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The Keys By D.J. Khaled,

  • Title: The Keys
  • Author: D.J. Khaled
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • From Snapchat sensation, business mogul, and recording artist DJ Khaled, the book They don t want you to read reveals his major keys to success Stay away from They Don t ever play yourself Secure the bag Respect the code Glorify your success Don t deny the heat Keep two rooms cooking at the same time Win, win, win no matter what
    The Keys From Snapchat sensation business mogul and recording artist DJ Khaled the book They don t want you to read reveals his major keys to success Stay away from They Don t ever play yourself Secure the

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    1. In The Keys Snapchat sensation DJ Khaled shares his keys to success It turns out getting at least 2 haircuts per week is just as important as working on your craft Some of the most memorable quotes from the book When everybody s in a positive mood and everybody s just having a good time, that s called catching a vibe Everyone who comes to my home knows about the vibe Look in my fridge There are delicious juices and smoothies I have healthy snacks all over my house for everyone, the chef will co [...]

    2. Gotta give this five stars cuz I m a fan Fan Luv Khaled did a great job with this book You can hear his voice coming through, but I m glad he worked with writer Mary H K Choi to take care of the grammar and spelling I thought this book was going to be a mess, but no way Khaled did not play himself I was inspired by his positivity and candidness.Here is one of my favorite parts, from the section, Don t Burn No Bridge Only God Can Walk on Water Open yourself up Establish connections when you can t [...]

    3. 212 pages of banalities and platitudes, interspersed with character references from second tier hip hop producers DJ Khaled is clearly a very nice man and an outstanding Snapchatter And he produced All I Do Is Win one of the greatest anthems of all time But Khaled is no author Sorry to be a They Bless Up 0 5 for content This book gets 2 5 simply for its badass front and back covers.

    4. One of my friends dotted line ringleader bought me this as a joke to put on the shelf It was surprisingly a good book If you follow Khaled on Snapchat you will like this as he breaks down in detail all of his phrases and famous one liners You quickly realise that his behaviour is not an act That s the same Khaled from day one An unlikely hero and how he got there.

    5. I love DJ Khaled, he practices what he preaches He s a man of standards, something rare in this modern world, and you see this in his success The son of Palestinian immigrants, nothing was handed to him, he created his success from the ground up and that s what this book is about.This book of his gives many of his keys to success This isn t your typical self help dribble, these are keys forged from his personal experiences This is what makes the book unique This book is excellent for spiritual [...]

    6. This is a page turner I couldn t put it down once I started Most books normally take a week, this was done in two days Most of the stuff he talks about I twined with his personal experiences are very vivid to the point where you can see the Lions The man is great thinker and he will continue to inspire Fan Luv in places where people don t even listen to his music It s not your typical rapper story, where he went from rags to riches His parents payed a good foundation and he just continued and ma [...]

    7. Solid 3.5 rating Would ve enjoyed listening to this book with DJ Khaled reading it His voice comes through in the book, but actually hearing his voice would have made it that much worthwhile Listening to NPR s Morning Edition interview with him exemplifies this I believe his Keys are relatable Bless Up and Secure the Bag especially for any age and find his nuggets of wisdom entertaining and useful, such as having a lot of pillows to rest your greatness Workers work Bosses own and And when they [...]

    8. I just had to see what kind of advice DJ Khaled had to give And you know what It wasn t bad at all Matter fact as Khaled would say , I found a lot of it down right inspiring And now I ll never drive my jet ski in the dark.

    9. The Keys is sensational DJ Khaled delivers the fundamentals of being, becoming and living in a clear and simple way The keys aren t anything new but rather reinforces what s elementary secure the bag , don t ever play yourself , stay away from they , special cloth , win, win, win, no matter what , we the best , etc This book oozes with sincerity because the author is genuinely sincere in spreading and living in peace, love and harmony Truly worthy of 5 stars

    10. Much thanks to Crown Publishing for sending this my way DJ Khaled is such a funny, positive person He has such a confidence that s infectious to those around him This was a fun read I finished it in 2 hours It s impossible for me to rate this because it is just a motivational book from Khaled s personal perspective I definitely recommend it for slumps In life everyone has a choice The key is making a right choice.

    11. This book will probably be one the most read pieces of literature in the entertainment industry It s small and easy to consume It s powerful and hard to put down My favorite part of the book is when Khaled recounts his rise to the top, staying true to his vision every step of the way DJ Khaled is one of the most recognized names in all of music today, yet he doesn t rap or sing However, what he does do is important Becoming the best is not a product of luck or magic It takes dedication, blood, [...]

    12. The Keys is pretty great When Khaled makes a point, he makes it It isn t five star because it could be a written a little better, but then I am reminded that a writer chooses a style their audience would appreciate He addresses the Young World multiple times throughout the text which should prompt the reader to realize this probably was not written for the adults and English majors It is not canonical, and it will probably not ever be considered one of the greats, so when you accept that, you le [...]

    13. I thought the book was very good only for a particular type of person The book is really only for people who would like to be in a career being creative and selling your creativity, for example an artist, entrepreneur, music producer, or a director This book will be very inspiring if you are thinking or in one of these careers I really enjoyed the book because i m thinking about being an entrepreneur, and his keys inspired me to be myself and to work hard This book is written as an tips to succ [...]

    14. I actually didn t really know who he was I saw a 5 min thing on the voice then I saw this book on my feed on good reads then I saw it at my library on the shelves that I can t help but find atleast 3 books at a time I figured it might be a sign to pick it up As I read this I youtubed him Haha ok I knew a song or two Listened to a few other newer songs Not bad Anyways I found myself liking this book and his tidbits and personal stories Right now I m trying to read a lot of books for self growth a [...]

    15. I didn t know djkhaled had written a book so when I seen it in the bookstore, I had to buy it In this book DJ Khaled gives his advice on what it takes to become a success The Keys are the lessons he gathered from his life s experiences Khaled also shares some entertaining stories about his life Including the legendary story of him being lost at sea on his jet ski while using his cell phone and Snapchat as his guideAnother interesting aspect of the book is that it also contains perspectives from [...]

    16. Despite being a millennial, I don t use Snapchat Apparently it s a big thing, especially because DJ Khaled is there dropping words of wisdom in the form of keys I only know him from his music, but I was excited to read this once I saw an interview with him.I won t lie and say the book is the best self help book out there It s not But it s funny, inspiring and DJ Khaled s voice comes through really well You can tell just how much he wants everyone to succeed in whatever they do The Keys is really [...]

    17. Loved this book DJ Khaled has always made me smile and this books explains why One of the most successful people of our day explains his values and keys to success so that you can feel his positive energy and apply the same win win win attitude to whatever you do I would caution any grammar police out there this book is written in a conversational form, but it makes it feel like you are lounging on a hammock, talking with DJ Khaled himself His advice is universal, simple, and applicable to anyon [...]

    18. This book wasn t exactly what I was expecting, but was enjoyable nonetheless for what it was a sort of self help, positivity and career guide rather than a biography of DJ Khaled s career.However, his message is clear and even if I don t buy 100% into some of the lessons he imparts, it s clear that he does and he is proof that it worked for him.I did take away a couple of his keys that I hope to use in my day to day life and if you re into that sort of thing then it s a book that is well laid ou [...]

    19. DJ Khaled is such an incredible force of positivity Many people may not take his keys to success seriously, but I think they all serve as reminders that happiness and determination lie at at the foundation of success I especially appreciated when DJ Khaled discusses his anxiety about planes I related to his experiences and his determination to succeed otherwise I appreciated this book immensely for exactly what it was nothing than some genuine advice from DJ Khaled.

    20. I am a fan of Khaled so maybe I am biased when writing this review however, I think he gives some great advice to people Is this a masterpiece of literature NO, but does he offer people some raw and real anecdotal stories that they can learn from YES One of my favorites is where he inspires readers to not be afraid of change that change is part of life and our journey as people After all, life is about growing and learning from the bumps in the road I recommend this memoir

    21. The Keys by DJ Khaled is, and i quote A Major Key It s a biography, guide book and a novel at the same time Frankly speaking, this book is amazing It provides the reader with good and positive energy that motivates you and make you think It s deep Khaled is a very smart and intelligent man, forget his snapchat and social media behavior that s all advertising, he s really clever and experienced Definitely, definitely recommended One of the best books i ve read in 2017

    22. Great book for all DJ Khaled takes his insane persona and puts it right on the page You can , literally, hear his voice speaking as you read each word and key DJ Khaled is truly an inspiration and a great motivator If you are looking for a book to light a fire in your heart, plant a seed in your soul, and trigger your mind then this book is for you

    23. This book was surprisingly terrific Yes, you can basically hear Khaled in your head as you are reading this, but the book offers a lot of great life advice I know I will find myself coming back to this at least once a year because it is so incredibly motivating.

    24. I am Fan Luv despite knowing next to nothing about Khaled This book told me all I need to know, extremely inspiring and gifted from his big influential heart He knows The Secret and like all other masters, knows that sharing it adds to blessings, never detracts.

    25. The structure of this book is great I enjoyed how he added the perspectives of his peers about his career Amongst other things I enjoyed it was a very creative book His come up is told in great detail with great imagery.

    26. Not bad I m not in Fan Luv, but I definitely appreciated Khaled s hustle Glad all his hard work has paid off.

    27. Not an autobiography A new kind of self help book, highly recommend to anyone with an ambitious mindset The Keys can be applied to business and personal lives.

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