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Hunted by Magic By Jasmine Walt,

  • Title: Hunted by Magic
  • Author: Jasmine Walt
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • With the sudden disappearance of Iannis, the Chief Mage, Solantha has erupted into pandemonium Citizens are rioting in the streets, the Mages Guild is on a misguided warpath, and shifters and humans are fleeing the city in droves Ridden with guilt, Sunaya defies the Mages Guild and goes off in search of Iannis, trekking into dangerous, uncivilized territory to try and maWith the sudden disappearance of Iannis, the Chief Mage, Solantha has erupted into pandemonium Citizens are rioting in the streets, the Mages Guild is on a misguided warpath, and shifters and humans are fleeing the city in droves Ridden with guilt, Sunaya defies the Mages Guild and goes off in search of Iannis, trekking into dangerous, uncivilized territory to try and make things right But Sunaya s relationship with Iannis isn t the only thing at stake if she doesn t find him soon, the Resistance might just succeed in plunging the Northia Federation into a devastating and bloody civil war.
    Hunted by Magic With the sudden disappearance of Iannis the Chief Mage Solantha has erupted into pandemonium Citizens are rioting in the streets the Mages Guild is on a misguided warpath and shifters and humans a

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    1. Hunted by Magic The Baine Chronicles 3 by Jasmine Walt continues with adventure and suspense In this one, the rebels have kidnapped mages and the Chef Mage is missing Our gal, weak from almost dying, is not allowed to go with the rescue party but that doesn t stop her Another fast, fun adventure story that keeps going and keeps the action going

    2. Star rating 4.5 starsAfter the chief mage Iannis, goes missing while on his way to the capital for a convention Sunaya Baine decides it s up to her to find him before all is lost in the city of Solantha With her best friend Annia and her fellow shifter Fenris in tow, Sunaya will pull out every trick she has just to find Iannis before its too late So far this has to be my favorite novel in this series to date The action swept me up like a tsunami from the beginning and didn t spit me out until th [...]

    3. Having loved the first two books in the series, it s frustrating to see people rating the book poorly before it even comes out If they posted them with an ARC review, then I d get it But since they didn t, these puzzling premature ratings make a person wonder if people are just targeting certain books just to mess with the rating I ve seen this is the past, and it drives me crazy Just plain weird Can t wait to read Hunted by Magic when it s released

    4. Reviewed by Whitney Shooting Stars ReviewsIn the third book in the series, Sunaya must get the Chief Mage back He s missing, and she s unsure if he s dead or what actually happened to him Now, she will do everything she can to get him back and order restored to her city This book was really good It had Sunaya admitting her feelings in some ways, and had her really trying to figure out what her next move would be This one sort of ends on a cliffhanger kind of it It makes you unsure what Sunaya wi [...]

    5. This book was supplied to me by Jasmine Walt and Rebecca Hamilton in exchange for s fair and honest review What a great continuation of this series of stories In itself a completed story it very cleverly finishes as a cliff hanger come lead into the next book It s exciting, entertaining with some great one liners and has a really good underlying sexual tension running between the two main characters With very down to earth writing the book doesn t have any flim flam to detract from the story I w [...]

    6. Good storyline, but books are shortReally holds your interest, but each book is way too short Three books together would make this much worthwhile No get me wrong what is there is very good

    7. I received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest opinion Simply put, I loved it start to finish Easily the best one yet

    8. What to write what to write Well, first off a big thank you to the author for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review I am happy to conclude that it was an exceptionally enjoyable read, and if you re considering this book the series then you should definitely give it a go If you ve read the Kate Daniels series, the Mercy Thompson series etc and the like, and enjoyed them, then this is probably something for you Of course they are still different and this series has created its [...]

    9. Sunaya wants to go after the Iannis Chief Mage and rescue him after his dirigible has crashed, but the Mage Guild will no longer tolerate her presence without Iannis to back her up Determined to rescue him by herself without their help, and to get to him first, she enlists the help of her friends With the disappearance of the Chief Mage, the city has descended in chaos with the mages rounding up the shifters, and the shifters fleeing in terror, and Sunaya can t stand to see her city in such chao [...]

    10. As a fangirl, I d say this is a 5 stars for me, but as a review, I d say a few things lagged for me personally because I m a hardcore romantic and the thought of reading a book WITHOUT Iannis in the first half drove my insane I skimmed I read it all again when I was done through pretty details and pleasantries to get to the juicy bits, like if Iannis was dead, missing on purpose, perhaps abandoning his post Just kidding.This was an intense read, and again, it was a change of scene in at least th [...]

    11. If you re looking for something to read, while waiting for the next book in another series, give Baine a try The previous book gave us a better look at the shifter community this time, we learn about the mage community during a hybrid rescue quest and underhanded dealings at the mage convocation The world building and and character development make some incremental steps forward, but this isn t the same caliber of writing that readers enjoy in the blockbuster series mentioned in the promo descr [...]

    12. Nice continuation of the Baine Chronicles, picks up exactly where Bound by Magic takes off.Not as predictable as one might think, Ms Walt throws a few very nice curves at us and takes us on some very unexpected paths It will be very interesting to see where this series goes, and I don t see it ending too soon It s refreshing to see the same main story lines, shapeshifters, mages, humans and create a different path for the series, i.e it s not the same old story with new characters very enjoyable [...]

    13. 3.5 stars really despite the truly annoying heroine, and against my better judgement I did enjoy the first three books in the series I had the audio version of these books and I would like to give credit to the female narrator, who managed to incorporate at least half a dozen different generally peculiar, but somehow appropriate accents several of them male into her reading, with great consistency

    14. Best so farThis was absolutely the best book in the series so far Can t wait for the next one to come out.

    15. Hunted By Magic begins with a jolt and doesn t stop until the very last page This time, Sunaya has received news that Iannis, the Chief Mage and her romantic desire is missing He and his fellow mages were on their way to the convention when their dirigible went down Now, the Mages Guild has forbidden her to look for him and they are in total pandemonium as they fight amongst themselves for power.Of course, Sunaya is not about to let those pesky Mages get in her way and she manages to find a diri [...]

    16. IssuesThe first book was great, the last one was bad and this one barely a step up from that I had some issues, but the end was just crazy We have a power hungry council that has started a war and they pretty much just get a slap on the wrist So not even that actually They should have all been fired for treason Then our girl who is supposed to be on a task force to take down the resistance gets a note with dire threats against her with a bloody knife through it and she just tears it up and throw [...]

    17. I m in love with the series again Let s just say that this book has found it s way back and is running with the story again as the first book did.I think that Naya has started to grow and mature in this book, I have to admit that I was starting to get a bit irritated with her in Bound by Magic, she was running off on her own, not really working as a team and forgetting some pretty important things She has redeemed herself in my eyes though I m loving her again just as I did in the first book I a [...]

    18. This one was good although I still wasn t crazy about the ending I wouldn t call it a cliff hanger, however It was a peek at the next book but it wasn t an expected one It was one of those books in which you could have ended it before the last chapter and still considered it an abrupt but solid ending Instead it tried to lay bait for the next book by masking it as a wrap for this book.I really don t like those kinds of games.That said, the book was otherwise better than the ones before it The MC [...]

    19. I received this book as an arc in exchange for an honest opinion The first two books in the series were fantastic The third book did not disappoint The only thing keeping it from being a 5 star for me is the fact the romance has passed the slow burn point In book three Sunaya and her mage start moving in the right direction but still are dancing around each other We also seem to not be any closer to discovering who the villain is but the plot does thicken as we realize the benefactor has influe [...]

    20. ARC review I loved the first two books and this is no exception The story advances with action and an expedition to save Lord Iannis I love how the feelings between the two main characters are realized and shared I so can t wait to see how Iannis deals with The next step in dynamics of their relationship I can t wait for the next adventure to unfold Jasmine Walt is an amazing writer We get carried into the story with the ease of Jasmine s writing staying awake past bedtime is a sure sign that th [...]

    21. Needs Some Fine TuningYou can t have a book s conflict unfold based on logical fallacies It simply doesn t work and has the effect of leaving the reader unsatisfied In this case, the whole premise of this novel exists, because the protagonist simply kept forgetting to tell her love interest important news Keep in mind that she is an enforcer, which is essentially a detective cop I don t know a single cop that could forget something so important It s absolutely ridiculous.

    22. Too awesome with a hint of greatness.I choose to give this book a well deserved 5 stars, it s really good I was at the edge of my seat the whole time When I saw that the end of the book was near and there will be a next book I was happy and disappointed in one mainly because I m dying to find out what happened and I will have to wait for a next book to know Jasmine your imagination is impeccable All the best and I await your next chapter.

    23. ARC REVIEW The third book in this series was just as amazing as the first two I loved the story progression The book was action packed and never boring A lot was learned about the past and history of the main characters which made me love them I am glad I found Jasmine Walt and the Baine Chronicles Anyone looking for a new urban fantasy series to try definitely needs to read these books I already can t wait for the next book in this series

    24. I was given an ARC of this book for my honest review This book definitely got better as i read it The author did a mich better job storywise on this book than the previous one I still think the first book was best I also find myself disliking some of the characters and as time goes on I think the main character needs to mature a bit and the side characters need some development.

    25. Loved it I actually got so caught up n the story that I was shocked to find myself at the end Now I have to wait It s a great addition to the series and may be the best of all Darn it I read too fast

    26. Sunday Baine Book 3Great reading from beginning to end,could not put the book down I can t wait for Book 4.The heroine is so real and I love the fact that she has such a cataclysmic personality I always feel bereft after each book I will recommend this book to all my friends.

    27. I m not sure if she s maturing as a character or if I m just getting used to the h The Chief Mage is missing and chaos has broken lose.

    28. Non stop action I was on the edge of my seat throughout the whole story Wow It was dark, gritty and I can t wait to see what happens next

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