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Sweet Seduction By M. Andrews,

  • Title: Sweet Seduction
  • Author: M. Andrews
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 182
  • Format: None
  • My name is Lexi Bennett and I have a new obsession I ve spent my life consumed with being the good daughter, the straight A student, the loyal friend, and being the youngest chef to own her own restaurant in the country I ve worked my ass off to get everything I ever wanted, so why am I so willing to throw it all away for a man I spent one hot night with Jax, the lead sMy name is Lexi Bennett and I have a new obsession I ve spent my life consumed with being the good daughter, the straight A student, the loyal friend, and being the youngest chef to own her own restaurant in the country I ve worked my ass off to get everything I ever wanted, so why am I so willing to throw it all away for a man I spent one hot night with Jax, the lead singer of Waking the Fallen, is tattooed sex on two legs and everything my mother warned me about Which is why that night at the Blue Whiskey Club, I should have listened to my head and steered clear of Jax, but the mix of whiskey with his dark gruff voice, and those fucking dimples The dimples that erupted on his cheeks every time he smiled down at me from the stage, made me lose my mind and drop my panties He has awoken a side of myself I d spent years trying to keep hidden Now the beast is out of her cage and she wants The only problem is I don t know how to find him.
    Sweet Seduction My name is Lexi Bennett and I have a new obsession I ve spent my life consumed with being the good daughter the straight A student the loyal friend and being the youngest chef to own her own restau

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    1. I ADORED this book It is FAR FAR better than the first in the series He gave me a wink before starting the song The moment I heard his deep gruff voice, I immediately knew I was royally fucked Lexi Bennett is the sister of Grayson and the BFF of Pippa the couple from book 1 She is a workaholic that runs a wildly successful restaurant Jake runs his father s construction business and sings with his old band Waking the Fallen on the weekends When these two lay eyes on each other, nothing will ever [...]

    2. Ms Andrews never disappoints in her story telling Ahhhh I love Jax and Lexi This is a wet dream one nightstand come true for Lexi A hot rockstar, honey doer all in one big package And to top it off man is best friend with her brother who is marrying her best friend The chase these two do is hot hot hot I didn t want to put my kindle down Excellent job A must read.

    3. 5 sexy reformed bad boy stars I have really been looking forward to this story I liked the first book in this series Cupcake and I was hoping this would be that sweet, smutty safe read that book 1 was I was not disappointed As much as I adored Grayson and Pippa, I loved Jax and Lexi even Jax is a dirty talking alpha male who also is the lead singer of a metal band a couple weekends a month Although he has been that bad boy rocker in the past, events changed his life and he decided to leave that [...]

    4. The insta love insta lust story of well behaved good girl Lexi and tattooed bad boy Jax.The characters were met in the first book of the series Cupcake.Smoking hot read.

    5. Damn I loved this freaking book I haven been waiting since Cupcake to get my hands on this Jax fucking Sanders I loved him A hot sexy rocker with tattoos, but also a sweetheart Lexi was a awesome h, I liked her in Cupcake and she was great in this book M Andrews can write some hot ass sex scenes Big fan of this author ready to see what comes out next Safety Note 100% safe

    6. InstaLust, instaLove, and lots of smut.Lexi is a chef, who spends most of her time worried about work She lets herself have fun one night and goes out with her friend to a bar where a band is performing.Jax is a retired rockstar turned construction worker, and when he sees Lexi he instantly wants her So he gets her.This read was pretty good If you re looking for something with lots of naughty bits and InstaLust Then, look no further The couple falls in love pretty quickly, BUT I will say that th [...]

    7. This was a great short read While the story was short, there was still a decent storyline to go with the sexy times I loved Jax He is such an amazing H Grayson disappointed me in this story I understand being protective but he went a bit far It was great getting Pippa as well I can t wait to read from this author.

    8. Admittedly, the insta love romance in this case was far reaching and bland I favored book one in this series , but the smutty action was delicious Although I didn t feel the connection between the two main characters and the VERY noticeable editing issues was off putting, the smutty goodness was a sweet treat I enjoyed those parts VERY much and if I had to rate this book based solely on the intimacy scenes, it would score at 4 5 stars The rest of the story and unnecessary drama created by Grays [...]

    9. Jax and Lexi may or may not have topped Pippa and Grayson for me Such a cute story As always M Andrews gives us sexy and fun but with a dash of feels Love love love Definitely a must read

    10. So much sticky sweetness all over If you re looking for a quick read with that insta love kinda story, this new novella from M Andrews is perfect for you Short, sweet, and all kinds of sexy It s like a daily dose of erotic hotness that will leave you flushed and bothered And the characters will just pull you in even I love Jax Sanders and all his bad boy glory, dirty mouth and hard body His supportiveness through it all for Lexi, his belief in her, his will to fight for her and prove just how m [...]

    11. What a sexy and sweet read, perfect for an afternoon at the beach We met Lexi and Jax in book 1 of the Sweet Sticky series, Cupcake, and after that I knew I couldn t wait for their book And the author did not disappoint It was everything I wanted and oh soo much Their attraction and the intensity of their love was amazing And Jax, his inner alpha really made me fall in love with himd of course his determination and desire for Lexi was pretty damn hot too I cannot wait for the next book in this [...]

    12. Sweet Seduction is fun, sexy, short read and I loved this book I thought Lexi and Jax couldn t top Pippa and Greyson but I was completely wrong Jax and Lexi didn t play any games They both knew what they wanted and both went for it I can t wait to see what Melissa has next for us in her writing

    13. Sexy hot book this book will make your panties melt Melissa is a fabulous author every book she writes is awesome

    14. M Andrews has done it again with Sweet Seduction Everything about this book is amazing and screams to want to be read Jax definitely moved up on my line of never ending book boyfriends and he s happy to stay there So my mystery man s name is Jax that s going to sounds good echoing through my bedroom later Lexi is happy with her life She s a chef, with her own restaurant and it s booming Tables are booked months out in advance and she couldn t ask for me Except for someone to share it with Lexi h [...]

    15. Ohmy M Andrews has created another amazing book I absolutely adored this book so much Lexi and Jax are suited for each other so much This book is a fast read and has no cheating , no drama , but with lots of steamy sex and lots of attraction and chemistry between the main characters This book is the second book in the series , this book is about Lexi and Jax Lexi and Jax met on a night where he was playing a gig and they hit it off and spent the night together.Jax is the lead singer of his band [...]

    16. I am so glad I had the chance to read this book Sweet Seduction by M Andrews is the second book in the Sticky Sweet Series It s a super easy and quick read that is truly sticky sweet This story is about Lexi, a restaurant owner that is truly a workaholic and Jax, a lead singer in a band with a free spirit As soon as they meet, their chemistry is unparalleled and they must have each other Will Jax be able to show Lexi how to live a little Or will she revert back to her old ways and push Jax away [...]

    17. I can t believe it s over One minute I m tearing through the pages then I hit the prologue I need I don t want it to be over Jax and Lexi s story is sickeningly sweet and smutty just how I like it I literally had a cheesy ass smile plastered on my face the whole time and tons of tingles everywhere I love this woman and her books

    18. I won an ARC of Sweet Seduction and just got done reading it I can t give enough stars for this book, I think M Andrews is really going to make her name with this one I couldn t put it down, it was sexy and dirty , sweet and romantic all mixed up in a beautiful dimpled package It may just be her best book yet

    19. Too RushedI loves me some insta love but this was just too rushed for me It lacked a connection at the beginning between the two characters to make it believable I don t know, I just wasn t feeling it There also were quite a few grammar errors, too, which made it a little distracting.

    20. I liked this one better than the first book in the series I felt I got of a back story on the characters which made me like them Your heart just broke for Jax in this book He is a freaking sweet heart Love itnt wait to read about Parker and possible Jen

    21. I just devoured this book OMG sweet seduction was super hot lexi and jax are perfect for one another I knew it then and I still know now, I will always want you Another must read by M.Andrews

    22. When I first started reading this series, I was in a reading slump like no other I planned on just reading it to help me with the slump But then I became obsessed with Cupcake And now I m just as obsessed with this book too Lexi and Jax met in a dark nightclub She was in the crowd and he was working the crowd And since then, it was magic It had been a while since either one of them had been involved with someone, one by choice, the other not so much But finally, they get together and it turns in [...]

    23. DNF I can t even begin to tell you how disappointing it is to not finish this The thing that attracted me to this was the inspiration for Jax being my favorite rock singer EVER, M Shadows of A7X But what a disaster this was I got about 20% in couldn t do it any And that was after struggling with the epilogue There were so many editing errors with grammar punctuation the dialogue made me cringe SPOILERS So Lexi goes to a local club sees Jax singing with his band Insta lust So afterward, she s hav [...]

    24. I love these hot quick sexy little reads The ones where the guy and the girl fall in love right away and can t keep their hands off of each other Jax still looks like the bad boy but he has cleaned up his act He has his own company that he took over from his dad and still plays in a band a few nights a month He is responsible and hot as sin with those to die for dimples Lexi is the head chef and owner of a hot southern comfort food restaurant and has seductive curves and blonde curls that you ju [...]

    25. Reviewing for KinkyGirlsBookObsessionsDirty Filthy So effin hawt I loved every second of Sweet Seduction CUPCAKE was by far my favorite M Andrews book s still VERY close to being tops for me Sweet Seduction is my LOVE, though I beta read and gave my honest opinion while during and after M Andrews wrote Jax Lexi s story I love those two This is a super hot read It s the 2nd book in the Sticky Sweet Series Jax is LIFE M Picked a muse for Jax rolled straight into this story and I couldn t be happie [...]

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