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Hero of the Underground: A Memoir By Jason Peter Tony O'Neill,

  • Title: Hero of the Underground: A Memoir
  • Author: Jason Peter Tony O'Neill
  • ISBN: 9780312375768
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Hardcover
  • I wasn t afraid of death How could I be I lived under death s shadow every day When you swallow eighty Vicodin, twenty sleeping pills, drink a bottle of vodka, and still survive, a certain sense of invulnerability stays with you When you continually use drugs with the kind of reckless determination that I did, the limit to how much heroin or crack you can ingest is notI wasn t afraid of death How could I be I lived under death s shadow every day When you swallow eighty Vicodin, twenty sleeping pills, drink a bottle of vodka, and still survive, a certain sense of invulnerability stays with you When you continually use drugs with the kind of reckless determination that I did, the limit to how much heroin or crack you can ingest is not defined in dollar amounts, but in the amounts your body can withstand without experiencing a seizure or respiratory failure Yet at the end of every binge, every night of lining up six, seven, eight crack pipes and hitting them one after the other bam bam bam every night of smoking and snorting bag after bag of heroin after all of that, when you still wake up to see the same dirty sky over you as the night before, you start to think that instead of dying, maybe your punishment is to live to be stuck in this purgatory of self abuse and misery for an eternity Sometimes you start to think that death would come as a blessed relief.Toward the end, I found myself contemplating death again Only this time I wasn t going to leave it to chance I was going to buy a gun, load the thing, place the barrel in my mouth, and blow my fucking brains out I sat on my parents sofa as I pondered this All I needed was a gun And then all of my problems would be solved.
    Hero of the Underground A Memoir I wasn t afraid of death How could I be I lived under death s shadow every day When you swallow eighty Vicodin twenty sleeping pills drink a bottle of vodka and still survive a certain sense of in

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    1. Jason Peter, co captain of the 1997 98 Nebraska Cornhuskers college championship team, recounts the improbable story of a jock that became a junkie Peter s story reads as the anti Peyton Manning story fitting, since Peter s Cornhuskers crushed Manning in the championship game in 1998 It s part football memoir and part drug memoir, and a gripping read that I read through in two nights.Peter and co writer Tony O Neill write some of the best prose that I ve ever read on the game of college football [...]

    2. Jason Peter played pro football for a few years, and when his career ended he basically had access to unlimited amounts of cash This memoir relates how he spent most of it on drugs, going from painkillers to cocaine to crack to heroin The football parts of the book aren t interesting unless you like hearing ex jocks rant about being warriors When the author s body breaks down and his team kicks him to the curb, he is free to devote all his free time to drugs Peter s drug stories are the centerpi [...]

    3. If this wasn t so focused on his football career I would have loved it I think but I didn t even make it to his NFL days, I stopped around the end of his college football days It seems like the book hooks people with the description and beginning which had nothing to do with football at all only his addiction and his girlfriends and then goes on to only, and I do mean only, talk about college football games for far too long I understood this to be a huge part of his life and figured a decent par [...]

    4. This is a good book for a explicit reader and aggressive than a normal book This book starts off with him in the present and you can see where he was at the end of his football career Then the book goes back and shows how he got to the point he was at at the end What I mean by this was that he shows how he struggled through college All through the book Jason Peter uses offensive language Such as when Jason Peter said on multiple occasions It s time to fuck up Peyton Manning I felt that the off [...]

    5. I m not much of a reader but once I read the first chapter I was hooked This book was great It really opened my eyes to how bad drug addiction really is I always knew it was rough but seeing one describe it with so much detail of how it feels and what it does to some one was new to me It s amazing how he survived all of what he went through I m not much of a football fan at all, so I would have enjoyed this book a lot if there was less about his career, although I do understand that that was th [...]

    6. jason Peter, captain of the 1997 98 Nebraska championship team, recounts the improbable story of a jock that became a uncontrollable drug addict.Peter s Corn huskers crushed Manning in the championship game in 1998 the story reads like an anti manning story It s part football memoir and part drug memoir, and a gripping read an all american defensive tackle with an origin story better than most.

    7. Great readHonest and real story about addiction Just gets to show you that even with all the money in the world, people have the same struggles.

    8. Found it to skip around a lot, but a good quick read at work Tells about his drug and opiate abuse and how the link between painkillers and the NFL is very strong.

    9. Great book to readIt was a great book It was easy to read and being from Nebraska and watching Jason play at UNL made it even interesting.

    10. Jason Peter appears to be a very honest man.From how hard he worked to rise as a 1st round draft pick for the NFL, to how far he fell as a full blown crack, opiate, and heroin addict, he tells it like it was I was immediately drawn in to his dark world as some of the things he was saying were so unbelievable Can you really build up enough of a tolerance that when you purposely try to OD on 60 vicodin you actually live It s like a horrible car accident you drive by you don t want to look because [...]

    11. Wow I just finish this book and I can t stop saying WOW First of all, as a Nebraska fan I was fascinated to read a player s point of view about being on the team Preparing for games, the tunnel walk, the Sea of Red, the losses, wins and national championshipl essentially on the shoulders of kids Second I had never considered the truth behind contract negotiations, what injuries and pain players go through, or the pain that comes with being on a losing team I think the football talk is essential [...]

    12. I read the English version of this book, which i know has been changed slightly from the American I could not put this book down, Jason s downfall was fascinating I think what really helped with this novel is he felt honest about it all and how he really felt Even when he was hitting rehab he admitted he did not really want to be their or get off the drugs and this brought an honest side to the story You did feel somewhat sorry for him for what he went through However you also realised he brough [...]

    13. I d personally never even heard of Jason Peter, but the backstory sounded amazing and I love the NFL, so after reading several reviews I decided to give it a try Jason Peter is a prime example of how the NFL spits you out when your no longer worthy of playing, this book in no way puts down the NFL, it just once again brings to light just how harsh the system is, one of my favorite lines in the book best describes it, When you put on your team colors, you are no longer a person you are a cog in a [...]

    14. This was a pretty typical drug rehab book Geez, typing that sentence made me feel a little cold hearted but you know, read one I almost died from using cocaine but didn t book, read them all I was very impressed by the huge amounts of drugs that he did at the peak of his addiction The part that I enjoyed about this one was the football I am a huge Huskers fan and just reading about the glory days of the mid 90s was great I got a little tired of Peter s maschismo by the end of this, but I have a [...]

    15. This Book is about jason peter and how he has battled being a crack adict and a herion addict also he has tried to kill himself to do this he took 20 vicodin and 30 ambian and 2 bottles of vodka He was a All Amercian defencive end at nebraska he was a co captian with grant windstrom on maybe the best team of all time in college football they went 13 0 his senior season and stomped tennessea in the fed ex orange bowl Jason was drafted by the carolina panthers and he only played four seasons becau [...]

    16. Being a big Husker fan I was anxious to read this book I really enjoyed it and think Jason Peter has a great story to tell I won t be surprised if this is made into a TV movie some day.Peter s writing is very rude crude wish I had a dollar for each use of the F word But he tells it like it is and doesn t pass the blame off on other people Peter is now living in Lincoln, Nebraska and hosts a sports talk show on the local ESPN Radio station I hope he continues to do well and lives a happy life.

    17. I grew up watching, loving, living through this team, but also hearing about all the trouble a guy who had his career cut out for him I haven t been able to put it down.This was really amazing to read You didn t follow Nebraska football in the 90 s and not hear the Peter name almost everyday Either on or off the field.What I really appreciated about this book is that it was real You can tell that Jason really had a hand in it, and not just a writer who put Jasons name on it.

    18. A freaky read on drug addiction I could have lived without reading about all the football hype, but his addiction did begin as a result of pain pill management in the NFL Peter opened my eyes on how the high will make you do the unthinkable and where you come from and what you have accomplished doesn t make any difference once drugs take over your life Overall, an interesting read But not fantastic writing.

    19. This is a really great book, interesting, kept me reading Once I started I hated putting it down.Even if you are not familiar with Jason Peter, it does not matter much It is a great story about going from college football to NFL The lows and highs of both and how a drug addiction started and took hold All the craziness that takes place in the drug world Again, quite good, I would recommend to anyone.

    20. I m a homegrown Husker and watched Jason play for yearsr heard much about him after he left for the NFL until he came back and I heard about this book It s really hard to connect the guy in the book to the god I watched play in the sea of red I am amazed at how brave he is to write this book and let everyone in

    21. I read this when it came out and being a Husker fan I like to believe our players are near perfect Jason s book is an amazing read to what happens when a player gets hurts and the fallout I have met the author after this was wrote and he is an amazing person who went through hell and came back from it This book is pretty brutal but honest and true.

    22. A good memoir of recovery It was written with Tony O Neill, who is a personal hero of mine, and you can tell he basically wrote the book which is why I liked it Tony is British, and in the book appears the word treacle, which is a British term for molasses Jason Peter, American Football Player, would ve never used that term That made me smile.

    23. This was in the top three worst books I ve ever read I love football, and I have compassion for those who try to get clean and sober.I found myself, page after page, hoping he would overdose or have some sort of major injury This is the most hated narrator I have ever read and it s a true story

    24. an interesting look at a very promising football player s downfall into addiction while not original and rather already read that, jason peter draws you into his addiction describing the downfall of someone who had everything going for you a quick read and definitely worth picking up if you like an addiction memoir that doesn t feel at all embellished.

    25. This Book is on a ex football star in jason peter and his addiction to crack cocain and also heroin and he wis a football star at nebraska he was a standout defencive lineman after he was drafted too the carolina panthers and he was lonley sence he had no family around he was scared so he stared trying it then he loved it he went too than 30 treatment centers

    26. RivetingThe book club I am in decided on this book for the month of January and upon picking this book up my first thoughts were this is going to bore me to death How am I going to make it through this entire book Boy was I ever wrong I was captivated from the very beginning, reading for hours on end Jason s story is unbelievable and yet relatable all in one.

    27. Damn good book I lost a little interest as it drilled through his football career, just because of how it was set up in the book, but even so I could still hardly put it down No real complaints about this book It s a real and serious insight to addiction, and as such it s very eye opening if you allow it to be I would recommend this book in a heartbeat.

    28. I wanted to read this book because I was at Nebraska at the same time as the Peter brothers and even though I only met Jason a couple of times I wanted to read his Memoir I enjoyed the honesty of it, and was glad he found a way out of his addiction The writing was almost too raw, you won t like it if you don t like rough language.

    29. Saw this book on the clearance table at a book store , decided for 4.00 what the heck WOW What a crazy roller coaster of a story Literally from the first line , I did not put it down You ll feel like you re reading a fiction story every step along the way I ve never heard of Jason Peter before , and now I will NEVER forget this man s strength.

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