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Interface: Technology will change us By Tony Batton,

  • Title: Interface: Technology will change us
  • Author: Tony Batton
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Tom Faraday joined internationally renowned CERUS Biotech, he thought he d landed his dream job A chance to work with their famous CEO, William Bern, perhaps to change the world But Tom has found himself in an organisation in crisis The company bet the house on a radical neural interface project, only to be blocked by a government with reasons of its own Now CERUSWhen Tom Faraday joined internationally renowned CERUS Biotech, he thought he d landed his dream job A chance to work with their famous CEO, William Bern, perhaps to change the world But Tom has found himself in an organisation in crisis The company bet the house on a radical neural interface project, only to be blocked by a government with reasons of its own Now CERUS is running on vapour and the corporate vultures are gathering Bern isn t one to go down without a fight He s turned things around before, and he has a plan to do it again The problem is, twenty five years ago CERUS made a similar mistake And if history is repeating itself, Tom might be the only one who can stop it.
    Interface Technology will change us When Tom Faraday joined internationally renowned CERUS Biotech he thought he d landed his dream job A chance to work with their famous CEO William Bern perhaps to change the world But Tom has found

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    1. When choosing an evil antagonist, thriller writers can select from a vast array of institutions that have the ability to create cataclysmic, mind shattering, and horrific events on a global scale A list of establishments that have great potential for being a host to Satan include government entities such as the British MI5, the FBI, the CIA, or my personal favorite, the ever present NSA But one institution that stands above all others and can bring forth the worst that humanity has to offer is n [...]

    2. I write novels in the technothriller space I m not sure whether that makes me likely to enjoy or to be critical of fiction written in a similar vein I just thought I d put that out there before saying that this was a very good example of the genre that kept me engaged and turning pages.The McGuffin nanotechnology that enhances a human brain, is current and close enough to warrant speculation The technical details never bog down the story The characters were believable The CERUS HQ was futuristi [...]

    3. The only time I can remember feeling lucky to be ill Because it allowed me the luxury of being able to read this book in one day in bed It reads like a Person of Interest meets The Matrix , and was pretty unputdownable once I d got going, so I m pleased I didn t have to be doing anything else until I d finished it Really intelligently written several strands playing out in parallel before weaving together in a pretty unpredictable way The characters are mostly people you know Lawyers, journos, c [...]

    4. Great book Yes It is a science fiction book, but during the time I read it, I stumbled upon science article, that was about the same phenomena mention in the book You can find lots of similar verticals on the net Here is one example techinsider we are in tSure the book makes it much fictional, but it s all already here The book itself is a very very fast pacing kind of book I liked the way it was divided into 120 small chapters Lots of twists in the story Loved it.

    5. Brilliant, fast paced thriller that will keep you turning the pages until the very end Tony is a great writer and this book has so many plots going through it The characters were all well rounded and there is so much going on The books is easy to read, the scene setting is great and the last part of the book is action packed I won t say any as not to spoil it for anyone else

    6. This debut release from Tony Batton is an exciting, well written, page turner of a techno thriller The way the different threads kept twisting meant that I read it in a single session The technology is plausible and consistent with today s headlines I m already looking forward to a sequel and a movie, or maybe even a Person of Interest type tv series.

    7. The story and subject were interesting and entertaining, the writing seemed not as well done as experienced authors.

    8. A good story of a man trying to do what he thinks is right and those trying to stop him I won it in a contest and it was a good read.

    9. It s a James Bond style of book about spies , MI 5, movie like gadgets, bombs, truth serum, spectacular escapes and most of all, James Bond like villains the only things missing are the elegance of the main character, martinies and sexy ladies Don t hope for any character development, world building or at least a single original or surprising ideea.Sure you could like it if you are a James Bond fan but this book has nothing to do with Sci Fi, the title is just misleading It tries to use some sci [...]

    10. From the top, we can see the future This is a thriller which builds pace as it proceeds Initially it is obvious that something wrong is happening to new employee, Tom Faraday, which must surely be connected to the illegal experiments planned by his new company boss, the famous William Bern, CEO of CERUS Biotech There are rumours of insolvency and drastic measures are required to save the firm including making a deal with a Russian multi millionaire Exciting stuff, and well presented, the outcome [...]

    11. Check out this and all my reviews at Brian s Book BlogA terrifyingly real feeling TechnothrillerCERUS is the company to work for, and Tom Faraday has just been headhunted to work for them His career couldn t get any better But after Faraday attends the opening ceremony for the new CERUS Tower he cannot remember much He wakes up 2 days later and is almost late for work And that s just the beginning of his problems.The narration for Interface was done by Daniel Philpott who I ve never listened to [...]

    12. I can listen to audiobooks at work, so that generally helps with listening to a 10 hour long audiobook in one sitting, but honestly, in this case I might have done it regardless of where I was It should also be noted that I didn t get much actual work done today because parts of this book were so engaging Oops D The premise was interesting, and the tech was well explained, well thought out, made sense, and was accurate or at least sounded accurate in the world in which it was presented The plot [...]

    13. I m normally not a fan of this genre, but found this book a really enjoyable read I was turning the pages and found it difficult to put down Many strands to the story with intriguing characters and a believable technology, that is probably not too far away becoming reality.Can t give the plot away so I won t go into the story, but just to say that I read this book within three evenings and missed my Netflix fix , because the book was gripping and interesting.If there is a sequel, I m looking fo [...]

    14. Wow What a debut from Tony Batton I started reading the book following a recommendation from a friend and could barely put it down over the next two days It really is a page turner and I don t think predictability is in the author s vocabulary the plot twists are huge and many.Whilst technology plays a central role in the plot, the characters are well developed and the storyline held my interest right to the last page I m going to grab the sequel Resurface straight away and get reading It was th [...]

    15. An intelligent, fast moving and exciting technothriller that is a storming debut novel Centred on the interaction between humans and machines, the action just zipped ahead and kept me on the edge of my seat I enjoy thrillers from Michael Crichton, Tom Clancy, Daniel Suarez et al and this is in the same league I found it difficult to put down and look forward to work from this writer Super stuff.

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