[KINDLE] ☆ Occidentalismul: războiul împotriva Occidentului: o scurtă istorie a urii față de Vest | BY Í Ian Buruma Avishai Margalit Anca Bărbulescu

Occidentalismul: războiul împotriva Occidentului: o scurtă istorie a urii față de Vest By Ian Buruma Avishai Margalit Anca Bărbulescu,

  • Title: Occidentalismul: războiul împotriva Occidentului: o scurtă istorie a urii față de Vest
  • Author: Ian Buruma Avishai Margalit Anca Bărbulescu
  • ISBN: 9789735051464
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ceea ce am numit noi occidentalism este portretul dezumanizant pe care i l fac Vestului adversarii lui n cartea de fa , inten ion m s analiz m acest set de prejudec i i s i urm rim r d cinile culturale Precizarea e oportun , c t vreme prima accep ie a cuv ntului occidentalism e pozitiv i declan eaz mai degrab admira ie dec t ostilitate Prin cartea lor, I Ceea ce am numit noi occidentalism este portretul dezumanizant pe care i l fac Vestului adversarii lui n cartea de fa , inten ion m s analiz m acest set de prejudec i i s i urm rim r d cinile culturale Precizarea e oportun , c t vreme prima accep ie a cuv ntului occidentalism e pozitiv i declan eaz mai degrab admira ie dec t ostilitate Prin cartea lor, Ian Buruma i Avishai Margalit r spund, dup mai bine de dou zeci i cinci de ani, Orientalismului lui Edward Said, n care erau prezentate mecanismele prin care g ndirea occidental denigra i diaboliza lumea Estului Occidentalismul reia povestea raporturilor dintre Est i Vest, dar de data asta unghiul de vedere se schimb E tot o carte despre stereotipiile, fantasmele i construc iile urii Numai c acum inta este Vestul, n care adversarii v d o lume a r ului, lipsit de suflet, vibra ie i viziune O lume egoist i mercantil , cosmopolit i uscat , unde iluminarea spiritual i autenticitatea moral nu se mai g sesc Buruma i Margalit iau n discu ie argumentele invocate de cei care detest Occidentul i analizeaz urm rile pe care le poate avea cocteilul de intoleran , prejudecat , fanatism i reacredin n articularea unor idei, atitudini i ac iuni.Aversiunea sau chiar ura fa de Occident nu sunt probleme grave n sine Occidentalismul devine periculos abia c nd este cuplat la puterea politic Atunci c nd sursa puterii politice este i unica surs de adev r, avem de a face cu o dictatur Iar c nd ideologia dictaturii este ura fa de Occident, ideile devin mortale.Acolo unde libertatea politic , religioas i de g ndire s a stabilit deja, ea trebuie ap rat de du manii ei, cu for a dac este nevoie, dar i cu convingere n cartea de fa nu am spus o poveste maniheist despre dou civiliza ii beligerante Dimpotriv , am vorbit despre contaminarea bilateral , despre r sp ndirea ideilor rele Acela i lucru ni se poate nt mpla i acum, dac vom c dea n capcana de a r spunde cu aceea i moned , de a reac iona la islamism cu propriile noastre forme de intoleran.
    Occidentalismul r zboiul mpotriva Occidentului o scurt istorie a urii fa de Vest Ceea ce am numit noi occidentalism este portretul dezumanizant pe care i l fac Vestului adversarii lui n cartea de fa inten ion m s analiz m acest set de prejudec i i s i urm rim r d cinile cultural

    One thought on “Occidentalismul: războiul împotriva Occidentului: o scurtă istorie a urii față de Vest”

    1. A series of short essays on non Western stereotypes of the west and their intellectual origins Focuses on Japanese nationalism, Russian Slavophilia, Fardid s Westoxification , and Qutbism and Al Qaeda Useful in finding some common characteristics the West is overly urban , overly mercantile, rational over spiritual, and ignoring the will of God Buruma suggests there is a common relationship with the German romanticism of Fichte, Herder, and Schelling, though there is not enough of a casual relat [...]

    2. As the sub title says, the point is to describe the West in the Eyes of Its Enemies the toxic mix of stereotypes, assumptions, and ignorance that dehumanizes its inhabitants.The book is essentially four medium length essays, each covering different strains of Occidentalism Although framed around illuminating the mindset of modern Islamic terrorism how could anyone justify mass murder the point is that this is similar to and descended from earlier mindsets Indeed, the book spends most of its time [...]

    3. I was really worried this book, given it s emotionally and politically fraught topic, would fail in subtlety at some point and veer into xenophobia or merely lazy essentializing Happily, co authors Ian Buruma and Avishai Margalit instead display a breadth of knowledge about history and political thought in many parts of the world that allow them to talk deftly about the development of anti western sentiments over the past several centuries without reducing any of the cultures under discussion to [...]

    4. There are some interesting tidbits of the history of ideas here, but they are woven into an oddly unbalanced and decontextualized story I m kind of mad at the authors for taking this title for a book that doesn t live up to its promise Occidentalism ought to be a book that looks at Occidentalism as the obverse of Orientalism, showing the parallels in these stereotyped ways of seeing the other while also surveying the material and intellectual contexts in which these ways of thinking arose.The wo [...]

    5. A lot of my notes on the sides of pages throughout the book began with LOOOOOOOOOOOOL this is a terrible book, but it has a few interesting ideas which they use to make generalizations about all criticism of the west.

    6. I liked this book, it makes some good points about the history of dislike of The West However, I also think that there is a Western leaning to the book It seemed obvious to me that The West is the good guy and I think a neutral stance would have made this book a better read for me.

    7. Rezension bezieht sich auf die deutsche Ausgabe Der britische Journalist Ian Buruma und der israelische Philosoph Avishai Margalit widmen sich im vorliegenden Band der Frage, wie der Orient auf den Okzident blickt und weshalb dieser Blick h ufig so voller Hass und Ablehnung ist Wobei Orient begrifflich zu eng gefasst ist, ist dieser heute doch lediglich der st rkste Vertreter des Okzidentalismus Die Autoren gehen die Frage aber unter anderem historisch an und stellen fest, da der Blick auf den W [...]

    8. This book s purpose is not to demonize the enemies of the west or assist in the war on terrorism , but to understand what drives Occidentalism, and to show that the suicide bombers of today have their roots in history that includes the west itself Understanding doesn t provide excuses, but just additional knowledge in dealing with those who demonize the west.The book looks at occidentalism from a variety of viewpoints One is the idea of war against the west, one is the idea of the city as an occ [...]

    9. A good thought provoking book about anti West sentiment from Occidentalists ranging from the pre WWII Japanese, 19th century Germans, to modern Islamic terrorists.The West has done quite a bit to pillage, destabilize, subdue other countries in colonization and continue to do so today But beyond these concrete actions, the authors point to a perception problem with the West that is only compounded by our imperialist actions We tend to blame Islam and religions for the mindset of extremists, but l [...]

    10. A big fat meh Maybe not terrible, just very forgettable And mistitled, as the book is about anti modernism than it is about anti westernism The sentiments it discusses are against urbanization, commercialization, secularization, globalization, materialism, and the all the destruction of traditional ways of life these forms of modernization entail It s true that the west is often identified as the perfidious source of this toxic modernization by Prussians, Russians, Japanese and Islamists, to na [...]

    11. This book s stated purpose is to better understand the thinking of Islamic Terrorists and so be better able to counter them This seems common sense and in fact at this point in time a little boring to me personally, but will I expect be of considerable interest to many The title Occidentalism is a rejoinder to the concept of Orientalism The book was written as a direct response to 9 11, warning against an out of context knee jerk response that actually makes matters worse instead of better Altho [...]

    12. I am looking for small books so I can get closer to my goal of 50 for this year This book has been on my shelf probably for several years It is copyrighted 2004 It reminded me of the book I just finished, my least favorite Robert D Kaplan book Warrior Politics I m pretty sure it was over my head but it was a real slug fest just to get through it and the only reason I did was because it was short The authors definition of occidentalism is the dehumanizing picture of the West painted by its enemie [...]

    13. A small, highly readable book that carries a big, thought provoking punch widens perspective on global matters both historic and current.

    14. Occidentalism is described as the dehumanizing picture of the West painted by its enemies The book Occidentalism can not be described as countries having stereotypes of the west or opinions because that is a part of human nature This book describes the history and places where Occidentalism has occurred Countries have their reasons and idea why they very dislike or hate the way Western cultures acts the way it does When being described through out the book, the west or western countries are usua [...]

    15. It s concise, which is alright if you re familiar with the topics at hand, but it makes the work draw on presupposed principles quite a lot Themes like humiliation as rhetoric get mentioned, but not thoroughly explained or justified with historical examples or discredited, for that matter The authors rely on the readers accepting these things without much question For example as not to fall for my own trap , Pol Pot gets glossed over a few times as an Eastern Tyrant always opposed to Western Imp [...]

    16. In Occidentalism The West in the Eyes of Its Enemies, Ian Buruma and Avishai Margalit trace the intellectual history of the dehumanizing picture of the West painted by its enemies In the authors view, major elements of this picture, though not necessarily the whole, are shared by ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, nineteenth century Russian Slavophiles, Hitler s Nazis, Mao s revolutionaries, extreme Hindu nationalists, and the Japanese militarists who plunged their country into W [...]

    17. The attacks of September 11th have spawned a plethora of books about Islam and the Middle East, all trying to explain to the bewildered Westerner how those planes came crashing out of the skies on that bright and fateful autumn day Occidentalism is one of these books, the authors taking the opportunity of the hightened attention to write a book that, although not officially positioned as such, is an attempt to form a response to the late Palestinian intellectual Edward Said s famous 1978 work Or [...]

    18. This book deals with the discomfort revulsion felt by religious purists of the City that is the cosmopolitan nature of urban life which tends to blur all boundaries in the search for individual wealth It is viewed as lacking a soul and, as a result, being rootless.In reflecting on this, I think that this distinction may be a useful way to understand urban rural differences Typically, at least in broad brush strokes, rural people are or were closer to the soil, religious, have deeper family ties [...]

    19. Per Occidentalismo gli autori intendono, in maniera per noi italiani un po controintuitiva, qualcosa che noi tenderemmo invece a chiamare anti occidentalismo un ideologia ostile a tutta una serie di aspetti visti come emblematici dello sviluppo etico, sociale ed economico dell occidente, come per esempio l importanza della scienza e della tecnologia, l individualismo, il laicismo, l egalitarismo e la democrazia, il libero mercato.Secondo gli autori, i concetti alla base di tale ideologia gravita [...]

    20. The opening paragraph of the chapter titled Mind of the West goes The attack on the West is among other things an attack on the mind of the West The mind of the West is often portrayed by Occidentalists as a kind of higher idiocy To be equipped with the mind of the West is like being an idiot savant, mentally defective but with a special gift for making arithmetic calculations It is a mind without a soul, efficient, like a calculator, but hopeless at doing what is humanly important The mind of t [...]

    21. Occidentalismul R zboiul mpotriva Occidentului o scurt istorie a urii fa de Vest, lucrarea celor doi autori, Ian Buruma i Avishai Margarit, primul istoric i eseist anglo olandez, al doilea, eseist i profesor de filozofie i economie, reu este s redea o istorie destul de ampl a unor mecanisme de g ndire i a unor fenomene care au pornit n urma unor idei asupra c rora timpul i a f cut ntotdeauna cunoscut sentin a.De la diferitele interpret ri pe care le au dat multiplele autorit i religioase imagini [...]

    22. The book argues that opposition towards the West results from the opinion that Western ideology encourages a society that is machine like , cold, unspiritual, and materialistic This dehumanizing picture of the West by its enemies is referred to by the authors as Occidentalism The term Occidentalism was derived as a counter statement to the term Orientalism, which refers to the view of non Western cultures as less than fully adult humans Occidentalism is shown to be as reductive as Orientalism Th [...]

    23. Occidentalism The West in the Eyes of Its Enemies is a book I would strongly recommend to those looking for a primer on untangling the question of why do they hate us Although the book is not lengthy, it presents a fascinating perspective that is often lost in the 24 hour news cycle as to how the anti Western and anti American world views have evolved The book examines prejudices regarding the West as well as their historical roots Particular attention is paid to the Occidentalist perception of [...]

    24. Spicuiri din recenzia finala care se gaseste pe blogul meu ntrebarea care m a m cinat dup ce am citit cartea a fost oare ce au urm rit cei doi autori Buruma n c r ile pe care le am citit de el ncearc s desfac i ele istoriei i s ofere puncte de vedere insuficient dezvoltate sau chiar ignorate p n la el Margalit, ns , pentru mine e necunoscut Ce vrea i de ce mi las impresia c confund Israelul cu America E ceva mai mult, e o inten ie ascuns a lui Margalit n scrierea acestui eseu B nuiesc, f r s pot [...]

    25. Ian Buruma has been one of my favorite Asian critics for a while, so I was looking forward to reading his latest book, Occidentalism, which was co written with Avishai Margalit And as usual, it is filled with well researched arguments and clear representations of his critical thought Although this slim book 149 pages of text comes off as an extended essay, which isn t really a detraction However, the book could have been expanded I imagine it might have been rushed through given its timely premi [...]

    26. This short book tries to explore the hatred of the West of its cities, of its sexual freedom, of its amoral trade, of its religious pluralism, of its materialism and consumerism by the non Westerners by tracing it to the West itself, mostly to early 19th century German Romantics reacting against the French Revolution Buruma and Margalit say that Russian Slavophiles such as Konstantin Leontiev, Japanese traditionalists, Islamic radicals such as Sayyid Qutb have all borrowed ultimately from the We [...]

    27. Ian Buruma is one of those rare writers who comes from a non postcolonial background who can deal with issues of colonialism, the colonized, and historical conceptions of East versus West without coming off as a privileged class, First World intellectual totally alienated from his subjects.Instead, he provides an exposition of a simple and convincing thesis that negative attitudes towards the West and the various currents referred to as modernity among intellectuals in Japan, Iran, Russia, et al [...]

    28. I was torn as to whether to give this book 4 or 5 stars, because despite the slow and torturous beginning, as I plodded forward, I eventually found a wonderfully revealing psychological map to the minds of the Cold War enemies of my youth I approached the book with expectations of American defamation by varied sources from China and the Middle East, but what I found was a very scholarly and at least on the surface unbiased approach to the philosophies of Germany, Russia, and Japan, alongside tho [...]

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