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The Light Who Binds By Lilo Abernathy,

  • Title: The Light Who Binds
  • Author: Lilo Abernathy
  • ISBN: 9780991550562
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Paperback
  • A world unravels and a heroine arises Psychic Inspector Blue learns the shocking truth she s prophesied to destroy the Great Demon Lilith and save all vampires from burning eternally on the Plane of Fire Worse yet, she will die three deaths during this one life Jack, her sexy vampire boss, reveals this significant truth at the Dragomira Magical Artifact shop, andA world unravels and a heroine arises .Psychic Inspector Blue learns the shocking truth she s prophesied to destroy the Great Demon Lilith and save all vampires from burning eternally on the Plane of Fire Worse yet, she will die three deaths during this one life Jack, her sexy vampire boss, reveals this significant truth at the Dragomira Magical Artifact shop, and Blue is not pleased that she s the last to know.Torn, Jack, struggles between hope that Blue will save all their souls and his intense desire to protect her from this terrible destiny With a vicious serial arsonist plotting fires in Crimson Hollow and several factions of enemies attacking her at every turn, even help from Jack and her massive wolf Varg may not be enough to save her.Hate grows and the Great Peace Pact that s unified the different breeds of humans for two millennia threatens to break The dark prophecy unfolds.Amid all this turmoil, Jack pushes Blue s patience to the limit as his eyes vow yes to her, but his delicious mouth murmurs no She finally puts her foot down and demands he make a decision.What will he choose And can she handle the answer Rated R A few scenes contain explicit sex, violence, and mild profanity recommended for 17 years
    The Light Who Binds A world unravels and a heroine arises Psychic Inspector Blue learns the shocking truth she s prophesied to destroy the Great Demon Lilith and save all vampires from burning eternally on the Plane of F

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    1. I have to say WOW Just WOW This book just have it all I didn t think Lilo Abernathy could possible make me love this fantastic world and characters she has created any than I already did, But I was wrong oh so wrong I was ignorant and now I have seen the light haha P No but really Lilo Abernathy keeps writing these awesome captivating books that I just can t escape, add to that the fact that I have finished the second book and I really really want I just loved this book so much there was such i [...]

    2. Lilo Abernathy has done it again and captivated my senses in her second installment of the Bluebell Kildare series I absolutely could not get enough of this book I read it straight through in one sitting She has a way of making you feel so much for each character major and minor I still love all the first characters from Blue s support system, Maude, her best friend, Varg, but I hate to say it, but Lilo s unredeemable character Dean Schmidt from book one had me wishing for one chapter with him [...]

    3. In love I m absolutely in love with the world Lilo Abernathy has created It sucks you in and I don t wanna leave I m invested in this story and I really didn t want to finish the book since I know I ll have to wait for the next one The words just flow right off the page and stick with you The characters have stolen my heart, all of them Blue is growing so fast and turning into quite the little bad arse She s one of those characters you can t help but love, she is trying so hard to fulfill her de [...]

    4. Loved it Bluebell, Jack and Varg are back and the stakes are getting higher.This book or less starts from were The Light Who Shines ended.Bluebell is all healed after the torture she endured at the hands of Tobias Blackwater and is ready to be told the big secrets surrounding The key, Lilith and Bluebell s role in the whole affairThis book answered a lot of questions from the first book, while at the same time leaving new questions to be answered.I liked the fact that in this book we also get t [...]

    5. The Light Who Binds by Lilo Abernathy was an excellent follow up to her first book, The Light Who Shines Packed with action adventure, mystery and suspense, I was thoroughly entertained throughout, and terribly sad that I ll have a wait a while before the next one is out Blue s training serves to supplement her quiet strength which is severely tested by a series of events and revelations that blew me away.I loved learning about Varg and Jack Their loyalty and devotion knows no bounds The charac [...]

    6. This is the second book in the Bluebell Killdare series by Lilo J Abernathy If you have not read the first one yet, the Light who Shines, do so now I enjoyed this book immensely Blue, her companion Varg, a gorgeous wolf,and Jack, her boss at the Investigation Agency, are off on another adventure Blue is about to make some interesting, stunning discoveries about herself, which both scare and confuse her We learn about Varg as well, and Blue s romanticfeelings for Jack lead her to force him to ma [...]

    7. After much anticipation, I got my hands on this second book in the Bluebell Kildare series I was up with the littlest kiddo at one in the morning, day of the book release, I just couldn t wait, so I bought it straight off, and started reading, as soon as I was awake enough to comprehend words I couldn t put it down From start to finish, I was sucked in No slow points where I had any inclination to put the book down, go do something else There s a good look a Blue s past, who what Varg is I found [...]

    8. Brilliant sequel I read the first book and was amazed by the talent of this author Normally a second book is not nearly as good but I have to say this one was just as good I have become quite fond of blue She is a very strong female character who takes on anything good or bad with dignity and is an inspiration.

    9. As good as the first book Well even better because blue is smarter and learning to take care of herself Can t wait for book 3

    10. Took me like 3 years to get to this sequel, but here we are And are we happy about it Are we pleased with the story Notally Okay here s the thing Blue is a bit of a Mary Sue prophesized to save the world I actually like Mary Sues often than not, but they have to be in the right story Her Mary Sueness worked in the first book This time around, she s Mary Sue in God Mode She s so fucking overpowered, she s destroying evil just by being in the same room She has NOT A SINGLE FUCKING CLUE how to use [...]

    11. The Light Who Binds is the second installment of the Bluebell Kildare series Blue is a supernatural investigator attempting to track down a serial arsonist, who is using magic to start fires, that are killing gifted families She is also attempting to deal with a prophecy that states she will save all vampires from eternal damnation.The story is told from both Blue and Jack s her boss point of view Both points of view are told in the first person in alternating chapters and it can be confusing at [...]

    12. The Light who Binds by Lilo Abernathy is the second in a series The writing style drew me in right away, and I found myself enjoying the story despite a growing disenchantment with books that involve vampires and werewolves I m beginning to have the same disenchantment with books using fae, though there s still so much leeway with the fae yet It s just that there are depths to mythology and cryptozoology that have yet to be plumbed in the sci fi fantasy world I read this one first, and Abernathy [...]

    13. Crime, fantasy and romance are aplenty in the life of Bluebell Kildare on top of which she commits to hours of rigorous daily training in addition to her busy supernatural work schedule Crimson hollow is experiencing an influx of dark vampires, with house fires blazing and death tolls rising in this action packed second book in the series Blue is developing her strength and ingenuity with empowering results, always displaying great strength of character resulting in her giving Jack a long overdu [...]

    14. I was unsure that the second book in the series would be able to meet my expectations after reading the first book There were just so many exciting possibilities for the author to take the storyline and to further develop the characters I have a very active and creative imagination, so I am often disappointed in the final outcome of a book that I have been waiting oh so impatiently to be released I have never been so happy to fall short on my expectations.The story was even better than I could e [...]

    15. I read The Light Who Binds Bluebell Kildare, 2 in the past week I read The Light Who Shines previously.This book is very entertaining It is a page turner The story flows sensibly, and the tension builds The book is well written and structured The content and style is well considered and presented.The heroes are very likeable Blue is a strong and sensible main female hero Blue s protector, the mysterious wolf Varg is great in this book again The action scenes are necessary, but tight and fairly r [...]

    16. A stunning sequel to The Light who Binds book two in the Bluebell Kildare series by Lilo Abernathy I read the story on tenterhooks as each fresh discovery was revealed Lilo draws us into her world where we partisanly cheer Bluebell on The ties binding her characters together are so real that you bite your lip worrying how they will survive the events around them As Bluebell and Jack fight their way through with the wondrous Varg at their side you see it so vividly and are on the edge of your cha [...]

    17. A wonderful second installment in the Blue Kildare series The Light Who Shines was wonderful, the world building perfect, and I was than ready to dive into The Light Who Binds The story doesn t disappoint with action, conflict, revelations, and a heart pumping romance I especially love the tension between the Norms and the Gifted I can see a lot is coming with all of this and I m excited.We learn about what Blue is capable of, which is one thing I was ready for And I ll just say it, thank goo [...]

    18. Sigh I don t want to wait for the next installment I love this world Ms Abernathy has created and the characters are well thought out I found myself rooting for different characters throughout the book and being surprised by at least one of those people I was rooting for You know a book has you enthralled when, as you get towards the end of the book, you keep hoping for just one chapter.

    19. Excellent Second BookThe story moves forward with action, trouble, revelations, mysteries to unravel and standoffs While a missing person with specific gifts is surrounded with mysterious happenings, Blue must face kidnapping attempts and escapes from dangerous situations while an old nemesis continues to stalk her, new fractions come out of the woodwork Fantastic read, believable characters and interesting circumstances abound.

    20. More Blue This second book in the Bluebell Kildare series is a page turner More Blue, Jack and Varg You learn how Varg came to guard Blue Blue discovers new talents as the SIB officials track down a killer arsonist targeting Gifted children and her relationship with Jack changes.

    21. Lilo delivers again I loved the first book and the second has not disappointed As well as the characters already known and loved, we learn about Dragonmira and also the mysterious Anna Marie from the orphanage The Great Pact is unravelling with breedism on the increase Blue is constantly under threat but still has others to protect in her role for SIB Can t wait for 3.

    22. Epitome of what a good story should beOnce in a great while you will pick up a book and know you won t stop before it is done This is that book Step into this alternate world and meet Vargas an intelligent wolf that has rather unique abilities , 2 distinct types of vampires, and people with abilities You won t regret it.

    23. I m speechless I loved the first book and this second book was even better.The story went on quite nicely Reading how Blue struggles to find her way as Illustrissima and how she copes with the prophecy is amazing She is such a strong heroine And all the other characters are strong too and so loveable And now it will be agony to wait for the next book.

    24. I loved it Great writing, wonderful characters, and awesome story line This book is a great follow through from the first installment I highly recommend it I have the ebook version and can t wait to get a hard copy of this book to join the first.

    25. Great story and characters I have been eagerly waiting for the second book and the wait was completely worth it I couldn t put this one down either and now I can t wait for the next one I love Blue and Jack and just can t get enough

    26. i loved it omg so exciting when i was done my hands were itching to read the next one but it isnt out yet lol This series kept my emotions jumping.

    27. Good readWhile magic and tricks envelope the main people in this tale it has good romantic involvement throughout I enjoyed it.

    28. Brilliant, I couldn t put the book down and ended up sleeping through the night lol Can t wait for the next one.

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