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Oliver Twisted By Cindy Brown,

  • Title: Oliver Twisted
  • Author: Cindy Brown
  • ISBN: 9781635110418
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Paperback
  • Orphans Thieves Murder And an All You Can Eat Buffet When Ivy Meadows lands a gig with the book themed cruise line Get Lit , she thinks she s died and gone to Broadway Not only has she snagged a starring role in a musical production of Oliver Twist, she s making bank helping her PI uncle investigate a string of onboard thefts, all while sailing to Hawaii on the S.S DaOrphans Thieves Murder And an All You Can Eat Buffet When Ivy Meadows lands a gig with the book themed cruise line Get Lit , she thinks she s died and gone to Broadway Not only has she snagged a starring role in a musical production of Oliver Twist, she s making bank helping her PI uncle investigate a string of onboard thefts, all while sailing to Hawaii on the S.S David Copperfield.But Ivy is cruising for disaster Her acting contract somehow skipped the part about aerial dancing forty feet above the stage, her uncle Bob is seriously sidetracked by a suspicious blonde, and oh yeah there s a corpse in her closet Forget catching crooks Ivy s going to have a Dickens of a time just surviving This gut splitting mystery is a hilarious riff on an avant garde production of the Scottish play Combining humor and pathos can be risky in a whodunit, but gifted author Brown makes it work Mystery Scene Magazine on Macdeath A definite delight sit back, wait for the curtain to rise on this one, and then have a whole lot of fun figuring out whodunit Suspense Magazine on The Sound of Murder Ivy is a delight She s sweet, smart, and a little zany You ll find yourself laughing out loud as you race through the pages April Henry, New York Times Bestselling Author of Lethal Beauty on The Sound of Murder Books in the Ivy Meadows Humorous Mystery Series MACDEATH 1 THE SOUND OF MURDER 2 OLIVER TWISTED 3 Part of the Henery Press Mystery Series Collection, if you like one, you ll probably like them allRelated subjects include cozy mysteries, women sleuths, murder mystery series, whodunit mysteries whodunnit , amateur sleuth books, book club recommendations, humorous murder mysteries, private investigator mystery series.
    Oliver Twisted Orphans Thieves Murder And an All You Can Eat Buffet When Ivy Meadows lands a gig with the book themed cruise line Get Lit she thinks she s died and gone to Broadway Not only has she snagged a starr

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    1. Another cute entry in the Ivy Meadows mystery This one takes place on a cruise ship This just happens to be a literary cruise ship, which if these things were real, I would sign up especially if there was a Jane Austen cruise ship AnywayI love cozy mysteries, so if your not a fan, this wouldn t be for you Ivy is an inexperienced P.I which leaves for many mishaps and not so subtle investigating Ivy is so adorable, though, it hardly matters She has her Uncle Bob with her, who is a senior P.I and i [...]

    2. Author Cindy Brown scored big with her debut mystery MacDeath and its sequel The Sound of Murder, but the third book in the series, Oliver Twisted, while enjoyable, isn t a five star triumph.Fledgling actress Ivy Meadows the stage name for a young woman with the prosaic name of Olive Ziegwart joins her private investigator Uncle Bob in going undercover on the S.S David Copperfield, a cruise ship with a Charles Dickens theme The entire cruise line has been hit with a series of robberies and jewe [...]

    3. Brown mixes laugh out loud observations about the acting life with a witty and intriguing mystery Consider yourself warned Oliver Twisted is a fast paced addictive read impossible to put down until Ivy has caught the killer D.E Ireland, Agatha Award Nominated Author of Move Your Blooming Corpse

    4. Ivy Meadow and Uncle Bob have accepted a PI job on the cruise ship S S David Copperfield Get Lit to locate the thieves robbing passengers Ivy finds herself playing the part of Nancy Her contract skipped over the aerial dancing Ivy discovers her roommate, Harley, dead stuffed in a small closet As the investigation unravels it takes different on several different paths Uncle Bob is smitten with a passenger Ivy receives a message that her brother is missing from his group home Will Ivy and Uncle Bo [...]

    5. I think this was my favorite out of the Ivy Meadows series I loved the little Dickens of a brat kid, his final scene was the best Ha The story was a good one and I definitely share Ivy s fear of the water And who knew there would be so many suspects This is certainly a fun, entertaining and just relaxing and enjoyable cozy series There s lots of chuckles and being in the theater PI business, you just never know what Ivy will have to get herself into Silk aerial dancing Oh, no way I could do it T [...]

    6. Please, sir, I want some Ivy Meadows is an actress part of the time and a private detective the rest of it So when her PI boss, her Uncle Bob, is hired to investigate a series of thefts aboard a cruise ship, Ivy puts both her talents to use detecting when she s not playing Nancy in the Dickens themed cruise s production of Oliver At Sea But things take a serious turn almost as soon as she steps on board, when she finds the body of the girl she was due to share a cabin with stuffed into the wardr [...]

    7. Ivy and her PI uncle Bob are working on a case together as they go undercover on the Get Lit ship the S.S David Copperfield They are trying to track down the people behind a rash of petty theft that have been plaguing the literature themed cruise company As part of her cover, Ivy is working in Oliver At Sea , the ships current play However, the ship has barely left when Ivy finds her roommate stuffed into their closet Have the thieves escalated to murder This is another delightful romp with Ivy [...]

    8. In January 2014, I read the first book in this series, MacDeath, and enjoyed it immensely Somehow I must have slept through 2015, because I missed The Sound of Murder But I m truly glad to be back reading about Ivy and her adventures Why , you might ask Well, I am a nut for live theatre So much so I got a minor in theatre to go with my finance major , and have acted or tech d about 30 plays Cindy s books are about as close as I get to the theatre these days we live in the boonies , so it s alway [...]

    9. This is the third book in the Ivy Meadows Mystery Series and the first one I have read I give this book 4.5 stars I am definitely going to check out the other two Even though there were things mentioned that I had obviously missed from the first two books, I was able to follow the story easily Cindy Brown has written a funny mystery that kept me guessing right to the end The fact that there was than one death murder as well as thievery going on it was easy to send up red herrings and keep the s [...]

    10. Another fun adventure with Ivy Meadows This time she and her uncle Bob are undercover on a Charles Dickens themed cruise ship the S.S David Copperfield , looking for a gang of thieves working the Get Lit cruise line Ivy plays Nancy in the on board production of Oliver At Sea and appears as an aerial dancer for which she has no training at all in a magic show, while Bob pretends to be a wealthy rancher.Bad cell service fouls up communication between Ivy and Bob, and between Ivy and Phoenix, where [...]

    11. I love this series of books and Oliver Twisted is as entertaining as the others have been Set during a Get Lit cruise, Ivy joins the troop performing Oliver Twist on a Dicken s Literature Cruise to go undercover and try to find the culprit in a series of robberies onboard But a dead body complicates things and both Ivy and Uncle Bob have to get to the bottom of everything before they are next Cindy Brown does a great job creating multiple characters that are flawed and have roles in the finales [...]

    12. This is the third book in the series and it was just as much fun as the other two Ivy gets herself into some crazy situations along with her uncle who is a PI Ivy is an actress of sorts and also works for her uncle as an assistant This story takes them on a cruise ship to find a thief, which they do in the end.

    13. Ivy Meadows is on a cruise ship, ready to perform in a seagoing version of Oliver Twist But she s not there as just a performer both she and her Uncle Bob are undercover he as a wealthy rancher in order to discover who is stealing items from passengers traveling on the Get Lit cruise line If they do solve the mystery of the thefts, they ll each receive a healthy bonus which will put a nice amount in Ivy s bank account.But it doesn t bode well when Ivy enters her small stateroom and finds the bod [...]

    14. Title Oliver Twisted Ivy Meadows Mystery Book 3Author Cindy Brown Published 6 21 2016 Publisher Henery Press Pages 288 Genre Mystery, Thrillers Suspense Sub Genre Women Sleuths, Cozy Mystery, Amateur Sleuths Police Procedurals ISBN 13 ASIN B01DAPK14Q Reviewer DelAnne Reviewed For NetGalleyRating 4.75 I received a copy of Oliver Twisted from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for my honest review.Description Form the Publisher Orphans Thieves Murder And an All You Can Eat Buffet When Ivy Mea [...]

    15. This review originally published in Looking For a Good Book Rated 3.5 of 5This is my third Ivy Meadows Mystery and third in the series and I find these books to be just plain fun.Ivy Meadows is an amateur actor and an amateur detective, working for her Uncle Bob s private investigations firm Duda Detective Agency This time the agency has a special client a cruise ship line There have been a rash of thefts aboard a series of cruises that are dedicated to a literature theme Bob goes aboard as a we [...]

    16. What happens when you take a scattered, water phobic actress P.I out of the deserts of Arizona and drop her on a literature themes cruise ship sailing to Hawaii You get comedy, drama, danger, and than a little madcap action in the form of Oliver Twisted, the third Ivy Meadows Mystery from the wickedly funny and talented Cindy Brown Having recently come to terms with her fear of water, Ivy and her uncle are commissioned for a case on board a Get Lit cruise The cruise line has a fleet that caters [...]

    17. Ivy Meadows is such a fun character I love the person that she is She is an actress and hopes to make it big some day, but she really likes helping out her Uncle Bob solve mysteries In this book she and her Uncle are hired to find the thieves that are working the cruise line They go undercover Since Ivy is an actress, she uses her acting ability to sell the undercover role, of an actress Her Uncle doesn t do quite as well He has difficulty staying in character, and out of trouble They aren t the [...]

    18. I received this book free from the publisher through NetGalley I thank them for their generousity In exchange, I was simply asked to write an honest review, and post it The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising Earth to Ivy Hang on I m thinking, and I can t think and talk at once No comment In this book, the second of the three Ivy Meado [...]

    19. Ivy Meadows is an actress PI She is thrilled when she and her Uncle Bob are hired by the GetLit cruise line Get Lit has been troubled by a series of thefts on its ships lately and they want Bob Ivy to find the thieves so they can put a stop to it They decide to act as if they do not know each other, as to not raise suspicions of the crew or guests So even with her extreme fear of water, Ivy accepts, and they cruise on the SS David Copperfield to Hawaii Its difficult enough for Ivy to excel as a [...]

    20. Olive Ziegwart, better known by her stage name of Ivy Meadows, is a quick understudy to her Uncle Bob Duda in his P I business Ivy finds herself working as a Dickens character on a cruise while Uncle Bob is undercover as a guest on the ship The cruise line has been plagued with the theft of passengers jewelry.First Ivy finds her shipmate stuffed in the tiny closet of their shared room dead of course Then she s plagued by the orphans of the cast of the play Oliver Twist she is to perform in Oh ye [...]

    21. I loved this third adventure with Ivy Meadows By now readers are familiar with Brown s wonderful characters Ivy, who divides her time between acting and learning to be a private investigator Uncle Bob, a private investigator and her boss Cody her beloved younger brother who suffered a brain injury as a child and Matt, one of the caregivers at Cody s group home We get to know Ivy s friend and fellow actor Timothy better in this book He s only had small roles in the previous books but shines as tr [...]

    22. Ivy is a part time actor and a part time sleuth Clearly her acting skills stand in very good stead indeed when she is working undercover And her Uncle who runs the PI Agency, persuades her to use her talents fully she is to play an actor in a cruise ship play whilst also being an investigator looking for jewel thieves.They are cruising to Hawaii which sounds very nice but her job as actor means she has to work very hard indeed as they are required to mingle in costume a lot of the time, sell som [...]

    23. Oliver Twisted, the third book in Cindy Brown s Ivy Meadows Mysteries, takes actress Ivy Meadows PI Olive Ziegwart to the high seas She has landed the role of Nancy on the shipboard presentation of Oliver At Sea on the S.S David Copperfield, as well as assisting her Uncle Bob in the investigation of a string of onboard thefts experienced by the Get Lit cruise lines.However, theft isn t the only crime onboard Within hours of sailing, a dead body is found, within days incidents occur and Ivy beco [...]

    24. Princess Fuzzypants here Ivy Meadows has on her plate than the overwhelming cruise buffets She is on the job twice once as Nancy in a unique rendition of Oliver and once as a detective with her uncle undercover, trying to suss out the thieves on board.Ivy is the consummate actress but there are a lot of suspicious characters including members of the cast and other passengers When a celebrated author is murdered, the heat is turned up.It is great fun reading the antics of the cast of the show Th [...]

    25. Ivy and her uncle go undercover to catch thieves Ivy s an actress so performing Nance in the director s version of Oliver Twist on a ship with everything Dickens themed should be easy But Ivy s barely got her feet wet and she discovers a dead body in her closet More annoying is that her uncle is distracted by Bette but her uncle doesn t want to hear suspicions about the lady The bigger problem is that the Ivy finds out the less she trusts anyone, especially after the second body.Between Ivy s f [...]

    26. I should have known Uncle Bob would be the one to blow our cover Olive er, Ivy, or uh Nancy is hired by her P.I Uncle to help him catch a gang of thieves while undercover on the S.S David Copperfield She is enticed by her finances and by the chance to play Nancy in the musical version of Oliver Twist, all while sailing to Hawaii Her contract forgot to mention aerial duties that left her dangling forty feet above the stage in which there would be no mat Nor did she expect to find a dead body her [...]

    27. This is a great book this is the third book in the An Ivy Meadows Mystery series by Cindy Brown When Ivy Meadows lands a gig with the book themed cruise line Get Lit , she thinks she s died and gone to Broadway Not only has she snagged a starring role in a musical production of Oliver Twist, she s making bank helping her PI uncle investigate a string of onboard thefts, all while sailing to Hawaii on the S.S David Copperfield This is a great book with a wonderful story and well developed characte [...]

    28. 3.5 starsThe latest Ivy Meadows adventure is a fun, readable cozy Ivy seems to have developed as a character in this third outing and her background and personality are fleshed out and complex than in the earlier books.Ivy is filling in a theater gig on a cruise ship while simultaneously conducting a theft investigation with her P.I uncle, who is travelling incognito Almost immediately a dead body pops up in Ivy s stateroom closet Throw in the Charles Dickens cruise theme, some mysterious Russi [...]

    29. Oliver Twisted is the third book in the Ivy Meadows mystery series It is a well written and professionally edited full length novel.Ivy is working two part time jobs one as a P.I with her detective uncle and as a small time actress They are hired by a cruise line to find the thieves that have been plaguing their literary cruises Soon murder raises it s ugly head and Ivy discovers that her easy job is very complicated.This was a fun plot, but the characters really shine in Oliver Twisted They are [...]

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