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The Mansion in the Mist By John Bellairs Edward Gorey,

  • Title: The Mansion in the Mist
  • Author: John Bellairs Edward Gorey
  • ISBN: 9780142402627
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Paperback
  • John Bellairs, the name in Gothic mysteries for middle graders, wrote terrifying tales full of adventure, attitude, and alarm For years, young readers have crept, crawled, and gone bump in the night with the unlikely heroes of these Gothic novels Lewis Barnavelt, Johnny Dixon, and Anthony Monday Now, the ten top selling titles feature an updated cover look Loyal fans aJohn Bellairs, the name in Gothic mysteries for middle graders, wrote terrifying tales full of adventure, attitude, and alarm For years, young readers have crept, crawled, and gone bump in the night with the unlikely heroes of these Gothic novels Lewis Barnavelt, Johnny Dixon, and Anthony Monday Now, the ten top selling titles feature an updated cover look Loyal fans and enticed newcomers will love the series even with this haunting new look
    The Mansion in the Mist John Bellairs the name in Gothic mysteries for middle graders wrote terrifying tales full of adventure attitude and alarm For years young readers have crept crawled and gone bump in the night w

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    1. Not his best Not at all scary and badly edited There is far too much telling and not enough showing I had to wonder how a passage like this following get by his editor When Miss Eells, Anthony, and Emerson came to, they felt very dizzy and scared to death After a quick google search I discovered Bellairs died in 91 This was published in 92 I guess it was an unfinished manuscript hastily cobbled together for print Too bad as it could have been good I noticed that The Secret of the Underground Roo [...]

    2. The last novel Bellairs completed before his untimely death It s one of my favorites I love the weirdness of it the strange other world, the withered Autarchs, the mysterious mansion It s great to see Anthony being proactive in resolving the conflict, he really drives the story forward and there s a great sense of stakes I think this is also the only book where Bellairs shows us things that happen that are not from the point of view of the protagonists, and the result is some fine suspense Antho [...]

    3. Anthony Monday is looking forward to spending his summer with his librarian friend, Miss Eells, and her brother Emerson at their summer cabin While they re there, however, some strange things begin to happen Anthony discovers a chest that transports him to another dimension world where a secret society known as the Autarchs has set up their headquarters They plan to use their powers through the Logos Cube to bring everyone on earth to their world where they will rule over them The only glitch in [...]

    4. For some reason whenever I go to any Ocean State Job Lot, they always have the same John Bellairs books and I ve purchased all the ones I could find in their chaotic, messy piles of books This happens to be the only one from the Anthony Monday series I could find, and since I bought it for a dollar and it was the last one in the series, I decided to read the first three before completing this one And now, I have finished the series.I wasn t a big fan of the third book, but this one was excellent [...]

    5. Reaching the end of John Bellairs works published up to this death, I realize that the books became contrived and poorly plotted as time went on, ending in manners of happenstance, deus ex machina Despite the drop off from his earlier works, I can t help but enjoy them, and this one at least has some unique oddities to it most particularly the incorporation of extra dimensions that I only wish Bellairs had spent a greater time crafting with the detail he routinely committed to describing histor [...]

    6. I think this is the first Anthony Monday book I ve read which is odd since this is the last in his series, and indeed the last book that John Bellairs finished I have read quite a few of John Bellairs and Brad Strickland s books Of course, the Anthony Monday series is substantially the same as the Johnny Dixon and Lewis Barnavelt series my favorite , so there were no surprises on the tone, characters or basic plot.However, the whole inter dimensional concept, the Autarchs and all of that good st [...]

    7. Any children s book illustrated by Edward Gorey has got to be all right I ve read the three novel House with the Clock in its Walls, so when a seventh grader I was working with directed me to this one, I came prepared to enjoy some spine tingling, chilling fun, and I wasn t disappointed I love Bellair s matter of fact tone and the books setting in a rather pedestrian and bland 1950ish small town America Now today, that same seventh grader and were reading a part of Vengeance of the Witch Finder [...]

    8. I can t remember if I read this one as a child or not, but I just read it today, and I was underwhelmed Part of me thinks that maybe I m just a grown up now, and I can see the myriad flaws, but no, I reread several of his books just a few years ago, and really enjoyed them I think this was subjectively not as good as his best stuff, and much pat and simplistic in its plot and ending.

    9. Starts off decent and nicely creepy, but quickly becomes meh My biggest issue was that the discovery of the bad guy s old house relies on a massive coincidence and pure luck Would have been better if they found it by investigating Maybe find out who owned the Canadian cabin before Edward and then connect that person to the house in Mississippi.Also didn t like how Emerson jumps to the right conclusions based on very little information And what was up with the ghostly whisperings They are never e [...]

    10. I like all of these books I m sure I could find things to be critical about, but I don t want to I love the spooky atmosphere combined with the coziness of the characters lives working in a library, puttering around, making quips.

    11. The last of the novels that John Bellairs finished before his untimely death, THE MANSION IN THE MIST really showcases the strengths and weakness of Bellairs as a writer This book features Anthony Monday, his librarian friend Miss Eells, and her brother, Emerson setting off for a quiet Summer vacation As one would expect, it isn t actually very quiet, as Emerson reveals that their vacation destination was the site of some mysterious happenings, including the disappearance of three tourists Thing [...]

    12. Life long friends Emerson, Anthony, and Miss Eells go to Emerson s cottage for the summer Everything is normal until one night Anthony finds a chest in a room in the house He falls in and finds out he s in another world with bad, odd people When he is looking around, he over hears the people in a mansion talking about taking over our world When he gets out he is so scared Anthony tells Emerson and Miss Eells about the chest and Emerson believes him When Emerson and Miss Eells return to the world [...]

    13. I d read this books several times as an adolescent and I always thought kindly on it I recently just reread it and realized it was crap The book is filled with plot holes, deus ex machinae, ginormous leaps in logic that belie the author s unstructured story development.It s a perfect example of a NaNoWriMo, if such things existed when John Bellairs wrote this Don t get me wrong, he s a talented guy, but I think he was capable of far There s evidence of that in his other novels It s just that th [...]

    14. John Bellairs for me always conjures up nostalgia from my Elementary and Middle School days and as I surely got older the creepy settings and memorable period Most if not all his stories take place in the 1950 s characters he created always stayed with me shaping my love for the Gothic mystery book It can come as no surprise then that when I got older and got working I quickly started to buy Bellairs work The great thing about this author is he created 3 similar but different flavors in the 3 ch [...]

    15. I didn t like this one as much as The House With the Clock in its Walls I read it in spurts with a lot of interruptions, so that probably didn t help But the plot was just so inconceivable, and along those lines, I noticed something about Bellairs plot construction He will pull things out of thin air to suit the needs of the story An example is the protective amulets At first, no one including Emerson, the owner of the amulets thought that they had any power But then, out of the blue, they gain [...]

    16. I just love John Bellairs so very much They re my go to books when I m sick, depressed, exhausted, or otherwise have a reason that I need to take myself out of my head with something that demands no work in exchange for the reward Every one has a spooky, atmospheric and or cozy setting, an insecure and nerdy wallflower hero ine , wacky and eccentric adults who are often witches or wizards and often grumpy with a heart of gold and who always bake the most amazingly gooey and delicious chocolate c [...]

    17. I mostly liked this book due to Bellairs writing style I m not a huge fan of mystery since I don t like waiting until the end for the plot to unfold, so I was a tough grader on this book It was written a while ago, but the creativity and imagination was very compelling A boy and his friends, an older couple, stumble upon a way to travel to an alternate dimension The plot is that they find out of the evil in the other dimension, and barely escape alive They realize the evil creatures are planning [...]

    18. I am a HUGE John Bellairs fan His death was a big blow, and I am afraid that I am not as big a fan of Brad Strickland as I would like to be Bellairs had a way with weaving a plot and getting the reader drawn into the action After a little while some of the plots do get predictable Miss Ells breaks things, she and her brother doubt what Anthony senses feels sees, etc In the long run things sort themselves out or do they The stories are light on the awful violence but it does happen people do die [...]

    19. One of my favorites of Bellairs s, though I can t quite put my finger on it Possibly because I have a certain fondness for isolated cabins on the water the first half of the book is set in just such a one in northern Canada.It s one of his supernatural fantastic ones an alternate dimension in which Evil Magicians have created an Evil World Always Night but at least he didn t fall into the formulaic I confess that I still can t help but wonder why there was one gateway into that alternate dimens [...]

    20. I thought this story was so neat I wished I had read these books as a kid I wanted something light and quick to read so I picked this up on a whim from the junior fiction section I chose it because the cover was very Edward Gorey esque and came to find it was actually drawn by him I liked the writing, the story was creepy and very creative It was well paced, and not typical of some fiction written for this age group which can often be pretty dumbed down, or silly when it s trying to be whimsical [...]

    21. In my book The Mansion in the Mist, a boy Anthony works as an library person with his older friend Ms.Ells During a fun summer trip to Canada the friends will discover other worlds besides there own With help from Ms.Ells brother Mr.Ells, the three friends will travel to these world fighting evil If they don t make it back the portal will close and they will be trapped an die if the king of that world finds them In this book brother and sister, Mr and Mrs.Ells are so diffrent They like diffrent [...]

    22. This book follows Bellairs experimentation with his own formula there s still a plot to destroy the world, but this threat comes from inside a trunk, a trunk that is an interdimensional portal Way scifi than his other works except for TROLLEY TO YESTERDAY , it is still enjoyable I don t like how whiney the young characters can get, but I love the cantankerous nature of his senior characters.

    23. Not one if his best efforts, I m afraid er, actually, I wasn t afraid Bellairs is at his best when he s showcasing the effects of guilt on people s behavior and there s none of that here There s no conflict between the main characters and Emerson is just too willing to believe Anthony s crazy story about the chest I do wish Bellairs had spent time explaining the otherworld that would have really improved the book.

    24. Three for nostalgia Bellairs formula is a little to obvious in this Anthony Monday Miss Eells Emerson Eells mystery A good creepy start with a haunted vacation house and another world but Anthony is, as always, dull, and Miss Eells not much better Emerson gets all the good lines and is annoyingly smug These had stopped circulating in my middle school so I took them home for a trip through memory lane but I think Lewis and Rose Rita have it all over Anthony.

    25. I initially found this book a bit off putting the jacket recommendation author of ___ which ___ called entertaining hardly screams read this guy s stuff , but it kind of sucked me in on a slow book week A quick easy read and somewhat entertaining, I might try another Bellairs book if it jumped off the shelf at me they do that sometimes, you know.

    26. 3 STARS A new Gothic horror story for middle readers from the author of The Letter, the Witch, and the Ring Summer vacation soon turns to terror at a house on a desolate island when Anthony finds a magic trunk that transports him and his friends to a parallel world, where a maniacal group has a deadly plan From A great mystery paranormal children s novel.

    27. I feel like I m running out of things to say about these Bellairs books As always, a quick and easy read The story was interesting and I am glad that Anthony Monday has grown on me since the first book.

    28. This one started out really good and the ending was fine but there was a section in the middle that really went in some boring directions I see that the author died before this was published so perhaps it did not get a chance to be improved through editing as it might have otherwise.

    29. It was entertaining Not too much story build up, as you can expect in a short book like this It all happens so fast and makes you roll your eyes a lot P.

    30. This book is filled with mystery Bellairs takes you into his stories and lets you be the characters, it s amazing how well the books are

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