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Wildest Dream: The Biography of George Mallory By Peter Gillman Leni Gillman,

  • Title: Wildest Dream: The Biography of George Mallory
  • Author: Peter Gillman Leni Gillman
  • ISBN: 9780898867510
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Paperback
  • The discovery of George Mallory s body high on Everest stunned the world Yet behind the headlines, investigative journalists Peter and Leni Gillman sensed there was far to the story than whether Mallory had reached the top How did Mallory reconcile his deep love for his wife and children with his dream of Everest Why did he make his final attempt when he knew the oThe discovery of George Mallory s body high on Everest stunned the world Yet behind the headlines, investigative journalists Peter and Leni Gillman sensed there was far to the story than whether Mallory had reached the top How did Mallory reconcile his deep love for his wife and children with his dream of Everest Why did he make his final attempt when he knew the odds were stacked against him The Wildest Dream is an intimate portrait of a man torn between competing desires and the fatal choice he ultimately made Drawing on newly discovered documents and letters, and aided by members of Mallory s family, the Gillmans bare the heart and soul of the man behind the myth From the 2000 paperback edition.
    Wildest Dream The Biography of George Mallory The discovery of George Mallory s body high on Everest stunned the world Yet behind the headlines investigative journalists Peter and Leni Gillman sensed there was far to the story than whether Mallo

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    1. I got totally lost in this book George Mallory is far than the man who may or may not have been the first person to climb Everest In fact, that s one of the least interesting things about him and the wonderful thing about this book is that it makes you admire him for who he was in life, not for the feats that led him to his death I ll even go so far as to say that the book is much weaker at the end when it goes into the circumstances of the Everest expeditions We lose connection with this wonde [...]

    2. In case my stream of flailing status updates didn t make it plain enough I really, really loved this My previous knowledge of Mallory s early life was sketchy at best, and these biographers did a fantastic job of putting the Everest legend into perspective, focusing on the life he lived, rather than the death that made him famous And what an incredibly interesting life it was I adored reading about his childhood and his adolescence and schooling, recounted seemingly without omissions but also wi [...]

    3. what I expected to be an audio turned out to be a documentaryry impressive eting Mallory and family and seeing a replication of the 1924 climb contrasted with Conrad Anker s 1999 climbe discovery of Mallory s body was intriguing and the question of intact papers but no photographThe question, however, still existsdid he make it to the top, leave the photo of his wife and die on the descent My interest in GM is piqued.I ll read another accountrhaps Because It s There The Life of George Mallory Du [...]

    4. Well researched biography, interesting to learn he was not only a mountaineer climbed Everest but was in the Bloomsbury Set.

    5. Cominciamo subito con lo sfatare un mito la citatissima risposta di Mallory al giornalista americano che gli chiese perch volesse andare sull Everest alla quale lui rispose Because it s there Questa battuta intesa nel senso inglese di quote , line abbonda sulla bocca dei tanti, professionisti e no, sinceri appassionati o meri posers che vanno in montagna perch chi la cita convinto che il suo significato sia insito nell idea che scalare sia un qualcosa di effimero, di indefinito, di puro mero div [...]

    6. I don t know why I m so drawn to George Mallory, but while reading this book I discovered that I m not alone It seems everyone he met took an instant liking to him His undying spirit and true heart echoes far beyond his death and will continue to do so.I knew from the moment I learned of him that I had to learn about him, and this book exceeded all the expectations I had for the man.The tale of his life is told well, filled with joy, spirit, surprise and love One can t help but be inspired by G [...]

    7. Well written biography of George Mallory, investigating the life of the man who disappeared on Everest in 1924 with Irvine in an early attempt to climb the mountain, creating a mystery as to whether they ever made it to the summit But this book concentrates on the story of the man, and the battle between his love for his wife Ruth and his desire for adventure and danger, during the war and then afterwards, in his climbing exploits A wonderful book which brings to life the contradictions and torm [...]

    8. The Last Mountain in Sight Everest itself was the only mountain which we could see without turning our gaze downwards Nearing the end of yet another book about the expeditions to conquer Mt Everest, there I sat aghast at the view before me And, that is what draws a man to climb a mountain as Mallory himself said before dying on Everest, because it is there, and because they can This biography of Mallory was not written and published until 2000, after Mallory s body was finally found only in 1999 [...]

    9. The three stars is all for the first third of the book which is engaging and gossipy I especially liked George s encounters with the fringes of the Bloomsbury Group The last two thirds felt dry and superficial, as if the authors were just checking off a laundry list of he got married, went to war, and climbed all these mountains Oh yeah, and then Everest.

    10. Best biographical book i have ever ever read Mallory as an artist, mountaineer, but love how it depicts the Victorian ethos e language exceptional read , exceptional writing one of my favourite books ever.

    11. Mallory the man who might have been the first to climb Everest who mysteriously disappeared with climbing partner Sandy Irving in the clouds Did they or did they not summit The mystery remains.These are the things we know about Mallorybut not much .It is surprising that one of the most famous mountaineers in history has been no than a mere caricature a one dimensional character who climbs mountain because they are there But authors Peter and Leni Gillman open the curtain so that we can see the [...]

    12. Finished it and am adding a star to the four I had given it when I had read about a 1 3 of it I cannot recall the last time I was so totally hooked by a dense and fairly scholarly book I am a notorious speed reader who will skim if a ponderous tome begins to go too slowly for me And I did not skip a word It is well written, well researched, and thoroughly engaging and entertaining It is serious without being solemn and funny without being either goofy or snarky It tackles some of the controvers [...]

    13. I read this book when it came out and met Peter Gillman at Printer s Inc in Palo Alto Also present was Rick Millikan from Berkeley one of Clare s sons, his brother is in OR Rick was a pretty noted climber of his time Gillman didn t realize that Clare Mallory married the son on a Nobel Laureate and one of the 3 principal founders of Caltech I didn t realize this myself until his final notes that Clare married a physicist during WWII in Oak Ridge, TN clearly working on the Manhattan Project killed [...]

    14. A thorough investigation into Mallory s life and thoughts The first half is in lack of better words rather boring and monotonous You would need to be extremely interested in Mallory s life to find this part of the story interesting As a result I abandoned the book for a while before picking it up again If anything, the first half gives you a clear picture of the family dynamics during that period of time But ask me about places, people and plans and it s all just a big blur After a while the sto [...]

    15. I found this to be a very good bio on George Mallory or anyone that wants to know about the turn of the century culture, and the motives to going to Everest I especially enjoyed how many first accounts were used in the book, especially letters as evidence Really put a different light as to why Mallory would go up for a last crack at reaching the top of Everest and why it was so important to do so One of my favourite books on my shelf for sure.

    16. After reading a historical fiction version of his life, and seeing the new imax film, I read this biography to help straighten out the details of the story of George Mallory and the first British expeditions to climb Everest.

    17. I ve read several novels and another biography of Mallory, and this book does a fine job of filling in the gaps in this fascinating man s life story It patiently follows his adventures and adds the perspectives of his wife and children about being in his shadow very worthwhile read.

    18. AMAZING I thought I knew him till I read this You can t help but be even amazed at what he and other mountaineers accomplished I thought I d read this book and not like him as a person but quite the contrary.


    20. this is an interesting review of George Mallory s life and in a way brings the legend down to earth not much about his climbing about the domestic parts of his life.

    21. A well written, well researched biography It presents a very wholistic picture of Mallory the man Enjoyable, but only if you have a deep interest in Mallory Not for the casual reader.

    22. a good overview of M s life from start liked the additional correspondence and closer details of the life

    23. So much than just a climber and an inspiration but his love for his wife is as strong as his love for the mountains

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