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Dawn of Procyon By Mark R. Healy,

  • Title: Dawn of Procyon
  • Author: Mark R. Healy
  • ISBN: 9781944452247
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the midst of an interstellar conflict, mechanic Landry Stanton is shipwrecked on a remote outpost planet, stranded along with a hostile alien that wants him dead.All Landry wants is to forget the woman he left back on Earth, but now he finds that much bigger issues are at stake the creature, belonging to a species known as the Argoni, may hold the key to turning the tiIn the midst of an interstellar conflict, mechanic Landry Stanton is shipwrecked on a remote outpost planet, stranded along with a hostile alien that wants him dead.All Landry wants is to forget the woman he left back on Earth, but now he finds that much bigger issues are at stake the creature, belonging to a species known as the Argoni, may hold the key to turning the tide in the entire war, assuming Landry can live long enough to tell anyone about it.Pitched into a life and death struggle against the brutal environment and the Argoni itself, Landry is forced to challenge everything he thought he knew about the war, the aliens and even himself.Get notified of Dawn of Procyon s official launch and giveaways here futurehousepublishing beta readers club
    Dawn of Procyon In the midst of an interstellar conflict mechanic Landry Stanton is shipwrecked on a remote outpost planet stranded along with a hostile alien that wants him dead All Landry wants is to forget the w

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    1. I really enjoyed this book I think it works perfectly for fans of hard scifi like THE MARTIAN, but where I felt it surpasses that book is that it has heart The story moves along at a brisk pace, with my only complaint being that it started a little slowly After that though, it was all the smartly written techno sequences of THE MARTIAN, but with interesting characters that I actively felt frightened for and could root rooted for It definitely felt like a first book in a series, with a lot expec [...]

    2. FYI I received a copy of Dawn of Procyon from Future House Publishing in exchange for an honest reviewWow That s all I have to say for this review I know, I know, that s not telling you the story but I was actually blown away by this plot Couldn t get myself to stop because it was so desirable that you wanted to know what the hell happens To start off, Dawn of Procyon is about a battle two colonies Earth and Argoni, trying to conquer one another as it took place on Procyon an inhabitable planet [...]

    3. Larry s takeVery good characters and well written This fellows along with Mark s previous books which are very interesting reads Keep up the good work Mark we re ready for .

    4. I really enjoyed Mark R Healy s Silent Earth dystopian trilogy so when I saw Dawn of Procyon pop up today on I immediately grabbed it.Sorry, I had to stop for a minute to pat myself on the back for doing so because this is a brilliant novel, the first in a series about a long running war between Earth and an implacable alien enemy the Argoni The action takes place on the inhospitable planet Procyon, an Earth outpost, where Landry Stanton is having a really bad day Landry wound up on Procyon as t [...]

    5. Fans of Mark R Healy books will detect a distinct change in writing in his latest series and novel, Dawn of Procyon This change is something that comes to authors who have carefully developed and honed their craft over time, until the epiphanal novel emerges that is not only well written but also a great read.Dawn of Procyon revolves around standoffish and inglorious technician Landry, repairman and mechanic on a remote planetary outpost named Proc One He is the supervisor to a crew of Optech gr [...]

    6. In this, Mark R Healy s first book for Future House Publishing, he has written the first instalment in a sci fi series that works just as well for teens as it does adults Dawn of Procyon starts out slowly as he establishes his main characters and the world they inhabit but picks up pace later with the ending leaving the reader teetering on the edge with a good old fashioned cliffhanger.Mark s ability to build solid characters you believe in is on show once again But whereas hisprevious novels ha [...]

    7. No spoilers.I don t normally gravitate to sci fi, dystopia type reads, but I started this book and read it in one sitting I was immediately pulled in by how normal the main character was, flaws and all, and as the story progressed I longed to know his secrets.It is so well written and edited that I was pulled along for the ride, seeing with my mind s eye things I never imagined, but Mr Healy wrote in a fashion that made places, things, people and events seem possible.I really enjoyed this novel, [...]

    8. Dawn of Procyon is a thrilling sci fi book with a good plot that keeps the reader wondering how it will end Landry is a great main character who is not your everyday hero in fact in his world he is not a hero at all When Landry s only friend convinces him to help him go off base to save his friend from being shipped back to Earth Landry hesitantly agrees Landry embark s on an adventure with only a little bit of oxygen and water left he has to find a way to warn his people that there is an even g [...]

    9. this book was sent to me for free in return of an honest reviewI think this book was amazing i didnt want to put it down and just wanted to read it 24 7 It was a little confusing and boring in the beginning and in some parts in the middle that i wanted to skip the books about a war between humans this species of aliens called the argoni They have been trying to take over thee earth since a few years but always failedi think the end couldve been betterit was really sad how they introduced landrys [...]

    10. Dawn of Procyon is an amazing start to what looks to be a very intriguing series Landry is a real and flawed main character who you can t help but get behind Love the humour with HAIRI I was all prepared to dislike Cait as well, but the Author crafts such a complex character that I couldn t help but like her immensely The world building and character development are well thought out and flow seamlessly with the plot, leaving you deeply connected to both the characters and the story I can t wait [...]

    11. This book was amazing I read it in one day, in one sitting, and I don t even feel guilty I must say, this book very well written, and had me since page one I am very hesitant on reading Sci Fi books, but I am glad I got the opportunity to receive this book for free Tomoson Definitely makes me want to read of this authors books FutureHousePub

    12. This is an entertaining science fiction story with interesting, fully fleshed out main characters and good writing While it starts off very reminiscent of the book The Martian , it quickly veers off into something different The or less back and forth chapters between Landry s fight for survival and Kate s experiences at the outpost, made me not want to put the book down There was, however, one major incident at the outpost that seems to have no connection to the rest of the storyline but perhap [...]

    13. Wow I was on the edge of my seat all through this Full review very soon, once I go hide under my bed for a little whileReview posted on Tea in the Treetops in April 2016 In the not too distant future, humans will invent the fold engine, making it possible to head out across star systems Almost as soon as they start heading out, they are followed back by a strange race of space travelers These creatures are called the Argoni by the humans, and they immediately attack Earth without provocation or [...]

    14. Pros fascinating aliens, Landry s resourcefulness Cons cliched characters, Landry comprehends the alien with remarkable speedWhen Landry agrees to help a friend he has no idea that favour will leave him stranded on the surface of Proc One, oxygen running out, no way to communicate with the base, and no hope of a rescue Then he realizes that one of the alien enemy Argoni is nearby, cannibalizing the wreck of his scout ship.Cait s the optech promoted to supervisor after Landry s disappearance Her [...]

    15. I received this book for free from the publisher for providing my honest opinion about the book Let me just stay right out the gate I looked at this book in a very sceptical manner I ve read several books lately and to be honest the majority of them have left a very bad taste in my mouth As such I wasn t expecting very much from this book either I was sure it would be filled with sci fi elements and a lot of things to make me think huh this seems like insert here video game title Yet, as I turne [...]

    16. What would you do if you were stranded on a distant planet, running out of air and water and you are being followed watched by an alien Would you be able to survive Or would you just give up I enjoyed reading this book.a lot It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time I was reading it I honestly didn t think that Landry would make it during some points in the story It was definitely a nail biter The two subplots were compelling too and the author did a wonderful job of tying them all toget [...]

    17. I love science fiction books and knowing that one day we will probably try to inhabit another planet I had to read the Dawn of Procyon.The Author, Mark R Healy, has written an amazing story that keeps the reader engaged He details life on a space station and creates memorable characters that get into the weirdest situations and all while adding action and suspense to the story The main character, Landry, is stuck on a distant planet, Procyon A, on an unauthorized mission and has to find a way to [...]

    18. I read an interesting Sci Fi book called Dawn of Procyon , by Mark R Healy It is a story of human ingenuity, self reliance, and persevering even though it would be so much easier to just give up Although it took place on an alien planet, there are recurring themes of understanding the human spirit The author was very descriptive, and illustrated the story vividly in my mind I really enjoyed the story.It is a bit of a love story, a bit about human ambition, a bit about aliens, a bit of hardcore s [...]

    19. For someone that is really not into sci fi, let alone a huge fan of reading I found this book intriguing and was unable to put it down Dawn of Procyon looks to be a good start to a long lived series of interesting reading I was taken in almost immediately by how realistic the characters were, each having their own background making them seem even normal The specific detail that carried on throughout the entire book is truly what made the story and separated it from all the other alien vs human [...]

    20. Dawn of Procyon is a thrilling book Although the character developments take a couple of chapters to establish, it is well worth the wait It is somewhat of a plain story but becomes interesting due to the detail and likability within the attitudes of the characters I would give it four stars for it s simply written story and characters, that just become interesting because of the various situations they encounter and must find a way to cope, solve, or escape from.I received a copy of Dawn of Pro [...]

    21. I really liked Dawn of Procyon The writer is clearly talented, and the words of the book flow in a unique voice.The characters and the setting are interesting, and well fleshed out.My problem is that I want I want to go deeper into what this world is like, deeper into the mythology of the war that s at the center of the story, and deeper into these characters what drives them, what they want, how they treat people and are treated.This is a great starting point, and a great read, but I feel like [...]

    22. Another colony on another planet deals with alien race novella Lots of fun, with interesting new ideas don t want to spoil them here on how someone else might choose to fight a war There are similarities to Heinlein s Starship Troopers, both the book and the movie If you enjoyed the movie, grab this first novella in a series It is a complete thought by itself unlike some serialized stories and enjoyable Solid 3.

    23. I think this is a really good book The pace of it is nice and not too fast, but not slow either You get a lot of information in a short amount of time The story itself is great Aliens are taking over and it is a fight to save everything The author did a really nice job on this book, I really enjoyed it I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion review.

    24. Awesome Book It glues you into it from beginning to end If you re into Sci Fi this is the perfect book for you Overall, it s a good read Mark Healy did leave me wanting Leaves you wondering, what next I wanted to keep reading I definitely recommend this book I received a pre release copy of Dawn of Procyon from Future House Publishing in exchange for an unbiased review.

    25. Dawn of Procyon is the first book in the Distant Suns series where a lonely mechanic on a very distant planet lives away from the front lines of a raging war between the Humans and the Argoni The book is written by Mark R Healy and the audiobook edition is narrated by Travis Baldree The main character s life, job, and activities are boring, that is until he finds himself in a rather harsh predicament requiring his every wit to survive During his journey, back from the crash site, he unearths wha [...]

    26. Review originally published at lomeraniel audiobookreEarth is at war with the Argoni To avoid being caught by surprise, human have set several outposts in order to detect any Argoni Escaping from his sorrow, Landry Stanton decides to leave Earth and work on an outpost planet, Proc One While being there he is asked by one of the pilots, his only friend, to help him get something out of the compound To avoid too many questions, Landry s friend decides to fly under the radar, but before then can la [...]

    27. , Format audiobook Let s go spit on the barbeque Procyon is an inhospitable planet No one can survive on the surface for than a few minutes without a full suit and oxygen, unlike the occasional fearsome Argoni sometimes still seen roaming about Twice the size of a human, they seem impervious to almost anything.Landry Stanton is an engineer, a supervisor, on the planet of Procyon He works hard, eats, sleeps and then does it all over again He doesn t have any friends, well, perhaps just one So wh [...]

    28. What did you love best about Dawn of Procyon I don t love books That said, DofP did not follow the formula of alien invasion novels The aliens did not attack in overwhelming numbers Humans were not defending their home planet or even their homes This is the story of an outpost and the opening moves in what could become a grand space opera.What did you like best about this story The science was light in this science fiction piece, but it did not slow the story and the tech was not a crutch to sav [...]

    29. I quite enjoyed this book It reminds me of some of my favorite books, like The Martian It doesn t fall solidly in just one genre There is world building and a similar feel to fantasy, science fiction, but hard science than what I expected, and a lot of humor The feel of the book changes somewhat for me part of the way through, but the writing is good throughout I think the book will appeal to a wide range of people There is an obvious setup for the second book.The narration is quite good I hadn [...]

    30. Mark Healy shows once again just how promising an author he is This story takes place in a rich universe with characters that seems so real you could smell them No one in this story is perfect and some are much less perfect than others It is these flaws and the strides the characters take to overcome them that makes them so very interesting The back story is filled in nicely with an even blend of flashbacks and storytelling All together it makes for a fun and pleasant read.I do not like cliffhan [...]

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