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The Middle Kingdom By David Wingrove,

  • Title: The Middle Kingdom
  • Author: David Wingrove
  • ISBN: 9780440613862
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Year is 2190 China has once again become a world unto itself and this time its only boundary is space The world is City Earth, ruled by the Seven, China s new kings Beautiful, controlled, sensual, this high tech society is rushing toward war between the forces of West and East, between the rebels who hunger for change and the overlords who demand stabiliThe Year is 2190 China has once again become a world unto itself and this time its only boundary is space The world is City Earth, ruled by the Seven, China s new kings Beautiful, controlled, sensual, this high tech society is rushing toward war between the forces of West and East, between the rebels who hunger for change and the overlords who demand stability, between the very powers of darkness and light It will be an era of violent conflagration destined to expose the basest elements of human nature and the highest dreams An epic that draws us into an alternative world so real, so complete that we become denizens of the new Middle Kingdom, touched by longings we never imagined driven by forces as ancient as man s first breath Not since Asminov s Foundation books and Herbert s Dune has there been such a majestic and powerful vision of a believable other world seductive, chilling, unforgettable
    The Middle Kingdom The Year is China has once again become a world unto itself and this time its only boundary is space The world is City Earth ruled by the Seven China s new kings Beautiful controlled sensual

    One thought on “The Middle Kingdom”

    1. My first attempt to read a SF series I was innocent enough not to recognize any trope in fiction stories It was indeed epic with many POV characters and at first I was overwhelmed But now I cannot rate this book beyond two star because the story is overlong and I was confused with so many plots.The background seems oversimplified, from present multi nations Earth into single middle kingdom of Earth The pace is slow and it doesn t help whenever the action scenes start, the author switch into anot [...]

    2. If anyone were to ask me what my favorite science fiction series of all time is, David Wingrove s Chung Kuo series would immediately be my answer without hesitation This series was written in the early 90 s and because of an issue with David s publishing company at the time, he was never able to finish it the way he wanted As a result we have an absolutely tremendous series with a mediocre and rushed to press final book Since then, David has hooked up with a new outfit and the Chung Kuo series i [...]

    3. This was, hands down, one of the three most vile books I ve ever read in my life It s not science fiction or Chinoiserie, as it pretends to be it s torture porn of the very nastiest sort Apart from that, it s quite poorly written, and as science fiction it s grade Z at best.An absolutely disgusting book I feel as if the author tried to molest me I ve never burned or destroyed a book in my life, and I can t bring myself to start now, but I will not continue reading it and I will never open its pa [...]

    4. Contains an excellent future world, ruled by the Chinese But the story also contains sex and brutality than I would have liked The characters are flat, as if the author had too many to flesh out and could not give enough space even in 600 pages to any of them None of the few female characters have important roles they are like items at a banquet described well but having no part to play.

    5. Wow, science fiction is known for being dismissive of women but this one takes the cake Page 70 and the few very few women characters have ALL been whores, except one who dies in childbirth in a flashback This is the future spare me.

    6. A friend of mine recently told me he didn t like dystopias because they re too depressing, and I have to agree about this one Not only is the world miserable, there isn t a single sympathetic character in the whole 600 pages I also wasn t thrilled with this guy s take on the Chinese he indulges in a number of exotic stereotypes, and he insists for reasons of elegance on using Wade Giles romanization, and he s not even consistent about it I barely finished this.

    7. I hate no one enough to let them read this When I finally threw the book down in disgust and dismay I called the friend who had loaned it to me to ask why he had done this thing He replied that he had warned me not to read past page 200 or so he just wanted me to see a small bit at the beginnning.Don t even read those first 200 pages There is nothing new or interesting in the setup, the characters are flat and undifferentiated, and you might make it up to the explicit, disgusting, and horribly h [...]

    8. this is going to serve as my review for the entire chung kuo series in brief, the first book is excellent an i can t put it down but i don t want it to end kind of excellent and the first half of the series is very good after that, my interest waned setting, plot, characters, etc can be found here, so i ll just give my impressions.wingrove successfully sketches a complex, interesting earth of two hundred years from now and sets up an epic conflict between forces pushing for change and those inte [...]

    9. Meh Look, he creates an interesting if fairly unbelievable world, but then he fills it with about half a billion characters many of whom never do anything interesting The series has some fairly brutally violent sexual scenes in it, which I can cope with barely if they serve an integral part of the story being told, but here they seemed irrelevant, arbitrary, and gratuitous And they did turn my stomach.And it does not go unnoticed that the author claims that 90% of the earth has been covered by a [...]

    10. Chung Kuo The Middle Kingdom 1989 is the first volume of David Wingrove s massive Chung Kuo science fiction series I read most of the series a long time ago and recently decided to revisit the novel s After reading it the first time, I was fairly amazed that the series as a whole has gotten so little attention from scifi readers After this read, I find it to be nearly as good as I remember not a literary novel by any means, just solid, shoot from the hip adventure and intrigue.The novel is set i [...]

    11. I have no idea why this book isn t at the top of the list of sci fic canon I was a little skeptical starting out a future ruled by dynastic China But man, it blew me away The cultural stuff is a little shaky, possibly based on orientalist style ideas of oldschool China than real history But the writing was elegant bordering on beautiful, the world constructed was complex, thorough, at least passingly realistic, and interesting the characters were human and believable And there were almost no du [...]

    12. This is the first doorstopper of a book in a multi volume epic I believe I read the first three or so, years ago The basic premise is that the world is dominated in the future by a global Chinese empire The setting is a high tech futuristic one with a culture that has inexplicably reverted to dynastic China in its political structure So there is lots of betrayal and treachery and the world is as violent, ugly, and brutal as it was in the middle ages, except soldiers have high tech weapons with w [...]

    13. I read this a few years back and ordered it through Alibris last summer good as ever This is a world encompassing epic adventure that is only getting started in book one A world grown corrupt and creaking is threatened by seeming nihlistic hot heads who really do plan to tear the whole thing down But are they really as nihlistic as we think Is the old order all that bad with its safety and security This dude can really pull you into a world as alien as if it were another planet.

    14. The beginning of David Wingrove s eight volume saga charting the collapse of a future earth civilisation where China has become the dominant power The scope of the story is staggering, taking in the inherent oppression and tyranny of authoritarian rule and the destructive nature of revolution Also, Wingrove creates an all time great villain in the deliciously unredeemed form of Major Devore One of the most ambitious epics in sci fi history and a remarkable feat of storytelling.

    15. This series got missed from my import of books and that is a sad oversight A great series of 8 books Set in the future where China rules the world which has been transformed into a huge series of cities The actual Earth is buried under these cities Lots of intrigue, politics, violence, science, sex Great stories I read the whole series in the early 90s and again when I retired as ebooks.

    16. I only got to 33%.I didn t get to the really misogynistic parts that everyone else complains about, but this book had already committed the gravest sin it was boring.

    17. This is one of the best series I have ever read Once I finally located all of the books, which are out of print, I couldn t put them down

    18. Okay, so the rundown is as follows Chung Kuo is a future history on an epic, operatic scale The book traces the start of the War of Two Directions , a conflict between the Confucianist stasis of the ruling Chinese empire and the upper class Europeans who wish for progress, change, and to take back their birthright The book features a huge cast of characters and a scope that, for the first book in a seven book series, shows remarkable restraint and control while still spanning slightly over a dec [...]

    19. This started off really interesting the idea of the Chinese culture taking over the world, then essentially building a world on top of Earth was cool Having a group of essentially Emperors, one per continent, working as a council of rulers was neat, and then having the status quo challenged was in depth and neat.I got over halfway through the book when I got to a point where there was a rape torture scene that was so vile, and so unnecessary, that I just stopped It was disgusting, and wrong, and [...]

    20. This is a powerful and dangerous series and in many ways it has brilliance about it However the sadistic rape of the plantation woman by DeVore was one of the most horrible things I have ever encountered in literature and frankly it went too far

    21. Da webalice michelestel Questo e il primo di una serie di otto romanzi, ognuno di circa 600 pagine, che sono uno il seguito dell altro, e devono quindi essere letti sequenzialmente E una storia sola, ma in realta e l intreccio di decine e decine di storie, perche e la cronaca di un intero mondo e della sua crisi In Italia credo siano stati pubblicati solo i primi tre volumi, agli inizi degli anni 90, e sono ormai esauriti Non sono nemmeno riuscito a trovare in rete la copertina italiana del prim [...]

    22. How many billions lived in the City that filled the great northern plains of Europe The two men crab scuttling across the dome that roofed the city neither knew nor cared They thought only of the assassination that was their task.Chung Kuo For three thousand years the world encompassing Empire of the Han had endured War and famine long banished, the Council of Seven ruled with absolute authority Their boast that the Great Wheel of Change itself had ceased to turn.Yet at that moment of supreme st [...]

    23. This one was a roller coaster Not because it was a wild ride that left me excited and exhilarated and ready to jump on another, but because the first half took forever to build up and the second went by fairly quickly Come to think of it, maybe I should have said, This one was a steep grind up a tall hill and a quick ride down the other side So there you go honesty in review.I have a hard time remembering names sometimes, both in real life and in literature Imagine my horror when I cracked this [...]

    24. Ultraglib Summary Dune, but set on Earth and everyone s Chinese Awesome.Serious Review This is an extremely well written, intricately plotted and morally complex novel The premise is a bit hard to swallow, but ultimately engaging China embraced Ming dynasty esque Confucianism and conquered a weakened West sometime in the 21st century A few hundred years later, humanity numbers 34 billion almost all of whom live in a vast world spanning arcology City Earth.Other reviewers have noted that the book [...]

    25. Book 1 of 8 in the original run of Chung Kuo Like Star Wars, the series was then buffed up, updated and fleshed out to a special edition with prequels and much , a series which sadly seems to have ground to a halt at book 8 of a proposed 20 I thought to reread the original 8 in the light of the new series and finally got round to restarting since it s been 15 years since I read these.So how is it 80s 90 s Era scifi which has both good and bad parts book 1 of 8 is always tough, a lot of world bui [...]

    26. I m really torn over how to review this book It s certainly an intriguing concept a future world in which the Chinese reign supreme, and in which they ve constructed an elaborate false history to make it seem that things have always been that way and the author s imagining of this strange, beehive like world, positively seething and close to bursting at the seams, is definitely interesting However, almost everything about his version of future Han culture feels off in some fashion, both within t [...]

    27. This book was recommended to me over 30 years by a friend of my mother Her son, who was about the same age as me, had read it.I fell in love with it instantly The incredible richness of the story telling, the complexity of this future world, took me over It is set in a future where the world has suffered catastrophic economic collapse with only the Chinese to have survived intact, and they build a brave new world, trying to escape the ills of the past where unchecked change destroyed all we knew [...]

    28. Go references Intro, pp 85,103 107,136,554 5,556,576 583,632 636,670,713 716 UK paperback The game of wei chi better known in the US and most of the world by its Japanese name, Go is used as a metaphor throughout the series The early volumes are a political struggle for the future of the world between advocates of change and stability analogies between their political moves and the game abound In addition, characters playing strengths and styles are used to define them In one instance, security [...]

    29. First in a great series Wingrove creates a fully realized if somewhat depressing sci fi universe If you don t like this first one you obviously won t like the rest of them, but I loved the whole series Wingrove s China ascendant scenario was probably a bigger stretch when he wrote these books in the late 80s and early 90s, but his dystopian vision still fascinates His knowledge of Chinese culture allows him to project a very unusual vision for the future, and his characters are extremely well ro [...]

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