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The Keeping Place By Isobelle Carmody,

  • Title: The Keeping Place
  • Author: Isobelle Carmody
  • ISBN: 9780670853588
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Paperback
  • When one of their number is kidnapped, the powerful farseeker Elspeth Gordie and the Misfits are forced to use their extraordinary mind powers to help the rebels in their struggle to overthrow the oppressive Council But Elspeth feels torn by her duty to lead the Misfits, and her need to seek out vital clues left by the long dead seer, Kasanda, for without them, she can neWhen one of their number is kidnapped, the powerful farseeker Elspeth Gordie and the Misfits are forced to use their extraordinary mind powers to help the rebels in their struggle to overthrow the oppressive Council But Elspeth feels torn by her duty to lead the Misfits, and her need to seek out vital clues left by the long dead seer, Kasanda, for without them, she can never complete her quest to destroy the Beforetime weaponmachines.To find a clue lost in the past, Elspeth must travel the Dreamtrails with the cat, Maruman, as her guide and guardian But her dream journeys are fraught with danger as a terrifying winged beast seeks to destroy her And yet, only in dreams can she learn of the Beforetime Misfits and their enemy, the oppressive Govamen.Gradually Elspeth realises that her quest is intimately linked to the Misfits refuge, Obernewtyn its past as well as its future.
    The Keeping Place When one of their number is kidnapped the powerful farseeker Elspeth Gordie and the Misfits are forced to use their extraordinary mind powers to help the rebels in their struggle to overthrow the opp

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    1. This is definitly the weak link in the series Literally nothing happened for the first 4 5ths of the book and all the places and people seem to have caught up with Carmody to create an inpenetrable maze of names Seriously, no wonder she felt she had to include a three place tiny font dictionary at the front of the novel, but surely the fact she felt she needed one should ve been a warning light Once the book does get moving it s interesting, but I don t know weather it s because I ve been readin [...]

    2. My first thought when I picked this one up was that I would just give up on this series rather than start reading this insanely long, enormous, monster of a book But my curiosity got the better of me and I had to give it a shot because I really do like this series and do want to know what is going to happen There were times when I considered giving up on it but then something really interesting would happen and honestly there is some really fascinating information coming to light in this one It [...]

    3. I devoured the third book in this series it had me absolutely captivated This one Not so much It felt like there was too much and not enough going on at the same time I was drowning in mundane details and names and dreams and running around to various places I will admit that I skimmed Quite a bit, actually There just wasn t really anything that interested me, except for Dameon s all too brief appearances and the tiny bit with the diving Wait, no, that s not entirely true I was also interested i [...]

    4. Finished reading The Keeping Place by Isobelle Carmody, Book 4 in the Obernewtyn Chronicles Oh, what a disappointment I had noted that the first 3 books were a bit of a hard slog, but they were beguiling had moments of excellence This one was a waste of time 700 odd pages of drivelling twaddle I began skipping whole chapters in the end just to finish it So, what does it get 3 10 Finished the book but left a lot to be desired on the NBRS Now, do I read the fifth in the series Or do I cut my losse [...]

    5. This review contains spoilers.Spring is arriving to the highlands, where Obernewtyn the big sprawling mansion and farm that is home to a large group of Talented and unTalented Misfits and animals lies protected by the mountains and a snowed in pass, but the events of the previous year are still fresh in everyone s minds Much has changed understanding their pacifist nature, they have turned to devising ways of using their skills and Talents Farseeking, Coercing, Beastspeaking, Healing, Futuretell [...]

    6. This fantasy sci fi series about a group of psychic, mind reading, beast speaking teens in a post apocalyptic world gets better with every book The whole plot line is complicated and involves over zealous religious groups, big brother government, rebel groups, and gypsies All this tied into the sub plot of the main character trying to solve the mystery of how she is supposed to save the earth from another great disaster Confused yet Well, somehow this all comes together in a really fun, exciting [...]

    7. Okay, maybe should alter its methods and give credit for every 300 pages read or something because that was a looooong book to get credit for just one 754 pages Good, though And moving on to the sequel, equally hefty.

    8. 3.5 stars The story took a weird turn, so it s not my favorite I also grew tired of Elspeth s obsession with Rushton, and saving him, even if I do like the idea of them being together.

    9. I am really enjoying reading the Obernewtyn Chronicles, especially after finishing the fourth installment in this series The Keeping Place This young adult fantasy series is incredibly progressive in terms of its humanitarian views towards animals and humans It is a sad warning that our prejudices are not wiped out, even when most of the world is destroyed and tainted by our ambition At the beginning of each installment the reader is reminded that the earth has undergone a terrible holocaust cau [...]

    10. REREAD 1 20 November 2015 23 November 2015 9 10 There s so much in this book The rebellion takes place, we learn about Elspeth s quest and the Beforetime and how those two are linked together.There s been a fundamental shift by the end of it, but there s still so much to go On my first read of the series, this was where I stopped I was too worried about what was going to happen next and I knew the next book was the last one written at the time This time around, I m eager to keep going and I ve [...]

    11. This is one of the best books I have read in a long time As a fan of the series thus far while only lately introduced I had rather high expectations upon commencing, and I must say I was by no means disappointed While arguably a little slow, and perhaps burdened with unnecessary detail at the novel s beginning, such ultimately enables the crux of the plot to take on such a superior impact that they are beyond justifiable Isobelle Carmody not only transports readers entirely into the realms which [...]

    12. I want to give this four stars NOW, but I can t The first two parts of the story could easily have been just one part this book fell into the trap that a lot of fantasy books fall into TOO MUCH DETAIL The first part of the book just followed Elspeth around in her daily nothings with a few dreams related to the plot thrown in The build up to their moon fair went on and on and on It really tried my patience.But part three it was great The rebellion had a lot happening at a decent pace it probably [...]

    13. All the emotions Oh god Okay, I remembered this book much than I thought I did which I don t necessarily consider a good thing Oh my poor heart.I said in my review of Ashling that it s the book that seems to set everything into place Well, this book throws a whole bunch of information at you while you scramble to try piece everything together, while at he same time try to follow along with all your favourite characters The end of this book has a tinge of desperation to it, which for me, anyway [...]

    14. i didn t feel as strongly as others that this book was a boring departure from the first three, but i did feel that it dragged on and on a bit I think that Carmody could have sped everything up a little bit without losing any of the tension The bits about the diving were really cool and i m excited to learn about the red queen But it was super obvious that Dragonwas the Red Queen or at least her daughter I wanted to slap Elspeth on the head by the end of the novel and if i don t get a satisfact [...]

    15. In the fourth book of the Obernewtyn Chronicles Elspeth assumes the responsibility of the Master of Obernewtyn when Rushton must leave to negotiate a deal with the rebels in the fight with the Herder Faction and the Council The situation becomes complicated as Dragon s dreams begin to affect all the Misfits but particularly Elspeth who must dodge an avenging reptilian dragon in her dreams Maruman does his best to protect her on the dreamtrails but everyone s resources are stretched especially w [...]

    16. i forgot how long winded the first half of this book is too much descriptions of back story and inner thoughts it really should have skipped all that, you don t need to recap the rest of the series that much so i have 20 days now to read the other 2 books again but then after that its all over I m not sure if I m ready for that.

    17. After the Battlegames, the Misfits have retreated back to Obernewtyn They have learned a valuable lesson there, that they are not fit to fight and that they need not offer themselves as a part of the Rebel s uprising against the Council They re a peaceable people and they have realised that living their lives the way they do, secluded in the mountains, protected by the weather that cuts off the pass and the rumours about Obernewtyn itself, might be for the long term.The Rebels have other ideas i [...]

    18. So far my least favourite book in the series Unfortunately, 80% of the book is like trying to help a small disabled dog It s sweet, but all emotion and no brain.Elspeth s character development is like this dog A good deal of the time I spent reading this book involved many great thinking, Elspeth Thanks for finally catching up with everyone else, you dolt Oh Ariel is the destroyer But my dreams can t be real Even though I and everyone else have insane mystical powers, these dreams of him can t p [...]

    19. Certainly a lot happened in this instalment And I don t have the same feeling as I did at the end of book 3, where there wasn t enough of a distinct plotline within to warrant it being a book in its own right This one had than enough I can see other people s criticisms that there was too much detail, but I didn t find it particularly so I look forward to reading the next book still, and to see if all of these strands will be as satisfying as their build up.

    20. Would have been easier to read than listen to bit long winded in places, there were passages I would have liked to skim read But the overall story is satisfying, and I will say that the tedious parts stuffed with supporting characters and scenes of little importance to the overall arc did at least, I think, accurately portray the complicated responsibility of someone trying to manage a large number of people during a crisis while grappling with their own turmoil.

    21. This book isn t as engaging for me as the first three books are, probably because it s set up for Book five, which from memory is one of my favourites in this series My favourite parts of this novel were definitely the dreamtrails of Cassie and of Dragon and The Red Queen and the sections about the history of the Land, Obernewtyn and Elspeth s Quest.

    22. Book 4 of Obernewtyn Better than 3 for sure Much shorter even though pages much smaller pages with less text The back calls the series breathtakingly elaborate, and it is that Hard to keep track of all the elements, but I guess I care about the characters I love the beasts who communicate, and have their own culture and mythology.

    23. As usual, drawn out descriptions of irrelevant events and skipping over the important ones Lazy writing, but a good story nonetheless

    24. Although the story was very good, interesting events spread throughout the book were divided by too much idle chatter which entailed too much detail, basically outlining what was the come.The ending mildly, but pleasantly surprised me despite the translucent and predictable nature style of the storytelling I enjoyed the last part of the book than the rest put together, which is why it only got 2 stars.A few years, and several attempts and re attempts to finish this book, I finally got there I d [...]

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