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Jewel of Darkness By Quinn Loftis,

  • Title: Jewel of Darkness
  • Author: Quinn Loftis
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Dalton Black never thought he d find his true mate His dark past convinced him that he could never be worthy of one, but the Great Luna did not agree She saw fit to give him a gypsy healer, the purest of heart among their kind And now that he s finally found her, she slips through his grasp and into the hands of Volcan, a corrupt high fae driven mad by his own need forDalton Black never thought he d find his true mate His dark past convinced him that he could never be worthy of one, but the Great Luna did not agree She saw fit to give him a gypsy healer, the purest of heart among their kind And now that he s finally found her, she slips through his grasp and into the hands of Volcan, a corrupt high fae driven mad by his own need for power Now Dalton, with help from his own powerful friends, must find Jewel and rescue her before Volcan can use her blood to create witches and once again throw off the balance of good and evil As their journey begins, Perizada will once again lead a group of wolves on a hunt to bring down evil, but little do they know that Volcan is just a drop of blood in the sea of supernatural beings about to darken their path.
    Jewel of Darkness Dalton Black never thought he d find his true mate His dark past convinced him that he could never be worthy of one but the Great Luna did not agree She saw fit to give him a gypsy healer the purest

    One thought on “Jewel of Darkness”

    1. Can I put half a book on my amazing shelf Is that allowed Is it possible I m doing it.I ADORE Quinn Loftis, her writing is fantastic and she made me fall head over heels in love with one of her characters COSTIN , and by head over heels I mean I would totally marry him in a heartbeat if he didn t have his mate But I completely adore his mate and they are my favorite pairing of all time even above Katniss and Peeta which IS CRAZY I KNOW but I am getting off topic I just need to write a whole revi [...]

    2. WHY IS IT OVER IT WAS AMAZING Every time I started reading it and someone would interrupt me, I would be like I felt like I read the book like this Ready for the next one

    3. I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review I ve read every single one of Quinn s books and I ve loved them all This one did not disappoint I ve been a fan of The Grey Wolves Series since the beginning and I was so glad when she started this spin off series for the Gypsy Healers I love these characters and the whole story line, it s magical Yes, pun intended Give yourself and or someone else the gift of this book

    4. Desde el libro anterior he estado notado que la autora parece haberse quedado sin ideas y creando protagonistas descerebradas un gran ejemplo las sanadorasPorque es eso es lo que es Jewel sanadora y protagonista del libro anterior y este desgraciadamente.En resumen es una chica sumamente est pida, in til, inmadura, sin fuerzas, que me dio ganas de golpearla en todo el libro y m s cuando se quer a hacer la listilla ella al parecer aprende cualquier informaci n que encuentre y luego las dice cuand [...]

    5. Oh.god Three books in and Dalton and Jewel are still separated Wtf And we still have four pairs to read about I m going to be reading these until I m 60 at this rate I didn t like this one I felt like I paid 4 to go no where in the story Sorry.

    6. SHE WAS THE SUN IN A LIFE THAT HAD BEEN PLAGUED WITH WINTER SHE WAS THE BRIGHTEST STAR SHINING ONTO THE DARKNESS THAT HAD EATEN AWAY AT HIS SOUL I ve read so many books between this one and the last Quinn Loftis book that I started to forget how great she was Well let me just say I ve been set straight She took me back, way back, to the all the FEELS in JEWEL OF DARKNESS From the hurts, heartaches, suffering, to the never ending love and devotion of a soulmate How faith and love can heal and lig [...]

    7. So much is happening new characters, bigger dilemmas and even wise cracks Not enough Need Serious withdrawal from our wheeler s adventures now that I finished it Such a dark, fun and intense book Everything went wrong but it was so right because you know that all our feisty ladies and overbearing yet heart stopping males never disappoint.

    8. This is book three in the Gypsy Healer series, so if you haven t read the first two, AMSCRAY This review will likely contain spoilers.First of all, I actually had to wait a full 24 hours after finishing the book before I could calm down enough to write a review If you are a fan of Quinn s Grey Wolves and their friends, Jewel of Darkness is not for the faint of heart As her writing continues to grow, so does her ability to weave the emotional and sometimes physical anguish her characters go throu [...]

    9. You know how in a book there s usually a beginning, middle, and an end The beginning sets up everything nicely, introduces the characters, a bit of backstory and then shit hits the fan The middle, if the author does their job right, is supposed to hook us in and make us want to know how the book ends.But sometimes the book never really gets off the ground You wait and you wait and you wait some and then you hear the voice from SpongeBob saying, Twenty years later, and you re like, Finally somet [...]

    10. How do I put a Quinn Loftis book into words Reading a Quinn Loftis book is like riding a roller coaster You start each book in anticipation for the humour, excitement, and most importantly, sexy wolves The plot grabs you and rips you down the story, leaving an emotional mess behind It makes you laugh, cry and yell at your wall When you get to the last page, you cry in anguish It s over The ending of the books leaves you clawing with all of your being for .This book is no different The book grabb [...]

    11. Being an avid reader of Quinn Loftis, and have read every single book of hers and loved it I can t help but feel disappointed by Jewel of Darkness, for me it didn t seem to further the plot and could be classed as a novella than an actual full length novel The characters continue to frustrate me as Jewel and Dalton s story continues with the same theme of being separated for the THIRD NOVEL I wish I could say I loved this, however, it did make an interesting read and I would still recommend it t [...]

    12. Very disappointed of the plot in this book I feel like I read a whole book and didn t read anything at all How does a writer leave one hanging in a cliff in the previous book and then writes a whole book to not put an end to it How many books before Dalton and Jewel get to be together The other mates Didn t even get to meet For crying out loud I felt like I was scrawling through the pages to see I found something interesting because this book was full of never ending dialogues that didn t come [...]

    13. It was good The only reason I mark this down is because there are a lot of sad bits and not much hope I guess it s setting us up for the next one though In which case that is going to be amazing

    14. 3.5Quinn ha sido una de mis autoras favoritas desde que empece sus libros pero este libro oh dios, primero dire que el libro en si me gusto bastante, se preguntaran entonces porque 3.5 bueno simple la raz n es Jewel en serio en este libro me saco de quicio llego un punto en que dije en verdad saquenla de los libros.Todo el libro se la paso con no pudemos estar juntos, no lo merezco, merezco cosas malas la oscuridad bla bla bla despues de que Quinn nos mostrara protagonistas tan fuertes como Jen, [...]

    15. I don t usually write reviews, but here goes nothing First I just want to share a little bit of my Loftis love Quinn Loftis is like a writing goddess I ve never seen anybody write quite like her I love how that even though it s in third person, it flows so smoothly and the characters are developed so well and the relationships are just so beautiful I feel like through each book, The Grey Wolves series and The Gypsy Healers series, I ve grown to love the characters They make me laugh, and sometim [...]

    16. I enjoy all these books but Jewel is just annoying How can her mentality think she could stop evil by herself Duh she s so smart that she s stupid Anna really running away from your mate just why Then the ending how could it just end that way Need the next one quick hopefully jewels stupidity will end in the next book.

    17. Frustrating I was thinking that no other books were listed in the series because this was a trilogy therefore the last one Nope, we are left with a cliffhanger no word on another book I do enjoy the author s books, but despise being left with zero answers Hopefully there is something in the works to continue this spin off.

    18. I loved this book There has to be away to fix things It can t end this way Mrs Quinn Loftis, you ve done it again I was immediately sacked into the world you created Your characters are so real I wished I could actually talk to them.I would definitely recommend this book and any other book written by Quinn Loftis

    19. I love the world Quinn Loftis has created I was both captivated and intrigued by the characters When both love and faith are challenged will it be enough to find light in the darkest hours Friendships tested and battles are waged I m ready for the next book.

    20. Another amazing story comprised with heartache, character growth and entertaining humor The plot is getting much darker having a perfect balance of the signature romance and innocence of the series, but also feeling repetitive with character developments Always appreciative of the different points of views makes the journey personal and consuming Excited for the next book the suspense of waiting is pure torture but always worth it.

    21. Wow What can I say Another brilliantly written masterpiece My heart goes out to Dalton and Jewel, poor Peri is having a difficult time and Volcan is creating gypsy witches I m on the edge of my seat thinking of possibility s of how they ll defeat Volcan but I m sure it won t compare to the actual conclusion Is there a book 4 or does this conclude in the next Grey Wolves story I ll read and find out

    22. This one took a little longer to read then the others nothing to do with how much I enjoy this author and and her stories I love the dynamics between characters and how she continues to add species to the mix adding to the full world, crossing her characters across book series helps keep it fresh The modern references and use of current technology, music and vocabulary makes it like a movie in your mind.

    23. Totally awesome readQuinn Loftis takes us on another rollercoaster ride with Jewel of Darkness This is an awesome book with a ton of twists and turns, some good for the girls some not so much The book is filled with both darkness and humor I absolutely love all these books and you won t want to miss this one

    24. GoodI like it, but I kind of feel like it s a run on storyline Desdemona and then came Reyaz, now we ve got Volcan I just think the story is becoming a little one note and stale.

    25. Extremely dark days for the wolves and their healers I feel for Peri although I think she was wrong to keep the wolves from their healers I am a bit confused as I had read all the GWS before this series so I may have to go back and read Book 9.Great storyline

    26. What the frickety FRACK Isn t there another book A series can t end here And please please pleaaaasseeee have it all be okay in the end I honestly don t think I can bear anything other that a happily ever after for this tale

    27. This is my favorite book in this series so far I loved the companionship that has developed between the healers and I love to see how their relationships have grown with their prospective mates as well I hope the next one is out soon.

    28. I would give this book 4.5 stars if I could I think she s a good author but she needs a better editor Many typographical errors.

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