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Tidy By Emily Gravett,

  • Title: Tidy
  • Author: Emily Gravett
  • ISBN: 9781447273981
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pete the badger likes everything to be neat and tidy at all times, but what starts as the collecting of one fallen leaf escalates quickly and ends with the complete destruction of the forest Will Pete realise the error of his ways and set things right
    Tidy Pete the badger likes everything to be neat and tidy at all times but what starts as the collecting of one fallen leaf escalates quickly and ends with the complete destruction of the forest Will Pete

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    1. Emily Gravett s Tidy is a whimsical story in rhyme with an important message and colorful illustrations full of funny and charming details Extra points for the great book deign, especially the cover with cut out holes that create a 3D effect

    2. This book is about a badger who likes everything to be to tidy and clean regardless of the impact this might have on him, the other animals that live in the forest and nature The leads him to clean the animals, chop the flowers, hoover the forest and clear up the leaves that fell from the trees However, he was not happy with the bare trees so went as far as digging up all the trees and cementing over the mud that was left It was not until he realised that he had no home to return to that him and [...]

    3. As a neat freak myself, I relate too hard to TIDY All of the modern cleaning products in Pete s natural habitat tickle me But I like to think I wouldn t go to the extreme of paving paradise to put up a parking lot as Pete the badger does in this book Gravett makes the obvious distinction between being productively tidy and being destructively tidy and, through hyperbole and irony, crafts a narrative that would pair well with a book focused on environmentally cleanliness and friendliness.

    4. A comical and humorous book Emily Gravett uses rhyming couplets throughout the book giving the book a great rhythm to read at Although the text do not provide the reader with little information, the illustrations offer a deeper context The book hints at how being overly helpful can sometimes be harm than good Worth a read nonetheless

    5. What a gorgeous book, so funny yet with a clear message for children about the importance of enjoying nature without the need to control it The illustrations were beautiful and I love the autumnal feel throughout the book with all the oranges and yellow The story follows the cleaning antics of a badger called Pete who can t help but tidy everything that comes across his path including some poor unsuspecting wildlife with apparently offensive grooming habits , Pete eventually realises he s gone t [...]

    6. A hilarious book about a badger with a big cleaning problem and what happens when things go out of hand.I spotted this one at Library 3, at first I wasn t sure if it was this book, there is no title on my copy from the library, but I did recognise the art When I got home to check, it was indeed this book Yay I have been meaning to read it for some time, but never could find it easily I laughed myself silly reading this one I just could see what would happen to the forest, well OK I didn t totall [...]

    7. I m a big fan of Emily Gravett s books they re so fun and quirky and Tidy is no exception Pete a badger is slightly OCD when it comes to tidying up a little too much in this case But he puts everything back to rights with the help of his friends.

    8. TidyBy Emily GravettSynopsisPete the badger likes everything to be neat and tidy at all times, but what starts as the collecting of one fallen leaf escalates quickly and ends with the complete destruction of the forest Will Pete realize the error of his ways and set things right ReviewThis book is beautifully illustrated and funny Its the story of a little badger with a serious problem, he has OCD and is forever cleaning up, he does it so well, that there is nothing left to clean Thankfully with [...]

    9. Can a person be TOO tidy This book could also be used to show the ripple effect Rhyming text spaced around the illustrations the pages where everything has been covered with cement are cleverly done The cement is shown up to the middle of the page with a straight, flat line Above that is a blank, white background showing nothing, except the text This emphasizes the idea that Pete cleaned up everything.Pencil, watercolor wax crayon full color illustrations support and extend the text with certain [...]

    10. Tidy is about a badger, named Pete, who likes everything to be neat and tidy He is always cleaning up around the forest He picks up the fallen leaves until it becomes too much Pete decides to take all of the leaves off of the tree and bag them He does not like the way the forest looks after he takes all of the leaves off Then there is a rain and everything is all muddy, he decided to put a layer of concrete down and then realizes that what he did was wrong All of the animals helped to get rid of [...]

    11. Pete the badger learns that being tidy isn t always the best thing in this save the environment picture book from award winning author and illustrator Emily Gravett Pete the badger likes everything to be neat and tidy at all times, but what starts as the collecting of one fallen leaf escalates quickly and ends with the complete destruction of the forest Will Pete realize the error of his ways and reverse his tidying habit Subject Orderliness Juvenile fiction.Badgers Juvenile fiction.

    12. Pete paves over paradise to put in a parking lot, then regrets his ways and promises to live in squalor with his friends instead of attending to them.Is this the message we want to be sending Allow your friends to have leaves and branches in their hair instead of caring for them There s a wide swath of reason between uprooting every tree and pouring concrete over one s home and a chaotic mess Teach compromise, not capitulation.

    13. This cute picture book shows young readers what can happen when tries to be a perfectionist Pete likes the forest to be neat and tidy He works very hard to keep it that way But when he lets perfect become the enemy of good, life in the forest becomes nearly impossible This book could start a great discussion about moderation and not letting the best of intentions get out of hand The illustrations are very humorous and sweet.

    14. Adorable story of an overtidying badger who cleans up the forest bit by bit until there s nothing left but a parking lot He needs a change of heart and some help from his animal friends to put the forest back to rights and learn a lesson about the beauty of the imperfect There did seem to be some inconsistency in the rhyme scheme in a couple places but the charming depictions of the scrupulous badger made up for it.

    15. Lovely rhyming story about a badger called Pete who loves everything neat He tidies even the fallen leaves away and vacuums the forest floor Goes to the extreme of concreting the forest floor to make it neater but then he can t find his way back to his home He then digs it all up again, making a bigger mess than before Great story to read to young children over and over again, the illustrations bring the story to life and educate children about forest life.

    16. Pete, the badger, is a little too neat He likes to keep everything tidy but he gets a little carried away and soon the forest looks like a parking lot What has he done Children ages 3 7 will enjoy reading about the consequences of being a little too particular This story might lead to many what would happen if discussions with young children who are old enough to learn about thinking through consequences of an action.

    17. I loved this book Many will sympathize with the badger s un tejon need to organize and clean Some may predict the problem before it is spelled out to them The illustrations are colorful and kid friendly I especially like the page where all the birds are lined up at the bird bath with their toothbrushes waiting for the birdbath.Curriculum connection cleaning, obsessive compulsive behavior, environmentalism, MODERATION, interdependency of the ecosystemAudience K 4

    18. Pete is a badger who likes to keep things tidy, but he takes tidying up the forest a little too far until the forest isn t really a forest any Can he fix his mistake Oh my goodness this book is so stinkin cute I love the rhyming text it s so clever Pete is such a fun character, he just gets carried away doing what he loves and who among us hasn t done that at some point A great book about the balance between cleanliness and livability.

    19. An enjoyable picture book focusing on many current environmental issues The absence of humanity in the story, although surprising considering in many novel humans are portrayed as nature s antagonist, allowed for Gravett s message to be carried through A great book to start conversations about the Environment in PSHEE with KS1.

    20. Our whole family loved this book My husband and I loved the message of what happens when we get rid of forests and my kids just loved how silly it was that Pete kept cleaning everything up, especially every last leaf This is a book that I will definitely be using in my classroom and we will be reading it at home again

    21. Pete has a terrible grasp on ecology Fortunately, it backfires, but the sheer destruction he wreaked is completely glossed over by the narrative, as if to say you can entirely destroy a world and then just rebuild it the next day as you please Reinforces the ubiquitous and dangerous feeling that nature exists merely for one s pleasure.

    22. Badger is a terrific, tidy little character who tries keep everything in order Unfortunately, his over zealous perfectionism keeps him from seeing how he has tidied up a bit too much Great messages for adults and children alike Sweet illustrations and a cover with a lot of kid appeal

    23. The illustrations are cute But I m not sure why the plot suggests that someone who likes to clean would suddenly be into deforestation And I think the message children will get is, Since it s possible to be too clean, I don t have to clean my room now.

    24. I m a huge fan of children books that rhyme The story was very cute, great moral lesson about moderation The art was bright and colorful and held my attention I d suggest this book for a story time, preferably toddlers.

    25. Pete the badger is neat and clean, but he takes it a few steps too far when he begins dismantling the forest I like the pacing and the ridiculous lengths that Pete goes in the name of cleanliness Such a fun read aloud for PreK 2 with pencil, watercolor, and wax crayon artwork.

    26. I gave it 3 stars mostly for the illustrations and the humor in them The story is cute, but the illustrations make the points First Line Deep in the forest lived a badger named Pete, who tidied and cleaned and kept everything neat.

    27. A little badger can t stand to leave the forest or it s animals messy so he cleans and cleans and cleans What happens when there is nothing left to clean Cute and nice lessons on friendship toddler and up.

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