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Contribute By Kristy Acevedo,

  • Title: Contribute
  • Author: Kristy Acevedo
  • ISBN: 9781631630989
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Paperback
  • The holograms lied to everyone on Earth and only Alexandra Lucas knows the truth Now she s trapped in the year 2359 without family or friends worse, without her anxiety medication Alex attempts to reconcile the marvelous scenery, technological advances, and luxurious living with the knowledge that the holograms weren t being completely honest what else are they lying aboThe holograms lied to everyone on Earth and only Alexandra Lucas knows the truth Now she s trapped in the year 2359 without family or friends worse, without her anxiety medication Alex attempts to reconcile the marvelous scenery, technological advances, and luxurious living with the knowledge that the holograms weren t being completely honest what else are they lying about With a secret that could shatter her society, Alex tries to find her place among strangers, convicts, and a rebellion striving to bring the holograms down Alex struggles to find the best way to reveal the truth and reunite with those she loves But when surrounded by beauty and every convenience, Alex wonders if truth becomes irrelevant in a perfect world.
    Contribute The holograms lied to everyone on Earth and only Alexandra Lucas knows the truth Now she s trapped in the year without family or friends worse without her anxiety medication Alex attempts to rec

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    1. This is the second and final book of the Holo Series Thank you to all the early fans of CONSIDER It s been a pleasure Enjoy Kristy Acevedo the author

    2. This is a book for fans of classic sci fi and modern YA literature The characters and their evolution are extremely well developed, just like in Consider, and the scientific part of the story won t disappoint you This gripping sci fi novel is based on the idea of a world in which you don t have to work a single day of your life and everything is provided to you This sounds enticing, but there is just one catch you will have to contribute with your brain when you die It is also a novel about stan [...]

    3. Major nerd points to Kristy Acevedo This book took me such a long time to finish, not because I was bored but because I didn t want it to be over I wanted to spend time with Alex and the crazy lady My favourite characters in this book were the crazy lady she was also my favourite from the first book but I admit I was wrong about who I thought she d turn out to be , the loveable cuddly bear Dr A and SIDEKICK When I received a copy of Contribute from NetGalley in exchange for honest feedback than [...]

    4. See of my reviews on my blog the Book DeviantI would like to thank the people at Jolly Fish Press for allowing me to have an ARC of this book via Netgalley.Wow, where do I even start with this one Consider rocked my world with it s realistic anxiety depiction and the engaging plot, but Contribute is basically the exact opposite Half way through, Alex s anxiety starts to conveniently to take breaks at the oddest and most convenient points during the plot that I couldn t help but think that Aceve [...]

    5. THERE MUST BE A BOOK THREE THERE MUST Please say there is D Edit there isn t I am going to cry Waaaah So freaking good I loved it Review soon

    6. Lots of emotions This book is action packed This is a review for both Consider book 1 and Contribute.I participate in ongoing secret santa exchanges throughout the year, with one being around books I m a pretty hard person to shop for because I don t keep every book in my collection on my TBR and my wishlist changes from day to day You can imagine how thrilled I was when my secret santa not only picked a book I hadn t heard of but also fit within the type of book I LOVE to read.The past ruined T [...]

    7. Soo apparently my reading binge is finished, and I am now back to reading at a slower pace Which, you know, is fine, but it means getting through a single book is taking me longerI m not good at taking notes while reading books which is why my reviews are mostly pretty short , and it makes it a bit difficult to actually review a book.Contribute is the sequel to Consider, and the conclusion to the Holo duology This book takes a very different turn than the first one, due to the fact that this is [...]

    8. 2,5 stars I still disliked the main character pretty much throughout the story I didn t exactly dislike the story though, or at least the idea of it is kinda intriguing, even if it isn t overly engaging Sadly, I m certain I won t remember much of it a month from now, save maybe for its obnoxious heroine It s possible I ve just had it with the first person narrative, which often than not makes for an annoying and seemingly super self absorbed protagonist Or so it seems Because it could just be m [...]

    9. The follow up to Acevedo s Philip K Dick Award finalist, CONTRIBUTE tracks teenager and sci fi nerd, Alex, as she figures out what s beyond the holograms that tricked Earth in her first book Lots of homage to fantasy and sci fi classics in this book and imaginative world building all around Alex s journey of discovery, persistence, and ultimately resistance, seems all the important with the current political and social climate Acevedo pushes back against the boundaries of reality and asks reade [...]

    10. I received a free copy of this from North Star Editions through Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review I actually enjoyed this than I thought I think it was a definite step up from book 1 Alexandra s entire personality wasn t based around her anxiety, which made the book a lot enjoyable to read A trend I m noticing a lot in YA though is characters who jump to conclusions Alexandra did that a couple times based on literally no evidence It s really frustrating, especially due to how over do [...]

    11. I had the opportunity to read this as an ARC from the publisher I ve been waiting since I finished the first book, Consider, last spring to read the conclusion to Alex and Dominick s story and I was not disappointed A wonderful albeit really different book from the first, Contribute follows Alex as she steps into the Vertex to find Dominick, Rita, and her brother and tell them that the Comet didn t destroy Earth She finds things she never expected, including inner strength she never knew she had [...]

    12. This compelling YA science fiction thriller continues just after Alex has traveled through the vortex at the very last second in the first Holo book, CONSIDER When Alex realizes that the aliens have lied about the oncoming comet, she feels obliged to reveal the truth to all those humans who have ventured through earlier, including her boyfriend, best friend, brother and grandmother The story grows complex as Alex shares her truth with a few other rebellious people in transit and tries to locate [...]

    13. I am glad I bought this book One thing I loved was Alex s evolution in this book, and in the series She is terrified and just wants her family and friends and to go back home Readers watch her evolve from that, out of her shell of anxiety and able to lead the people of Earth Honestly, I don t think I would have been brave enough to do some of things she did This book also reveals truths about Earth and shows the attitude of people Most of the humans did not want to go home they did not want to e [...]

    14. It s been over a year since the first book and I don t think I ve counted down the days with quite so much anticipation with any other series Or worry that it could possibly live up to it s beginning.So happy to find out the sequel was every bit as great Everything clicked into place without being too obvious along the way Just a truly fun read from start to end The ending was just right although bittersweet after losing characters along the way That hint of uncertainty that makes you question y [...]

    15. I would like to thank the publisher and netgalley for allowing me to read the ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.This is an exciting and gripping science fiction work and I did enjoy it even though I felt the end was a bit rushed Sadly I had not read the prequel Consider which seems to have been a great start to the plot according to the reviews I have seen However this did not spoil my enjoyment of Contribute and I would not hesitate to recommend it to sci fi lovers.

    16. I felt so annoyed through this entire book Alex is a whiney baby that only makes me not really care about her The story jumps around, people and plot lines come and go with no explanations, Alex whines some Some of the only endearing characters die totally unceremoniously and the story just goes on Nothing is really wrapped up and Alex whines some Not worth it.

    17. I preferred the contemporary earth setting of the first book in the series to the intergalactic planetary someplace in space time of this one, but the story is just as suspenseful and the characters are just as compelling If you haven t read CONSIDER, read that first, then CONTRIBUTE.

    18. 3.5 stars Easily the most anticipated book sequel I ve wanted to read in a long time, as I loved Holo s story and desperately wanted to know what happened next Starts out strong, but the MC is as annoying and awful as always and there s far too much time spent on a what seems like it comes out of nowhere rebellion faction situation that reeks of YA tropes including the savior leader of the rebellion tropes that are in literally every YA novel ever The eventual plot reveal is interesting though f [...]

    19. I was really into most of this book, but the end kind of fizzled for me I m not sure, though, how it could have ended better view spoiler It was nice that everyone got to go back to Earth and Alex got to reconnect with her parents, but then it ended with an ominous tone, with humans starting to explore the creepy biotechnology I guess the part that seemed the fizzliest to me was the thought of going back to dull old Earth with infrastructure that had started to collapse, after being on Sol by Lu [...]

    20. Wow I finished both books in this series in three days They are SO good I also really like that they re not too long I m finding YA books are getting longer and longer, and a lot of it is for no reason These books are beautifully written and concise and exactly as long as they needed to be.I found these books on accident, and I m so glad They broke my streak of bad books This sequel did not disappoint This review contains spoilers for the first book So if you haven t read that one, don t read th [...]

    21. I obtained an ebook advanced review copy of Contribute from Netgalley in return for an honest review.Contribute is by Kristy Acevedo and will be published on 11th July 2017 It is the second book in the Holo series Probably some spoilers but I tried to keep them to the minimum The first book Consider, which I devoured last year, is centred around the idea of portals appearing around the Earth, holograms stepping out, warning that an asteroid is going to destroy the world very soon and an offer of [...]

    22. Contribute is a fitting sequel to Consider The author once again takes us deep into the emotional turmoil of the main character and the distress she has to fight every day Some days, she s overcome Other days, she pushes through We get to witness the ups and downs of finding and losing loved ones and we finally see some loose ends from the first book tidied up.Although the story is set in a technologically advanced society, the author manages to keep the science and the tech accessible She makes [...]

    23. This Series Was Wicked This was such a cool, imaginative and simply amazing series There is so many emotions throughout the entire book but it just keeps you on the edge of your seat It is very bittersweet because I definitely just want and but such a unique and fitting ending to the series Our characters are fantastic and you just keep rooting for them over and over and over Our main character is so flawed but in the second book you really get to see her come out of her shell and embrace her [...]

    24. This whole series was great and I enjoyed it all the way through This book was a ride, but it was also longer than it needed to be in my opinion I felt like there was a decent amount of filler writing in it that didn t need to be there With that said though it was still somewhat fast paced, and I was really curious how it was going to end I think Kristy is really good at building and describing worlds and developing characters Everything was very vivid and clear as I read the story The science a [...]

    25. I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I d like to start by saying that I didn t realize this was a second book when I entered for it I figured I d catch on though A few chapters in, I knew I d regret not reading the first book so I purchased it paid a whole 9.99 for it, so I expected big things Once I finished the first Consider I knew I would ve regretted not reading both They are fantastic Contribute is a unique sci fi story whose main character accurately d [...]

    26. The first book Consider did a remarkable job of setting up What Happens Next I wanted to know what was on the other side With Contribute that question was answered in an incredible world that yielded questions as each mysterious layer of their new home was uncovered As intriguing as the story was, it was the characters that made me want to turn the page Alex and her struggles made her not only someone who didn t want to be a hero, but someone who felt she couldn t be It was the other parts of h [...]

    27. 2.5 stars I remember liking the first book well enough, but this was a disappointment Everything was rushed, from the integration into the new world, to the forming of the rebellion, to finding out the secrets Because of the rushed quality, I never felt like I had time to register what was happening, whether it was a revealing or a death The characters were nothing special Lots of new people were introduced but only given names and tags to describe them The romance was shallow One thing I partic [...]

    28. I felt the ending was very rushed and would have liked to see happen with it.How her anxiety is dealt with, especially by Dominick, is very unhealthy.And some scenes happen literally in the blink of an eye and they can be pretty important to the plot but again a lot of it is rushed I didn t enjoy it as much as the first one and maybe I set my expectations a little high But the creativity is definitely there.

    29. I won this book from First Reads.Contribute by Kristy Acevedo is the sequel to Consider and the final book in the Holo series duology This second novel adds even twists and surprises to the series, and introduces many new likable characters This was a very strong finale to the series.

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