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Ace By Lyra Parish,

  • Title: Ace
  • Author: Lyra Parish
  • ISBN: 9781530304974
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Paperback
  • My name is Ace and I m the Ace of Spades I m not nice and I misbehave I will be your nightmare I will be your dream I will have you begging for of me with each scream The truth is in my lyrics Uncontrollably controlled I bleed many things one being Rock Roll I don t date or make love I make being with me hard Did you know the ace of spades is considereMy name is Ace and I m the Ace of Spades I m not nice and I misbehave I will be your nightmare I will be your dream I will have you begging for of me with each scream The truth is in my lyrics Uncontrollably controlled I bleed many things one being Rock Roll I don t date or make love I make being with me hard Did you know the ace of spades is considered the death card Love doesn t exist in my world, it never did Love won t exist in my world, it s something I forbid My name is Ace and I m the ace of spades Proceed with caution, because I m sharp like a blade The Band of Brothers novels are full length stand alones and will follow each brother in the band They can be read together or separately.
    Ace My name is Ace and I m the Ace of Spades I m not nice and I misbehave I will be your nightmare I will be your dream I will have you begging for of me with each scream The truth is in my lyrics Uncontr

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    1. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewLyra Parish has strummed all the right chords as she captures the hearts of her readers in her newest rock star romance, ACE In this sizzling and sexy romance, Ms Parish ignites a fiery passion of two hearts discovering that together they can compose the greatest gift of all the music of love Elizabeth s presence was like a giant wave in my normally steady ocean While most women threw themselves at me, she was too busy trying to get away Eli [...]

    2. ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.I love rock stars and this was quite different from what I ve read so far.Ace Hathway is your usual famous rocker His band draws thousands of fans to every concert and their fame precedes them Ace has one rule though he never talks to journalists, he never gives interviews His routine is going to break when Elizabeth Riley joins them on tour.Elizabeth is an editor for a magazine, but she had to replace her friend in covering the band s tour Sh [...]

    3. Advance Readers Copy ARC provided for my blog for an honest review from the lovely author Title AceSeries Bands of Brothers, 1Author Lyra ParishPages 256Genre Rockstar RomanceAge Group New AdultCharacters Elizabeth Riley, AcePoint of View DualHappily Ever After YesRelease Date February 22nd, 2016Date Read February 15th, 2015Overall Rating 4 StarsI highly enjoyed Ace by Lyra Parish but as I read it I felt like the story plot line was similar to Rock The Heart by Michelle A Valentine which I loved [...]

    4. I love a romantic story where a bad boy rocker falls hard for a girl Ace isn t so likable at the beginning of his story He s the stereotypical rocker who takes advantage of the groupies who fling themselves at them When we get a closer look at him, Ace is tiring of all that He meets Elizabeth who is on tour to write about him and his Band of Brothers I really loved Elizabeth She was smart and sassy and fell reluctantly head over heart for this complicated rocker I so adored who Ace was with her [...]

    5. This is far from the typical rock story and while Ace is the typical rockstar in many respects, he is also so different.I know there are only so many ways to write about sexed up rock god and shy retiring woman, we have all read them before but this is one rock god you would dismiss at your peril, because Ace is than able to dispel any cobwebs you may have hanging around, there is nothing quintessential about him, he may fit the jeans but that doesn t mean he has to fit the mould Until Elizabet [...]

    6. I really enjoyed Ace and Elizabeth s story My initial reaction to Ace was exactly like Elizabeth s feelings, but as Elizabeth peeled away Ace s rocker persona and got to know the man he truly is outside of the Band of Brothers, he definitely grew on me, and his manwhore actions made a lot sense once readers were given his back story.Elizabeth is the exact opposite of everything that Ace usually wants in his one night stands, which proves that his attraction to her is already changing him for th [...]

    7. We first meet Ace and his brothers at a concert that they are preforming We meet Elizabeth while she is running late for a last minute mandatory meeting When Elizabeth was told that she is going to be touring with The Band of Brothers She is terrified about going on tour with them as she has never been on tour before When she called her friend and asked her why she recommended her When Ace sees her standing in a corner, he wants to know who she is and she has to ask Miley Elizabeth is 24 years o [...]

    8. When the book I am reading begins with the hero screwign someone that s not the heroine I tend to close the book and bury it somewhere I will never find it again Things are even worse when he doesn t make sure that she is having a good time too It makes me wonder what kind of lover the hero is Things get even better when he has a second conquest and almost a third I know that some of you find this a ridiculous reason to say that I didn t like something in a book, but this is my review and my opi [...]

    9. I want to be a photographer and or journalist when I grow up I want to be on tour with the Band of Brothers I mean, who wouldn t want to tour with these hot, fun, sexy guys I laughed at the brothers antics because it reminded me of my relationship with my siblings You can feel their bond Elizabeth Riley works at PHASE which is like Rolling Stone but on a lower scale She is sent to go on tour with Band of Brothers since her best friend is on maternity leave.Elizabeth is timid, shy, and doesn t re [...]

    10. I like a little bit of rocker in my life now and then, and Ace certainly didn t disappoint Yes, Ace Hathaway is your typical bad boy front man in a band new girl every night of the week kinda guy, but when public enemy 1 journalist Elizabeth Riley joins the tour, it certainly shows us a side to Ace that no one else had ever seen This is my first book by Lyra Parish, and I have to say that I really enjoyed her writing She is descriptive enough that it keeps me engaged, but not overly to the point [...]

    11. ARC received for honest reviewAce Hathaway, sexy lead singer of Band of Brothers known for never dating, just one night stands That is until journalist Elizabeth Riley is assigned to follow the tour for her magazine Not a rock chick, Ace is fascinated by her She tries to not get pulled in by his charm and be one of his groupies But he doesn t make that easy I ve read a lot of rocker books and there is always angst and so much drama Not here This story of Ace and Elizabeth sucked me in from the f [...]

    12. The story is set around the band of brothers but focuses on Ace and Elizabeth s story Ace is a hot rock star sourounded by groupies, a different town, a different girl Elizabeth is a shy journalist photographer who is handed the job of a lifetime, though she is out of her comfort zone Ace has a loathing of journalists but staying away from Elizabeth is not an option.Wow, a fab start to a new series, I devoured this book in one sitting It s not your typical romance, but romantic nontheless There [...]

    13. First off, I do not read many rock star books, but I love Lyras writing so I had to read Ace I am so glad that I did, she did not disappoint Ace and his 3 very hot brothers are in a band named Band Of Brothers Ace is a manwhore, but he hates it Elizabeth is an editor that gets thrust into being a reporter on tour with the band She is an introvert that can take the most beautiful pictures.Ace does not do the relationship thing, or blondes, yet a beautiful blonde catches his attention from the wor [...]

    14. I think Ace enjoys showing Elizabeth the affect she has on him, great, I d have blue balls once again, and Elizabeth Riley was to blame You did this, I said, glancing down to the bulge in my pants Ace always has a plan to keep his woman from her woes I ll kiss away your anger What if it doesn t work Then I ll eff it away I enjoyed this book and I can t wait for the rest of the band to get their stories because you couldn t help but fall in love with each of them.

    15. Title AceAuthor Lyra ParishSeries Band of Brothers 1Publisher SELF PUBLISHEDRelease Date 2 22 16Genre s Contemporary RomancePage Count 256Heat Level 2 flames out of 5Rating 5 stars out of 5Blurb ARE YOU READY TO MEET THE MAN THAT HAS STOLEN A MILLION HEARTS My name is Ace and I m the Ace of Spades I m not nice and I misbehave I will be your nightmare I will be your dream I will have you begging for of me with each scream The truth is in my lyrics Uncontrollably controlled I bleed many things on [...]

    16. spoiler free I love me a good rockstar book and this is no exception Ace Hathway is out on stage every night with his brothers and every night there s a new woman ready to spend the night with him Ace is tired of living that way however, he misses the connection, one he hasn t allowed himself since his last break up He closes himself off and puts everything into his lyrics instead Elizabeth Riley works for the magazine PHASE and when her boss sends her on tour with the band Band of Brothers she [...]

    17. You re interesting, Elizabeth Riley No, I m not I m a girl who loves to play music and loves to write As much as these two needed each other, each was hell bent on doing a job and getting out That s what made the chemistry spark and the chase even better The rocker and the reporter Ace Elizabeth couldn t be different and alike if they tried They just needed to get out of each other s way in order to see that they have way in common than they think Ace s character was just another typical rocke [...]

    18. I enjoy a good rockstar romance I love the combination of two things I really enjoy, music and reading Although, I think that getting the right balance between the story and the music can be a challenge I really enjoy when the author can give us an idea of who the musician is It is important to see the stage side of the character, as well as who they really are In Ace, Lyra was able to do just that We got to see exactly who Ace Hathway was We get to see him at his low and we get to see him at hi [...]

    19. Journey to a world of sex and rock and rolld intensify that by 100 A world where every beat of the written drum is felt in your heart and thighs where every note carries to your pantiesd has you heated Ace is my favorite Rocker Read of THE YEAR He s your typical rock star Hot, sexy and definitely not what you want you bring home to mom but you damn sure will sneak him into your window and let him have his wicked way with you In an EPIC first book of the series, Band of Brothers, we meet Ace same [...]

    20. I love a good rockstar story and this was definitely a good book with interesting and different characters What I really loved though about this book was ACE wasnt a bad boy rocker in the sense of him being a huge man whore on drugs like in most books ACE was just someone who loved his music and that s what he wanted to spend all his time and focus on, Because of this he was very short and standoffish with people which made it seem like he was cruel and nasty I loved ACE s fascination with Eliza [...]

    21. What would you do if your dream comes true, you get to tour with an amazing rock band and write about it for the magazine you work for What you don t expect is to be attracted to the womanizing lead singer How do you keep your objectivity Elizabeth finds herself on tour with Band of Brothers, following her passion for music Ace, the lead singer, is the notorious womanizer that never gives interviews yet Elizabeth has been tasked to get an interview with him What Elizabeth doesn t expect is to be [...]

    22. Ace is a typical cocky asshole lead singer, what you see it what you get He loves his lifestyle, hates his love life or sex life in his case and is bored with his one night stander.He meets Elizabeth who has been sent to interview him, she s different from any of the other girls he has met, Elizabeth actually doesn t care who he is and will not kiss his ass.Unfortunately this story is nothing new or exciting Rock star meets average girl falls in love and that pretty much the whole story.It s a g [...]

    23. I did this all for the music, not for the fame Music was the only constant in all of this.Wanna know what my favorite thing about the rock n roll romance was It s that Ace wasn t strung out on drugs, he wasn t an alcoholic, he wasn t even really that much of a man whore It was SO nice to read a rocker romance where the lead wasn t a dick or druggie He was a genuinely nice although standoffish person He didn t like intimacy, he didn t kiss the girls, and he didn t care what you thought His life w [...]

    24. Holy moly is this book fasted paced It goes and goes, there is no pausing, no lulls, no dragging, no 200, no passing go just directly to eeeeeeeeeeeeek Ace is my first Lyra Parish book, but it will not be my last Ace Hathaway is that rocker All the girls want a piece of him, and by golly, he ll change and fall in love with them Mmmmkaaaaayyyyyy Sorry Charlie or Bambi, Candy, Mandy, whatever , you ain t Elizabeth She is awesome sauce Proof again that it pays to not throw yourself at people, Eliza [...]

    25. I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review To read reviews like this one, check out Obsessive Book Nerd Some of my favorite books are rock star romances so when this book crossed my path, I knew I had to read it I was hooked almost immediately I loved Ace Ace s character was so raw and real He seemed like an a hole rock star but since his band mates were his brothers, you got to see a caring, normal guy as well.Elizabeth was also a great character and well developed She w [...]

    26. 4 1 2 stars Great start of a new series that left me looking forward to the future installments Ace is your typical rock star god who has meaningless sex with groupies and has always been happy with that He doesn t let any of them get close to him, they don t know or want the real him anyway They want who they see on stage so that s what he gives them Recently though, he s noticed something lacking in these sexual experiences but he can t put his finger on it.Elizabeth is a journalist who is ass [...]

    27. Elizabeth was less then trilled finding out that she d have to go on tour to get the inside scoop of the Band of Brothers and try to get a interview of Ace Ace refuses to be interviewed and has his set lifestyle of singing and sleeping with a different girl Elizabeth is the exact opposite of the the girls he s normally attracted to Then there was a moment where Ace got to see Elizabeth and slowly change his mind, and maybe the way he was living wasn t enough any.I liked this book, it was enjoyab [...]

    28. Ace is a rock star He s part of Band of Brothers He s a player and has a different woman each night after his concerts He doesn t do interviews with the media Elizabeth is an editor for a magazine She is used to doing the behind the scenes of the articles but when her her is out on sick leave she has to go on tour with Band of Brothers She s a little shy and awkward and definitely isn t prepared for the feelings she has for Ace Ace is immediately takes a liking to Elizabeth Their chemistry toget [...]

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