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Bionic By Suzanne Weyn,

  • Title: Bionic
  • Author: Suzanne Weyn
  • ISBN: 9780545906777
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Mira has always almost had it all until it all crashes and burns She s hurt in a horrible car accident, and the only way the doctors can help is to try experimental prosthetics and chips that are implanted directly into her brain It s a huge risk, but after months of testing and therapy, Mira is back, and better than ever.But soon her friends turn against her as theirMira has always almost had it all until it all crashes and burns She s hurt in a horrible car accident, and the only way the doctors can help is to try experimental prosthetics and chips that are implanted directly into her brain It s a huge risk, but after months of testing and therapy, Mira is back, and better than ever.But soon her friends turn against her as their parents call her on unfair advantages and get her cut from lacrosse and the scholarships she was depending on for college And with her enhanced hearing, she knows how many people in her school and her town are calling her a robot, a cyborg.Is that true Is Mira human, or is she somehow something other How can she overcome the ways people see her and just be herself especially if she s not really sure who that is any Suzanne Weyn is always at the cutting edge when it comes to new tech and the questions it raises about the world we live in.
    Bionic Mira has always almost had it all until it all crashes and burns She s hurt in a horrible car accident and the only way the doctors can help is to try experimental prosthetics and chips that are impl

    One thought on “Bionic”

    1. The plot was really cool but I didn t really like the character This book taught me that a life can change in a simple instant, where Mira had to go from a normal teenager to a crippled car crash survivor Needless to say, she was really lucky, the doctors made her a cyborg with amazing capabilities It really annoyed me how Mira was still so whiny even after everything the doctor has done for her, she can be so selfish sometimes Other than that, the book was really cool and I enjoyed reading it f [...]

    2. This one s in my classroom library Bionic is that really cool kind of science fiction that isn t out of the realm of possibility for today s technology I really like that the protagonist is a teenaged girl The story is one of unintended consequences for everything that goes right for the main character, there s an unraveling of other parts of her life I ll definitely be recommending this book to the girls in my class that haven t had much experience with science fiction.

    3. Got about a third through thisI really liked the idea of it, but the main character was really whiny, and it all seemed to be focused on teen angst and love dramaGreat potential, but did not live up to my expectations

    4. Life can change in an instant, never to be the same again The main character of Suzanne Weyn s Bionic, Mira, is the ideal American teenager she is a star lacrosse player, has great friends, a hot boyfriend, and is the lead singer of a blossoming garageband Her biggest dilemma is whether to continue pursuing music or to follow her coach s advice and focus solely on lacrosse in order to receive a college scholarship However, after a horrible car crash leaves her severely injured, Mira is forced to [...]

    5. I was really excited to start reading this book The plot sounded cool and I hadn t read anything like this before I was extremely disappointed when the main character was needy, spoiled and embarrassed of who she was Despite being given these enhanced abilities, she continuously complains and whines even though others around her are suffering than she is I wish the author had portrayed Mira as a strong female protagonist instead of a desperate, whiny, stereotypical teenage girl In summary, the [...]

    6. So, it s not that I didn t enjoy this book as I was reading, but I kept thinking there was going to be substance Something would happen and I would think, oh, she s going to see how she can connect with her brother nope Or, oh, she s going to find out how important her mind and education is nope Oh, she s going to find out fame sucks nope And then it just kind of ended I think the best part was the beginning when she is just trying to come to terms with being different.

    7. At times it drug on for me and then there were threads of a story that were just dropped I m glad it wasn t longer I would have put it down, but I was interested to see who it played out there were no surprises.

    8. After a horrific accident leaves her severely injured, Mira has a chip implanted in her brain to control her state of the art prosthetic arm and leg As she learns how to use her new limbs, she also has to deal with the people who think she has an unfair advantage because of them Friends, family, classmates, everyone looks at her differently Some see her as a hero, others a freak Mira has to decide who she is and who she wants to be.I enjoyed the overall story of this book, but there were some mo [...]

    9. I read this book on and off for the last three months It presents very complex ideas about identity, and how it is linked with your physical self Even though I quite liked this idea and was intent on reading it, it was a little too gruesome for my taste Sure, losing parts of your physical self isn t smooth and clean, but at the same time I skipped a few pages when I saw that the story was going too deep I recommend this book for people who are not easily grossed out, but on the other hand you ca [...]

    10. I don t know if the lack of connection with the Mira was intentional, I think some of the writing Weyn used was to demonstrate what the changes were doing, or was this book hurriedly written without a way to connect to the main character.When she got in the accident I didn t care about her and I never really got to a point where I did care.I would recommend this book to reluctant readers who like lots of action.

    11. This book was a quick, but rather uneventful read It is about a high school girl who was in a terrible accident, which resulted in amputation of two limbs She is then given experimental limbs and a chip in her brain which turn her into an almost bionic girl The public views her as a cyborg and this takes a toll on her emotionally She learns a few things however, about herself and other people along the way.

    12. Interesting exploration of the science of future bionics and prosthetics It talked about the emotional results of such things and touched briefly on soldiers I felt it was too rushed and some of the events seemed highly unrealistic, but could be good for discussions Mira was a wishy washy selfish character.

    13. It was ok Interesting plot idea, but some of the action and characters are lacking I didn t feel like the character depth was there, some of the plot seemed choppy and it lacked intensity no intense conflict

    14. First book I have read, I believe, since my baby was born back in March Entertaining enough to get me to read it in one day I feel that the ending was sort of rushed and that there wasn t much closureor enough for it to end But not really worth having a sequel.

    15. I do not recommend reading the first 5 chapters if you don t have a hard stomach Other than that this is one of the best books ever

    16. Amazing It is a book about what it really means to be human, science over humanity, and, I quote from the book the dangers of playing with god It is a quick read but it will captivate you.

    17. WAS a very good book, thought it would have lacrosse in it though Was very fantasy and unreal but it was still a good book.

    18. After a bad accident Mira loses an arm, a leg, and part of her face Given unusual prosthetics that work with a chip in her brain, Mira learns to do many of things she use to love Soon, however, she starts hear whispers like, unfair advantage, robot, and cyborg Can Mira learn to fit in Will she be able to enjoy what she loves This is an engaging read that makes the reader think The main character is easy to relate to and sympathize with Her struggles are realistic and add a fun science fiction fe [...]

    19. Life is pretty good for junior Miranda Mira as she is poised for serious consideration for an athletic scholarship if her lacrosse season goes well She also loves singing in a band called Electric Storm She agrees to play one last gig since her coach is pressuring her to focus on athletics and academics But a wreck puts Mira in a coma and almost takes her life Over the course of several months, different parts of her body are replaced as well as special chip inserted into her brain so that she c [...]

    20. E ARC from Edelweiss Above the TreelineHigh school senior Mira is a fantastic lacrosse player hoping for a scholarship, and is also in a rock band When she is critically injured in a car accident coming home with the band, she loses a leg and an arm Fearing that her days of normality are behind her, she is okay with experimental technology that is being used to reconstruct her limbs She even has a copper chip implanted in her brain to help with the integration Soon, Mira is better than she ever [...]

    21. I really truly did love this book and had a hard time putting it down I gave the book five stars as I felt it progressed way to quickly It seemed to jump from one plot point to the next with very little transition She goes from the hospital to getting rehabilitated and swimming on the swim team as she worries It then jump to the next surprise as she just abruptly ends the swim as other think she is enchanted and it is unfair I would have like to get feeling or just out of what happened As it s [...]

    22. Bionic is a fun book appropriate for teens about a young girl that gets into a horrific car accident She tries to adjust to her new life which involves getting several cutting edge robotic parts Not only does she get a new arm and leg but also several science fiction like modifications that allow her to gain muscle mass very quickly and learn extremely fast.The main character, Mira, was written well as she had real life concerns and interests Before the accident she played lacrosse and was hopin [...]

    23. Mira is focused on her future with her lacrosse coach s suggestions, she plans to focus on her sport and let go of her band, Electric Storm She promises to do one last gig, but there is a horrific accident on the way, which results in Mira becoming a double amputee Strangely enough, fortune looks down on her as she is just the candidate the doctors want to test out some new prosthetic technology The changes the technology brings helps her to become stronger than she s ever been, but she can t te [...]

    24. Yet another spectacular book from Suzanne Weyn, my friend and celebrated author of terrific young adult literature Yet again, she has outdone herself in BIONIC, the story about a star athlete and teen, bound for success, who gets into an auto accident, and some of her bodily parts are replaced by prosthetics What happens to young Mira when this technology has her feeling and others that it is now a robot performing not her, as she starts to perform the way she never has before Is this a positive [...]

    25. 2.5I got this from the library because of the title I don t think it lives up to its title It makes it sound like a fun sci fi type story It was like a Disney Channel movie It was kind of slow moving and random Maybe if I was younger I would feel differently, maybe I wouldn t, I m not sure I feel like the main character s injuries could be compared to Cinder who is cyborg than something bionic Maybe they re the same, I m not really up to date on cyborg bionic stuff.

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