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The Angel Factory By Terence Blacker,

  • Title: The Angel Factory
  • Author: Terence Blacker
  • ISBN: 9780689864131
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Paperback
  • Have you ever imagined that you might be living in a dream reality That your parents, your sister, your best friend, even your dog isn t who you think they are Ever felt that while your friends gripe about their dysfunctional families and their grades, you can t really complain Have you ever thought your life is just a little too good to be true If your answer is yes,Have you ever imagined that you might be living in a dream reality That your parents, your sister, your best friend, even your dog isn t who you think they are Ever felt that while your friends gripe about their dysfunctional families and their grades, you can t really complain Have you ever thought your life is just a little too good to be true If your answer is yes, than you can imagine how Thomas Wisdom feels Once he starts digging for clues about his family s history and identity, he begins to uncover a truth and a responsibility that are almost too fantastic and tragic for one boy to bear.
    The Angel Factory Have you ever imagined that you might be living in a dream reality That your parents your sister your best friend even your dog isn t who you think they are Ever felt that while your friends gripe

    One thought on “The Angel Factory”

    1. I picked up this book during a library session at school, and decided to read it because i figured it would cover a category for my wide reading I think it was one of the most boring books i ve read The blurb sounded good and the plot seemed to have so much potential, but the book just bored on and on.This dystopian novel completes the category a book with a male main character I just realised that i normally look for books with female protagonists, probably because my favourite books all have f [...]

    2. I started reading this book and found myself drawn to it I couldn t put it down and there were parts that I kind of figured out, but the twist was different than what I expected This story is about a young boy who thinks his family is too perfect He mentions it to his friend Gip and his friend starts him on a journey to find out if his parents are secretly in the CIA We come to find out that they are angels sent here to help earth save itself from destruction The only problem is, is that there s [...]

    3. Interest level 5th Reading level mediumGenre science fiction, utopian society, utopiaRead alikes The GiverIf you are a fan of The Giver , you ll enjoy The Angel Factory which also peers into what, at first glance, seems to be a perfect world As Thomas Wisdom hacks into his father s computer with the help of a friend one day, he discovers some frightening secrets, mostly about his family and himself Suddenly Thomas realizes that nothing is what it seems to beWhat is it that Thomas discovered and [...]

    4. This book was okay It s not one of them where I d jump to the chance to read again But it was defintely an interesting read I did like how it s something I ve never read before.

    5. I think that this book was amazing to read It was very interesting and easy to understand I liked reading it because it seemed to me that a boy was reading it the pages were very large and the text was perfect size.The main character in this book was Thomas wisdom He was a very eager outgoing character that was trying to solve his families mystery The family are angels sent or made to help protect the earth There is a secret plan for the angels to help the people on earth and make sure they don [...]

    6. Thomas Wisdom s family has always been happy His parents even hold hands in public That s just not normal it So why does he feel out of place sometimes What kind of kid wants some chaos in his life As Thomas confides in a friend, he begins to realize that it s not asking the questions that will add chaos, it s finding the answers to those questions All is not what is seems in his tidy little world Nor in ours And it will be his choice whether to be a part of the problem or the solution if he can [...]

    7. This story falls into the same general category asThe Giver, if I remember correctly it s a science fiction base for social commentary This one isn t as far a step from the way we currently live so it s a little less obvious, perhaps Despite the unusual and fairly interesting concept, the story is just a little too easy, the characters a little too pale to be truly interesting to an adult reader probably a young reader would enjoy it, although the deeper concepts would probably be lost on them B [...]

    8. Thomas Wisdom has felt different from his family but when he conides in his friend, they find a coded file on his dad s computer Thomas is unduly upsetthat his parents lied to him Then he finds that they are angels aliens An alien prescence has come to earth to save humans from themselves, first by being angels among them, and then adopting human children Thomas has a choice to make Good book, but the end was kind of abrupt Things seemed dramatic than they should and also falls short of really [...]

    9. It s a good book but I m not really surprised.Did you read the book the Wave because, they re really alike.Thomas Wisdom started to open his eyes and realized that his life were almost too perfect too be true That was before when somebody finally explained to him about the project, and the fact that he s adopted Then he was founded in a world of angels And now he can t trust anyone, not his parents, sister, his best friend, not even his dog Would the project take over the world

    10. This book was kind of weird Especially the end There were parts that made this book better, but they were tangled in with bizarre moments I was sitting on the fence of what I thought about this book until the last few chapters, which solidly placed it in the annoying and unsatisfying ending category Mostly, I just felt like the author was trying to manipulate my emotions at times, and it ended up just making me uncomfortable.

    11. Thomas Wisdom seems like an ordinary human boy until he and his buddy, Gip, find a secret on Tom s dad s computer Tom was adopted but not by any ordinary parents His parents are angels on a mission to save Earth.I didn t totally recognize or get immersed in the London environment until part way through the book I would love to see this in a book discussion group

    12. This is well written suspense although Thomas feels older than 12 to me The angels feel like a cult although the words used are very close to Biblical, implying that the Christian worldview is something twisted Goodness is suffocating Religious experience is as manipulative as drugs Salvation would destroy what is human in us Very disturbing, but it could stimulate lots of discussion.

    13. This books is a Science Fiction book which has many twists on life and shows of a family that lives on Earth and they are angels These angels come from another planet and have come to Earth to stop a major calamity The answers are up to a normal boys to solve and to save the world He has 2 options 1 Leave the planet to it s own state or 2 Let Earth be ruled by a bunch of aliens

    14. Didn t really like this one I expected from it somehow The whole story wrapped up very suddenly and not entirely believably, in my opinion, in a very few pages at the end Not too realitic feeling actions etc toward the end either Interesting premise though.

    15. It s not too bad, only a little boring because I had guessed the ending Anyway, it expressed the world we are living now Life is not perfect when everything s perfect If I were Thomas, I would choose the same choice.

    16. Thomas Wisdom s troubles begin when he discovers he s adopted What other lies have his parents told him As he begins to uncover the truth, he realizes everything and everyone isn t what he believed Who can he trust and what should he do

    17. Draws you pretty quickly into a thriller sense of a giant scifi conspiracy Then it unravels into a completely implausible scenario I really wanted it to be good but the ending especially made it impossible to believe, even for sci fi.

    18. Fun and interesting, probably written as a Y.A novel It s about an alien invasion, but they re friendly and attempting to save humankind from itself The question is whether mankind wants this sort of help.

    19. This book was mostly weird It was annoying hereing the charactors perspective because he was an ansty teen ager he was disterbed by the fact that his parents adobted him than that they were alines.

    20. It was okay Typical dystopian novel Literary Review is quoted as saying it deserves to be ranked alongside Lois Lowry s The Giver and that is only true if it is held up as an inferior book.

    21. I read this at Rheannon s urging Great little parable I was able to read it in one day Although written for a young adult audience, it does teach a valuable lesson.

    22. I found this story intriguing, and I am not a fan of science fiction If you have a son or daughter who enjoys that genre, I would certainly recommend this read.

    23. I ve given this 1 star simply because it creeped me out, and I consequently didn t enjoy reading it The concept itself is thought provoking and original but creepy Big twist.

    24. The best book ever it s mysterious and adventurous I recommend this book to every one who likes adventuring.

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