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Undead Ultra (A Zombie Novel) By Camille Picott,

  • Title: Undead Ultra (A Zombie Novel)
  • Author: Camille Picott
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 413
  • Format: None
  • Undead a reanimated corpse with a craving for human flesh.Ultramarathon any footrace longer than a traditional marathon 26.2 miles.For ultrarunners Kate and Frederico, a typical Saturday morning is spent pounding out a twenty to thirty mile fun run It s during one of their runs that an insidious illness descends upon northern California, turning humans into flesh sUndead a reanimated corpse with a craving for human flesh.Ultramarathon any footrace longer than a traditional marathon 26.2 miles.For ultrarunners Kate and Frederico, a typical Saturday morning is spent pounding out a twenty to thirty mile fun run It s during one of their runs that an insidious illness descends upon northern California, turning humans into flesh shredding zombies.When Kate receives a desperate call from her son, Carter, she and Frederico flee their hometown and set out to help him The only problem Carter attends college over two hundred miles away and the freeways clogged with car wrecks, zombies, and government blockades are impassable Running back roads and railroad tracks becomes their only means of travel, but neither of them has ever run so far before.As pain, injuries, hunger, and fatigue plague them, getting to Carter and staying alive seem impossible It s either outrun the undead or become one of them, and for Kate, death is not an option.
    Undead Ultra A Zombie Novel Undead a reanimated corpse with a craving for human flesh Ultramarathon any footrace longer than a traditional marathon miles For ultrarunners Kate and Frederico a typical Saturday morning is sp

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    1. I never occurred to me until I read Undead Ultra that running away from zombies must be hell Aside from the flesh eating part, I can barely run down the block without getting a cramp, so the premise of this one really grabbed me Despite what television likes to tell us, we would all probably be zombie fodder if we weren t ultra runners I confess I didn t know a single thing about Ultra running until I read this novel and I m not usually one to stay awake when technical stuff is described But the [...]

    2. Review Loved it I don t review many books five stars but I d give this one six if I could.I m not a runner, but a friend introduced me to the concept of ultramarathons a few years ago and I admit to be a bit horrified and fascinated by the concept I enjoy zombie books as well, so combining the two was such a novel idea, that I was super excited to read this one.I devoured it I seldom finish a book in under a week s time not because I don t read quickly or a lot, but because I have a short attent [...]

    3. I ve read plenty of zombie apocalypse stories with lots of different scenarios, but this is something new.Kate and Frederico are Ultramarathon runners That s any race longer than a little over 26 miles, all on foot, no bikes or swimming.Wouldn t you know it While out on a run, the apocalypse happens Now Kate and Frederico must run all the way to where Kate s son, Carter, is trapped at his college That s over 200 miles away.You can imagine all of the snags they run into Aside from the zombies, wh [...]

    4. You go out for a short 20 odd mile jog and the Zombie apocalypse happens, go figure I reckon if I went for a short jog then I d be the Zombie when I cam back Anyway, a 20 to 30 mile jog is nothing to best friends Kate and Frederico yet they don t realise that this fun run today is going to change their lives forever On the way home from their run they stop to get something to eat, to replenish lost calories when Kate sees some missed calls from her son, she listens to the voice mail where Carter [...]

    5. Kate and her best friend Frederico are ultrarunners What are ultrarunners you might ask Well I did I had never heard of an ultrarunners before Well in case you don t know an ultrarunner is someone who runs 26.2 miles or Kate and Frederico have been running for years and have participated in a quiet a few Ultramarathons On the day that the zombie virus hits town Kate and Frederico leave Kate gets a call from her son Carter who is away at college Carter is trapped by the zombies and sees no way o [...]

    6. I loved this book I started off not knowing what Ultra meant but quickly learned that it is about people who run what are called Ultramarathons which can be 35 miles or hundreds of miles Something I had not heard of So we meet Kate and Frederico, 2 running friends who both have older children Kate s spouse Kyle has passed away and she is a single mom and her son Carter is now in college Frederico s daughter Aleisha is working in a restaurant bar Upon a normal days run Kate begins to get a lot of [...]

    7. A zombie apocalypse novel with a unique twist.Widow Kate and her best friend Frederico are having their normal Saturday morning run She and Frederico run marathons, as well as ultramarathons those that are much longer than a standard marathon Though she met Frederico through her deceased husband, this is something that the two friends share, especially now that her husband Kyle is gone.As they sit down to eat breakfast after their run, they notice the strange behavior of some locals, as well as [...]

    8. Kate and Federico are ultra runners Basically that means rather than just doing the 5k or marathons up to 26.2 they go for the runs that are like 100 miles or , that ll end up leave them a bit looney if not done right It was during a run that the zombie apocalypse occurs Without a vehicle they do what they do best and Ultra run their way to their children It s not going to be an easy journey, its going to be then a hundred miles to get there, but these parents will do whatever means nessesary t [...]

    9. My Rating 4.5I m not by any means a runner or a true athlete but I can appreciate one of these kinds of ultra marathons and I have many people in my life that do run I ve participated in a few 5K s myself and have even heard of a Zombie Run but this book blows my understanding of zombies out of the water I was truly horrified at this story and the premise, in a good way Kate is a widowed Mom and Federico is her best friend They are runners, marathon runners and basically the zombie apocalypse ha [...]

    10. If you like the TV show The Walking Dead, I think you ll like this book While the book started off with a scene that was a little TMI for me, I quickly found myself caught up in all the action Action there was plenty of action Like the TV show things would be looking up and then BAM something bad happens.I did have a few questions while reading One was is there such a thing as a granola hippie The author refers to several characters at granola hippie I just wondered if this was a thing just for [...]

    11. This was such a fun read I have always been a lover of zombie books, but this one was a whole new take on a zombie apocalypse It was fun, exciting and involved running, which is always a plus in my mind I found the two main characters good fun They were written very well, and included a lot to really make them into full characters We were given enough to really feel as though we were getting to know them, and they were real people I found it fun to get to know the way they thought, after all the [...]

    12. Undead Ultra by Camille Picott is not a book I would normally read Horror zombies are totally out of my reading element However, I was really intrigued by the plot of the story My older daughter runs cross country distance though nowhere near ultra length so I understood the running element of the story As a mother, I can imagine Kate s need to undertake this journey, no matter the odds The story was well written I felt the angst while I was reading.Kate and Frederico have the odds against them [...]

    13. MRHS Peer aka Guest or ghost review What we say Undead Ultra was very different from any other recently released zombie apocalypse novel in that it had the added level of endurance race and it s set amidst the sudden onset of said apocalypse with no preparation Faster paced and with seemingly insurmountable obstacles than most novels will tackle in such a short time, there is definitely not a dull moment to be had The book seems to be rather well researched, and you can learn about said resear [...]

    14. A great zombie book with relatable characters Plus there s a lot of information throughout the storyline about long distance running Please let there be a book 2

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