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Clementine By Sara Pennypacker Marla Frazee,

  • Title: Clementine
  • Author: Sara Pennypacker Marla Frazee
  • ISBN: 9780786838837
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Paperback
  • Clementine is having not so good of a week.On Monday she s sent to the principal s office for cutting off Margaret s hair.Tuesday, Margaret s mother is mad at her.Wednesday, she s sent to the principal again.Thursday, Margaret stops speaking to her.Friday starts with yucky eggs and gets worse.And by Saturday, even her mother is mad at her.Okay, fine Clementine is having aClementine is having not so good of a week.On Monday she s sent to the principal s office for cutting off Margaret s hair.Tuesday, Margaret s mother is mad at her.Wednesday, she s sent to the principal again.Thursday, Margaret stops speaking to her.Friday starts with yucky eggs and gets worse.And by Saturday, even her mother is mad at her.Okay, fine Clementine is having a DISASTROUS week.
    Clementine Clementine is having not so good of a week On Monday she s sent to the principal s office for cutting off Margaret s hair Tuesday Margaret s mother is mad at her Wednesday she s sent to the principa

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    1. This was a really fun and cute little book I listened to the Audible edition with my grandson and he would ask to put it on every time we got in the car As soon as it was finished, he asked if we could listen to it again I ll certainly be looking for books in the series and by this author Update We finished every book in the series, except one, over the summer My grandson and I both enjoyed every book Great series Series ClementineThe Talented ClementineClementine s LetterClementine, Friend of [...]

    2. Jessica Mitchell, 11Clementine3 stars Hmm, this seems like a book i d pick up if i were waiting for something and didn t have anything to do, or if i forgot my book at home and had to get something from the library to read after the test Fast Like, if i don t get a book now i ll die fast.I felt like it wasn t original Here s my equation Junie B Jones Lucy Rose Ivy and Bean Clementine All of the book series I just listed had really ignorant protagonists When i finished this book, I mentally just [...]

    3. While I find Sara Pennypacker s Clementine fun and endearing as a literary character, I am also finding her somewhat spoiled and a bit too rambunctious but then again, maybe my frustration is also a bit of displaced jealousy, as I would never have dared to be that spunky and spontaneous as a child That all being said, I do think that Clementine absolutely needs some parental rules, maybe not as many as her friend Margaret seems to have, but still, I firmly believe her parents are than a bit too [...]

    4. This is a fantastic read for kids and fun for adults, too Clementine is a riot, I love her thoughts on what paying attention means, or rather what she chooses to pay attention to The illustrations are so detailed but simple at the same time I love the contrasts in the drawings between disshevelled, artistic Clementine and her perfectionist best friend Great read Reviewed for inthehammockblog

    5. Let me introduce you to Clementine I have had not so good of a week.Well, Monday was a pretty food day, if you don t count Hamburguer Surprise at lunch and Margaret s mother coming to get her Or the stuff that happened in the principal s office when I got sent there to explain that Margaret s hair was not my fault and besides she looks okay without it, but I couldn t, because Principal Rice was gone, trying to calm down Margaret s mother.Someone should tell you not to answer the phone in the pri [...]

    6. The secret thing I know about ideas is that they sproing into your head you have to grab them fast, or else they get bored and bounce away This describes Clementine to a tea Clementine has lots of ideas, some which get her sent to the principals office and others that land her and her friend Margaret into a bad haircut and coloring to match The author does a very nice job with Clementines voice and the reader really gets a feel for a third graders thought patterns The illustrations are quite cha [...]

    7. Clementine might want to reconsider claiming that she has arthritis she just might get her wish, thus joining over 300,000 children including babies who have the dreadfully painful and debilitating disease in real life It is a horrible, horrible, horrible disease I know my now ten year old daughter has been fighting it since she was a baby Her fight has included countless medical tests, blood work, shots of chemotherapy drugs, countless pills taken several times a day, physical therapy, and many [...]

    8. I haven t even read this My second grader tore through it before we could read it together The first chapter book she read cover to cover on her own.

    9. I can t say that I ve previously had a favorite early chapter book, but Clementine is now my favorite Clementine is a smart, independent eight year old, and I just adored her I loved that she was daring but also sensitive to other people in her life.A small detail in this book I really liked is the implication that Clementine s family may have been lower middle class It s not something you tend to see discussed in a lot of middle grade, but I loved how Clementine found herself comparing her mom [...]

    10. Loved Clementine what a wonderful child I m surprised I haven t read this book before And I see that I have two books in this series on my shelf Clementine definitely reminds me of Cleary s Romona Quimby, but I like Clementine even , I think Since I taught third grade gifted children, no less I can just imagine her precociousness and her brilliance These are the kinds of children that were in my classroom No, no one cut another kid s hair, but everyday was just as fun and exasperating I liked h [...]

    11. This was a fun book to read It was witty, silly, and had elements of both Ramona and Junie B Jones We laughed out loud many times during this story and we really grew to like spunky Clementine I hope to find books in this series at our local library.November 2013 update I volunteered to lead a book club discussion for our youngest daughter s third grade class and this was the book they chose I enjoyed reading it for a second time and I am excited to hear what the other children have to say.

    12. SoI had heard some good things about this book and bought it for Mike to read with Ava and the kids on a vacation they went on together I started about a third the way through and was disappointed Her attitude is very whiney and negative, and she does things that are appropriate for a preschooler maybe, but certainly not an 8 year old I guess I m of a Pollyanna type of mom when it comes to reading with my girl I want strong girl characters, ones who inspire healthy characteristics, not ones tha [...]

    13. I love Clementine She s creative and unique with a strong moral compass I d be really happy for Harper to read Clementine books when the time comes The last chapter made me think about Callie I teared up on the youth desk which isn t nearly as embarrassing as tearing up on the teen desk I held him up to my cheek and told him his name and he started to purr, which filled up a space in my ears that had been empty since Polka died.

    14. Yes, okay, this is a skinny little elementary grade book that a children s section of the library veteran like me should not be picking up at this point in my life But I was bored, and there it was at home, and once I started reading I really enjoyed the story This is a beginning chapter book that does not treat kids like idiots So, bravo for that.

    15. This is a fun book Aimed at I would guess a 3rd grade reading level A Junie B Jones Ramona the Pest kind of book Laugh out loud funny.

    16. This review consists of two parts 1 What my daughter thinks and 2 What I, her Mom, thinks DAUGHTER SAYS The story starts with Clementine cutting her friend Margaret s hair because she got glue in it When she was done cutting, Margaret s hair was really short They both get in trouble with the principal and Margaret s Mom Clementine tries to fix the problem by coloring Margaret s hair red with her Mom s permanent markers Clementine feels bad so she cuts her hair off and lets Margaret color it gree [...]

    17. Funny, happy and engaging This book is also filled with beautiful ink drawings with unforgettable facial expressions of the characters as well The writing is very unique and talented, with Clementine and other characters being very lovable

    18. Another read for Battle of the Books this one made my son and I s top three We liked this Clementine girl and her out of the box outlook on life I love that her parents get her.

    19. I thought this was a cute book for beginning readers it made me laugh The beginning readers at my house thought it was okay.Note for parents At one point in the story, Clementine says that when she grows up, she wants to smoke cigars So it might be useful to have a conversation about smoking not smoking if your kids read this book.

    20. Kids that love Junie B Jones will eat this series up Clementine is a unique little girl that gets into worlds of trouble All the time It was cute, but not my favorite I don t particularly enjoy stories about trouble makers As a teacher, I just don t find it that amusing 3rd 4th BOB

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