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The Blessed Knights By Mary Ting,

  • Title: The Blessed Knights
  • Author: Mary Ting
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Paperback
  • Silver Medal Winner for Readers Favorite International Book Award for Young Adult Fantasy 2016Above a small hill lay a home.And green men peer out under the dome.Thirteen crisscrossing arches behold,with angels singing must be told.Cubes like teeth thus showed,pierce one and the door shall glow Part the sea like Moses, to see the bundle of red roses.Only then you s Silver Medal Winner for Readers Favorite International Book Award for Young Adult Fantasy 2016Above a small hill lay a home.And green men peer out under the dome.Thirteen crisscrossing arches behold,with angels singing must be told.Cubes like teeth thus showed,pierce one and the door shall glow Part the sea like Moses, to see the bundle of red roses.Only then you shall see,what is destined to be free.But beware, if you are not the heir,for damnation you shall declare, for the false burden you shall bare.Eli, Lucia s half demon love interest, has been stabbed with a true cross dagger and captured by Cyrus, master of the possessor demons The Chosen Knights must work together once again not only to save Eli, but also to decipher a clue to find the second missing page of Jacques de Molay s journal Meanwhile, Uncle Davin informs Crossroads Divine Elders of the danger ahead and learns there is much to fear Countless children are being taken from all over the world to be turned into demons Michael has no choice but to intervene The Chosen Knights track down Mortem, the demon who is the key to finding Cyrus, and learn they must travel deep into the pit of a Hawaiian volcano When they astral travel to the past in search of a clue and follow Jacques de Molay to Rosselyn Chapel in medieval Scotland, what they find will rewrite history.
    The Blessed Knights Silver Medal Winner for Readers Favorite International Book Award for Young Adult Fantasy Above a small hill lay a home And green men peer out under the dome Thirteen crisscrossing arches behold w

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    1. Finished this in one day yesterday Really good progression in this series The introduction into the history in this story is really good The magic is believable and i love that Mary deals with family in this novel Really enjoyed I need book three though

    2. I am completely blown away by the imagination and detail Mary Ting put into The Blessed Knights This series is so creative, the details she puts into each scene is phenomenal You can see the scene play out before you in your mind, she s that vivid with her words Eli and Lucia s romance just makes your heart swoon and break all at once with the situation they are facing I love these characters and enjoyed being reunited once again There was so many twists and turns, fast paced, has you on your to [...]

    3. I received a digital ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review Picking up where The Chosen Knights left off, The Blessed Knights is an exciting addition to this fascinating series, a series that is best read in order to fully appreciate and understand.As I said this one picks up where the last book ended and reading the review and blurb may spoil a few things for you, but I ll do my best In this book, Lucia, an Angel, and her friends and family and searching for and trying to rescue Eli, [...]

    4. I have finished the ARC , The Blessed Knights by Mary Ting, I have thought about how I want to say this and decided to just tell it straight and plain, The Blessed knights is one of the best books I ve ever read, If you have already read the other books in this series , readers get ready because this book will knock you over and rip out your heart only to put it back together and fill it with hope and love Mary Ting has reached into her characters and poured her soul into this story I cant expla [...]

    5. Mary Ting has done it again with another wonderful story with the Angel Knights This book will make you halt life just to be able to finish the story and know what happens next There is plenty of action and mystery to this book to keep you in a reading trance I am giving this book 5 strong stars and cannot wait for the next story.Lucia, along with the team, is desperately trying to find and rescue Eli While doing this they all must work on uncovering the mysteries of the Knights Templar so that [...]

    6. 4 Cranky Stars The adventure continnues as the knights, dubbed the blessed knights by Jack, make plans to rescue Eli fron Cyrus Uncle Dovon has realised the enormity of Cyrus s setup and has enlisted the help of Micheal, the twin s father and one of the Devine Elders.The reader is reintroduced to Mortem, first encountered in the first introductory novella Mortem is the powerful second in charge to Cyrus, a shapeshifter and wicked to the core he messes with Eli s mind in an attempt to turn him ag [...]

    7. I really enjoyed the second book to the series and i love the romance between Eli and Lucia, I hope it works out for them both I just hope they can kill Cyrus and save the kids and their family from destruction I am willing the vampires, angels, witches to win this fight for humanity.

    8. I like a good love storyI have been enjoying this series but getting bored I can see where the next book goeske its all played out No curve balls or anything.

    9. The Blessed Knights is without a doubt a powerful and breathtaking continuation of this incredibly epic series If you weren t sure that this series would live up to its passionate intensity and emotional depth, then you are about to be blown away Nothing in this story is done in half measures When you dive deep into this wondrous adventure, you are immersed in every single human emotion and enveloped by things you will never be able to explain The horror and beauty you find will both thrill and [...]

    10. I received an Advance Reader Copy at no cost from the publisher author via Barclay Publicity.I love this series so much It seriously gets better and better with each installment This book will take you on an emotional ride, so buckle up The plot thickens in the next book of The Angel Knights series So many new things are brought to light, and just as many things are questioned The Blessed Knights picks up where The Chosen Knights left off We get to jump right back into the story There is no lull [...]

    11. I received an eARC of this book from Barclay Publicity This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of this review.Wow Just wow The Blessed Knights by Mary Ting is the second book of the Angel Knights series and I could not set it down The last book left us with a massive cliffhanger Eli in the hands of Cyrus, stabbed with a piece of the true cross The Blessed Knights picks up a week later in Eli s POV That s right friends, alternate POVs from Lucia to Davin to Eli.LOVED IT Like th [...]

    12. The Blessed Knights is definitely a wild ride So much is happening in this installment Eli has been taken by Cyrus and is not having a good time The reunion of these two does not go well While Eli is fighting for his life Lucia and the group are trying to find him They can t do it alone Enter Michael I have missed my Michael The gang is about to go through a rough time Going up against evil is never easy Relationships are evolving and a battle is on the horizon Will they be able to overcome thei [...]

    13. This book was given to me by the author in exchange for my honest opinion The Blessed Knights is the second book in The Angel Knights Series and you will need to read The Chosen Knights first, but fear not,you shall not regret it Of all the Ting s series and let me tell you that all of them are masterfully written and that I love them all , The Angel Knights is my absolute favorite.Once again, the author manages to create an exciting world filled with fascinating mythological and historical fact [...]

    14. 10 plus Wonder StarsI was given this book for my honest review.This is the 2nd book in this series and needs to be read in order Cyrus is a Fallen who controls possessors that escaped the edelweiss trap from the Snow Queen, he continued to explain and folded his wings too close When Cyrus killed me, and with angel blood, not just any angel blood, but your blood, the descendant of the original angel blood, I had been reborn EliThe above is such a powerful quote that says it all for this amazeball [...]

    15. Reviewed on behalf of 2 Girls Who Love Books BlogIf there are Angels, Demons and such in a book then I am totally in When I first started this series I was very intrigued with the writing and storyline Now I am hooked This is by far the best YA series I have ever read I couldn t read this book fast enough It held my attention from page one to the very end The Blessed Knights includes brilliant writing regarding The Knights of Templar I am fascinated by this history Mary you completely blew me aw [...]

    16. 5 STAR REVIEW As we continue to follow Eli and Lucia s journey to defeat Cyrus things will always get complicated before they can get easy Their journey not only will bring Michael Lucia s father into the group of brave knights aka the gang but will bring them to a whole new level of closeness As always there will be smiles from Uncle Davin, and sorrow from Eli but most important this group will have you rooting for them If you have been following this series you will find yourself being and a [...]

    17. A great series for fans of angels vs fallen battling it out , romance, good vs evil, adventure Each new release has me loving this series Especially as we hop on the astral train ride back in time to visit the Knights Templar in hopes of finding the needed clues for saving the world Each book has brought us a bit adventure, emotion, intrigue through the characters we ve grown attached to plus all of the newbies being introduced There is so much happening in this story I can t wait to see how [...]

    18. by Julie Barnard The Blessed Knights 2 in the series by Mary Ting, wife, mother of 2 teens with amazing talents of their own.This is an extraordinary read that will keep you captivated till the end Still in battle mode, Michael, Davin, Lucia, Zack and they team up with their friends from school, some mortal some not so much.They set out on a mission to rescueLucia s boyfriend, Eli He is being held captive in underground caves by Cyrus and Mortem What they don t know is, he is being brainwashed.T [...]

    19. Mary has such an amazing way with words She truly pours her soul into her books and characters They become a part of you and you truly live inside the story from beginning to end Eli s struggle keeps you up at night You can t help but want to carry on reading to find out what happens next There are twists and turns that play with you emotions They keep you on the edge of your seat There are truly no words to describe what an amazing story this was without giving away the plot but I will say this [...]

    20. Another great entry to the Knights series In this installment the assembled team sets off to rescue Eli who is under Cyrus s hold While trying to rescue him the team also needs to quick y solve the riddle and find the second page of the book Michael joins the team and the battle and Eli and Lucia must still fight for their love We get to meet characters in this book and learn about Eli and Milani s mothers and how they grew up The story flowed effortlessly and I was sad when I reached the end [...]

    21. wow just wow I received an arc for an honest review well, let me just say that this is an awesome book eli is fighting to be strong in mind and soul Lucia and friends and family are fighting to get eli free from Cyrus and figure things out something s are unveiling and I can t wait to read the next book to this awesome series did I mention there is a cliffhanger someone from someone s past shows up eeeeeeek this is making me bite my nails I can t share because I don t know how to explain myself [...]

    22. Mary Ting is such a talented author I was given this book for my honest opinion and i really dont know how to put it into words, it is beautifully written as always, you become so enthralled with the characters it feels like you know them and like you are there fighting the battles with them I love how Davin is developing human like characteristics , and Michael , what can i say about Michael he is a divine elder the father of lucia and zach everyone whom he meets are in awe of him The blessed [...]

    23. The second installment of the Angel Knights continues with action and suspense with finding clues left by the Knights Templar left down to their descendants to rid the evil.Friendships, loyalty, and the struggle to ward off the evil keeps this story moving at a fierce pace.Characters that you fell in love with from the Crossroad series make an appearanceng you all the feels and love for this spin off series.With a cliffhanger that will leave your fingers cramped, this story as all the emotions y [...]

    24. Mary Ting never disappoints Eli Lucia s love is one meant to be and meant to last Lucia and the crew are doing everything they can to find the page and help Eli Eli is doing everything he can to help them and fight being under Cyrus s control Michael makes an appearance in this book to help them out The love he has for his children is astounding The talk he had with Lucia really touched my heart Uncle Davin is still full of jokes There are some new characters introduced that are quite suspicious [...]

    25. Mary s newest book The Blessed Knights is great The good guys, mostly angels and the bad guys mostly demons are gearing up for an epic battle.e race is on to who can find the pages hid by the Knights Templer Lucia an angel loves and loses Eli part demon but you ll have to read the rest This is the latest book in the Crossroads series for thw besy reading of your life, start with the first book and read them one after thw other I ve done this like 5 times How Mary Ting can write books, one after [...]

    26. The third book in the series and just as riveting and stunning as the first two I love this series The books kept me at the edge of my seat, and each book seems to get better than the last Mary Ting is an amazingly talented writer, with a boundless imagination, a knack for making characters come alive, and able to strike the right balance between action and story I highly recommend this series, but have to mention that the books must be read in order for the full effect Reading this as a stand a [...]

    27. It s no mystery I am a big fan of his author and once again she proved why THE story is beautiful and full of action and emotions She is very good at combining multiples characters and a plot that gets even intriguing with the next book The beauty is that the characters will become a close to you, you really feel for them and cheer them on in their quests.d don t get me started on Michael.I know I am being very vague but I think like you need to experience this book and this series fully and in [...]

    28. Mary Ting is a wonderful author and she has sucked me into yet another awesome story, and I don t even like reading about angels Somehow Mary has taken an overdone, and over popularized subject matter and turned it into something I couldn t stop reading I missed meals, and lost sleep over this story because I had to know what happens Her characters are swoon worthy, intriguing and full of such personality The action scenes were so intense I found myself holding my breath The Blessed Knights was [...]

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