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  • Title: The Wind and the Void
  • Author: Ryan Kirk
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The invasion is here Already decimated by civil war, the armies of the Three Kingdoms struggle desperately to mount a defense against a force stronger than any they have fought before In the midst of the chaos the actions and choices of a select few will shape the future of the land Akira prepares to give up his Lordship Ryuu wanders the Southern Kingdom, searching forThe invasion is here Already decimated by civil war, the armies of the Three Kingdoms struggle desperately to mount a defense against a force stronger than any they have fought before In the midst of the chaos the actions and choices of a select few will shape the future of the land Akira prepares to give up his Lordship Ryuu wanders the Southern Kingdom, searching for a reason to fight Moriko sits quietly, biding her time before she leaves the Three Kingdoms for good Finally, across the Three Sisters, Nameless fight to keep his fragile alliance of clans together A new age is dawning in the Three Kingdoms An age born in blood and sacrifice An age shaped by the wind and the void.
    The Wind and the Void The invasion is here Already decimated by civil war the armies of the Three Kingdoms struggle desperately to mount a defense against a force stronger than any they have fought before In the midst of

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    1. This was a bit of a bumpy ride for me First I was bored Next I was annoyed Then pissed Eventually hooked Next thing I know, I m annoyed and pissed again Finally I m satisfied Unfortunately the bumps along the way left me with an overall feeling of disenchantment There was so much potential for a gripping, compelling plot with complex themes and character development but while the brutality of war and the inevitable political and personal dilemmas created by it were touched upon, they weren t exp [...]

    2. Just go get this series Sword fights, war, strategy, political intrigue, a hint of romance characters that make sense even the bad guys Epic Feudal Japanese badassery

    3. This entire Trilogy was the best I d read in 2016 Love the characters and the simple telling of the stories The Author didn t waste words and not much of repetitions of the story, which I love I don t want to give too much info but I highly recommend this trilogy to anyone who connects with the blade assassins kind of world I am

    4. The best book of the trilogyI loved this series and this last book specifically Things were wrapped up nicely The characters have grown so much since the first book I was sad to read this last book It feels like I am parting with old friends.

    5. Just didn t grab me sorryLoved the first book but by book 3 I had just become a little bored with characters that didn t engage me the same way.

    6. The author should be banned from using the noun strength or it s fellow adjectives strong or stronger I m not sure I ve ever seen an overuse of the same basic word over and over again multiple times in the same sentance by a professionally published author If he was banned from using these words he d barely be able to describe anything That s how ridiculous it s become It s Donald Trump level vocabulary.The main protagonist is made to wear a dress for much of the novel and series to be honest an [...]

    7. Having loved the first book of the trilogy, and mostly enjoyed the second, I had hoped the slight dip in form of the second book would be overcome as the series comes to a conclusion If anything, I would say the slump continues Ryuu becomes even irritating and self obsessed, though the continuing development of Moriko as in my view the most important character was a good aspect I really grew to like Akira than I had thought, he does come across as someone who wants to do the right thing, perso [...]

    8. This is my first official review of any book, apart from recommendations and engagements on social media platforms like Reddit I feel like after reading such a masterpiece as this, credit should be given where credit is due.Coming from my recent Kings Dark Tidings trilogy, before them The Rise of Sigurd , The First Law and the 3 stand alone books of their universe among others Ryan Kirk is one of my new top shelf favourite authors The Nightblade series is one of the most gripping tales of ethics [...]

    9. Great ending to a surprisingly well liked trilogy for me I thought it was going to be too YA at first, and while there is a certain element and balance of that in the story it still holds up well It tackles and deals with enough topics on a mature level to make it stand out from YA From all the violence, the subterfuge, political intrigue and mainly how it deals with death Not just someone got their head chopped off type death, but complete character development where you will journey with them, [...]

    10. Incredible Series I ve learned that finishing a story or in this case, a trilogy is much harder than starting one When you start, a whole world awaits Every page is an adventure But finishing a story is just the opposite With a great storyteller, a good ending doesn t leave the reader hanging It answers the questions and closes the loops.I just finished the third book in the NightBlade Series Much of the above review was actually written by the author, as he reflected after finishing The Wind an [...]

    11. After reading the preceding volumes I was very disappointed in this one The editing was far from perfect The characters tended to be static rather than dynamic I felt the author was just going from tying up one loose end to another without making it a narrative There was little if any new plot development It was so frustrating that a series that had been so vibrant and innovative should wind up its trilogy with such a lackluster ending.

    12. Must readAll three books of the Nightblade series have been a pleasure to read The story is dynamic and the characters are easy to follow and continue their development throughout This last book is by far my favorite all stories came to a natural conclusion and the author made an effort to leave the readers with a clear picture of where life will take the heroes.

    13. All good things must come to an end I have enjoyed every part of all three books, its sad to think there will be no stories involving the amazing characters in these books but I think its better to leave the rest to the imagination so in some ways the story never ends Thank you very much

    14. I enjoyed reading this series, the characters are really complex, the story is well written, the twists give me a lot to wonder and even though the two main characters are so different, they make it work and we as readers got to knew them from childhood to adulthood or if you like just the swordsmanship, you will find very good battles here.

    15. It is bittersweet to finish this trilogy It was an awesome adventure, and I fell in love with the characters I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to read a story with strong characters, where you can t even hate the main enemy, Nameless, because he s also an amazing character Wish I could keep reading this

    16. Interesting coming of age samurai tailI enjoyed the characters yet the humor and expansion of main characters seemed to stagnate Fighting for survival was pivotal in the first books, but would of enjoyed a little of Ryuu s development What I did really enjoy was the samurai aspects Yet there was a wide world always hinted at yet left blank.

    17. Good readThis book, like the two before it, was a fun read A good story told well However, it came across as a little flat and emotionally empty I strongly suspect that will change as the author continues to write I look forward to what he writes next.

    18. It was a nice read The end was a bit predictable but satisfying somehow If you like sword fight, a bit a love story, split and the united Kingdom, invasion and enemy that is not such of one These 3 books are for you You can always give them a try I think they might surprise you

    19. This was a nice conclusion to the series with tough decisions, underdogs, and death, as well as life and healing I think the ending of the series was done correctly, and I would be happy to read a series based in the next generation of characters.

    20. Excellent taleI am on the road several hours a day and this trilogy made the hours seem like minutes I would recommend these books to anyone who likes martial arts and the art of a warrior

    21. An enthralling seriesOne of the best short series of books I have had the pleasure to read in a long time Characters are interesting and you care about them I shall miss both Ryuu and Moroko but look forward to reading other books by this author.

    22. Great story, very good characters, very smooth readHighly recommend this series Ryan created great characters that you learn to care about, his actions sequences were very well written, and his writing style is a very smooth read.

    23. Nice end to a great trilogyWhile it comes to a close rather quickly, it is very well done The author does a good job preventing lingering holes.

    24. Trilogyy Absolutely brilliant one of the best series of books I ve read in a long time.Actually bought me to tears.BrilliantGreat

    25. Well worth reading ,I enjoyed this book as I have the previous two, they are a bloody good yarn Looking forward to reading of his books

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