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The Guineveres By Sarah Domet,

  • Title: The Guineveres
  • Author: Sarah Domet
  • ISBN: 9781250086617
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Hardcover
  • To four girls who have nothing, their friendship is everything they are each other s confidants, teachers, and family The girls are all named Guinevere Vere, Gwen, Ginny, and Win and it is the surprise of finding another Guinevere in their midst that first brings them together.They come to The Sisters of the Supreme Adoration convent by different paths, delivered byTo four girls who have nothing, their friendship is everything they are each other s confidants, teachers, and family The girls are all named Guinevere Vere, Gwen, Ginny, and Win and it is the surprise of finding another Guinevere in their midst that first brings them together.They come to The Sisters of the Supreme Adoration convent by different paths, delivered by their families, each with her own complicated, heartbreaking story that she safeguards Gwen is all Hollywood glamour and swagger Ginny is a budding artiste with a sentiment to match Win s tough bravado isn t even skin deep and Vere is the only one who seems to be a believer, trying to hold onto her faith that her mother will one day return for her However, the girls are than the sum of their parts and together they form the all powerful and confident The Guineveres, bound by the extraordinary coincidence of their names and girded against the indignities of their plain, sequestered lives The nuns who raise them teach the Guineveres that faith is about waiting waiting for the mail, for weekly wash day, for a miracle, or for the day they turn eighteen and are allowed to leave the convent But the Guineveres grow tired of waiting And so when four comatose soldiers from the War looming outside arrive at the convent, the girls realize that these men may hold their ticket out.In prose shot through with beauty, Sarah Domet weaves together the Guineveres past, present, and future, as well as the stories of the female saints they were raised on, to capture the wonder and tumult of girlhood and the magical thinking of young women as they cross over to adulthood.
    The Guineveres To four girls who have nothing their friendship is everything they are each other s confidants teachers and family The girls are all named Guinevere Vere Gwen Ginny and Win and it is the surpris

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    1. update 12 12 17this was my first review exactly one yr ago i was so moved that i emailed the author, sarah domet, which happened to be the first author i ever emailed and she replied she asked if i had a moment if i would post a review on , which i had no knowledge of the site before that i ve told her before, but sarah is responsible not only for bringing me here, but for so many things related to my experience here she will always, always be a special person to me and i cannot wait for future [...]

    2. Onvan The Guineveres Nevisande Sarah Domet ISBN 1250086612 ISBN13 9781250086617 Dar 352 Safhe Saal e Chap 2016

    3. I loved the Guineveres, all of them An unexpected surprise as I expected another droll family saga but it s about an orphanage The girls that this story revolves around are all called Guinevere Naturally they stick together in the orphanage and look out for one another and plot to escape The girls have such dark history and family memories that make you cringe Loved this author and look forward to from her.

    4. Of course, this was nearly two decades ago, and some of the details I ve since forgotten Call it willful amnesia or an act of forgiveness All of the Guineveres Vere, Gwen, Ginny, and Win end up at The Sister s of Supreme Adoration and not at their own choosing It s a slow creep into finding out why they each ended up there, and for me that was the gooey inside that made reading worthwhile It is quiet as a church, pun intended, as the reader joins along in their young antics We re not sure what w [...]

    5. Four girls who attend a Catholic boarding school in a convent form a tight friendship to assuage their longing for the family members who abandoned them Told through the 1st person view of one of the girls looking back to when she was 15, and the events that marked their quiet, devout, ritualistic life Each of the girl s personalities are fleshed out and distinct Their dialogue is believable as sheltered Catholic girls they all believe the doctrine that they are force fed daily, but that doesn t [...]

    6. There are a lot of things I did not like about The Guineveres by Sarah Domet, which I read while walking down humid, heavy skies, but I ll start with what I did like The book tells the story of four girls named Guinevere Vere, Win, Ginny, and Gwen all of whom were left behind at the same convent by their parents They re a sort of clique, and their bonding escalates when a group of soldiers comes to the sick ward of the convent Throughout the novel are the stories of how each Guinevere came to th [...]

    7. First Sentence We were known as The Guineveres to the other girls at the Sisters of the Supreme Adoration because our parents all named us Guinevere at birth, a coincidence that bound us together from the moment we met Positives This book explores the nature of female friendship, love under the direst of circumstances, and how our parents choices affect our future It paints a vivid picture of life behind the unyielding stone walls of a convent and the neuroses that inevitably come with a constan [...]

    8. This was a melancholy, character driven novel about four girls named Guinevere who become friends after being abandoned in a convent as children young teens It s a coming of age story set in a very restrictive environment I really enjoyed that despite having the same name, each girl had a very distinct personality Some parts were very funny and many were quite sad I loved that the story followed them into adulthood so we could see what happened to them in the real world It s a bittersweet end to [...]

    9. More 2.5 stars Interchangeable Guineveres and a lot of mindless drivel There are some good parts, but this is one book that I will forget about as soon as I put a period at the end of this.

    10. If this is Sarah Domet s debut effort, then we can count on some true masterpieces coming to market in the years ahead Her story of four abandoned girls all named Guinevere living at a convent home during the War kept me in thrall for hours She braids together a number of complex stories to create a work that offers hope, desolation, love, and loneliness in turns The Guineveres, as they come to be called, have only each other as they make their way through adolescence at the convent but for quit [...]

    11. wordnerdy 2016 07This is one of the fall releases I was most looking forward to reading it s about four girls growing up in a convent home, all left there by their families, but brought together by the one thing they have in common all four are named Guinevere They long to escape their dull days and return to the world but everything changes when several comatose soldiers are brought to the convent to recover from The War WWII maybe It s not made explicit The story is narrated by one of the girl [...]

    12. This book is about four teenaged girls all named Guinevere They go by different nicknames there is Vere who narrates most of the book , Gwen, Win, and Ginny All four have ended up at a convent for all different reasons They cling together and none of the other teenaged girls in the convent are never allowed to be in their inner circle This is a novel about those relationships that you only seem to develop as a young person where you re almost creating a family rather than just making friends.Thi [...]

    13. Please visit kimmerymartin for book reviews and author interviews, including an interview with Sarah Domet to be published soon.The Guineveres is the story of four girls with the same name nicknamed Win, Ginny, Gwen and Vere who find themselves captive in a convent, subject to the strict ministrations of the nuns of the Sisters of the Supreme Adoration Ginny is artistic and rebellious, Win is strong but secretive, Gwen is gorgeous and bold And Vere, the center of their circle, is innocent and f [...]

    14. I really liked The Guineveres but I think it s partly because I was raised as a Catholic The four Guineveres, who become bonded because of their names, end up in a Catholic orphanage old folks home for various reasons The orphanage is run by nuns with a Catholic priest on site to say Mass and hear Confessions The story is interspersed with histories of Catholic saints young women who have either wonderful or disastrous futures as they come of age easy for the Guineveres and me to relate to Holy [...]

    15. themaineedge buzz hopeAs readers, we all have authors, styles and genres that sit in our respective wheelhouses These are the books with proven track records in our eyes, ones that we can feel confident about going in.But sometimes, we come across a book that is an unknown quantity Maybe it s a debut author or the themes are ones we don t tend to seek out Perhaps the story as described on the book jacket or via the press release isn t something that piques our interest The temptation there is of [...]

    16. Growing up I always viewed nuns as being better then the rest of us living a life totally dedicated to prayer and sacrifice Wondering what it would be like to be a nun living in a convent, I was drawn to this story of four young girls deposited by their families to the Sisters of Supreme Adoration Each of the Guinevere s arrived with their own sad survival stories at times approximating the lives of the saints whom they study They each struggle to maintain their essence while exploring both the [...]

    17. Four girls all named Guinevere Vere, Gwen, Ginny, and Win are left at a convent by their families As their tale unfolds as told by Vere we learn about the tragic lives of Saints and about the tragic stories that left The Guineveres abandoned by their families at The Sister s of Supreme Adoration The author did a wonderful job of making Vere s voice authentic however, I struggled with the time and place WHEN was this What war Where is this I think I understand the reason for the vagueness because [...]

    18. Write what you know means do the research.Most of the specific facts about war knitting socks, unified country behind war effort, etc indicate WWII.Most of the atmosphere about hardship leading to families dumping girls feels like early 1940s.But most of the specific facts about Catholic practices would have to be the 1970s at the earliest they re all post Vatican Council II and well established.Result is a muddled, unhistorical mess.Key theme is teenagers repeatedly molesting unconscious hospit [...]

    19. Four girls named Guinevere abandoned by their parents to The Sisters of the Supreme Adoration Four comatose soldiers returned from the War and cared for in a wing of the Sisters convent These two conceits drive the plot of The Guineveres, as the titular girls discover and lose themselves within the cloistered life of the orphanage Narrated by the Guinevere who goes by Vere, but usually in the plural we, each girl s story starts with loss and seems to be compounded at every turn by further losses [...]

    20. The cover of this book is terrific I am excited about getting a copy through the First Reads program and look forward to reading it The plot is interesting and certainly piques my interest

    21. Calling it quits on page 175 Too slow for me And I still can t keep the 4 characters straight Like which Guinevere is the narrator Maybe someone else will enjoy this one .

    22. I was so excited to finally get to read Sarah Domet s novel, THE GUINEVERES FlatironBooks Being a Catholic, I love reading a narrative which includes my faith Their parents gave them away Not the best way to meet three other girls, who share your name But in THE GUINEVERES FlatironBooks , four girls, all named Guinevere, are for various reasons, abandoned at Sisters of the Supreme Adoration And while each has her own unique sad story, the Guineveres couldn t be any different Gwen is all Hollywoo [...]

    23. Full review In a single orphanage, there are four Guineveres Four girls with the same name and an unusually close connection Though the girls have each other, they are generally isolated from society while they are at The Sisters of the Supreme Adoration Their friendship begins to change when the orphanage becomes a care facility for soliders who are in a coma and when they gain positions as alter girls for the priest.This book had a lot of really fantastic elements Firstly, I love the premise o [...]

    24. I started this book as an audio and read the second half I was intrigued by the premise of four girls all named Guenivere sent to a convent, as wards, until they turned 18 The back stories were compelling and the loss of childhood a tragedy It seems there were a lot of victims of dire circumstances during this time and another layer of grief for the dead, missing, and unknown comatose soldiers whom the nuns cared for The audio did drag and I was happier with reading it myself but it is still a v [...]

    25. 2.5 stars Because of this book s overarching themes of teenage friendship and Catholicism, I thought I would love it Instead I was a little confused and mostly bored by it There s also not a lot of hope in the novel Still, the writing was compelling enough that I finished it fairly quickly Edit just learned it s a debut novel I loved the author s writing style so I d definitely read future works by her Four teenage girls grow up together in a convent during what I presume is World War 2, and the [...]

    26. Maybe it s because I m on a Logan high, but the entire time I was reading this I kept imagining it as a James Mangold film a la Girl, Interrupted And coming from me, that s the highest praise Look, it s not for everyone I get that This is very much a literary, character driven novel There s way atmosphere than there is plot To me, though, that s fine I loved all of the Guineveres deeply by the end of the book, and found all of them at least somewhat relatable Their relationships and their stori [...]

    27. Disclaimer I DNFed this book I received this book from a Giveaway and I have been trying to read it for several days and I only managed to make it a little over 100 pages in I couldn t get into the story because it s based on 4 girls who are living in a convent together, and I have no interest in Catholicism I also didn t like how the story was being told by one of the 4 girls but it would randomly jump from telling the story in the past, to making comments about the story in the present I m not [...]

    28. I don t want to mince words when it comes to this book The Guineveres was beautifully written Sarah Domet possesses the envious ability to produce pristine and controlled prose that at many points in this story turn the mundane beautiful.It was the story itself that left me feeling lukewarm throughout the book That s not to say it was bad In fact, it was sturdy and competent Domet s writing served it well But it did nothing to grasp my attention in the ways I thought it might.I decided to read T [...]

    29. I have mixed feelings about this one I guess it s the concept that got to me a little I was part of a group of girls in high school and the character of Gwen was a little too much like a girl who had manipulated and bullied the rest of us into doing what she wanted all without ever seeming like she was doing anything at all I suppose there s one in every group though, and I was glad at the ending of the book I can t identify with the Catholicism angle in the least though, and it alternately horr [...]

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