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A Mathematical State of Grace Omnibus By Cathy McGough,

  • Title: A Mathematical State of Grace Omnibus
  • Author: Cathy McGough
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Mathematical State of Grace is a testament to the power of humanity, healing self sacrifice and ultimately love.
    A Mathematical State of Grace Omnibus A Mathematical State of Grace is a testament to the power of humanity healing self sacrifice and ultimately love

    One thought on “A Mathematical State of Grace Omnibus”

    1. This book is about Grace, a 16 year old maths genius After a freak accident she end up unconscious and creates an alternative world with the only living beings are her and her schoolboy crush Vincente The first part of this book concentrates on the alternative world and will take on you on a journey through friendship, love and trust The second part of the book is around her time in hospital Although I found it a bit slow to start, the story did keep my interest and there were times in the book [...]

    2. A geeky girl a sporty boy thrown into the chaotic world of strange wind s tree s and earthquakes, faced with being the only living being s left in the world A story of survival and young love which has the reader pouring through the pages with baited breath.Not what I expected when I started to read and I loved the way it took me on a journey of surprising encounters.This book will not disappoint its an excellent read, looking forward to the sequel which follows.Cathy McGough does it againis sec [...]

    3. Quite a journey for the mind Exploring reality and that other state.I must admit, I skimmed this book Noted the stages it went through, and the eventual conclusion Perhaps it isn t my genre Despite my comment above, it is well written, as the author skilfully brought her story alive Probably written for a younger reader than this grandmother Maybe for those who enjoy escaping into a world within ones mind, where anything is possible.

    4. Interesting.Well Hmmm I m not even sure what to say here I enjoyed it I felt very lost at times, then it all made sense, then I was lost again Interesting read though for sure

    5. This book was a mind trip to me It pulls you in and makes you believe something Only for it to flip you on your head to believe something else Very catchy Had my emotions all over the place Glad I read it

    6. InterestingVery well written book that I enjoyed but at the end was SL confused Its a very deep book that you have to think a lot about as you read Your not quite sure what is reality and what is a dream or just a young girls desires.

    7. This is not my typical read That being said I absolutely loved this book I would recommend it to anyone The twists and turns in this book are very cool I can usually see what is coming in this book I couldn t and loved it I wonder what happens next for our characters

    8. This is not my typical genre, but this story is very well written Great characters with a great unique storyline.I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

    9. This is one of those books that hangs with you long after you ve finished it I loved the journey this took me on, at some points it feels like a YA romance, others it feels dystopian or fantasy Beautifully written and definitely thought provoking, as you read you ll find yourself just as perplexed as Mr Marino as to what is real and what is not Be prepared to go on a wonderfully unique journey

    10. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review This book is not typically a genre that I typically read, however in saying that this book captured my attention from the get go and had me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

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