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Beyond Reach By Karin Slaughter,

  • Title: Beyond Reach
  • Author: Karin Slaughter
  • ISBN: 9780440242932
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • In a small Georgia town, Detective Lena Adams is accused of a vicious murder A hundred miles away, Police Chief Jeffrey Tolliver will soon learn that his young detective has been arrested And Jeffrey s wife, pediatrician and medical examiner Sara Linton, is fighting a heartbreaking malpractice suit, before she is thrust into the center of a bizarre and murderous case.ForIn a small Georgia town, Detective Lena Adams is accused of a vicious murder A hundred miles away, Police Chief Jeffrey Tolliver will soon learn that his young detective has been arrested And Jeffrey s wife, pediatrician and medical examiner Sara Linton, is fighting a heartbreaking malpractice suit, before she is thrust into the center of a bizarre and murderous case.For Lena has fled to the place where she grew up hard, careening back through the shadows of her past And now only Jeffrey and Sara can free Lena from the web of lies that has trapped her as this powerful novel races toward its shattering climax and a final, unforgettable twist.
    Beyond Reach In a small Georgia town Detective Lena Adams is accused of a vicious murder A hundred miles away Police Chief Jeffrey Tolliver will soon learn that his young detective has been arrested And Jeffrey

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    1. This is the 6th and last book of the Grant County Series, and OMG it was so gut wrenching, even though I was prepared for it because I read the Will Trent Series first You will not want to do this because there are major spoilers, make sure you read this series first If you haven t read this series yet I highly recommend it It is so good I will admit though that this series is not for the faint of heart When Detective Lena Adams is arrested in her home town in Georgia, her boss, police Chief Jef [...]

    2. WOW I feel like I have been hit by a freight train that s how fast paced this book was But it was good really good.Lena has a disposition which, often than not, lands her in trouble But never before like thisSlaughter must be one of the best ever writers I even love her acknowledgements Sue Kurylowicz was the winner of the Get Slaughtered contest, granting her the dubious honour of having her name appear in this book Sue, honey, you DID ask to be bad and It s not many people who will keep liste [...]

    3. I don t know how to review this book I have to give it full marks, even though every cell in my body screams at me not to.Sara Linton and Jeffrey Tolliver are well known to Slaughter s fans Slaughter has taken the American crime forensic genre and made it her own.Patricia Cornwell and Kathy Reichs are running to stand still to keep up with her.They can t They won t No one will.It takes a special author to shock a reader for 7 sequential books Slaughter does it without flinching and without resor [...]

    4. Words sort of fail me right now The entire book is one huge tension filled ride and just when you think it s safe to breathee world collapses.I think that s all I ll say about the book It s brilliantly written, no matter how upset I am about the series end.

    5. Let s just say if I had been heavily invested in these books and these characters, this author would probably have lost a fan for life view spoiler That ending was fairly brutal hide spoiler He was smiling again, that half smile that could infuriate her and make her love him at the same time Ah, well, back to Will Trent and to see how that all pans out br br br br br br br br br br br

    6. In this final addition to the, Grant County series, Lena leads Jeffery and Sarah into a deadly situation and as usual she is in over her head Jeffery knows that Lena took a trip to her home town to find out why she had been unable to reach her uncle who had in fact raised her and her sister When Jeffery is unable to reach her days later, he and Sarah are off to the next county to see what gives Upon their arrival they learn Lena is in the hospital and being held for questioning, her uncle is mis [...]

    7. Finished re reading listening to this 6th book in Karin Slaughter s Grant County series.I loved the story and only gave it 4 stars because of the shocking ending I do understand why the author ended the book the way she did but that doesn t change how I feel about it.Looking forward to carrying on with the next book which starts the Will Trent series.

    8. Having worked in a bookstore for a few years, I happened upon the first book in this series not so very long ago, and quickly found myself devouring all of the subsequent novels, as they were well written and suspenseful, with the benefit of having truly fleshed out characters I enjoyed them so much that I even recommended them to several of the store s frequent customers, and they, too, became fans of this series I looked forward to Beyond Reach for quite some time, and picked it up as soon as [...]

    9. Great writing by Slaughter as always but man, the ending I was literally heartbroken I cannot believe Karin Slaughter did that I highly recommend first time readers of this series Grant County to start from the beginning because you gotta understand the complexity of these characters There s just so much to Lena Adams, Sara Linton, and Jeffrey Tolliver that you can t really get from just reading this book A must read for suspense thriller fans The ending still gets to me

    10. I should also add that this book is called SKIN PRIVILEGE in the UK and other territories My US publisher felt that Beyond Reach would be a better title, so we went with that here Same book, same story, same words except for that color colour thing.

    11. Trigger warnings drug abuse, white supremacists, Nazi symbolism, murder, fire, immolation, car accident, death of a child, mentions of rape in the past , death of a loved one in the past , mentions of abortion, explosions, view spoiler a really graphic scene where someone s hand gets cut off, aaaand a character getting blown up and bleeding out in their spouse s arms hide spoiler 22 2 2018On reread, I think I m bumping this up to 4 stars Having read things in order, there are a lot of little thr [...]

    12. karin slaughter is one of my favorite authors i went on a spree and read everything she has written i have a hard time giving her anything less than 5 stars she writes captivating stories on the topic of crime scene mystery romance strange combination i know the main characters of her grant county novels are sara linton and jeffrey tolliver, who used to be married, and are both involved in each crime scene jeffrey is chief of police and sara is county coroner they have side story of their own, a [...]

    13. I don t even want to give this book a full star She has lost a fan I always loved her ending making you want but all I found with the ending of this book was an end I will not be buying the next book in the Grant County Series I equate the ending of this book with this if JK Rowling had killed off Harry Potter in the 4th book why read the rest the main character is gone What is the use I was never able to connect with Lena or Sara but I did connect with Jeffrey I hope she rethinks here decision [...]

    14. Darn you Karin Slaughter Darn you for making me fall in love with Sara Jeffery all the characters of Grant County Now the series is done and I m left with a binge worthy series hangover I enjoyed this series very much This Blindsighted were my favorite books of the series Thankfully, I have Will Trent to look forward to.

    15. This is the 6th and final book in the Grant County series Although it reads like it could have another to the series and somehow I wished that there was another I tired to prepare myself for this one since I was spoiled by reading the Will Trent series first, but I never quite got prepared enough.SynopsisSara Linton resident medical examiner pediatrician in Grant County, Georgia, has plenty of hardship to deal with, including defending herself in a heartbreaking malpractice suit So when her husb [...]

    16. What can you say about Karin Slaughter If you like the thriller, slasher, kill em, slice them up , dice them up and all that other good stuff this lady can pretty much do it all Having said that as far as this series is concerned Grant County it just didn t do it for me like so many of the people First you have Lena I know so many really hate her I don t hate her at all I pity her than anything Having the childhood she had , and my goodness let us not forget what she went thru in the very fist [...]

    17. God damn it I want to punch Karin Slaughter in the face right now Seriously, I do This book is the finale book in the Grant County Series Holy Crap I guess this series had to end one way or another.Lena, once again, is up to her eyeballs in trouble Her bad decision making and self destructing ways lead her down a path that in turns leads Jeffery and Sara down the same path.Lena has been arrested for Murder and needs help Sara is up to her eyeballs in stress as she is being sued by a former patie [...]

    18. I knew what was coming and yet the punch in the face hurt just as much I was down to the final four pages, just bracing myself As soon as Jeff headed to the mailbox I remembered what that vicious prick, Ethan, said and I knew Damn.When I started reading Slaughter I began with a free copy of Unseen, was so blown away I flew through the Will Trent series and then realized thanks to holes in my understanding of Lena Sara s dealings I SHOULD have started with the Grant County series, where it all be [...]

    19. 5 stars even though it broke my heart There s no way to discuss this book without spoilers I will say that this book the entire series is written realisticallyoften graphically depicting the dark side of human nature Slaughter doesn t sugarcoat this world and as she so aptly shows us, life doesn t always lead to sweet HEA s I have so much respect for her for sticking to her vision for this series I continue to be in awe of her writing talent.

    20. Story was kind of average But the terrible ending brought this to 1 star.I can t trust this author to give me a good feeling at the end or emotional justice I want closure and questions answered In this book questions were not answered Things were not resolved Future threats still exist And worst of all something horrible happens to a main character.During the book, I was curious about what was going on and what would happen On hindsight, I regret reading this.The author s mechanics were confusi [...]

    21. I repeatedly kicked myself in the butt for not reading the Grant County series before starting the Will Trent series, which was where Sara Linton s life changed dramatically I will try not to make this mistake again with other series The timing has to be just right for the reader to understand the need for the chronological process This is the end to the Grant County series and I am not as shocked as I would have been had I not read all the books in the Will Trent series first I knew some things [...]

    22. I don t know what Karin Slaughter is doing to me This can t be the end of the Grand County series I need another bookWTH is this ENDING Srsly, read this series It s the best ever And I can t believe that Karin Slaughter chose to end the series this way I always hope for a GREAT finale And this is one I m shocked beyond believe.Longer review biteintobooks 2017

    23. i am so happy about this book seriously and so happy i didn t wait and got it when i did, though the cover of the american version is awful pretty though i don t like the title as much.Beyond Reach i don t know how much i can say without ruining the book, but seriously, the whole thing just keeps going and going and then it ends, and you re like, wtf it s such a wtf that the author wrote a letter to answer the inevitable flood of questions etc i, however, couldn t be happier with the ending the [...]

    24. I m still not sure what I just read I m so mixed in my feelings about this book right now Most of this book was a five star book, but in the end I have to give it three stars.

    25. If I needed reasons to stay out of the South, meth addicts and white supremecists would probably do it I have long been a fan of Slaughter s Grant County series, which follow local pediatrician coroner Sara Linton and her on again off again cop husband The series is always dark, and often a tad too gruesome for me, but the characterization is great and the plots tight Her new book is a great addition to the series, taking Sara and Jeffrey out of their comfort zone and onto a case involving the [...]

    26. I just love these characters Sara Jeffery and Lena I cried at the end of this book, I never saw it coming I had to read the last two pages over again just to make sure I was reading it correctly I do recommednd that you read this series in order so you get to know the characters and understand what has shaped them and understand where they are going.

    27. This is one of the worst books I have ever read The plot is convoluted and moves back and forth in time so that it s hard to understand, the characters are not particularly interesting or likeable, and the ending is miserable I will not bother with Karin Slaughter ever again.

    28. I could have told you this was going to be YET ANOTHER 5 star read before I even started it Karin Slaughter absolutely kills the game with her Grant County series This series has captured my heart and without giving any spoilers, I will say that the last few pages of this brought me to tears I feel like these characters are so real and like I have connected with them so much throughout this series.One of the reasons I loved this particular book in the series so much is because I feel like Jeffre [...]

    29. Skin Privilege 4 StarsSeries note The final book in the Grant County series also published as Beyond Reach.Karin Slaughter s incredible characterization and spellbinding storytelling abilities are proven once again when Sara and Jeffrey get caught up in another of Lena s messes Slaughter is one of the only authors who manages to grip the reader for over 500 pages despite the fact that her characters are some of the most unlikable people ever to grace the pages of a book There are moments in this [...]

    30. I give this book five stars for the ending and four stars overall Lena Adams has always been a bit unstable and now she s in it over her head Lena goes back to her home town to find out why her Uncle Hank has gone back onto drugs What she uncovers involves an entrenched drug operation that has been running for decades Locals are being paid to keep silent Some of them have made their careers by keeping silent Lena will take them on and she finds herself the suspect for a horrific killing Jeffrey [...]

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