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Beautiful And Damned By Robert M. Drake,

  • Title: Beautiful And Damned
  • Author: Robert M. Drake
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Paperback
  • With the same heartwarming composition and genius Robert M Drake brought to his international bestselling books Beautiful Chaos, Black Butterfly and A Brilliant Madness, Robert M Drake now takes his readers to a deeper level of his consciousness with this collection of stories A man encounters God in a bar a family is saved by a time traveler in the middle of the nightWith the same heartwarming composition and genius Robert M Drake brought to his international bestselling books Beautiful Chaos, Black Butterfly and A Brilliant Madness, Robert M Drake now takes his readers to a deeper level of his consciousness with this collection of stories A man encounters God in a bar a family is saved by a time traveler in the middle of the night a journey into the mind of a severely autistic man a woman finds herself one night out in the city and .Beautiful and Damned is as haunting and as captivating as the stories it tells, it is proof that Robert M Drake is one of the most visionary writers working today.
    Beautiful And Damned With the same heartwarming composition and genius Robert M Drake brought to his international bestselling books Beautiful Chaos Black Butterfly and A Brilliant Madness Robert M Drake now takes his r

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    1. And this is why we don t judge books by their cool, neon covers, kids There was approximately one and a half of the short stories the damned portion that I found interesting enjoyable the poetry portion beautiful , tiny already, was a disappointing assembly line of poorly arranged pieces that were mostly Drake jerking himself off as he moans and groans about how many people have come up to him and said he has saved their lives with his work, his fame, the magic of his words, etc My eyes, how the [...]

    2. 2.5Out of eleven stories only one was one I could say I love The rest were slow, predictable, pointless, and really had no depth to them The poetry in the second half was a bit enjoyable to read.

    3. To be quite straight forward, I didn t like his prose I love Drake s poetry, I love it SO much He s probably one of my favorite modern poets or, instapoets around right now So of course when I found out that he was going to be releasing some short stories in a bound edition, I was stoked Then I was disappointed His stories are too shallow, there s no depth, and the characters are cold and one dimensional I know it s hard to achieve depth when writing short stories, but it has been done before an [...]

    4. i have read Drakes work before and in all honesty this wasn t one of my favorites the stories were very slow and hard to relate to except for a couple i enjoy drakes poetry well i love it say, but this book isn t one id recommend compared to his heart string poetry in his other books

    5. I really wanted to love this book because I absolutely love Robert Drake s poetry.But, the short stories just didn t do it for me,most seemed to rush through the plot, that they ended up not having much of it.I did enjoy the poetry, but still not as much as I did his other works.

    6. For those that don t know, Instagram poets are a real thing and they are basically people like Robert M Drake who post sappy love quotes on their social media profiles so that teenage girls can share it with each other and talk about how much they relate to his words Robert M Drake is one of the popular instapoets, clocking in 1.5mil followers on his instagram and this is apparently the 5th book that he s published.I hated everything I read on his Instagram profile but I heard that this book co [...]

    7. I loved this book honestly At first I was lost and confused, but as I read I slowly understood the purpose What is the purpose you may ask You ll just have to read to find out.Would recommend

    8. Coolest cover Coolest title Horrible interior I could find maybe one or two phrases that I thought were beautiful and the rest of this book was utterly intolerable The stories were pointless, predictable and the prose almost made me gag Which I know sounds so harsh to put in a review but after rolling my eyes into the next dimension with the cliche love stories I m tempted to ask who approved these for print.I feel like R.M.Drake holds himself too highly in his mind, I could almost feel his oh t [...]

    9. This book is written for angsty young adults And when I say young adult, I mean that even by age 17 most would see how hard this book is trying to be deep and how pointless and predictable the stories are.Like most I found this book after seeing short R.M drake quotes shared online and finding a few that resonated with me I would say that if you are in the same boat, looking for the boat after searching through instagram quotes, then you have already seen the best ones Don t waste your time with [...]

    10. This should have been split into two books, one of poems and one of short stories There s no real cohesiveness between the stories and the poems The short stories were interesting for the most part, but the poems felt awkward and disappointing He s better as an Instagram poet where he can share only the few lines that are worthwhile Almost every poem included reads a lot like a spoiled teenager s diary Line after line about great they are and how great their poems are and how people love him He [...]

    11. This is by far my least favorite R.M Drake book It s almost a year since I started reading it, wow I usually finish his books in a couple of days, so this should tell you how I didn t enjoy this book.There were a few lines here and there that I liked But short stories is just not his thing Almost everyone dies a few times in their lives And those who do, never speak about it, it s just one of those things others who have died a few times pick up on We understand each other.

    12. I followed RM Drake on Instagram before I discovered him as an author I love his poetry and Tumblr ey feel This book is split up as the beginning half is short stories, and the second half being poetry I enjoyed his poetry than his short stories.

    13. Phenomenal.Robert s way with words is magical He is able to pull so many emotions out of you from sadness to happiness anger to inspired I truly enjoyed this work and definitely plan on buying of his poetry.

    14. Full review on my blogWhen I fell in love with Beautiful and Damned, it turned to a poetry I was so happy that the writer added poems.

    15. The stories feel like they re written by a primary school kid Grammar is tossed right out of the window for this one.

    16. An enjoyable read Some of the stories in the book weren t as interesting though so that was a let down considering the hype of the book.

    17. 4.5 starsthese stories were beautiful The poetry was my favorite part Such lovely words about fate and love and heartbreak and loss and sorrow and .

    18. This is my first foray into a full length book by R.M Drake Like many people, I really like his social media posts, especially on Instagram I admire how he can take words and make beautiful graphics out of them on social media It s something writers in the digital age can and should implement into their publishing and promotional goals Personally, I am also a big fan of using short stories and poetry to tell people s stories as well as my own I liked the overall idea of the book, although the ch [...]

    19. Surem ternyata ini novel Bukan kumpulan puisi Dan ceritanya, ugh Terlalu mendayu dayu banget Too good to besar true hhhh

    20. I first discovered R.M Drake by accident, through facebook After following him on facebook, I found that each new post of his had such a powerful effect on me, it pulled me in like nothing I d read before.I decided to seek his book Beautiful and Damned to get the full experience I read literally hundreds of books in my life so far, but I have never read anything like Drake.The book is a collection of short stories and prose Each piece is capable of taking you to places so deep and so raw you nev [...]

    21. Like most of the other reviewers here, I am a fan of Drake s poetry I m also a huge fan of short story collections but not this one.In the creative writing courses that I have taken in university, professors always stress the fact that genre short stories an intelligible mess Genre requires too much backstory, and in such a short word count it is impossible to properly develop any genre.While I don t think this is necessarily true for all authors, I do think that Drake failed miserably at writin [...]

    22. I m not much of a short story person, at least that is what I gathered by trying to read this To give some background I accidentally stumbled upon the genius of R.M Drake on Instagram I fell in love with many quotes written by the author so I did my research and discovered his poetry During that time in my life it was something that ended up saving me from my own mind I was head over heels and couldn t drink in his words fast enough He helped me find peace and comfort in who I was as a person Wh [...]

    23. This book is now in my top 5 favorites I ve read some of Drake s other books and also loved them This one is my new favorite of his The short stories are beautifully heartbreaking and keep you on the edge of your seat through each story The story s messages often gave me new perspectives on life s common events Most of the story s or poetry are realistic fiction or fantasy Drake s words are descriptive and relatable pulling you in allowing you to relate to this books characters The story ranges [...]

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