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Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide By Pablo Hidalgo Kemp Remillard John Knoll,

  • Title: Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide
  • Author: Pablo Hidalgo Kemp Remillard John Knoll
  • ISBN: 9781465452634
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The essential, comprehensive guide to Rogue One A Star Wars Story TM.This exciting reference format accompanies the eagerly anticipated, first ever standalone Star Wars TM movie Rogue One This beautifully detailed title features in depth character profiles, plus 5 newly commissioned and fully annotated cross sections of vehicles and mapped out locations With clear anThe essential, comprehensive guide to Rogue One A Star Wars Story TM.This exciting reference format accompanies the eagerly anticipated, first ever standalone Star Wars TM movie Rogue One This beautifully detailed title features in depth character profiles, plus 5 newly commissioned and fully annotated cross sections of vehicles and mapped out locations With clear and authoritative text, this book is packed with essential information and presented alongside stunning stills from the movie.
    Rogue One The Ultimate Visual Guide The essential comprehensive guide to Rogue One A Star Wars Story TM This exciting reference format accompanies the eagerly anticipated first ever standalone Star Wars TM movie Rogue One This beautif

    One thought on “Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide”

    1. This is a really nice coffee table book that goes into detail about the visual design aspect of the Rogue One movie I wouldn t call it a must have book but Star Wars fans should get a real kick out of it.

    2. Well this should be a pretty straight forward review I am a sucker for Star Wars and I love the quality of DK publications and in general I was not disappointed, but something is not quite right.I am not sure if I am getting a little jaded at the idea of constant large format colourful Star Wars books being churned out or that even established titles in the Star Wars collection seem to be getting regular refreshes as titles are being updated and revised as material is being added to then no dou [...]

    3. Anyone who left the film Rogue One A Star Wars Story wanting to know about the main characters, the background characters, the settings and places, and or the ships and technology will find a lot to consider and enjoy here There is a great deal of content, from a detailed look at young Jyn s homemade toys to an analysis of the set pieces in Saw Guerrera s Jedha hideout I read this primarily for the information on the characters and the big ideas behind the universe, after reading the novel Cata [...]

    4. Seeing the new Star Wars movies as someone who spent 7 years as the kind of fan who could rattle off all of the components necessary to build an astromech droid is frankly, weird Rogue One, with its chronological proximity to the films of my youth, was a treat My dad and I left the theater trying to name everything we recognized from the original trilogy.So this book was a fun combination of new details to add to my database, but also a source of a lot of cognitive dissonance The council s jacke [...]

    5. Doesn t really count as reading, and I haven t really read mine anyways, but whoa, it really doesn t disappoint Came for info about R1 and pretty pictures coughs Krennic coughs , stayed exactly for that, and so much 10 10 would recommend, especially to people who really loved R1 Those TIE Strikers looked gorgeous as hell And who knew Krennic s captain privately referred to his ship as the Pteranodon The Star Destroyers are gorgeous too sorry Rebels, filthy Imperial sympathizer here , and go no [...]

    6. Wie bereits zu allen bisherigen Star Wars Filmen darf auch zum neusten Star Wars Abenteuer Rogue One A Star Wars Story eine illustrierte Enzyklop die nicht fehlen Dieser Aufgabe hat sich das Verlagshaus Dorling Kindersley angenommen und p nktlich zum Kinostart des neuen Weltraumabenteuers im Dezember 2016 die 200 Seiten starke illustrierte Enzyklop die auf den Markt gebracht Diese stammt komplett aus der Feder von Pablo Hidalgo, welcher selbst ein Story Group Mitglied des Films gewesen ist Erg n [...]

    7. I have always loved Dorling Kindersley books known as DK for short They have a long history of having great pictures, cool cross sections, and bizarre little known facts so of course when they published a book on Rogue One it would have all of those elements and What was special about this publication were two things one that it included than just details about ships and characters and two that it was written by none other than Star Wars guru Pablo Hidalgo.If you want to read my complete revie [...]

    8. Kdo vid l film, tak v Super obrazov publikace pln informac , fotek a ilustrac ze sv ta Star Wars, kter jsou spojeny s Rogue One.

    9. This is a comprehensive guide to the characters, creatures, droids, planets, and designs of Rogue One A Star Wars Story There are a lot of new elements in the film which expand the Star Wars universe, but there are also many connections to the saga films, namely A New Hope The book discusses the many aspects of the film, both old and new Of course, being an Ultimate Visual Guide, the book centers around high resolution photos that fans will love The book maintains the high editorial standards, a [...]

    10. I ve read other Visual Dictionaries for Star Wars, but this one takes the cake There is SO much info in here about the movie I read this after I watched it one time, then when I saw the movie again, I noticed so much , and felt connected to the movie characters etc Love the art style, cinematography, etc This book is one I shall have out on my coffee table when guests arrive.

    11. Another interesting read Like The Force Awakens visual guide, this had interesting details about the characters and locations, even some of the side and background characters, as well as the vehicles and weapons Being that I recently saw the Pam, this wasn t quite as interesting as the other one however it was still definitely worth the read My favorite pages were the ones on K2SO and Chirut.

    12. Nicely laid out I enjoyed that pages dense with information were relieved by two page spreads of lovely production photos And even the dense pages weren t super dense they were still very easy to read and enjoy Great background information on characters, ships, and events from Rogue One Not required to enjoy the movie, but enjoyable for a SW junkie like me.I really loved the chapter of behind the scenes photos and production information For a book that is mostly framed as in universe it was an u [...]

    13. This is a beautiful book but it really lacks information I wanted to know some background of the main characters but it adds nothing new something about Vader s castle or his human servant also none Most reduculous nothing about Bor Galet not even a picture On the other hand, there is plenty of information that may be of interest only for a die hard fan such as cut sections of the vehicles, names of the companies who built them, weapons, armor and clothes details, or names of and short notes abo [...]

    14. Naozaj asn obrazov sprievodca I ke od filmu som nedostala pln ch 100%, tak od knihy som t ch 100% rozhodne dostala Ve mi dobre spracovan , preh adn , a vlastne u sa tomu ani ne udujem, preto e ka d obrazov sprievodca od DK je naozaj perfektn i u ide o SW encyklop die alebo tie o ivo choch, jednoducho toto vydavate stvo vie ako m p tav encyklop dia vyzera Jednozna ne odpor am ka d mu SW zberate ovi i SW zberate ovi ne itate ovi.

    15. Yes, I am a big Star Wars fan but this book is also well written The writers took time to really think things out, especially how all of the things in the Star Wars universe in this case, in the world of Rogue One could actually work, were they real Bravo

    16. Love these books You get a lot of background information that makes watching the movie fun because you get the whole picture.

    17. Terrifically detailed Read with my kids and their favorite page was the breakdown of the girl s toys that she had to leave behind.

    18. I m glad I bought this book I wish though it had much details instead of pretty to look at but otherwise not really useful two page spreads.

    19. I m not so sure why I enjoy these visual dictionaries as much as I do On the plus side, there are lots of pictures of things you may miss while enjoying the visual feast of the movie itself On the down side, there is an awful lot of made up backstory that doesn t appear to have any relevance to anything.I keep buying them, though, and I read them all Sometimes I feel that some really cool elements should be expanded upon , but I may have to delve into all the Star Wars sub properties animations, [...]

    20. This is an amazing visual dictionary The details on each character is stunning and I quite enjoy it even than the force awakens visual dictionary It s fun to know the facts

    21. It seems with the Disney take over, the recent DK visual guides and follow on story books for both Rogue One and Episode VII were less detailed than their predecessors of the first six movies I personally enjoy reading the expanded thoughts and details not in the movies itself we all saw the movies, the point of these books isn t to reiterate the movie, it s to expand upon it with new data and story line There is a decided lack of this in this book among many other newer titles in the lineage It [...]

    22. Fun, quick read, get to see details DK books are usually fun thorough And how could I pass up when its by Pablo Hidalgo who knows everything Star Wars Its his job to know

    23. While the focus of the book is on the beautiful visuals, the accompanying text expands on the movie and its context.

    24. I always enjoy background to the stories I experience and this visual guide to Rogue One does not disappoint The level of information is excellent it never feels like an overload and it does a great job of highlighting the detail that has gone into creating every character, vehicle and location with some of the supporting background characters being given a lot depth I look forward to re watching the film soon having read this book as I believe it will highlight the effort that was put into ev [...]

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