UNLIMITED BOOK ☆ Crave: The Seduction of Snow White (Avon Red) - by Cathy Yardley

Crave: The Seduction of Snow White (Avon Red) By Cathy Yardley,

  • Title: Crave: The Seduction of Snow White (Avon Red)
  • Author: Cathy Yardley
  • ISBN: 9780061376078
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Paperback
  • When a woman is ripe for the picking .Beth Cordova s life is no fairy tale Having barely escaped the evil grasp of her wicked stepmother, this missing princess seeks refuge in a strict commune where carnal pleasures are forbidden.Sometimes just one bite of the apple .Her world is lonely and void of intimacy, until the charming Stephen Trent arrives at the communWhen a woman is ripe for the picking .Beth Cordova s life is no fairy tale Having barely escaped the evil grasp of her wicked stepmother, this missing princess seeks refuge in a strict commune where carnal pleasures are forbidden.Sometimes just one bite of the apple .Her world is lonely and void of intimacy, until the charming Stephen Trent arrives at the commune Suddenly Beth yearns for a man s touch, the feel of his lips on hers and Stephen is eager to show this pure as snow princess that she can still be the sensual woman she was once upon a time.Is all it takes to unleash her desiresBut all is not what it seems, and the stunning beauty finds herself again in danger, her stepmother hot on her trail The commune s founders will not tolerate the pair, yet fleeing its walls could prove fatal Trapped in a world where passion is outlawed, can Beth live happily ever after
    Crave The Seduction of Snow White Avon Red When a woman is ripe for the picking Beth Cordova s life is no fairy tale Having barely escaped the evil grasp of her wicked stepmother this missing princess seeks refuge in a strict commune where c

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    1. Contain FULL spoilers and some rude words I hope no one will feel offended Warning SUITABLE JUST FOR PEOPLE THAT 21 YEARS OLD OR MOREDear readers and my GR friends,I m again warn you, this reviews will contains some rants not really and some rolling my eyes moment But well, like a good reviewer I am, I try my best to re telling this naughty and erotica version of one of the famous fairy tale,Snow White.No,don t imagine the Snow White is like the princess above Which is Disney s attempt to entert [...]

    2. Despite this book claiming to be erotic , I found the sex scenes to be tedious, almost repetitive I found myself skimming, sometimes even skipping over the parts that were supposed to be sexy and enduring.Highly disappointed in this book I definitely thought the seduction of Snow White would be, well, a little seductive.

    3. So I thought this book was something different than it was, and after I got a few pages in literally two pages in I realized that this was straight up erotica Meant for those with crazy fairy tale fantasies or those whose husbands boyfriends lovers are away Not me After about 100 pages its like the two main characters would strip their clothes off and I d groan, OMG, you mean they are going to have sex again Seriously, how much sex can two people have in a 48 hour period Especially when they liv [...]

    4. When, oh when will I learn to read the first chapter before purchasing a book Especially by an author I ve never tried But enough about my shortcomings This book is about the Seduction of Snow White I love expanded fairy tales, but this was an extremely poor example The vague plot of a long lost princess hiding in a religious commune who is found by a reporter was used to connected verbal smut A vast majority of the book was the protagonists having sex and watching others indulge in hanky panky. [...]

    5. I found this book to be a complete waste of time The actual plot could be summed up in one chapter with the rest of the book being one continuous bad sex scene Very poorly written and conceived I always try to read books from many different genres to be able to offer suggestions to patron who might be looking for something new to read The erotic romance genre has been and will continue to be very popular but could we please get some qualified writers

    6. Crave is a very erotic book I thought that it was written very well, had fantastic descriptions and was a very easy read I read the book in one day and loved the twist of the original Snow White fairy tale I thought it was very courgeous of Yardley to go into to depth about what happened at the Compound between Lydia and Henry and Beth and Stephen Ultimately, I thought it was a great romance story.

    7. I really wanted to like this book than I dide sexual content got way too repetitive too quick and that says a lot for me There just wasn t enough story for me and by the time a good story started to evolve, it was the end

    8. I can t even find the proper place to begin with what was wrong with this book Maybe I went in with my expectations set too high I felt like I was reading a teenager write what they thought sex was like This is the first time I read a book by this author, so maybe some of the metaphors or comparisons were supposed to be hilarious I was just expecting actual seduction and less OMG HE S SO HOT I WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH HIM, RIGHT NOW AFTER BEING A VIRGIN FOR 27 YEARS AND NEVER WANTING IT BEFORE , w [...]

    9. Much better than some of the erotic stuff I ve read lately This book had a plot gasp I got a little bored with the constant sex scenes, but other than that I really enjoyed it The tension really got to me I kept waiting for them to get caught by the Penitent people I don t know why, but definitely, for me, lots of tension.

    10. I can t even give this book one star WAY too long for this type of story I finished it just to finish it The story, and yes there was a story sort of, could have been okay but the sex was literally almost every page For this type of story, I will stick with Lacey Alexander Atleast she usually keeps hers short and sweet.

    11. Um, not what I expected Thought it would be a retelling of the fairy tale, which I guess it sort of wasThe actual plot would have made a short story if that Otherwise, lots of repetitive sex scenes that I mostly skipped over.

    12. Beth and Stephenoddly enough, a little too much sex the scenes were decent but made bland due to the high number of them and that they were little distinctive between them a couple or was it a few scenes were during tense, suspenseful times that made it less sexy and unenjoyable for me the story was set in a cult like compound where those who admitted to the grounds went back to old ethics of physical work, male female segregation and roles, and avoiding temptations like sex and chocolatethough [...]

    13. There s a lot of sex and it almost becomes too much and repetitive There s a 15 page sex scene The author also keeps reaching for adjectives and metaphors and it s like JUST SAY PENIS AND VAGINA It s funny because I was way interested in the plot and it was an original idea on how to adapt Snow White I m glad that the story started in the middle of the action and I didn t have to wade through 50 pages leading up to it I actually appreciated the length but would have preferred shorter sex scenes [...]

    14. I read the whole book in one shot, only pausing to eat It was sexy, fun, and wrapped in a creepy religious abstenance cult Perfect for an evening escape.

    15. There, sadly, is not much good I can say about this book Pros Relatively interesting take on the Snow White story but many elements felt forced and the story itself still does not empower Snow White as one who is truly able to fend for herself The book makes up for the lack of substance with copious amounts of sex scenes that were pretty decent This novel refrained from, as so many romance novels are guilty of, making the 27 year old virgin s first sexual experience a painful one from the start [...]

    16. 2 5 This review, among many others, is available on my blog I was expecting to like this book a lot , particularly because of how much I enjoyed Enslave And I feel like part of the reason I didn t enjoy it is my fault.Beth is living in a commune where men and women are separate and there can be no mingling between the two, and Stephen is a reporter coming in to see if there s some big secret behind what they re doing.I m going to cover the commune first the commune is freakin crazy For one, I ju [...]

    17. WellI did not realize what this book was when I picked it up I figured it was a spicy retelling of Snow White Good for those long deployments when the hubby is gone for months at a time OH MY GOODNESS, it was spicy alright Nuclear Missile Spicy This was pure erotic romance or maybe even just erotica I felt like a 16 year old kid who just got to see their first sex ed film I was so embarrassed, and I was reading it when no one was home I almost did not even put the review up, as I was really emba [...]

    18. I didn t enjoy this one as much as the Beauty and the Beast one The story took too long to really start This was mostly about Beth and Stephen having sex with all the story action happening at the very end Like Enslaved, Crave is a twist on a fairy tale, Snow White in this case Beth was a pure, beautiful young woman hiding out with a cult from her stepmother the queen who was trying to kill her Stephen is an undercover reporter trying to get a story about the cult The two meet, have a lot of sex [...]

    19. So I found this book in the bargain bin at Borders for 4 so I gave it a shot It was TOTALLY different from anything that I have ever read definitely wasn t what I had expected I did like the way she twisted up all the details of the original Snow White and regurgitated them into a completely different plot with the same ideals It was veryyyyy erotic although I have to say it was definitely overdone and VERY vulgar I am not a prude person, but I don t know I felt like I was reading a pornographic [...]

    20. I wanted something quick and easy to read , I started this book knowing what it had in it lots ok hanky panky and it wasn t getting the best reviews when I put it on my reading shelf so I started out 40% not that involved before even opening the book but I did love the cover it lovely little paperback anyway from page one it was really good and their is a very good story I loved Stephen swooning and Beth they where brilliant and yep it states erotic on the back of the book so u no it s in there [...]

    21. there s a lot that could be said about this book I really wish did half star rates because for me this would be a 3.5 the book was sexy beyond belief and I did enjoy it especially towards the end where there was plot however it was nothing like snow white there where a couple references that didn t come out until close to the end which kind of disappointed me I don t regret reading this at all I was actually very sucked into it I just feel there could have been .

    22. 4.5 really.I am a major sucker for a fairy tale So, after I unearthed this book from the bottomless pits of NEED2read, I was uber excited Crave is a modern fairy tale, with lots and lots of sex However, there is a plot unlike the drivel of Honor Student and you 50 Shades of Incoherant Non Sense There is a clear story, characters that aren t hollow cliches.I really enjoyed this one and can t wait to read by this author

    23. I really enjoyed this book Fair warning if talking in detail about sex gets you horny, make sure you have a man around to satisfy your urges When the escape starts to happens, my mind was blown by what happens Things that I did not see coming I cannot wait to read the 2nd book If you don t believe me, check it out for yourself Until next time, take life one page at a time

    24. This book was so boring The first sex scene was decent as most initial sex scenes are but then it s just different variations of the same scene The characters are superficially drawn and the plot is next to non existent I thought fifty shades was simply written This makes fifty shades look like les miserables in comparison.

    25. I dont really read erotic fiction but I thought I would give this book a try because of the fairytale theme I have to say that it wasnt bad I just am not used to some much of the book being based on sex I liked the cult asspect of the book and the undercover reporter I also liked how the author gave a modern twist to a classic fairytale.

    26. It was a little long in the beggining It picks up half way in the book and thats where the action and actual story development really happens As the action started, thats where it peeked my interest if the story was completely like its second half , this I would defs given it 4 stars or

    27. Random pick from the sale bin Lots of sex, but not much seduction Lots of potential in the setting, but could use quite a bit of tightening in the fairy tale retelling part Okay enough for a quick read, specially compared to the other modern erotica books out lately.

    28. I have to be honest and say that I read two thirds of the book before giving up Sure, the sex scenes were hot, but there was really nothing else in the plot to hold one s interest The impending doom the action just did not arrive in a timely fashion for a book so short.

    29. The story was ok but I would not have named it, The Seduction of Snow White.People were expecting to read about Snow White andsomeone being seduced but the book fell short.There are a few kinks that could be worked out and the author should re name the book.

    30. Not a favorite but still a good modern telling of Snow White With the dwarves replaced by a agricultural community and the princess still a princess, it s easy to forget that it has a modern setting I found this a problem However all the main elements are there, and the sex is exciting.

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