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Stone Bear: Phoenix By Amelia Jade,

  • Title: Stone Bear: Phoenix
  • Author: Amelia Jade
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A horrific injury has left bear shifter Uriel traumatized and unable to speak to his bear With the growing evil in Genesis Valley making him desperate to heal, Uriel will do anything to return to active duty After finally seeking aid, Uriel realizes the intelligent and confident woman who has agreed to help him may just be the key to his problem Maintaining a professionA horrific injury has left bear shifter Uriel traumatized and unable to speak to his bear With the growing evil in Genesis Valley making him desperate to heal, Uriel will do anything to return to active duty After finally seeking aid, Uriel realizes the intelligent and confident woman who has agreed to help him may just be the key to his problem Maintaining a professional demeanor is crucial to Sydney Hightower s job But when the clearly hurting Uriel walks through her door, she has no idea what s in store for her The electric connection between them throws her off guard and makes her question whether she can truly maintain her distance from him Reconnecting with his bear seems impossible, hastening Uriel s downward spiral An unknown traitor in his crew s midst is threatening to undo everything they have been working for, and Uriel will need to grow whole and heal if he is to help his crew survive But can Uriel use his budding romance with Sydney to rise from the ashes and help save the Valley
    Stone Bear Phoenix A horrific injury has left bear shifter Uriel traumatized and unable to speak to his bear With the growing evil in Genesis Valley making him desperate to heal Uriel will do anything to return to acti

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    1. Stone BearUriel after losing his arm is depressed, he wants his life back Back to being an active stone bear Finally agreeing to see the DR he is pleasently surprised but he meets DR Hightower She makes him feel things he has never felt for a women Sydney didn t know what to think about the attraction she felt for her new patient But she decides not to fight it.Love the characters and the series Looking forward to reading the next book.

    2. I received this ARC from the author in exchange for a honest review Stone Bear Phoenix by Amelia JadeA horrific injury has left Uriel with a life changing disability, which has left him feeling worthless and unable to communicate with his bear He is desperate to get back to work to help his colleagues with the evil growing in Genesis Valley But he has been ordered to take a step back until he has seeked help he needs When he finally pulls himself together, he realises the doctor may just be tha [...]

    3. I love both the Jade Crew and the Stone Bears series This book is not an exception to that I really enjoyed it Stone Bear Phoenix is very different from most of the bear shifter books you read We know bear shifters as being so stong, fast, tough, and able bodied In this book, Uriel had lost one of his arms in a fight It was very different seeing him feeling worthless, not being able to protect others, not being able to communicate with his bear, having a disability It is a wonderful story of wat [...]

    4. Overcoming Challenges while finding loveUriel, Stone Bear shifter, was badly injured while fighting for his Genesis Valley and those important to him I loved Uriel, his determination and fight to regain his place with the Stone Bears is inspiring The help and encouragement he gets from his physical therapist, Sydney, also allows him to realize his worth to her and his community Loved that Sydney has a dog, Bruce, but wished his involvement in the story was a bit consistent But overall, the stor [...]

    5. Love this seriesThis is the second story of this series but it goes along with the Jade Crew series So if we follow both then this would make it 6 This author is very talented Her are fantastic.

    6. Juicy story This story is the turning point in the Jade Crew Stone Bears series.Definitely suggest reading them in order.Enjoyed reading this story except for a few oops like Uriel waving both arms or Uriel calling the Third Crew the Second Crew Good series.

    7. Good readA very good shifter romance, it has a little of everything, hot alpha bears feisty females red hot sexy scenes mystery and intrigue everything you would want from a shifter romance Great read really enjoyable.

    8. GoodWhile not as good as the previous book it was still good The story was a wick read and was worth the time.

    9. Stone bear phoenixLoved the storyline and characters and I couldn t put it down so it s a well deserved five stars and I would recommend this book to everyone

    10. ReviewThe stone bear series has been fun than I was expecting, the story line s have been creative, the caricatures have depth, the editing is lacking, but all in a fun read.

    11. Absolutely loved it.I received an ARC for an honest review.I loved this story I felt like it was a bit deeper than the first stone bear book although I loved that book as well This dealt with overcoming limitations and finding good in life no matter what you re dealt.This world that has been created is so fascinating, the Jade bear series introduced us to it and pulled me in right away It seems in every shifter romance the plot is as follows Fall in love, deny you re in love, accept it, lie to [...]

    12. I received this for a honest review Such a perfect title for the book I am so glad to see a story come out on Uriel He has been through so much I can not imagine how incomplete he truly feels To be a shifter with only 3 limbs has to be hard Uriel needs inward healing He has to feel less of a person His alpha does not use him because at the moment until he gets his head on straight he is no help Uriel can not shift The battle that he must be feeling along with the pain his bear must of feel We ca [...]

    13. I came into this world in a later book than this one and I am starting from the beginning to catch up I am enjoying the journey very much.Though I know what is coming it is still a pleasure to get understanding and build up of the background story I was impressed once again by this authors world building and how she ties in these separate series to flow and intertwine with each otherI am so sorry I have not read this book earlier Really enjoyed the connection between URIEL and Sydney, their ban [...]

    14. Stone Bear Phoenix Stone Bears, 2 by Amelia JadeUriel is a Stone bear or at least he was until he lost his arm in a huge fight with other shifters, but that isn t all that he lost Now he feels useless He needs to get back some of what he lost and learn to function again He finally goes to Dr Hightower for help She is then willing to help him with his physical problem, but he hopes to get then her medical care.Sydney Hightower is a Physiotherapist She helps people re learn how to do things when [...]

    15. Love PrevailsSydney and Uriel fall head over heels in love within 24 hours Uriel lost his arm in a hugh fight and feeling sorry for himself, but his fellow workers convinced him to seek help Sydney was the therapist he went to see and she was able to teach him some exercises that would help him regain some balance as well as learning how to do things with one hand Uriel was kind of shy silly ole bear around her, but he wanted to get to know her on a personal level One thing led to another within [...]

    16. Human female, Sydney Hightower, physiotherapist, is going to make changes in Uriel s life Will they be able to stay business professionals or develop into something with heat Where will this blazing hot attraction lead to Oh, the possibilitiesThe full review can be found on the below URL nightowlreviews v5 ReDebACopyright Night Owl Reviews

    17. Uriel is a bear shifter who can t shift, after losing his arm His boss convinces him to go to physical therapy to learn to improve his health and he reluctantly goes Sydney is the human physiotherapist Uriel goes to see The both feel an immediate connection when they touch and one thing leads to another In the meantime, there is a traitor in the midst of the mine workers and Uriel feels useless in not being able to help This was a quick, sexy read 3.5 stars.

    18. When Stone Bear, Uriel, lost an arm in a conflict, he was having trouble coming to grips with the handicap He came to realize he needed medical help to overcome the lose of the limb He sought out the physical therapist, and with the good doctors help, he found out that he had a lot going for himself than thought I don t want to give away the whole story As with all Amelia Jades books, there is a bit of mystery, a bit of romance and sexual encounters.

    19. Down shifter Helpful physical therapist Love Kindle Unlimited standalone book in series within a series Defiantly a sweet story I wanted to know how he found his mate and may I wasn t disappointed.

    20. Another great one.I just love the action in all of these Stone Bear series This one is about Uri and Sydney I found this one a little interesting due to Uri s handicap Sydney is the doctor that s helping him to recover.

    21. A nice readHas some violence, Some hanky pancky and lots angst You meet a bear shifter with physical limitations, trying to find new ways to be of help to the others he s worked with in the past.Read and enjoy.

    22. This book is hot This book should not be read on its own, it continues a storyline from the previous book and the previous series However if you have read those books this is a really good book actually it might be my favorite book in this series.

    23. Great bookI love these books All of them have been great reads I always look forward to the next bookPatiently awaiting the next bear.

    24. This book was really good.I liked the characters very much The storyline is great Uriel and Sydney make a good couple Plan to read in the series

    25. FantasticAnother great story Full of action,drama, love and well endowed handsome bears I do love the romance and the great sex

    26. Not bad another series was cheap for a set of 3 or 4 I did like this one not as engaging as the Wolvers series but had some of the same feel.

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