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Escapade By Dolce,

  • Title: Escapade
  • Author: Dolce
  • ISBN: 9781634770583
  • Page: 320
  • Format: ebook
  • Twenty nine year old Lucas Thompson is at the top of the corporate ladder But when his lifelong friend and ex boyfriend invites him to his last minute destination wedding in the Bahamas, Lucas realizes his corporate success can t hide his private loneliness Nor will he be able to escape seeing his family at the wedding and having to explain, yet again, why he s rich, hanTwenty nine year old Lucas Thompson is at the top of the corporate ladder But when his lifelong friend and ex boyfriend invites him to his last minute destination wedding in the Bahamas, Lucas realizes his corporate success can t hide his private loneliness Nor will he be able to escape seeing his family at the wedding and having to explain, yet again, why he s rich, handsome and still single.Fate and a taxi ride change everything when Lucas meets the charismatic and clever Jack McQueen, who just so happens to be a male escort Jack s presence on Lucas s arm at the wedding keeps questions at bay, but their pretend relationship turns into something after ten days of sun, sand, and sex And before the trip is up, both men will discover that what started as a simple escapade in paradise might just lead to their very own happily ever after.
    Escapade Twenty nine year old Lucas Thompson is at the top of the corporate ladder But when his lifelong friend and ex boyfriend invites him to his last minute destination wedding in the Bahamas Lucas realize

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    1. 4.5 Stars This book I avoided reading this one because of the length lengthaversion, it s a thing But it had such high reviews and the blurb kept calling to me I had no idea what to expect But I picked it up and started itd then I didn t want to stop This book definitely won t be for everyone I m kind of surprised it was for me It was LONG Really long And the whole book really only spanned over a relatively short period of time The MCs aren t a couple most of the book In the beginning, Jack and [...]

    2. 4.5 HEARTSLove blooms in paradise.This story has everything I love about rent boy stories, and none of the added angst This was such a light and fluffy book that I had the goofiest sweet grin on my face when reading it.When Lucas is invited to his lifelong friend s wedding, where he will be surrounded by a hoard of loving but meddling family still single, he finds himself seeking some sort of an escape route Jack aka Teddy feels an instant kinship to Lucas when they meet, and therefore finds him [...]

    3. This story is a super slow burn romance between a lonely corporate shark and an equally lonely, for other reasons, high priced escort Told with some snark, some humor, and plenty of UST it has a likable extended cast, low angst, and some sexy times finally by the end All elements of which are personal favorites of mine and which I usually love and adore.So why didn t I love it I honestly don t know why this didn t ring all my bells All the necessary parts were thereI mean, sure it needs some ed [...]

    4. 4.5 stars I was hesitant to start this book not only because of the length but also because of the rent boy escort theme I shouldn t have been, though, because this story is sweet and light without any of the angst that usually comes with this kind of theme In fact, there s no conflict of any kind and although I love some angst in my books, once in a while I also like books where I don t have to worry about anything and can just enjoy the ride Because of the pretend boyfriend trope, it s very sl [...]

    5. No me puedo extender, pero es una pena que el ritmo del principio no se mantenga Se vuelve too sweet para mi gusto.No obstante, de las mejores historias con rent boy que he le do, angst bajo cero y profundidad la justa, es un poco Pretty Woman, pero bien hecho Lo mejor es la din mica entre los MC, sin duda, Lucas y ese clon de Mick Jagger es lo que me han hecho aguantar toda la segunda parte.Odio eterno a Zamir, Cillian y a los Zillympics, co azo

    6. In a nutshell, I loved the plot of Escapade Lucas is a corporate shark with a fabulous apartment, a great salary and an adorable pug named George but no real friends and fewer relationships He cute meets Jack McQueen in a London cab and is captivated by the tall gorgeous male escort dressed like the love child of Captain Jack Sparrow and Mick Jagger When the mother of all destination weddings suddenly comes up, Lucas realizes that he just can t appear, once again, at a family gathering without a [...]

    7. Overall book rating 4Audio Book Noah Mason 2Book Cover 3.5I m feeling a little like thisI m a well known sucker for rent boy stories, so I m thinking I might have had a little bit of a outrageously high expectation when I started this one I think it was sweet and cute and all, and I did enjoy the story I had a lot of fun in most parts in fact but.d I m sorry for being a wet rag there was so much detail about every little thing I always complain about wanting More right Well.even with all the swe [...]

    8. DNF at 19%I can t get into this The writing doesn t appeal to me at all I don t feel anything for the characters.And I have no idea why we also get Albert s POV, Lucas straight executive assistant, who is not a love interest.And this book is so loooooooooooooong

    9. Writing this review is tough I am not sure how I feel about this book and it could totally be a you not be deal butWhen Escapade first came up for review I passed on it even though is sounded interesting When I was told it was pulled to publish, Larry Stylinson fan fiction, I went back and asked for it You see, I am a Larry fangirl but I don t read much of the fan fiction so I think that is where this took a wonky turn and the two of us never quite meshed.From the beginning it was easy to tell t [...]

    10. Another book that is slooooooow to the extreme like, so slow that they only reach the wedding destination HALFWAY THROUGH but it s very sweet and totally worth it In other news, I m not someone who thinks Mick Jagger is or ever was hot so I had to work very hard at ignoring those parts it must be a British thing D Having just read that it started as One Direction fan faction, I probably would have enjoyed this book even had I known to mentally picture Jack as Harry Oh, oh, oh, BEFORE I FORGET v [...]

    11. REVIEW OF AUDIOBOOK DECEMBER 20, 2016Narrator Noah MasonNote I did not continue after three and a half hours so that s what my 3 stars are for Gauging from the writing so far, I didn t think the rest would be any better What failed for me was the sex scene okay, no actual sex yet but just Lucas and Jack practicing kissing and physical proximity in preparation for their trip to the Bahamas for Lucas friend s wedding It was rather stilted and mundane details preferred over creating chemistry For s [...]

    12. 4.5 stars What a delightful surprise this book was I loved these two This was a slow burn leading up to a big reward with two very likable MCs that went through the gamut of emotions before ending up where they needed to be Not a short read, and I didn t get my sexy payoff for awhile, but it was definitely worth my time I stayed up late to finish this one, and I m so glad I did An honest, fun and sexy read I was smiling, laughing and feeling for these guys in every way I really look forward to [...]

    13. They went from men I want to hate to ones that I love and rooted for to get their happily ever after thetbrpile.weebly reviews

    14. This is one of my favourite book It s a Larry fan fiction The character name is not Lucas Thompson, it s Louis Tomlinson.

    15. 4.5 Stars of Slow Burn to Sizzling Adoration Lucas is a corporate shark, willing and able to do whatever is called for to ensure success for his clients in takeovers and mergers by day, and by night he s a loving dad to his furbaby, George Hamilton Thompson the pug Jack is a personal consultant who has a select and elite client list for whom he charges an insane amount of money, and also for whom he dedicates everything he has in him for their benefit When they inadvertently climb into the same [...]

    16. I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS to Dolce on a job well done This was a wonderfully, sweet, romantic read If you cannot tell I loved this book.Lucas is a corporate shark that is great at his job but has no life what so ever outside of work and does not even care to have one either He is happy to be on his own with his pug George or Georgie as some may call him Then he meets Jack McQueen aka Teddy who is a male escort Even though Lucas does not begrudge Teddy for what he does for a living he do [...]

    17. From the beginning I knew this was a long story Just look how many pages it is This was an adventure A love story We have two characters who start off one place and end up in another Teddy breathes life back into Lucas and in return Lucas let s Teddy accept his dreams, reach his goals, and together they fall into love.I adored the evolution of these characters Dolce shows us their lives, their routines, their thoughts At first I was like, Oh this is going to drag if we are going to read Teddy s [...]

    18. Loved this story When I read the blurb I was hoping this was going to be a good read and it was Loved the characters in this story It was long but I felt it was perfect to tell the tale of these 2 men Lucas all prim and proper and lonely and Jack the male escort who is up for almost anything for the right price.Lucas needs a date for his best friends wedding and hires Jack to be his boyfriend You can guess whats happens but it is so much in my opinion This book has a beginning, middle and end f [...]

    19. Brilliant Recommend to all who love this genre Nice work, Dolce 3 The character development is thoughtful and realistic I love the full on nature of it all.

    20. Hm, I read this when it was still 1D fanfic about Harry and Louis I wonder if a lot got changed except for the names

    21. So, tried this the umpteenth time and this didn t work for me It started with this mmpf author name and moved on to a story that didn t grab me at all Nope Sorry, book, but I m done.

    22. Amazing I couldn t put this down Great plot, great main characters, and the supporting cast is amazing You will laugh and fall in love An absolute treasure

    23. Book EscapadeAuthor DolceStar rating No of Pages 380Cover Pretty, if vaguePOV 3rd person, alternatingWould I read it again YesGenre LGBT, Romance, Escort I WAS GIVEN THIS BOOK, BY THE AUTHOR, IN RETURN FOR AN HONEST REVIEW Reviewed for Divine MagazineEscapade is a riot of fun, laughter and some serious sizzle.From the minute I started reading to the minute the story ended, I don t think I stopped smiling or laughing out loud Whether the funny parts are just utterly hilarious or not, the jokes we [...]

    24. The book Escapade by Dolce is about Lucas Thompson, a wealthy, independent, and conniving business man, and Jack McQueen, a free spirit that loves to have fun, aside from his strict rules when it comes to clients After a tough business deal with a construction company, Lucas hops in a cab to make another business deal with a very influential entrepreneur, when he gets in and is met with Jack next to him He accuses Jack of stealing his ride and after arguing for a while they decide to just shut u [...]

    25. The first half of this book is a simmering but inevitable romance between Lucas Thompson, a high powered London businessman, and Jack McQueen a male escort he meets by chance in a cab When circumstances conspire to place them together for ten days in a beach resort, all of the tension melts away into descriptions of a luxurious and prefect vacation I would have preferred that the will they or won t they plot continue deeper into the novel, but if you are looking for a sweet and sexy story of two [...]

    26. 3.5 stars rounded up to 4 The book started off great with the interesting MC s of a male escort and a workaholic businessman meeting in a cab The businessman needs a date for a friend s wedding week long wedding in the Bahamas and hires the escort with the proviso of no sex Great banter but very a very slow romance which got even slower like snail s pace toward the end Could have been great but it was still good.

    27. This was an enjoyable read, but I think I might have been expecting too much from it going in I ve heard so many people rave this as the best fanfic, and don t get me wrong, it was great, but I think I was expecting too much.

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