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The Otherworldlies By Jennifer Anne Kogler,

  • Title: The Otherworldlies
  • Author: Jennifer Anne Kogler
  • ISBN: 9780060739591
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Fern communicates with her dog, blisters from just moments in the sun, and has correctly predicted the daily weather for than two years Even so, she s always seemed to be a normal twelve year old girl until one day when Fern closes her eyes in class and opens them seconds later on a sandy beach miles away from school When Fern disappears again, this time to aFern communicates with her dog, blisters from just moments in the sun, and has correctly predicted the daily weather for than two years Even so, she s always seemed to be a normal twelve year old girl until one day when Fern closes her eyes in class and opens them seconds later on a sandy beach miles away from school When Fern disappears again, this time to a place far dangerous, she begins to realize exactly how different she is.With the help of her twin brother, Sam, Fern struggles to gain control of her supernatural powers The arrival of a sinister vampire in town who seems to have an alarming interest in Fern s powers causes Fern to question her true identity Who is she More importantly, who can she count on Soon Fern finds herself in the middle of a centuries old battle one that could destroy Fern and endanger everyone she loves.
    The Otherworldlies Fern communicates with her dog blisters from just moments in the sun and has correctly predicted the daily weather for than two years Even so she s always seemed to be a normal twelve year old girl

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    1. Reviewed by Candace Cunard for TeensReadTooTwelve year old Fern McAllister is the black sheep of her family, set apart by pale skin that blisters after moments in the sun and dark black hair in a family of blondes Her strange sensitivity to light, and seeming ability to communicate with the family dog, are secondary concerns to the kids at her middle school who tease her for having an absent father Despite gaining herself the nickname freaky Fern, she leads a generally happy life, thanks to her [...]

    2. Reading young adult fiction is such a slippery slope Sometimes it just doesn t work for anyone other than its intended audience I imagine that would be the case with The Otherworldlies, the debut novel of author Jennifer Anne Kogler It wasn t that it was such a bad book, really it just wasn t for me.Vampire books are trendy now, and Kogler has gotten on the bandwagon with her take on the theme Her heroine, 12 year old Fern, has always been a little different Her first two baby teeth were sharp c [...]

    3. Fern is an unusual girl, and in middle school, that s just not acceptable Every day, she has to deal with others spite over her strange qualities and habits such as blistering from sun exposure, a knack for accurate weather prediction, hearing voices without bodies, and talking with her dog But what she doesn t know is that she isn t normal she s a vampire, or an Otherworldy And among those, she s one of the most special, because her unique ability to teleport distinguishes her as one of the for [...]

    4. I have found another Vampire book that I love This one is for teens and is NOT a romance It is about a girl named Fern who is a bit odd She is allergic to the sun, has really sensitive eyes and does not fit in at school Where as her twin brother is perfectly normal and fits in just great at school Fern discovers that she is actually a Vampire and that there is to being a Vampire than just being allergic to the sun Fern with the help of her twin, Sam, finds out what it is to be a vampire I found [...]

    5. Fern is really weird or at least she s not normal She can talk to her dog, Byron, hears Voices in her mind that are usually talking about her , has predicted the correct weather for over two years, and blisters after just moments in the sun light But, really, other than that, Fern s somewhat similar to your average twelve year old until she disapears in the middle of her English class to find herself at the beach Doesn t sound TOO bad, right But what if the next place she disapears to isnt as [...]

    6. The Otherworldlies by Jennifer Anne Kogler is about Fern trying to figure out why she s so much different from her fraternal twin, Sam She s paler than pale, to the point of needing massive amounts of sunscreen to go anywhere She can accurately predict the weather always and talk to her dog All those things she has learned to live with, but accidentally teleporting from school to the beach in the middle of a class, is a whole other thing The first two thirds of Otherworldlies is set in San Juan [...]

    7. I hadn t heard much things about this book, but the cover looked too great to pass it by There are so many vampire books, that at first I thought that this may even look like those books, but I am glad that it wasn t.The characters are really great Sam and Fern had the best siblings relationship that I ever read in a book I loved that he was so protective of her and the whole time looked out for her I liked Fern a lot, but in some situations she could use a back bone In situations at school wher [...]

    8. This is a great book for the young teen crowd Entertaining throughout the beginning, middle , to end A fantasy read about vampires, yet not all too crazy and disbelieving 12 year old Fern is an outsider where she lives and feels she has no one that can relate to her She soon goes on an adventure and discovers who she truly is, and feels not so different but so special Loved this book

    9. I read this a while ago but I remeber that I liked it And I just finished re reading it so I can read the sequel.

    10. Kogler, Jennifer Anne The Otherworldlies, 383 p Eos Harper , 2008 Fern has never looked like the others in her family, but she had no idea how different she actually was Her twin brother, Sam, has done his best to protect her from the scorn of the students, but even he is feeling the strain Then, something happens that alerts the entire world that Fern really is different Now both friends and enemies are converging to control Fern s life and possibly her power Does that sound obscure enough I do [...]

    11. I ve had this book on my pile to read for a while It sounded interesting and a bit creepy It ended up being and okay book and not at all what I thought it was going to be This book is definitely at a middle grade level and is of a fantasy than anything even remotely creepy.Fern is different from the other children She can do things other kids can t predict the weather, talk with her dog, and hear other people s conversations from far away Different isn t necessarily good though, especially in [...]

    12. Check other reviews at bathtubreader 2.5 stars A victim of too many ideas, the wrong audience, and itself This book isn t horrible, I ve read worse and the writing was actually pretty good Kogler actually turns a phrase pretty well and does a good job with pace and creating likable characters Fern, Sam, and their mother were great characters who made me smile and sometimes feel bad for them In many ways they did their jobs well and I m almost tempted to read the next book just to read about abo [...]

    13. Hmmm Another vampire novel Ok, so I ll grant that it was an interesting take on the whole vampire thing, but I couldn t help but feel that the word vampire is becoming a catch all for mysterious supernatural beings Fern is a twin, but couldn t possibly look or act any differently from her twin She s been ostracized at school and has some challenging physical issues, like blistering when out in the sun too long She can communicate with dogs and make water move with her mind And then she starts t [...]

    14. This book wasn t half bad I was a bit apprehensive at first, but I guess it proved itself.Fern is different from everyone else She s allergic to the sun, can talk to dogs, and predict the weather People label her as weird and a freak, but it becomes than that after she disappears one day in class and turns up somewhere else entirely Fern has to figure out who she is, and fast other people are interested too, and it s bound to get ugly if they find out.Every sign pointed to vampire in this book [...]

    15. Spoilers below Don t you love those books when the outcast, lonely, young teen, who is downtrodden and picked upon by nearly everyone around them, discovers that they actually have some sort of magical supernatural power And on top of that, not only are they magical, but in the magical world, they are a rare famous personSound familiar Yeah, I thought so too.I really wanted this book to be better than it was the idea was pretty cool other than the glaring similarities to dear Mr Potter Otherworl [...]

    16. Fern longs to be a normal girl, but it seems she can t quite fit in Not with the other kids at school and not even completely with her family, who though they love her, find her a tad odd Her twin brother Sam couldn t be different Sam is fiercely loyal and protective of Fern Middle School is tough enough without having the nickname, Freaky Fern But Fern can t help the things that make her stand out like her sensitivity to light, her fondness for soil, her abilities to hear conversations from fa [...]

    17. This is one of the many books I picked up at Half price books I have like 20 in my to read pile, and the reason The Otherworldlies made it into my already read pile is because of the unique summary of the book A girl that communicates with her dog, blisters from the sun, and can predict the daily weather accurately A girl that is anything but normal Sure, why not.Fern has to be one of my favorite characters I ve ever read about Imagine living your whole life believing you have a twin brother, th [...]

    18. Warning Review contains a lot of spoilers This book was very hard to rate I loved the way it was written I loved most of the characters Fern and Bryon were my favorite I loved that she was so different That she stuck out like a sore thumb But the plot could have been so much better Not much really happens to the plot until about 2 3 through the book It was a little disappointing She doesn t even meet Vlad until page 207 out of a 383 page book Maybe if something actually happened earlier, like Vl [...]

    19. 12 year old Fern McAllister is a little different Her classmates call her Freaky Fern, but her family has learned to live with her eccentricities She talks to the family dog and he talks back , she has to keep a pot of dirt under her bed or she can t sleep, she blisters if she stays in the sun too long, and she has to wear sunglasses constantly because her eyes are so sensitive But her strange habits are the least of her worries these days Lately she s been accidentally teleporting One minute sh [...]

    20. I was excited to read Otherworldlies when I read the jacket blurb Unfortunately, I eneded up frustrated than interested.First of all, Fern is a likeable character The fact that she s teased mercilessly for being different resonated with mewhat can I say, I fell into the different category myself However, she s only 12 and in middle school Since some of the vocabulary used was definitely above a 12 year old s comprehension, that should have been a sign of trouble to come.The book started slow I [...]

    21. Fern has always been different, but has never known what exactly made her different She can communicate with her dog, and is blinded by the sun Her skin sizzles in the sun, so she hates recess Almost everyone at her school knows her.Then, Fern disappears Suddenly, just in the middle of class, she closes her eyes, and she lands on a white sandy beach, Pirate s Cove, five miles away from home and school There she meets a man that knows she s different he can help Fern.Fern is an otherworldy, or wh [...]

    22. Fern is twelve She has a twin brother named Sam, and an older brother She hears voices, was able to talk to her dog when she was young, and she wears heavy sunglasses to protect her eyes from the light She also has correctly predicted the weather for hundreds of days at a time.She s also without any doubt a major outsider at her school Her problems multiply when she somehow teleports from her seat in the class to a beach Lindsay is another girl at the school and she s also a supe supernatural , [...]

    23. It s been about three years since I read this book, and I still remember it I have been waiting for to add it and I see they finally have Which makes me very happy that I can finally add it to my read list I remember liking this book, this is one of the first books I read when I really started to actually read, and it only helped me realize that reading is fun and that it opens doors to complete other worlds I remember that I liked this book and it has stayed with me through all these years, and [...]

    24. Fern will never pass for normal againLooking for a vampire book that doesn t have corny love scenes or no love scenes at all Check out The Otherworldlies Here, we have a protagonist who tries to fit in, or at least be invisible, although she can t help her strange habits, like climbing trees and perching on their branches Things pick up when she is suddenly transported to a beach where she finds the first clue to the past that has been long kept secret from her With the help of her popular twin [...]

    25. Honestly, I was both pleased and disappointed with this book Upon reading the description, I was thinking it was going to be a super powers heroes kinda book Unfortunately, it was just another book about vampires Don t get me wrong, I love vampire books, but this genre has gotten so flooded with vampires that I find myself a bit jaded when it comes to this paranormal subject However, I was pleased to find that Kogler was able to transform this book from an average vampire book to something a bit [...]

    26. There are two kinds of vampires the ones seeking alliance with humans and the ones seeking blood The good, the bad The Rollens and the Blouts Fern McAllister is a vampire otherwise known as Otherworldly, and specifically known as a Poseidon and Unusual She has just discovered this about herself and it explains all of her idiosyncracies so the vampire world is all new to her She learns that all vampires have some basic superpowers, but that some specialize in certain ones, like Poseidons can con [...]

    27. I found parts of this book really good and intriguing, but other parts were just a convoluted mess Most of Fern s actual storyline was fine it is when Kogler got into the mythology and Vlad s story that the plot seemed to fall apart a bit Things didn t make sense, plot points were left hanging and there just wasn t enough explanation for certain things I think she really tried to force the Olympian stuff into the storyline and it would have been a lot stronger if she had left that out or explain [...]

    28. Fern McAllister has always been different She looks different from everyone in her family, and her quirks claiming to be able to communicate with the family dog, predicting weather, hearing voices, extreme sensitivity to light have caused her classmates to call her Freaky Fern At age 12, she is not concerned with being a social outcast she has a tight nuclear family with two brothers and mom She is concerned, however, when she starts involuntarily teleporting herself A popular classmate suddenly [...]

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