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Mooncake By Frank Asch,

  • Title: Mooncake
  • Author: Frank Asch
  • ISBN: 9780136010135
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Unknown Binding
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    1. I was looking in the library catalog for Pavese s El bello verano They hadn t got the Italian novel about adolescent loss of innocence and subsequent disillusionment, and recommended this picture book about a bear eating cake instead.It was a nice book for younger children I didn t especially enjoy it, but I can see it working for a three year old That s probably the right age to enjoy feeling smarter and with it than the bear protagonist, who falls asleep before blasting off in his rocket ship [...]

    2. contains spoilers In this book, Asch tackles many subjects ambition, fear of the unknown, conflict with one s biological urges, xenophobia, and duty Bear s devotion to his goals leads him to overcome fear of the unknown and attempt to head to the moon His friend Little Bird cannot participate, for he has obligations to help lead his flock s annual migration Bear continues on without his friend, only to succumb to his body s demand for hibernation Bear believes he makes it to the moon and samples [...]

    3. This is a story of the determined, hardworking, and inventive main character named Bear One day Bear and his trusty side kick, Little Bird, were watching the moon when they realized that they were hungry and that is when Bear comes up with the idea to take a bite out of the moon for he thinks it will be delicious After one failed attempt at reaching the moon, Little Bird and Bear decide to build a rocket ship all summer long to help them travel to the moon Bear enters in the rocket ship and befo [...]

    4. Cute, although I wonder if even Bear would be unable to differentiate snow from dirt I do wish it had made a little clear that Bear was hibernating, which is why he slept so long and without awareness Otherwise, it doesn t make much sense Overall, it s cute enough, but not up to the standard set by some of the other titles in the series.

    5. Bear and his best friend Little Bird are staring at the night sky when they both realize that they are hungry Bear tells his friend that he wishes he could eat the Moon because it looks so delicious Little Bird is a little leery of eating the moon because it is so far away but Bear goes into his house and forms a spoon ended bow and arrow and tries to get a scoop out of the moon His plan fails but Bear is determined to have a bite The next day, Bear gathers materials and builds a rocket with the [...]

    6. Bear wants to taste the moon.He shoots a spoon attached to an arrow towards the moon.It misses.So Bear and his friend Little Bird spend the summer building a rocket built from junk so they can fly to the moon.Fall comes and Little Bird flies south before the rocket is finished.Bear climbs aboard as the last leaves fall and begins the countdown.He falls asleep by the end of his countdown Snow falls The wind blows.Bear wakes up when the wind blows his rocket over He thinks he is on the moon Bear s [...]

    7. So the story is revolving around a little bird and a bear relaxing by a tree in the middle of the night When one of them begins to get hungry, the bear decides, Hey I wanna eat the moon So he grabbed a bow and arrow, tied a spoon to it, and tried shooting the moon, but to no avail Then the bird suggests bear build a rocket ship cause you know, making a bowl of soup is SO much harder then mastering astro physics After months of working on the project, the bird flies home to see his family instead [...]

    8. I did not like this bookI was wondering If I was missing something so I read the first 5 star review I saw I found one by OWEN and I have included it In this book, Asch tackles many subjects ambition, fear of the unknown, conflict with one s biological urges, xenophobia, and duty Bear s devotion to his goals leads him to overcome fear of the unknown and attempt to head to the moon His friend Little Bird cannot participate, for he has obligations to help lead his flock s annual migration Bear con [...]

    9. Mooncake is an adorable book for young children A cute fluffy bear decides one day that he wants to know what the moon taste like He stops for nothing and makes a space ship in order for him to get to the moon When the spaceship is built we read about bear counting down until he takes off This really helps young children with learning how to count The short, simple, and fun illustrations really match the context of the book perfectly.This book shows young children to reach for the stars in all t [...]

    10. Although interesting, Mooncake struggles to hold my attention past the nice illustrations I chose this book because it looked cute, with the little bear on the front, but it seemed a bit too simple which would actually be great for those first and second graders Not only that, there seemed to be quite a few words on each page and some of it just seemedunneeded For a library for kids this is a good book, but you ll want younger kids because the older ones may not be paying attention after the fir [...]

    11. Another in the series of Moon books featuring Bear and his friend, Little Bird.Both Little Bird and Bear are fascinated by the Moon.Bear decides he will build a rocket ship to find out exactly what the moon is made of.Little readers will love going along for the ride.What does the Moon taste like Your little ones will have to listen to find out.Again, I love the story but really wish the artwork was brilliant It is so dull and just doesn t capture the imagination.

    12. I liked the story a lot and so did my 5 year old, even though it might be aimed at slightly younger children I love how Bear perseveres in his quest to get to the moon, despite Little Bird s discouragement This edition is kind of crappy though OK, it s really old and beat up, but the colors are all weird, a little washed out and the definition of the illustrations is terrible, very fuzzy

    13. I have always been fond of the Frank Asch series featuring Bear and his friend Little Bird This latest title in the set features Bear s plans to build a rocketship so he can fly to the moon and learn what it tastes like Readers will be delighted to follow Bear as he perseveres to complete the rocketship even during the winter months when he normally would be asleep and discover if he ever makes it to the moon and back.

    14. Bear builds a rocket ship to go to the moon, but falls asleep during countdown He wakes up when the ship blows over and thinks he made it to the moon, due to the snow When he comes across his own footsteps he gets worried about moon monsters and crawls back into the rocket and falls asleep during countdown again He wakes up back home for spring Parents were chuckling This might work better for storytime than toddler time.

    15. This is a silly book about a little bear s mission to see what the moon tastes like He builds a rocket ship to take there and eventually falls asleep in it When he wakes up, it is the winter, but he thinks it is the moon.I think this is a fun book for kids because it is full of simple little jokes ans scenes that they can understand It is easy to read and I like the art.

    16. I remember this book from a book program my parents signed me up for as a kid It was greate program You got a book in the mail every month annnnnnd who doesn t like getting mail I was kind of disappointed with the story now Oh well I was glad I found it at the librarya little walk down memory lane.

    17. I love it that they show how someone came to think something subjectively, and yet objectively there was something different going on And yet it s a cute children s story I like it that the bear responds to the bird s curiosity about how the moon would taste The bear is a can do kind of guy and tries a few things He skips his hibernation to try and help out his friend.

    18. Bear is hungry and wants to snack on the moon, except it s too far away His friend bird suggests he build a spaceship Few words, and easy to make it a little shorter for the little kids who aren t yet at the than one sentence per page level.

    19. My kids loved this book when they were little, and the preschoolers whom I read it to last week loved it too The story is charming, the illustrations are delightful, and the children love being able to know than Bear does in this sweet, gentle story.

    20. I had searched for this title since I was 3, after my family accidentally got rid of it I finally found it by searching on google, and then on answers Of course, there s nothing you can t find on google It was just as I remembered it Funny and witty

    21. I read this to K 1 kids early in the school year It s short, sweet, clever, funny, and the kids love it Once we read one Bear story, they re happy to see bear in all of the other stories by Frank Asch.

    22. GR Level J Elementary E ASCFind out what happens when Bear decides to make a space rocket and fly to the moon.

    23. Simply adorable A little bear desperately wants to take a bite out of the moon Sweet, simple little story.

    24. Cute book by Frank Asch Bear really wants to taste the moon, but it seems too far away So he builds a rocket ship, and makes a cake out of the moon, which is really just snow from the winter.

    25. I love this book And it offers so many great things to discuss and explore with children the seasons, hibernation, migration, the moon and space travel A must read on our list

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