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Death at Breakfast By Beth Gutcheon,

  • Title: Death at Breakfast
  • Author: Beth Gutcheon
  • ISBN: 9781504732864
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Audio CD
  • From the acclaimed New York Times bestselling author of Still Missing, More Than You Know, and Gossip comes the first entry in a stylish and witty mystery series featuring a pair of unlikely investigators a shrewd novel of manners with a dark heart of murder at its center, set in small town New England Indulging their pleasure in travel and new experiences, recently retiFrom the acclaimed New York Times bestselling author of Still Missing, More Than You Know, and Gossip comes the first entry in a stylish and witty mystery series featuring a pair of unlikely investigators a shrewd novel of manners with a dark heart of murder at its center, set in small town New England Indulging their pleasure in travel and new experiences, recently retired private school head Maggie Detweiler and her old friend, socialite Hope Babbin, are heading to Maine The trip to attend a weeklong master cooking class at the picturesque Victorian era Oquossoc Mountain Inn is an experiment to test their compatibility for future expeditions Hope and Maggie have barely finished their first aperitifs when the inn s tranquility is shattered by the arrival of Alexander and Lisa Antippas and Lisa s actress sister, Glory Imperious and rude, these Hollywood one percenters quickly turn the inn upside down with their demanding behavior, igniting a flurry of speculation and gossip among staff and guests alike But the disruption soon turns deadly After a suspicious late night fire is brought under control, Alex s charred body is found in the ashes Enter the town s deputy sheriff, Buster Babbin, Hope s long estranged son and Maggie s former student A man who s finally found his footing in life, Buster needs a win But he s quickly pushed aside by the big boys, senior law enforcement and high powered state s attorneys who swoop in to make a quick arrest Maggie knows that Buster has his deficits and his strengths She also knows that justice does not always prevail and that the difference between conviction and exoneration too often depends on lazy police work and the ambitions of prosecutors She knows too, after a lifetime of observing human nature, that you have a great advantage in doing the right thing if you don t care who gets the credit or whom you annoy Feeling that justice could use a helping hand as could the deputy sheriff Maggie and Hope decide that two women of experience equipped with healthy curiosity, plenty of common sense, and a cheerfully cynical sense of humor have a useful role to play in uncovering the truth.
    Death at Breakfast From the acclaimed New York Times bestselling author of Still Missing More Than You Know and Gossip comes the first entry in a stylish and witty mystery series featuring a pair of unlikely investiga

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    1. I love Agatha Christie but have never cared much for the modern Cozy Mystery Dead at Breakfast sounds like it might be cozy there are two older women investigating a case, it s set at an inn in Maine but it s exactly the kind of thing Christie would write if she were around today Tight plot, unusual clues, complex characters, intricate solution This isn t melancholy, dark, serial killer stuff that s so popular in crime these days, nor does it go to the sweet end of the spectrum This is solidly i [...]

    2. I chose this book because Beth Gutcheon was the author and I read her novel More Than You Know several years ago and enjoyed it I was looking forward to her writing and was expecting to be charmed by her characters I wish I had enjoyed this book as much as More Than You Know but I have to be honest, I didn t I admit the kernel of the mystery itself was interesting but I didn t find anything else in the story that was Neither the setting a very remote country inn, in Maine the main protagonists t [...]

    3. Maggie Detweiler has finally retired and she and her friend Hope are planning to do some traveling to celebrate Their first trip is to the famed Oquossoc Mountain Inn a small resort inn located in the tiny village of Oquossoc, Maine The trip is in part to see how well the two of them will do together but also o enjoy the new cooking class being offered by Oquossoc s much talked about new chef But their little vacation turns into something of an adventure when the hotel catches fire and a fellow [...]

    4. Beth Gutcheon has written a smart and entertaining mystery I liked the characters and I was pleased to see it looks like she might be starting a series around them.

    5. Throughly enjoyed this murder mystery set at a failing inn on the coast of Maine Former teacher and school head Maggie Detweiler and her instantly likable friend, Hope Babbin check into the Oquossoc Mountain Inn expecting rest, relaxation, and a few cooking classes taught by a professional chef Their idyllic vacation is promptly cut short by the arrival of a trio of persnickety social elites and their little dog, too Aroused from sleep by a suspicious fire the ladies join the rankers of their fe [...]

    6. Interesting mystery which surprisingly reminded me of Agatha Christie Big fan here of A.C A five day cooking class at a Mountain Inn Resort in Maine, with the participants including a variety of personalities, starts the reader wondering who will be murdered Or is it murder or is it an accident Several subplots work their way into the story, keeping a deep thinker guessing what one might have to do with the other A fine, not totally unpredictable ending gives the book a satisfying feeling.I won [...]

    7. I enjoyed this mystery even as I found it a bit scattered The amateur sleuths, Hope and Maggie, don t seem like they actually do much sleuthing, and the point of view hops all over the place, often stopping to give us the family histories of characters we ve just met.Hope and Maggie are interesting characters, but I feel like we see far too little of them Hope s son, Buster the deputy sheriff who does a lot of the actual investigating in the case looks on both of the women as unstoppable forces [...]

    8. An unusual duo call on their former friends and coworkers for help to solve a death at a New England inn Entertaining characters, unusual plot.

    9. When Maggie Detweiler and Hope Babbin arrive at the Oquossoc Mountain Inn set in Bergen, Maine, they are eager to begin the master cooking class offered.Maggie had recently retired from her position as the head of a private school, and Hope was financially secure Almost immediately, we meet staff, guests, and assorted individuals that populate the town and work the inn, so it felt as though the reader has joined the melee surrounding a busy, yet charming retreat.When a wealthy and imposing man, [...]

    10. I nearly always enjoy a cozy mystery series that features senior sleuths so Death at Breakfast had a head start with me from the beginning I also enjoyed the setting in a bed and breakfast because such a location allows for a diverse cast of characters rather than the usual somebody in this small town must be the killer scenario and it accommodates a group of people who are mostly strangers to each other Those points open up the solution to the crime to a wide range of possibilities.Another aspe [...]

    11. A story set in the fall within a remote village in Maine, is balm to this New England girl s soul The route from the airport to the inn was familiar and I was quickly transported back to scarlet maple tree lined roads leading up to the mountain country That is until the west coast personalities, one specifically with an ugly attitude, descended upon the front desk girl with high demands and no confirmed reservation Such folk always ruin a good vacation At this point the balance tips and you know [...]

    12. Pure pleasure read Honesty disclosure I got this book as an uncorrected proof back in April and it has been living in my night stand since then I thought the cover looked spooky and so I had been moving it down in the pile I WAS WRONG I have never read this author before but now I will be looking for her other books This was an entertaining mystery Not in the cozy genre but leaning in that direction but with substance in the plot and characters Oh and a winner two of the main characters are wom [...]

    13. I had high hopes for this one, but was a bit disappointed Though I normally don t mind a bit of strong language in my books, there was a bit much in this one, particularly at the beginning While some of the main characters were okay, I had difficulty keeping some of the secondary characters straight, and some were absolutely dreadful I guessed whodunit as soon as it occurred, though the how and why were left to be explained It also felt like a couple of threads pursued at the end were left dangl [...]

    14. Gutcheon is an old fashioned story teller and I was happy to receive this ARC from edelweiss to get a look at her new novel She s done a boffo job with the characters and the story does not descend into the traditional sweet cozy scenario, largely because the are so well written and mature I really enjoyed this one The Maine setting is nice especially if you ve vacationed there Thumbs up

    15. A good start out of the gate for a promising new series The two heroines and the large supporting cast were a very pleasant surprise in that they were fully developed 3 D people who could easily have been stock characters or stereotypes in the hands of a lazier or less skillful writer I look forward to reading about Hope s and Maggie s next adventures.

    16. Two friends attend a master cooking class in Maine where they become embroiled in a murder.Here is a link to my review perfectretort 201

    17. Nice mystery with a full cast of well drawn characters, good dialog, bits of humor, and a few surprises Gutcheon is a fine writer and I look forward to of this series.

    18. I had read another book by this author and found her to be a good writer who crafts interesting characters, but did not do a good job of bringing the ending of the plot together in a satisfying way I thought I would try this mystery by her, as plot that ends in a decisive manner is a necessity in this genre And as expected, I found the writing good and the characters interesting though a lot of time is spent on the inner workings of various characters suspects and away from the process of solvin [...]

    19. Received through a Giveaway.Death at Breakfast is framed around the trip of two retirees to a resort in rural Maine Early on it is referenced that this is the first trip the two ladies have taken together as a test to see if they will go on further adventures, setting up that this book is also a test to see if the characters will work for a longer series Taken both as a stand alone work, and as the potential start of a new series, I found this book to be enjoyable but with a number of flaws.For [...]

    20. Fine, but not outstanding It s not exactly a waste of time, but if you have something you re dying to read, skip this and pick that one up instead On the other hand, the choice of murder weapons is semi unique.I guess my main problem with the book is that the character I found most interesting is the one who ends up dead And he was interesting because of his thoughts, his way of seeing the world, things that we no longer see once he s dead.Maggie and Hope are nice and smart, but I didn t connect [...]

    21. I feel like every review I ve written in the last month has started with So, this was an odd book That applies to this book as well, but mainly because I made a mistake I thought this book was the first in a cozy mystery series featuring two old lady friends as amateur detectives It does feature two old lady friends who are kind of amateur detectives but I don t think is a cozy mystery or the first in a series, so my bad The things that I thought were odd, like the fact that they didn t so much [...]

    22. I really liked the premise of how friends Maggie and Hope decide to go on a small trip to see if they would be compatible on longer journeys in their retirement The Oquossoc Mountain Inn seems like a good place to start The Inn, seemingly on the skids and losing money, is pretty full as the new Chef is offering cooking classes Hope s son, Buster, is the deputy sheriff, another good reason for them to head to Maine It took about 100 pages for me to really discern what I needed to know about the i [...]

    23. Maggie and Hope, two retired ladies, plan an idyllic vacation at a Maine hotel, partly because it s located in the same town as Hope s long estranged son Buster who was also a student of private school teacher Maggie The group at the hotel is harmonious enough, until a wealthy businessman, his unhappy wife and the wife s annoying dog , and her B movie star twin sister arrive, soon antagonizing most of the other guests and the staff When he dies suddenly, the police a group that includes deputy s [...]

    24. This author, the characters in this book, and the book itself all HATE fat people This book is fat phobic early on and only gets worse toward the end.The mystery is weak I read a lot of mysteries because I m someone who never guesses the answers They always keep me guessing However, I had this book, its mystery, and even its diversion, figured out before the halfway point That s saying something.The two main characters are not developed enough to stand out from each other The only truly interest [...]

    25. I have read 4 other books by Beth Gutcheon One was a ghost story which was chilling and very well done Her novel Leeward Cottage was full of characters I understood and liked She is a skilled writer and an excellent researcher, introducing including interesting details and descriptions in her plots I always learn something new when I read one of her books Characterization is her strong suit This book seems to be the beginning of a mystery series and has some good amateur detecting I will read an [...]

    26. DNF Despite liking Maggie and Hope, I couldn t get past about 40 pages due to the writing The author attempts to hit on some humor by shifting the POV into an omniscient narrator which was distracting in itself and insulting one thing or another After taking a stab at vegetarians, poor old bloodhounds, and even one of her own characters, the author officially turned me off Also, do we need to talk about people killing dogs It added NOTHING to the narrative It s just not worth continuing on with [...]

    27. This is the first I ve read Beth Gutcheon and I have a new author Enjoyed the book very much The characters are likeable and have depth I especially enjoy that will come out about these characters as the series continues The plotting and story development were strong and kept me very interested The writing is good I got a bit confused on some of the characters and who could possibly be suspects That may be due to my listening on audio and my drive being short So the story was a bit broken up du [...]

    28. Two and a half stars for this start of a new mystery serieso many characters accompanied by too much background info for each one not completely clear until the very end who the recurring sleuths might be finally, I am left wondering if I really needed to know all the backstories for the numerous characters introduced and if any of them will be recurring in future books planned for the series.

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