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How To Tame Beasts And Other Wild Things By A. Wilding Wells TracyPorter John Porter,

  • Title: How To Tame Beasts And Other Wild Things
  • Author: A. Wilding Wells TracyPorter John Porter
  • ISBN: 9781530315796
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Paperback
  • An artsy young woman, given the impossible task by her estranged father to score her widowed brother in law a wife, instead finds love, self discovery and redemption My name is Matilda Pearl My life is a non stop riddle I hope to one day solve I ve learned to protect my heart fate has dealt me than a few shit cards in my twenty two years Invisibility tops my lAn artsy young woman, given the impossible task by her estranged father to score her widowed brother in law a wife, instead finds love, self discovery and redemption My name is Matilda Pearl My life is a non stop riddle I hope to one day solve I ve learned to protect my heart fate has dealt me than a few shit cards in my twenty two years Invisibility tops my list, not to mention tragedy I was yanked out of a Paris France life by my ass of a father, and thrown into a one year journey on a farm in Wisconsin I ve been assigned the impossible Wife Catcher Simply put, until I replace myself I m Mary Poppins, the beast tamer, ringmaster of the unruly, complete with twin toddlers and a beast of a man Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to my three ring circus The Beast Balthazar Cox is repulsive as in that sexy, I just died and went to heaven sort of repulsive He walks the earth like he owns it, with his tatted trunk of a body and chiseled rough, blazing good looks The beastly Brit did I mention that he s English also happens to be my widowed brother in law, a man haunted by betrayal and abandonment, and for whom I m on task to find a wife If I succeed I ll be rewarded with my juicy trust fund And, yes, it will happen You can keep your diamonds and designer clothes With my bag of loot, I plan on becoming the Patron Saint of Lost and Found Animals When the past resurfaces than once for both of us, all hell breaks loose Can you be lost and found at once In other words, sometimes lies can be cathartic Some people heal us some of us heal others This is mostly a love story, an unlikely sexy romance with whiplash twists, boundaries that shouldn t be crossed, and multiple risks of losing everything It may have heartache, and drama than some but in the end it s about truth, discovery and forgiveness Maybe it was wrong to fall for him Or maybe the hole in his heart was always waiting for me to fill it Now there s a riddle for you Tender, textured, suspenseful and triumphant A mind blowing, fast paced, sexually tense passion, that is an emotional ride of second chances, healing and redemption.A full length, standalone New Adult Contemporary Romance Due to strong language and sexual content, and mature topics this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.
    How To Tame Beasts And Other Wild Things An artsy young woman given the impossible task by her estranged father to score her widowed brother in law a wife instead finds love self discovery and redemption My name is Matilda Pearl My life i

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    1. WTF did I just read This is the kind of book where I had to reread certain pages just to make sure I actually read what I think I just read It s the kind of book where I went to check reviews halfway through to see if anyone would call attention to all the crazy The kind of book where I had many moments of thinking LOL, did that really just happen The kind of book that had me going Oh for the love of god, WHAT NOW This book is the reason we can t have nice things.Everyone is this book, and I do [...]

    2. Quirky, funny, seriously sexy and jaw droppingly crazy are all words that I could use to describe this book but perhaps the unusual cover should have tipped me off I m not sure what I expected but it certainly both surprised and entertained me It s almost a book of two halves as we meet artistic and slightly kooky Matilda who has been persuaded by her autocratic father to go help her widowed brother in law keep house whilst finding him a wife Now Balthazar is described as beastly but from the st [...]

    3. Amazing story I was so eager to start this read and I finished in one day I am so in love with Balthazar and Matilda s journey I give this read a plus if I could This was so funny, loving and hot The twins are so so cute I just adore there characters This makes me want to move to a farm and live as they do Such a magical life to have Thank you For giving us your story This is an absolute must read Fabulous

    4. Finished this little gem just before going to bed and I went to bed with a smile on my face.What a cute and wonderful book this was,the characters were so fresh and cute Jax and Jinx obviously made this book for me The humor in this book had me chuckling and laughing my ass off.Balthazar Cox ,that man let me just say he s sexy ,witty and so lovable it will make your heart burst Matilda Pearl is smart ,sassy and headstrong she s as honest and good as they come,her LOL moments will have you cringi [...]

    5. Matilda comes back to her childhood country home at the request of her father to keep an eye and help out her sister s widowed husband Balthazar Cox raise his two children and tend to the family farm, in hopes of finding him a new wife, but Balthazar will not be having any of that he doesn t need or want her help he s been doing a great job all on his own and let s Matilda know it Right off the bat the fire between Balthazar and Matilda is hella hot Their banter sarcasm is golden, The feistiness [...]

    6. I received this ARC for an honest review so here it goes.This was a fun and quirky story The characters made it so enjoyable to read.First you have Matilda She was very special and brought such life to this story She was strong and stubborn, feisty and determined, good hearted and clumsy The things that happen to her made me crack up i.e The ram ejaculating on her after she rubbed his back and there s a TON She was kind and caring and loved with all her heart Her mom died of cancer when she was [...]

    7. This beautiful books stole my heart from the very first chapter It just oozes warmth, love, comfort and hope I am a huge fan of dark romance, and have read several darker but brilliant books back to back, and then to open up this little slice of sunshine, it was just such a refreshing fun loving journey and I just ate it up cover to cover First I had my heart stolen by this beautiful beast of a man, BALTHAZAR COX HE LOOKS LIKE THE KIND OF GUY WHO MAKES MIDNIGHT CONVERSATIONS TURN INTO MORNING PA [...]

    8. Let me start out by saying WOW This book has absolutely stolen my heart Balthazar Cox is definitely one Hot Sexy Sweet Beastly Brit You can t help but fall in love with him right from the beginning He was strong, sweet, caring hot farmer and British Drool , the absolute total package I loved loved Matilda Pearls strong personality Such an amazing heroine she was funny, sexy, silly, and oh so loving Oh, and here clumsiness was down right hilarious Set in the farm lands of Wisconsin with a bunch o [...]

    9. 4.5 stars Going with the 5 because I think it s deserving than the 4 star option.I completely adored this cute love story The story takes place on a farm in Wisconsin I absolutely loved the farm life setting and fell in love with the characters Balthazar and Matilda together are Sighs Perfect for each other He s a stubborn, hard headed, male alpha Who totally had my knickers soaked She s original and beautiful Also, a tiny bit clumsy , has trouble staying on her feet Which Id totally have troub [...]

    10. This charming story was so refreshing and different than anything I have ever read before I love how the author wrote humor into every scene I was grinning the entire time Life on the farm was chaotic and one gigantic mess and I found myself caught up in the storm I literally wanted to move in The twins captured my damn heart they were so freaking adorable I just wanted to squish their chubby cheeks Seriously tho I will forever find myself saying pass the cock porn thank you Jinx and Jax for tha [...]

    11. I love quirky characters, and Matilda Independence Pearl is as quirky as it gets A girl with violet eyes, and her thousand lives lived soul and stitched up heart I love the fact that she wants to use her trust to care for a menagerie of animals She also sews her own clothes, I imagine her look is very bohemian chic simple and beautiful Our first introduction to Matilda is when she s trying to wrestle a hay bale out of the store, the scene I was imagining had me laughing out loud Now you think so [...]

    12. Wow Thank you to the author to giving me an ARC of this phenomenal story A Wilding Wells you ROCK I went into this book blind Haven t read the blurb or anything And let me tell you this book gave me the light when I thought I was feeling complicated and angst Our heroine is name Matilda Pearl who is a free spirited, independent and loving to a fault She lost her sister due to a car accident She was sent to her old home to help care for her nephews while finding a wife nanny for brother in law We [...]

    13. Beauty and The Beast From the moment I started reading How to Tame Beasts Other Wild Things I fell in love with it, like a Kindred Spirit if you like This book is cleverly written from Dual perspectives, it was engaging, funny and jam packed full of Emotion This is a read from A Wilding Wells It was interesting to read the back of the book and see exactly how much life immatate s art I also thought the Riddles through this book were the perfect touch too.I quickly understood that Matilda Indepen [...]

    14. This book I want to keep reading over and over again If you can recall your Disney Movies such as Beauty and the Beast and it s one of my all time favorites and I think besides the way the author writes this beautiful tale , it does remind me of an everyday beauty with a beast.Matilda Pear has been invisible since she was born due to her older sister always getting the attention Well now that her sister is gone, it is Matilda s job to get her sister s widower a wife to help take care of him and [...]

    15. ARC provided by the author in exchange of an honest review This book came to me when I needed it the most it help me get out of a big book hangover it was so funny, hot, quirky and good The chemistry between Balthazar Matilda was off the chart from the very beginning I honestly don t know who made me laugh Martilda s mishaps or the twins vocabulary anywho they were both hilarious So really if you need something funny, hot and good give this book a chance you won t be disappointed, but I must wa [...]

    16. Balthazar Cox is a rugged Hot Brit just how I like my man Matilda Pearl is a Loving, Sweet but Fiercely Independent woman.Circumstances bring these two unlikely souls together Opposites attract in an Explosive Passionate way, With a Beastly Brit, Clumsy Sweet woman, Two Adorable twin boys a farm circus of animals The riddles added to the already fun banter between them, but the riddles swoon worthy Die without me, never thank me Walk right through me, never feel me Always watching, never speakin [...]

    17. Lawd talk about crazy This book had a very interesting concept but it completely tanked when it came to the structuring and pacing Matilda Pearl comes to her hometown to help her widowed brother in law find a nanny wife for him and his 3 year old twins on request from her dad Little does Matilda that Balthazar Cox is a different force of nature that she may not be able to tame that easily Like I said before , this would ve been a very interesting read had it not felt super fast Also the structur [...]

    18. I really enjoyed this sweet, funny, quirky, and at times, crazy story I love a beastly brit and Balthazar fit the bill Totally sweet, swoony, sexy as hell, he was yummy Matilda, such a free spirit with the biggest heart, I enjoyed her as well And Balthazar s twins, how incredibly funny those two were, loved them There were a few crazy turns throughout the story that left me asking myself, What the hell , What did that seriously just happen but , honestly, I kind of liked those ridiculous, cooky, [...]

    19. I received an advanced reader copy of this book in exchange for an honest review For the first half of this book I was sitting at three stars But the second half was five stars all the way Averaging it out with a solid four stars I loved Matilda and her unique, quirky ways She gave the story life with her bubbly, fun personality Balthazar was hot too and together they made some sweet, steamy loving I did find though, that their I love you I ll do anything for you You re my everything You re my w [...]

    20. What a sweet , funny , romantic story with a twist Balthazar Cox manly brit rough around the edges but the man can be sexy and oh so hot Matilda such an out going all around sweet girl I enjoyed all the characters in this book Great read.Thanks to A.WILDING WELLS for providing me with an ARC.

    21. 4BALTHAZAR COX STARSIt s a fun rom read that ll leave you laughing but at times a little fed up with Matilda but overall you ll love the characters especially the beast Brit.

    22. My very first A Wilding Wells book and I loved it Crazy version of beauty and the beast Funny, sweet and sexy too Read this book makes me want to stay in their farm And the twins, Jinx and Jax, adorably cute And the bee Seriously LOL

    23. You give answers to my questions, light to my darkness You give my thoughts a voice You give my love a home.This book stole my heart from the first chapter I just knew I was going to fall hard for Wes What a talented young lady She did a wonderful job capturing all the emotions that you only hope to feel when you read the perfect book And it was PERFECT Balthazar Been thinking a lot about that.Me That you love me Balthazar Pussy.Me Screw you Balthazar Cox What a man.He s a stubborn, hard headed, [...]

    24. Yin and Yang Balthazar is a brute at the beginning but surprisingly took me with his no preamble sweetness and passion for the love that he never expected while I saw Matilda as an old soul, the sun that warms and grounds their relationship and all the insanity that went along with it I enjoyed the sexy intelligent banters between these two and oh the steamy scenes that admittedly melted my insides goodness Balthazar Cheers to A Wilding Wells for bringing out a creative feel to the setting I als [...]

    25. SHORT SWEET REVIEWThe name and cover were the first things to grab my eye on this book and reading the synopsis, well that just intrigued me This is my first story by A Wilding Wells, and it has opened my eyes to definitely read of her work I love finding new authors to add on my watch stalker list lol.It has an alluring storyline with fun and wacky characters From the first page I was caught up and didn t want it to end I did find it slowed in some places but that didn t deter me in the sligh [...]

    26. This book all throughout is quirky and it was cute I loved Matilda and her love for animals and how she took in the boys I loved her and Balthazars interactions throughout book.

    27. You Ought to Read This BookIf you ve read Wells work before, you know what kind of magic lies within so dive right in Don t skip the notes at the end of the book.If you haven t read Wells work before, then you need to remedy that and this is an excellent place to start Like dirty talking alphas with good hearts and big muscles Meet Balthazar, a burly Brit working an eclectic farm in Wisconsin He ll make you swoon with quotes from Yates and his sexy talk Want a quirky and headstrong leading lady [...]

    28. ARC PROVIDED FOR AN HONEST REVIEW Welcome to CRAZY LAND This book should come with instructions Never be surprised This is Matilda and Balthazar s world and it s not normal It s all upside down , full of turn and twists.They created their own lalala land Yes, it exists And you should love animals All kinds of animals That s the problem I want to kiss her like we re inventing the idea I want the sort of kiss that would be rude to do in front of others I want a kiss that ll find my heaven and kill [...]

    29. A Freaking Amazing FIVE Big Bright Shiny Stars to How To Tame Beasts And Other Wild Things I was obsessed with this novel From the very first page I was drawn into the characters I just loved this book It as a brand new author for me which can be a little scary and exciting Going into the unknown without any preface about how they write and if I would even like it I was over the mood by how much I adored this story I can t get over it I just want and form her, if you want a funny, sexy story t [...]

    30. Just a wonderfully different romance How to Tame Wild Beasts Other Things is the story of Matilda, whose father uses the promise of allowing her trust funds early to leave Paris and return home to Wisconsin to assist her deceased sister s husband, Balthazar, find a suitable wife It is also the story of Balthazar, widower, father of toddler twin sons, who is learning to deal with life as a single father, who also doesn t think he needs Matilda s help.Soon, Matilda is the one assisting Balthazar w [...]

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