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Burned By J.A. Cipriano,

  • Title: Burned
  • Author: J.A. Cipriano
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • My name is Mac Brennan, and I m getting pretty sick of demons For one, they re jerks For two, they re ugly For three, see points one and two.I should have known making a deal with a devil would end with me getting double crossed, but what can I say, I m an idiot who wanted his family back.That demon may have put an army between me and my family, but if I ve learned anytMy name is Mac Brennan, and I m getting pretty sick of demons For one, they re jerks For two, they re ugly For three, see points one and two.I should have known making a deal with a devil would end with me getting double crossed, but what can I say, I m an idiot who wanted his family back.That demon may have put an army between me and my family, but if I ve learned anything these last few days, it s that you can kill anything if you shoot it enough times.And I ve got a whole lot of bullets.
    Burned My name is Mac Brennan and I m getting pretty sick of demons For one they re jerks For two they re ugly For three see points one and two I should have known making a deal with a devil would end wi

    One thought on “Burned”

    1. Grown on meI am still enjoying this story and Mac has grown on me His morals are complicated but his core is a protector and that part of him is very simple I like the characters and sometimes it is hard to tell who is bad and who is good, but they are all interesting.

    2. Mac is such an unfortunate soul, it s lucky for him that he s very hard to kill Another fantastic episode in this series The relationships between Mac and the other characters becomes complex, the action is non stop, violent and sometimes funny With enough twists to make your head spin, this is a must read.

    3. Hyper Paced ActionSmartassed snarky dialogue continues to entertain in this third book of the series Nonstop rollercoaster action continues to prevail I like Mac s innate toughness which makes him very hard to kill Even though he does have a hot werewolf girlfriend he really can t seem to get a break as he tries to get closure as again at the end of the book he is whisked off into new peril and adventure I look forward to the next book.

    4. Good fun readGreat book, great series Love all the pop culture references, the snark, the cheesiness, and the characters Mac, Ricky, Sera, Canton, Duane, Jack, cat demon and the rest of the crew make this series a rollicking good read.Definitely recommended.

    5. Love this seriesThese books are highly entertaining urban fantasy Aside from Mac s adventures, my favorite parts are all the movie references I just love those

    6. Love Mac Brennan is a kick ass hottie with a cocky mouth and twisted sense of humor Just the kind of book I enjoy

    7. Burned An Urban Fantasy Novel The Thrice Cursed Mage Book 3 by J.A Cipriano continues where Book 2 ended It is a paranormal story about Mac Brennan with his demon arm His assignment is to kill Pierce Ambrose I gave it four stars It needs editing for typos and homonyms.He survives a plane crash I might not be able to walk without assistance or see past my blurry vision, but I d be damned if I was going to let her walk around wearing the costume Pierce had put on her when he d tried to turn her in [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this book and have enjoyed the characters and the series quite a bit.J.A Cipriano weaves an interesting story line and you can t help but to get sucked in.I will definitely continue to see what else happens to Macor those who mess with Mac.

    9. What can i say but wow again 3 for 3, the book picks up right where we left mac at the end of book 2 and does not slow down until the very end and even then its fast paced once again started reading and could not stop until i was finished In this book we learn a little insight into Mac and a small amount of his deal but not much We get a few hints but not really enough to sort things out and know the full story of what happens and why it answers some questions but the answers leave you wanting [...]

    10. Just when you thought it couldn t get any better, the book jumps right back into the action with Dante, Ricky, and Mac Mac is still looking for his sister and nephew, and the clues come flying, but sometimes the clues are not what you want They seem to lead poor Mac on a merry little goose chase, and we find out about the Gnome and Gremlin feud, and why one should never mention a certain movie and feeding after midnight.Also, find out the ups and down of a werewolf cursed relationship and about [...]

    11. This book starts right where the last one ends Perhaps because it s been sometime since I read the last one, I was a little lost when it started But the book retained the pace and continued to keep me engrossed However after a point, Mac s attitude becomes tiresome and predictable That s the only reason I m giving it three stars A few questions from the previous books are answered and a few new ones pop up in this I m really curious to know who the cat demon in his head is So despite the three s [...]

    12. Action packed from the start It helps a lot if you read from the beginning otherwise you will be confused A demon kidnapping an assassin s family the assassin is in the process of doing what the job is to get back his family The mix of Danton, Ricky Mac as they search for the person that needs to be taken out You will be drawn into the story, cheering for your favorite character An amazing series Disclaimer I received a copy for the purpose of review The opinion stated above is 100% my own.

    13. FunThis book is perfect summer reading There is enough homage to Jim Butcher s Dresden Files to acknowledge the similarities, but the series is a fresh take on your standard shadowy good versus evil I ve read the first three in this series, and the character development is really taking off The pace is fun, and the story is fantastic as well as fantastical If you like the modern day magic storyline, Cipriano delivers.

    14. BurnedAnother riveting read, you have feel sorry for Mac and a lot of sympathy for the situation he finds himself in He is a really Good Bad guy, who I would want in my corner any day of the week I love the Interactions between Heaven and Hell, in fact I love everything about this book He makes me laugh and cry all at the same time This Author is becoming one of my favourites of all time Fab

    15. hmm this one wasnt my favorite of the series so far but i am still enjoying it mystery magic love exciting things to wait and see what happens i enjoyed it and am glad i got to review it

    16. Another great addition to the cursed mage series The books may be a little shorter than I m accustomed to but they are action packed and full of great humor I especially love the references to everything from saturday morning cartoons to other fantasy series

    17. Still greatEach book I ve read so far has been awesome and I just want to keep reading Mac is a great character and I love learning about him with each new novel.

    18. Great reading when you get a Mac attackThis third installment was the best read yet.Lots of action and surprises.Creativity plus Highly recommend this work of urban fantasy.

    19. WhoaReally good, fast moving trilogy of a guy who sells his soul to a demon to try and rescue his sister and nephew.

    20. Series is really greateach book ends with a cliffhanger that segue s into the next book if you are waiting for the next Harry Dresden book, this is a good substitute.

    21. Great bookI m glad that I found this author and these books Totally captivating and thoroughly enjoyable Great author and a great series.

    22. Fun readThe series is a fast paced and enjoyable read The characters are imaginative and the humor and sarcastic wit is delightful

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