One thought on “لا تخبري ماما”

  1. This book for me was a real eye opener not only does it make you appreciate growing up with a normal background and having loving parents and a wonderful childhood but it shows you that there are sick and twisted people in the world who will manipulate young people to feel superior the shocking truth of this book is somewhat scaring but the way it is written you can hear the shouts feel the pain and understand the emotions going through the young Antoinette s head and that of the older Toni I am [...]

  2. The first time her father made an improper advance on Toni, she was six years old Her father warned her not to tell her mother, or anyone else, because they would blame her and wouldn t love her any It had to remain our secret When she finally built up the courage to tell her mother what had happened, she was told never to speak of the matter again With no one to turn to, isolated and alone in rural Ireland, the abuse continued unhindered.At fourteen Toni fell pregnant by her father, and when h [...]

  3. menich arfa chenkoul ki bdit lekteb deja fibeli ala chnowa yahki khater mel title , el cover wel reviews wadha lahkeya But with every page things get worse I am physically and mentally tired because of this Elmochekla mech fel bou barka el bou wel omm wel tobba wel profet wel ashab w la3bed elkoll I am still shocked.

  4. Having read another of Toni s books I found this familiar ground What she went through was truly terrible, the lack of support from any members of her family was diabolical

  5. Reader discretion, this review and novel contains graphic themes and content which might be confronting to some reading Recommend 18 Dont you be telling your mother, my girl This is our secret If you tell her, she won t believe you She won t love you any longer This is a first for me, i dont normally read memoirs at all or ever, but my mother had this on her bookshelf and my curiosity was sparked Maybe i should start getting into these a bit as i read this in a mere few hours.What an emotional [...]

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