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Yohancé By Paul Louise-Julie,

  • Title: Yohancé
  • Author: Paul Louise-Julie
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Yohance is a Space Opera Graphic Novel inspired by a fully African Aesthetic.
    Yohanc Yohance is a Space Opera Graphic Novel inspired by a fully African Aesthetic

    One thought on “Yohancé”

    1. Ok, I admit that I ve already been a huge fan of Paul Louise Julie s beautiful work on his The Pack series While satisfying, I ve been waiting for Yohance from the day it was announced as well as the other titles of his extended universe The wait was worth it Despite being clearly a Science Fiction tale of the far future it s also deeply rooted in African culture and the combination makes it one of the most unique SF comics I ve read to date The artwork is a wonderful symphony of style and color [...]

    2. So exciting to discover an entirely fresh design approach in science fiction world building Yohance is a beautifully designed and visually dense addition to an ongoing Afrofuturist cannon So few sci fi graphic novels feel as truly independent and unique as this book less visually dependent on StarWars Star Trek than on a tapestry of visuality inspired by West African cultural spiritual imagery Everybody should take a look at this book for the visual inventiveness alone.

    3. As a newbie delving into afrofuturism, I think I m being spoiled by Paul Louise Julie because just as I did while reading The Pack series, I just wanted The graphics are dope as always and I can tell the story lines are going to be as well I also like the fact he uses his and his wife s likenesses for the characters Can t wait to experience what he has in store for Yohanc

    4. it s a first issue.I feel like the characters need definition but it is a first issue and leaves me wanting It s definitely a good starting and I m hoping to find the next issue with a bit literature substance

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