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The Stone Doorway By Cassandra Scherer,

  • Title: The Stone Doorway
  • Author: Cassandra Scherer
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Step out of the mundane and into The Vale, where suddenly bullying, family issues, and homework seem trivial Can the trio defeat the Calego and return, or will they too remain forever young, forever scared, forever seeking their way home
    The Stone Doorway Step out of the mundane and into The Vale where suddenly bullying family issues and homework seem trivial Can the trio defeat the Calego and return or will they too remain forever young forever s

    One thought on “The Stone Doorway”

    1. A spectacular fantasy page turner, with a fabulous book cover A strong plot accompanied by brilliant writing and memorable characters.Great pacing, ultra descriptive narrative and flawlessly delivered dialogue.Cassandra Scherer is an amazing writer.The dialogue and narrative are so vivid its as if I m actually seeing the characters firsthand witnessing their adventure with my own eyes.

    2. Loved the concept of the other reality Makes you want to read faster to see where it ends Only question When is the sequel coming out

    3. The book starts out as a normal young adult novel, dealing with young love and the fall out from bullying Tori the main character has a restraining order out for her previous boyfriend which means she had to stand up to him Then suddenly with a meteor shower, Tori and her two friends are transported to another world In that world humans are hunted, and Tori finds greater inner resources to become her own hero Young women need inspiration to find their voice, stand up for themselves, and be thems [...]

    4. The story line deserves a better star rating I loved the story line The idea, the characters and the pace were great However, and here is the hard part for me the editing needs some work Typos, grammar, punctuation, an editor s note left in and some sentences should have been restructured Aside from that, the story is really cute

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