeing that they are two peas in a pod, and that they both can be who they want to [...]

    12. We have been waiting since Nexus came out to find out about Charlotte and Edward and Lainie Suzanne did not disappoint with Wicked We find out on how all of our favourite people are connected prior to coming to the club It was interesting to see how all their lives intersect outside of the Nexus club We are also surprised with some updates on some of our favourite couples.Lainie Suzanne continues to write a strong female lead with Charlotte The feelings and emotions of being a Domme are intere [...]

    13. NEXUS the name as intriguing as what actually goes on in this sex club.Charlie is trying to come to terms with her desires and inclinations After having been trained with her friend with benefits Donovan, the time has come to introduce her to Isaac and begin her training as a switch Not only is she capable of submission, but she is also inclined to be a Domme She is a rare and unique gift to whomever she picks as a partner.But that is the problem, isn t it She is not ready to involve herself wit [...]

    14. Lainie did it againe grabbed me from the first page and held me hostage with NO MERCY Just when you think you have your favorites at Nexus, the people that you would want to be friends with if this were a real place, she removes just a little bit of the blindfold and lets you see even Wicked was everything I was hoping for and even some things I didn t know I wanted but can t imagine why not Beyond all else, Wicked is about love It doesn t always come in the same small pretty box with a bow bu [...]

    15. Love,Love,love Lainie suzanne has done an amazing job with this series Every book is beautifully written, and you can tell the love the author has for each character in each story she has written To be able to read about charlotte and Edward was amazing and i hope we see books added to nexus series If there was 10 stars thats what i would give this book and all of the nexus books Characters that you just fall in love with, wicked was sinfully satisfying and i enjoyed every minute of it.

    16. I have been waiting for Wicked for a long time and it was worth the wait This is Charlie and Edwards story and I loved getting to know all sides of them They have to get over seeing each other professionally to let their life at Nexus seep into their every day lives.This book checks in on all of our favorites from the first 3 books and if you haven t read those yet I recommend going and reading them as well This book can be a stand alone but its so much better knowing all the characters and how [...]

    17. Wicked introduces the reader fully to Charlotte and Edward The scenes between them were very hot and left me wanting The author has included updates and fills in background on some of the other characters from previous novels The writing is very good and she carefully drags you into the world of Nexus and leaves you asking for Highly recommended read.

    18. Wicked was definitely that, one Wicked read Charlotte ER nurse by day and Domme by night Edward, an EMT by day and a Dom Switch by night Fate couldn t of brought a perfect couple together Charlotte and Edwards story was one of the hottest Nexus books to date This is definitely not a safe for work read.

    19. Wonderful continuation Naughty and nice, with just enough spice Might sound cheesy, but it is true Lainie Suzanne keeps you going and picks up perfectly where she left off while adding in the new relationship of Edward and Charlotte love them Love Nexus

    20. WickedSometimes this one was confusing with going back in time, with Isaacs first sub and Kathy Was confusing than the other books I liked their story Can t wait to read of the storyline I recommend this series and the author.

    21. Awesome continuation of the characters in the Nexus series with expansion on two exciting characters Thoroughly enjoyed this book.

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