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Fields of Blood By Sonya Bateman,

  • Title: Fields of Blood
  • Author: Sonya Bateman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The dead can t lie At least, not to me With the dangerous Milus Dei cult collapsed, Gideon Black is trying to get used to his new life as a half Fae, and the DeathSpeaker a legendary Other with the ability to compel the dead to speak But when freshly murdered bodies turn up in New York with ankh and sword tattoos identifying them as cult members, Gideon realizes The dead can t lie At least, not to me With the dangerous Milus Dei cult collapsed, Gideon Black is trying to get used to his new life as a half Fae, and the DeathSpeaker a legendary Other with the ability to compel the dead to speak But when freshly murdered bodies turn up in New York with ankh and sword tattoos identifying them as cult members, Gideon realizes the battle is far from over While dealing with a singing dead man and a powerful Seelie noble out for revenge, Gideon discovers that the remaining Milus Dei survivors have skipped town Their new target his werewolf friend Sadie s estranged pack in the Appalachian Mountains Sadie s younger sister has been abducted, and Gideon and his newfound brother Taeral offer to help get her back But the rescue mission soon turns deadly as they uncover the cult s true target and find that Milus Dei is not only far bigger than the New York branch, but also developing a biological weapon to turn their soldiers into unstoppable killing machines, capable of taking down any Other And Sadie s blood holds the key to perfecting that weapon.
    Fields of Blood The dead can t lie At least not to me With the dangerous Milus Dei cult collapsed Gideon Black is trying to get used to his new life as a half Fae and the DeathSpeaker a legendary Other with the ab

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    1. After killing what he knew as all of Milus Dei members a dangerous cult whose sole purpose is to eradicate the Others Gideon was adjusting his new life with his half brother Taeral, his crazy father Daoin, Sadie the werewolf, and other survivors from book 1 But then freshly murdered corpses appear and they had Milus Dei tattoos on them, which indicates that there are Milus Dei members exist Not long after finding out about it, Sadie gets news that her younger sister has been kidnapped, she insi [...]

    2. Another good book in this series I really enjoyed the storyline again It can be exciting, thrilling, and intense but ends nicely, with most things sorted and nothing too horrific happening The characters are still all great, even the new ones, and you really loathe the villain There isn t a romance in these books so far, which I m fine with, but I do like the hints we get Weirdly though I do not know what this author s endgame is Are we supposed to root for Gideon and Sadie or Taeral and Sadie T [...]

    3. Enjoyable BookI m sorry, even though I like books with drama, and trauma and nearly insurmountable oddsI like them to end well.This book had a good ending.And I know it s not the fashionable thing right now, but hell I ve had a hard life, and want a little joy mixed in with my monsters, and fighting and drama, and crazy people and creatures as well This book was successful in mixing it all upFor a good read, call Fields of Blood.

    4. Great Series I practically devoured this oned now I m sad because I ll have to wait for the next book to read on hope the third book comes out as swiftly as the second one did That was a surprise I thought I d have to wait at least half a year

    5. So, of course, the second chapter to this wonderful series was just as awesome as the first chapter I even think that this series could make an awesome movie or an even better television series Instead of reading this chapter in the series, I decided to listen to it being read to me This now only allowed me to do other things while continuing the story, but it also allowed my imagination to soar and envision actors portraying Gideon and the rest of the characters I can t wait to read the next c [...]

    6. GoodGreat book,as good as the first one,I will definitely be reading the rest of the series ,for anyone who likes urban fantasy,I Would most definitely read other books by this author

    7. Excellent SequelContinues the promise of book one Believable but flawed heroes Big bad shadow group to defeat Tense parts and uncertain endings A good read.

    8. If I could give it a 10 I would I am in love with Gideon Read this installment in one day Keep them coming Sonya Feel like I m cheating on Harry Dresden cause I am in love.

    9. Enjoyable follow up.A strong second entry The character growth was strong but not unbelievable Looking forward to book three The new characters helped to make a believable world

    10. Sometimes the second book in a series doesn t live up to the expectations of the first yet, in the case of Fields of Blood the second installment definitely does not disappoint Of course, it also helps that my favorite character, Gideon, is back in his awesome glory.Our story begins with Reun s return He wants Daoin s forgiveness Taerel is having none of it but Gideon is a little interested in hearing him outThen, Sadie gets news from her brother, Marlon that her sister, Elara has been kidnappe [...]

    11. After the brilliant first book, I was worried and interested to see how the second one turned out It would be a difficult job to live up to the amazing work in book one But Sonya creates another effortless masterpiece Gideon and his brother are back, this time to save Sadie s pack from crazy milus dei While they re out saving the world, their castle is guarded by none other than Reun He plays a minor role in this book, but I m sure we ll be seeing of this interesting character and the father, w [...]

    12. What a great, fast paced, original paranormal adventure Gideon continues to be a simple guy forced to live a complicated life Attacked by werewolves, up against a whole compound of Milus Dei, tortured, and truly wielding serious magic for the first time, Gideon is just a guy who becomes, for a little while, a complete badass The two stories in the series so far have had lots of moments of characters pushing themselves physically and mentally beyond what they should have been able to endure Batem [...]

    13. What a great bookI really loved the idea of this book With so many fantasy books out there, it is hard to stand out, let alone stand out well This book does it with style and charm The characters are fascinating with endless growth potential I am so looking forward to seeing where each of their story takes us The worlds that have been introduced thus far as are always a possibility have by no means been exposed to their fullest The story line may be one of thought of as simply good vs evil, but [...]

    14. Good easy readThis is a good easy read The story concept is good and the slow ramp up of power is nice As with any book there are obvious points were I wanted to scream at the character but they were free and far between The urban fantasy genre is something I feel is underserved by good authors and I am glad there is an author willing to work in an area that might not get them a movie deal but is full of opportunity This book reminds me of early Dresden files and the back story for the sword of [...]

    15. Read it in one day That s saying something right there As this series continues it just gets better and better I ll continue to follow this inexpensive series that s just as good as some of those 7.99 13.99 books Why not 5 stars That s reserved for exceptional authors like Jim Butcher who can write a story with 3 plot lines going at once and then bring them all together for one awesome, amazing, climactic conclusion That being said spoiler alert , once again there s a traitor in their midst and [...]

    16. Another winner.Again, I thoroughly enjoyed this sequel The characters come alive on the pages I am drawn in and must follow the story to the end Each book is a stand alone story that leaves you with just enough questions to want This series so far is not written with the nasty trick to just sell another book A trick I resent and will not look at anything by that author again Thank you Ms Bateman

    17. The DeathSpeaker Codex Book 2Another great romp through the strange world of Gideon and his friends, it really pulls on your heart strings thanks to the Authors great vision and characteristics It really buzzes with action and Intrigue, Gideon is a strong lead character and you can easily relate to him I could easily see myself as one of the characters in this book Fab

    18. Almost 5 stars A fine urban fantasy with a new twist on the supernatural creature lores Works well if a little rushed at times Certainly this second book has significantly depth and I am hoping that trend continues No spoilers here as in any review I give, but fans of Kevin Hearne, Jim Butcher and the like will love this series I certainly do.

    19. The awesome keeps on I love how there are several facets to keep it interesting as the baddies aren t exactly always the same people Great story arcs, I recommend this series to anyone who likes supernatural

    20. I just love this serie It is all you might want on a book about seelie and unseelie and much Well written, with strong characters, a good hero and a very good storyline I liked it a lot.

    21. You go Gideon Fantastic job Old enemies New alliances same grudge against the others.This series is full of paranormal creatures, battles and rediscovering his powers as the deathspeaker.

    22. Absolutely fantastic From start to regrettably quick finish, it is nearly impossible to put this book down Wonderful characters, believable story arcs, well told and thoroughly enjoyable The only good thing about finishing the story, is starting the next one.

    23. Love these books the author creates stunning charactersI read the first book and was hooked New worlds come alive I just hope the series ends with a bang.

    24. Rate the book I love this series The characters are great and the storyline is really interesting Its written very well Its funny and exciting.

    25. Great Read Loved the flow of this book The characters meshed well I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys all manner of monsters and supernatural beings.

    26. Got to love the FaeGreat read Love the banter Can t wait to see what happens nexte building of the story line makes you want .

    27. Fields of greatness I loved it the only reason I gave it 4 stars is because I found it very hard to get this the beginning of the book

    28. This series just keeps getting better and better It is a great read with many laughing and swearing moments I would definitely read it again.

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