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My Guardian By Alanea Alder,

  • Title: My Guardian
  • Author: Alanea Alder
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The next chapter in the Bewitched and Bewildered series is about to begin Meryn and Beth have been summoned by Beth s uncle and council elder, Magnus Rioux to the vampire s pillar city of Noctem Falls Meryn in a city of vampires, what could go wrong Aiden and Gavriel are about to find out Eva Mae Miller has been around for a long time But never in all of her centuriesThe next chapter in the Bewitched and Bewildered series is about to begin Meryn and Beth have been summoned by Beth s uncle and council elder, Magnus Rioux to the vampire s pillar city of Noctem Falls Meryn in a city of vampires, what could go wrong Aiden and Gavriel are about to find out Eva Mae Miller has been around for a long time But never in all of her centuries has she ever had to turn to vampires for sanctuary But when whole paranormal families begin disappearing in her quiet Texas suburb, Eva knows that it s time to set her pride aside and join the other refugees heading to Noctem Falls for protection Adriel Aristaios doesn t know what to make of the small human his commander is mated to Bethy assures him that Meryn is sane, but he s not so sure Magnus must be out of his mind bringing a pregnant human and precious Bethy back to the City of the Night, just as things are about to get ugly To complicate matters he s pretty sure the sassy, blonde shifter who has just arrived is his mate How can he possibly do his duty and protect their Prince, when he has not only his commander s mate and little Bethy to guard, but also the woman who has stolen his heart When racial tensions threaten to boil over and sink the city in chaos, Adriel surprisingly finds himself relying on wacky little Meryn and his mate to help keep things from turning violent But as information comes to light, it s clear that someone is out to destroy his city The question is will they find them in time
    My Guardian The next chapter in the Bewitched and Bewildered series is about to begin Meryn and Beth have been summoned by Beth s uncle and council elder Magnus Rioux to the vampire s pillar city of Noctem Falls

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    1. 4 Meryn in Vampire land Stars SpoilersAlanea Alder is great at writing books that have me cracking up This book was just as funny as the others in this series I really love me some Meryn so I love that she was a big part of this book I know some readers would like each book to be just about the new couples but I really enjoy Meryn and the on going plot It kinda remembers me of another series I love were the first couple is a main focal point Vampires in America Cyn and Raphael I will say the cou [...]

    2. Really enjoyed this one, like all the others that came before it It s pretty heavy on the insta love, but I laughed my ass offn Hopefully we won t have to wait too long for the next one 4 stars D

    3. I love it I wanted to read this story for so long and I m so happy that I now finally did it It s just a make you feel good book with amazing funny characters Not to mention some crazy ideas I wished there was action in it but there was plenty of laughter and great plot twists, so that filled up the rest of the missing action I always like to read books that are a series, since you get to see the rest of the characters again and they always evolve or just brighten the plot Every character bring [...]

    4. I was so excited for this book I love the world the author has built in this series It was great to see Meryn, Aiden, Ryuu, Gavriel, and Beth again and I loved the new characters too Because of all the characters and the suspense plot I didn t feel like we got to know the couple as well as we got to know couples in other books, but it didn t diminish my enjoyment at all Eva and Adriel were a great couple and very well matched They were sweet together I liked the unit members at Noctum Falls alth [...]

    5. IT MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS, WELL IT DOES Mmmm, not exactly what I was expecting, I missed a bit action, a bit mystery and a bit confrontation with the nobles.Also, this love story felt awkward, the center of the story was Meryn, and it felt like the dual pov was only to narrate Meryn s doin Aaaaaand 2 meh sexy timesI missed the fact that Eva apparently did not had THE mate dream, and her pov before the pack s decision to go to the vamp city, why did they go I missed the fact that Eva s character [...]

    6. Meryn is back with Beth in tow heading to Noctem Falls to investigate disappearances of couples and help with the integration of the refugees into a mostly inhabited vampire city Vampire Adriel Aristaios has been dreaming of his mate, he is concerned for her safety and when he meets Eva Mae Miller, a cat shifter, he is pleasantly surprised Eva adjusts seamlessly into his life, well there are a couple of hiccups but overall they are perfect Except someone is killing shifters and protecting a tena [...]

    7. I m an absolute lover of this series, and book 6 is no exception My favourite character, Meryn, is large part of this particular novel, and as I suspect with many other readers, she is certainly a character to love and this tightens the series together most effectively The editing could have been better, but there was not enough errors to diminish the quality of the novel.The love and magnetic attraction as part of the finding my mate angle could have delayed the instalove and I will admit that [...]

    8. I have really been enjoying this series Each book is a story within an ongoing story This book takes us to Nocturn Falls We meet unit commander Adriel, who is a vampire When trouble brings a tiger shifter named Eva to him, they immediately know they are mates This was a good story that was safe from cheating and ow om drama No pushing away which is one of the reasons I enjoy this series I didn t feel like there was as much couple time in this story It had a very short epilogue that was a set up [...]

    9. 3.5 stars I truly wish this book was longer and plot development, even though we know this a continual series but this book felt unsolved with its main crime.

    10. When I started this series I thought it had a lot of potential But for the last 3 books the stories haven t been that good I have said before and I ll say it again, Alanea gives too much page to Meryn We get it, she loves the character but we the readers want In the previous book I didn t mind as much because the plot moved forward The couple wasn t good but hey we found out some big things about the curse and the plans of the bad guys But in here Nothing Absolutely nothing I m not exaggerating [...]

    11. There are authors I like and there are authors who are my favorites but Alanea Alder is in my top 2 and I love her, and there reason I didn t specify a number is that I both love her and Julie Garwood but these two specialize in two different areas I feel like I ve waited for this one for a whole yeah and as soon as the ebook was out I went all My Precious on it XD This book was interesting because there are many changes in everything new city new peps and that s why it took longer than the prev [...]

    12. I am really torn on this one On the one hand, I really love the Bewitched and Bewildered world I laugh and smile through most of the story I would give this story a 4 based on the world, Meryn, Beth, Ryuu, Sebastian and the interactions between them However, if I was grading the romance between Eva and Adriel, I would have to give this story 2 After the prologue where we see Adriel s nightmare about Eva, she doesn t even show up again until Chapter 5 out of 13 chapters Then the romance is basica [...]

    13. Awesomed new peeps Ok, so we have Meryn and Beth in another city It s so wrong it s right I really enjoyed the new characters and story My only two problems was too short for me, I wanted d I wanted and the wait for the next book will be loooong I have to say that the Menace has some great one liners in this book And just remember peeps this is Sparta Truly enjoy this book.

    14. At the end of the last book, Beth receives a call from her uncle and is to be in Noctem Falls Meryn and Beth go as well as their mates Aiden and Gavriel Showing up there was supposed to be talking business but it seems that Noctem falls isn t updated on everything that s happening Eva Mae Miller is part of the shifters that were invited to stay in Noctem Falls to be kept safe upon arriving she meets Adriel her mate Instantly they know they are meant to be together but things start to out of the [...]

    15. While it was interesting to visit Noctem Falls and to see Meryn s latest high jinks, this book does not advance the overall arc of the series All of the questions that were unanswered at the end of book 5 remain so The new couple s romance falls a bit flat and really seemed like an after thought rather than being the center of the book The most interesting new characters there was a brief mention of them in an earlier book are the adorable baby Keelans, Nigel and Neil I really hope that the next [...]

    16. It was ok, some new characters, but that s about it No advancement on Meryn s pregnancy, or Keelan s storyline I ll continue with the series but it s time to move this series forward I m really, really hoping this author knows when to fold em.

    17. OMG OMG OMG totally amazing, brilliant Practically lost for words on how amazing this author Alanea is Another fantastic installment to the series I absolutely love everything about this series and the characters Dying to read the next book so hopefully released sooner rather than later.

    18. I love this book series but I must say that this one was entirely to short I hope she plans on continuing this book series because it didn t sum up anything, however it did leave it open for .

    19. SPOILER ALERT In this book Meryn, Aiden, Beth, Gavriel, and Ryuu travel to Noctem Falls We are finally introduced to Beth s family, but we are also introduced to an extremely large cast of other characters.That is one of my first issues There were too many people, way too many people Between those who already live in the city, the refugees on the run from ferals, and the visitors from Lycaonia, there were just too many people to keep track of This book if you follow along with the previous five [...]

    20. Rating 4 One Word Rec BuyAlder, Alanea MY GUARDIAN Bewitched Bewildered, 6 Ebook genre paranormal romance shelves rating 4 Great Book, will re read than once or twice when released in theater author Alanea Alder paranormal, shifters bear, canine, feline, other paranormal, magic witches paranormal, vampires paranormal, fae humorous read fan geek references Personally, I don t enjoy giving SPOILERS as a rule, so I believe the general synopsis above or on the book flap if it s a hard copy should g [...]

    21. I didn t know how I would feel about this book before I started it My wariness was based on this new setting Noctem Falls, the Pillar City of Night Its population predominantly consists of vampires, plus it s underground I thought I would feel uncomfortable with this foreign place, along with new characters I have no idea what to expect from.However, I should know by now that Alanea Alder will always please many other readers and myself with this series Meryn is still up to her antics, making ne [...]

    22. I love all the books in this series and this is no different The fact that the secondary characters are such a huge part of the book is the best part for me because your always kept in the loop with what s happening in their lives Plus they are all such big characters that I think if they weren t there you would definetly notice it I thought Adriel and Eva were perfect together As they say opposites attract and those to where definetly different I also loved the fact that tigers where brought in [...]

    23. Omg Omg Omg I have been waiting for this book for so long The characters did not disappoint I will admit, however, that I would have liked to get to know the noctem falls unit members a little bit I know that even though the story is written in eve and adriel s point of view The story centers around meryn, and how she makes the connections she does Meryn is hilarious and doesn t disappoint but I wish I could have learned about the new team Still a great book and worth every penny

    24. I really wanted to like this story, but it seemed like it should have been a Meryn story, not an Eva story After the prologue, she did not even show up chapter 5 Even then it was mainly about how Eva interacted with Meryn and the gang Also, I know Meryn is supposed to be quirky, but in this book she came across as over the top ridiculous in the try to show how quirky non traditional she was If I met her in real life I would probably think she was autistic.

    25. Adriel and Ava 3.5 stars Such a breath of fresh airAs always I liked the storyline and enjoyed Meryn s antics Was a little disappointed in Aiden though as he did not once defend Meryn against the abusers ke in serious asswippingThe insta love and sexy scenes was just meh to meo much going on in the rest of the story to focus on the couple it s really about.Alas, I m hooked obviously Can t wait for the next installment in the series.

    26. Our heroine Meryn is back and she wreck havoc in Noctem Fall, pillar city for vampires The story full of humor with the combo of the Eva the heroine were tiger, with the stoic uber cool vampire Adriel I love the plot even with the hanging end the unknown villian but will continue in the next book I usually hate this ending but for the author i shall wait in Meryn way Kudos to the author

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