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Moral Defense By Marcia Clark,

  • Title: Moral Defense
  • Author: Marcia Clark
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • For defense attorney Samantha Brinkman, it s not about guilt or innocence it s about making sure her clients walk But the case of Cassie Sonnenberg touches a raw nerve in Sam that makes it painfully personal.A savage attack in a suburban home has left a father and son fatally stabbed, and a mother clinging to life And Cassie, the family s adopted teenage daughter, is accFor defense attorney Samantha Brinkman, it s not about guilt or innocence it s about making sure her clients walk But the case of Cassie Sonnenberg touches a raw nerve in Sam that makes it painfully personal.A savage attack in a suburban home has left a father and son fatally stabbed, and a mother clinging to life And Cassie, the family s adopted teenage daughter, is accused of the bloody crime It s a tabloid ready case that has the nation in an uproar and Sam facing her biggest challenge But when she learns the murders were sparked by years of sexual abuse, she doubles down to get Cassie exonerated.Yet, even as Sam probes the secret past of a seemingly happy family, the dark memories of her own tormented life threaten to consume her And as Cassie s story keeps twisting at every turn, in troubling new directions, Sam must fight all the harder to separate dangerous lies from the terrifying truth.
    Moral Defense For defense attorney Samantha Brinkman it s not about guilt or innocence it s about making sure her clients walk But the case of Cassie Sonnenberg touches a raw nerve in Sam that makes it painfully p

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    1. This is the first of this new legal series featuring Samantha Brinkman that I have read It works well as a standalone Samantha is a flawed character who is capable of morally dubious behaviour such as outlined by her actions with Deshawn, her culpability in the killing of a man whose dangerous family want retribution and who are her clients Samantha has a dark history of familial sexual abuse which makes the case that she takes one that goes emotionally close to the bone for her and tests her to [...]

    2. 4 It s All in Plain Sight Stars Spoiler Free On Sale 1.99 Oh, Marcia Clark is a crafty one She has taken all of her past talents in the legal profession and focused on giving us fascinating books By creating defense attorney Samantha Brinkman, we have a woman who fights for everyone to have a voice in court yet we also get all of the mechanics that happen behind the scenes This way of presenting all of the moving parts of the legal system works extremely well The blurb gives you than enough to [...]

    3. First and foremost, a large thank you to NetGalley, Marcia Clark, and Thomas Mercer for providing me with a copy of this book, which allows me to provide you with this review.In her latest thriller, Clark brings Samantha Brinkman back for captivating drama and legal wrangling Discovering her father and brother murdered and mother hanging on by a thread, Cassie Sonnenberg is at the centre of a media frenzy Why was she spared and could the killer come back for her to finish things off Playing the [...]

    4. This is the second in the Samantha Brinkman series It starts off a little slow and takes a while to ramp up Someone breaks into a house and stabs the son, father and mother missing only the adopted daughter hiding in another bedroom Then, she is accused of the crime Initially, Sam is hired as the witness representative for the daughter As someone just representing the daughter, I found it odd that she and her team spent so much time investigating the events of the murders Do lawyers really do th [...]

    5. Another winner by Marcia Clark Samantha is hired as legal advocate for Cassie Sonnenberg, a 15 year old accused of brutally stabbing to death her older brother, her father and the attempted murder of her mother Sam is determined to do her best for this teenager, especially when word leaks that she was sexually abused by her brother and her father As Sam digs in to find the answers, she s surprised to find herself identifying with Cassie, becoming and personally entangled in the case But when S [...]

    6. Wow two for two The author s first book featuring defense attorney Samantha Brinkman, Blood Defense, was fantastic If anything, this one, of which I also received an advance copy courtesy of the publisher, is even so If I could give it 6 stars, I would This installment, for the record, can stand on its own, but I m sure I got a bit out of it by reading the other one first always my advice when dealing with a series, by the way Friends from the first book return Samantha, of course, and her lon [...]

    7. Samantha Brinkman is officially my favorite fictional lawyer 3 Cannot wait for the next installment in this perfect legal series

    8. I just finished Moral Defense by Marcia Clark Yes, she is the Marcia Clark that prosecuted O.J Simpson I really enjoyed this novel It was fast paced and had an ending that was believable Samantha Brinkman is a defense attorney, whose client is Cassie Sonnenberg Cassie s brother and father were brutally stabbed to death, and her mother is clinging to life There are other sub plots where you ask, Is justice blind I intend to take out her first book Blood Defense Bob K.

    9. This is the 2nd book in the Samantha Brinkman series it can be read as a stand alone story I like this fast paced story that kept you reading from beginning to end Cassie Sonnenberg discovers her father and brother dead and her mother close to death due to a brutal attack Samantha is hired as the 15 yr old s legal advocate and as she starts to uncover and answers she is beginning to see herself in this young girl Cassie was adopted by the Sonnebergs and as she got older it seems she was sexual [...]

    10. Please note that this review spoils events from Samantha Brinkman 1I was really intrigued by the first book in the Samantha Brinkman series Maybe because Clark ends it with a surprising revelation that had my mouth hanging open In Brinkman you have someone that even though they are a defense attorney, has no qualms about making sure the bad guys even her own clients get brought to justice.Samantha is still dealing with the fallout of her actions in the last book She is trying to do her best to k [...]

    11. As usual, snarky and sneaky DA Samantha Brinkman is up to her old tricks She has her own peculiar brand of justice even as she does everything she can to get even the most heinous criminals acquitted or pled out In this second book of the series, Sam is counsel for a 15 year old girl, Cassie Sonnenberg, who is accused of committing the brutal murders of her foster family brother, father and mother As Cassie reveals the despicable activities that were going on in that home, Sam can t help but get [...]

    12. Along the lines of the first book, another fantastic read Hard to put down Defense lawyer Samantha Brinkman has another big case on her hands 15 year old Cassie, who her parents adopted as a toddler, is the only one left alive in a massacre at her house Mom, Dad, and big brother have all been killed bloody The wide eyed teenage girl seems like an unlikely culprit, but it soon seems that may be the case As most clients, she doesn t tell Samantha the whole truth at first That s a time waster, as S [...]

    13. Wow, my feelings went back and forth and back forth again Who committed this gruesome murder A whole family is killed but their 15 year old daughter who admits to molestation by her older stepbrother and her stepfather That s just one, but the major plot twist in this story This is one with many subplots that I just could not put down While I miss Rachael, Samantha is slowly starting to fill her shoes There is some legalese, but not that much It s mostly a fight with the cops and trying to find [...]

    14. 2 I have now read the first two books in this series, and I think I have read enough to decide that this will be my last one for a while Samantha Brinkman, the protagonist, is a good character, but the rest of the crew is very weak, and there has been no real character development in either of the books The stories here one is a carryover from book one are reasonable, with some interesting twists and turns at the end of the main plot line But there is nothing to really draw me back I am putting [...]

    15. A little than half way through and I m done Enjoyed her first book, but this time the character is a little too smart mouthed and apparently can t decide if she s a lawyer or a P.I I kept thinking, Oh, c mon and finally threw in the towel.

    16. Interesting mystery sympathetic, quirky characters Moral dilemmas Kept me guessing Beware strong language disturbing topics related to abuse so not everyone s cup of tea Kindle Unlimited

    17. A while back I came across one of Marcia Clark s books when I was wandering the bookstore and I was intrigued that the former prosecutor had made a career change to crime author Then I was given the opportunity to pick up Moral Defense from the publisher in exchange for an honest review I jumped at the chance.This is the second in the series and I admit to not having read the first That being said, I didn t feel like I was missing anything terribly critical as it specifically related to the crim [...]

    18. Because I enjoyed the first book in this series, I bought this without reading anything about it In this second Samantha Brinkman novel, as Sam works to defend her young client, Sam identifies with the abuse Cassie alleges, but also has doubts about whether Cassie is telling the whole truth I can handle a little sexual abuse in a story about a defense lawyer trying to defend her client accused of a double murder, but there was a point in this story where I didn t want to keep reading because it [...]

    19. Defense attorney Samantha Brinkman takes on 15 year old client Cassie Sonnenberg after Cassie s father and brother are fatally stabbed in their home and her mother left for dead Cassie is soon charged with this crime Samantha runs her own law firm with help from computer whiz Alex and receptionist Michelle but money is tight Samantha also agrees to her father s request to help out a local cop being sued by someone he busted and what a mess that turns into She also has to find a way to keep a for [...]

    20. Samantha Brinkman is back with a fistful of cases she juggles like the person who can juggle three or four running chain saws at once.Her cases, some dealing with gang bangers either fleeing for their lives and needing 100,000 from her or looking to kill her for the death of their brother, or with a 15 year old girl accused of brutally murdering her adoptive parents and their son, make her days crazily busy.And because her days are insanity itself, this book flies Think James Patterson, but with [...]

    21. Disturbing.Cassie is fifteen years old, adopted at the age of four Samantha Brinkman is trying to defend her She has two very royal and dependable people in her small firm She irritates police officers with her own investigating, her own troubles growing up affecting her, Cassie told many different stories about killing of her brother and father Mother is in the hospital, in coma Underage sexual molestation, teacher consular lesbian pedophilia and mental problems Sam has many unorthodox approach [...]

    22. I found Marcia Clark s latest book a little confusing but in a good way Samantha Brinkman was still the same, but the plot and subplots got a little intertwined for me But the read itself was good, almost great I felt like it was a little long and would probably have enjoyed fewer subplots I couldn t always tell where I was headed But, in the long run, I couldn t stop reading so it was well worth it.I received this book from NetGalley and Thomas Mercer in exchange for an honest review.

    23. 3.5 starsAlthough this book has difficult sensitive subject matters, I found it significantly different and well written than Book 1 in that the primary legal case and characters were much well developed.

    24. I really enjoy Marcia Clark s crime fiction her books are like my reading sweet spot You know she s going to keep the twists coming right up until the very end Can t wait to see what Samantha Brinkman does next.

    25. Cassie is one of the scariest characters I have seen in quite some time I can not say enough good things about this series Brinkman, Alex, Michy

    26. For defense attorney Samantha Brinkman, it s not about guilt or innocence it s about making sure her clients walk.In the follow up to bestselling Blood Defense, Samantha is hired as the legal advocate for Cassie Sonnenberg after a brutal stabbing left the teenager s father and brother dead, and her mother barely clinging to life It s a tabloid ready case that has the nation in an uproar and Sam facing her biggest challenge yet Why did Cassie survive Is she hiding something As Sam digs in to find [...]

    27. I loved the first Sam Brinkman book so couldn t wait to read the second It was equally good I think it helped me having read the first book as the characters are the same obviously and it s always nice to feel that you know people but facts and necessary information from the first book, and how the characters relationships developed, is also explained in nice succinct precis This story though, the crime, the case that Sam was defending was complete discrete and of this book Family slaughtered so [...]

    28. Cassie is the only survivor of a mass murder that left her parents and brother dead Except the police are wondering if maybe she isn t really a victim at all And enter Samantha Brinkman I am such a fan of this series It s beyond entertaining and is perfect for fans of mysteries even if legal thrillers aren t generally their thing Sam is a great heroine, too OK, maybe antiheroine, though from where I sit, she only uses her powers for good Recommended.

    29. This book was enjoyed by the book club and a decision was made to read another of her series next year I did not enjoy it as much as the first bood.

    30. Paula and Stephen planned to celebrate their anniversary with a fancy dinner and spend the night at a top rated hotel Instead, Paula got food poisoning and they rushed home When they got there, Paula went straight to the toilet and Stephen went to check on their two children He found his seventeen year old son Abel lying in a pool of blood in a disheveled room with a broken window Before he could turn on the light switch, he was stabbed and killed Paula, wondering what was taking Stephen so long [...]

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