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Happy Are the Peacemakers By Andrew M. Greeley,

  • Title: Happy Are the Peacemakers
  • Author: Andrew M. Greeley
  • ISBN: 9780515110753
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Paperback
  • Happy Are the Peace Makers
    Happy Are the Peacemakers Happy Are the Peace Makers

    One thought on “Happy Are the Peacemakers”

    1. In classic Greeley style this novel is half mystery, half romance that involves Tim Pat McCarthy and, Blackie Ryan trying to solve the mystery of who killed Jim Lark McDonaugh Along the way, Tim Pat falls for the principal person whom all believe to be guilty of the murder That is, his second wife Nora Unlike most of Greeley s Blackie Ryan s locked room mysteries, Blackie plays an ancillary role in solving the case Of course, the unpretentious little bishop has it all figured outeven the why, bu [...]

    2. If I were a bigger fan of Dublin, James Joyce, or other prominent Irish authors, I would have enjoyed this book It was still a good read.

    3. This book, the fifth in Greeley s Blackie Ryan series, is a touch better than earlier entries However, it is not a true Blackie Ryan book It is told from the point of view of Timothy Patrick McCarthy, a retired Chicago cop who is in Ireland to investigate claims Nora McDonaugh murdered her husband Blackie only has a secondary role as the recipient of information Tim Pat as he is called gathers.Why Tim Pat is asked to investigate her is never clearly established, nor is there any apparent connect [...]

    4. Another fantastic tale from the Irish lovin mind of Father Andrew Greeley, may he rest in peace Such a unique priest sociologist, journalist and novelist outspoken, firm in his beliefs, and sometimes a thorn in the side of the Vatican But casting aside my admiration of him, and getting back to this book could not wait to read the final chapter, yet not wanting to see this story come to an end that s my definition of a fine read In it, he leads us through both the classy and the seamy sides of Du [...]

    5. I m intrigued by Greeley and whether Blackie Ryan is his alter ego than in the mysteries themselves This one is set in Dublin around Bloomsday and has many Joycean references All of Greeley s mysteries so far have included a sub plot of forbidden or difficult love which Ryan must give his approval to in order for one or both of the parties to fully engage in I don t really get Irish Americans and their references and idioms and to have Irish Americans in Ireland just adds to my confusion about [...]

    6. Steeped in Irish ness well, maybe a little too much , but fun mixed with murder and mayhem All the f ing going on reminds me of the neighbors downstairs yes it really does seem like it s a contest to see how many times it can fit in one sentence, but a bit annoying most times All in good fun, but don t read this one aloud to your 2 year old.

    7. Set in Dublin, a retired Chicago cop is hired to look into the murder of an Irish mogul Everyone wants to blame the young widow, but Blackie is sure she didn t to it so they have to figure out who did It s a very sweet story as well If you like history, romance and mystery rolled into one, you d like this book.

    8. I had not read Andrew Greeley before I know that he is a priest so I was suprised by some of the sexual content of this book It was an excellent mystery and I am looking forward to reading of his work The Irish speak was different and I enjoyed that very much.

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